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    1) Fix the login problem with article pages. Once per day, I do this: I load an article, see it's page 1 of 4, open forums in another tab, wait for it to load, then close it without even looking at it, and then reload the article. Aah, page 1 of 1, that's better. I just wasted my time, and wasted your computer's time too. Poor computer. Do it for him, if not for us.

    2) Include oldschool filesystems in filesystem benchmarks. Yes, I know ext4, btrfs, and zfs are where all the fun is, but showing the numbers next to Reiser3, xfs, and even ext3, and especially the constantly-underrated jfs, helps put things in perspective. If one of the new ones start beating reiser3 at lots-of-small-files, or even gets to be half as fast, I want to know that my next mail server deserves some new thought.