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Hardware Compatibility Test Proposal

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  • Hardware Compatibility Test Proposal

    A proposal only in that it is something I propose in general/abstract-form.

    I would like to see Linux come out with a test program for hardware manufacturers to run against and if it comes back clean, then they can claim compatibility.

    For example, a motherboard has various internal components that would make use of individual modules/drivers. The test would identify each component and state whether there is an associated driver with it and perhaps run tests specific to the module to make sure it runs correctly.

    From personal experience, I have a USB TV tuner with vid 05e1 and pid 0400. There is a module close enough to it, that I can duplicate the 0480 entry using 0400 and it ends up running. The only issue is the LED remains lit.

    I mention this due to my experience transitioning myself away from a Windows (vista) environment which has been very good to me with nary an issue.

    I install Ubuntu just fine and everything seems OK at the beginning, but I would have seen issues in the log that would end up being problematic later on.
    Specifically, a "bug" ( with the audio along with ACPI issues, makes me question this transition.

    My correspondent on that thread points out the BIOS and iommu errors which may be the cause of what I'm dealing with.

    So I question, how would I even know what hardware would run clean with Linux?
    Wishful thinking?

    While I'm wishing, I'd also like to build the kernel and during configuration (defconfig), it scans the current system (if desired) and selects only the modules for hardware that is identified.