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Last Year's L-Shaped Desk Build Has Been Holding Up Well

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    I have almost the same paperbin. Silver - ikea


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      Have you made any lab/workspace/rack changes recently?


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        Originally posted by qlum View Post

        I would recommend Velcro instead of zip-ties. You can buy a large roll for pretty cheap, and it's much easier to change something if you use velcro. You can even screw the velcro into the table.
        I use whatever is laying around handy if we're being honest. The last time I did it I used old shoestrings. Usually whenever I think about it I don't feel like going to the store just for that...and then I'll forget when I actually do go to the store.

        bearoso It's that thingy with the blue lights hanging below the desk that bugs me the most. Things like that just hanging there really, really trigger my "don't hang or pull shit by the cord" OCD.


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          Glad to see the desk is holding up well. I also built a new L-shaped desk at the end of last year. For my build I decided to go with 80/20 15-series aluminum framing. It is perhaps a bit overbuilt, but I figure I can always hid out under it it the event of a tornado.


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            Originally posted by alcalde View Post
            Isn't a desk without drawers just a table?
            Is a bureaucracy without drawers just a tablecracy?