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Keychron C-Series/K-Series Keyboards To Be Better Supported With Linux 5.19

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    Originally posted by BrianRamsay View Post
    I really like the slim Keychron 65% keyboard that I got, but I need to get bluetooth more reliable on my arch install before it will work wirelessly
    I found that the bluetooth went to sleep way too quickly so I disabled the auto-sleep and it's been a lot better since then. I think you can toggle it by holding `fn+S+O` for a few seconds.


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      Originally posted by curfew View Post
      I happen to own a Keychron and enjoy it a lot but have been suffering from the lack of F* keys. Never realized it was down to a kernel bug. I don't really need these keys in "desktop mode" -- i.e. when my laptop is plugged into an external display and keyboard.
      It's less a kernel bug than a bad firmware decision on Keychron's part. Keychron's non-QMK keyboards all use the USB vendor/product IDs from a 2009 Apple keyboard; the "bug" was that the kernel expected them to actually behave like the device they claim to be.

      Anyway, wild seeing a Phoronix article about something I did again after all these years.
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        Friendly reminder that the encryption used by bluetooth has had multiple security flaws discovered in the past, and even if it were perfect, transmitting a burst of radio energy on each keypress invites the possibility of timing attacks.

        Wireless makes sense for mice, because they have to be moved around, but the only good reasons to have bluetooth on a keyboard are Android and set top box media center PCs.