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Gigabyte 3D Mercury Water Cooled Case

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  • Gigabyte 3D Mercury Water Cooled Case

    Phoronix: Gigabyte 3D Mercury Water Cooled Case

    Water cooling used to be a very daunting task for all but the most experienced enthusiasts. It required time, dedication, and knowledge of many different types of components, and installing them in an orderly, professional matter was a very time consuming process. Many have simply jumped ship, including me, and returned to air-based cooling solutions over the past years. But nowadays, water cooling is becoming more and more accessible. Just about every vendor involved in the cooling business provides all-in-one systems, 5.25" bay contraptions, and integrated case solutions. Today we have Gigabyte's 3D Mercury integrated water-cooling case for review. The 3D Mercury is built around Gigabyte's 3D Galaxy water cooling system but is built into a large chassis that is compatible with even Extended ATX motherboards.

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    Requires time, no shit

    i can give you fellas some images and a post on watercooling, and what it actually involves:

    aquacomputer aquastream pump(actually a eheim with 12 DC to 12 v AC 50-70 hz with some features, aquacomputer waterblock, some radiators etc

    its a hell with it, but well, at 18 DB i cannot complain i even managed to cool a 2900 XT and a 4400+ 2mb 939 110 watt with 1x80 mm and a 120 mm radiator with my watercooling, so its worth it <3.

    to sum things up,
    DIY watercooling:
    -Wet computer.
    -Cutting up youre expensive case, may result in nasty holes
    -you change videocard, unplug everything, water everywhere, buy new waterblock...
    - tubes start being uber cool, end up being ugly, look at picture of my previous system
    and on again

    nice pic of my r600 waterblock and AM2 waterblock

    btw, my watertubes are 6-7 years old, ordered new ones
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