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    Originally posted by evolution View Post
    Censorship sometimes is needed, even if it's in a small amount.
    p.s. It'd be nice to have some moderators in the forum, I agree.
    NO. JUST NO.

    I don't understand people like you who tolerate and accept controls so easily.


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      No, I don't accept "controls", but I think there must be rules if humankind wants to progress/evolve (whether it can be a good or bad progress).

      What I was trying to say was, if we said and did everything we wanted, there wouldn't be any progress at all, because living in a utopic world (where we said and did everything we wanted), we also wouldn't had the freedom of opinion.

      For instance, in that "utopic world", everybody would be imposing its own idea as the right one, and nobody would be (almost for sure) correct at all... Because no one could impose an idea as a "rule". So, as a main consequence, there wouldn't be any progress for the humankind... (we'd be with the same knlowledgements as we had in the Neolithic, at best). For humankind to progress, we have to accept we all (humankind) do mistakes, and with them, we learn and find a way to avoid the same mistakes we did in the past.



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        It continues...