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Phoronix News Archive

Phoronix.com was founded in June of 2004 by Michael Larabel and over the past decade have become the leading resource for Linux news, especially as it pertains to Linux hardware support, graphics drivers, and other enthusiast topics. There's thousands of articles written at Phoronix each year and embedded below is access to our news archives for those wishing to relive the open-source and Linux news history with our countless, high-profile exclusive stories. Besides checking out our news archives be sure to also read our Linux hardware reviews and other featured articles.


R600 Gallium3D Disables LLVM Back-End By Default16 April 2014
Trying Out Radeon R9 290 Graphics On Open-Source16 April 2014
The Results Of Optimizing Radeon's VRAM Behavior15 April 2014
AMD Athlon 5150 & Sempron 2650/3850 APUs On Linux11 April 2014
Updated AMD Microcode Fixes The R7 260X, Other "SI" GPUs11 April 2014
AMD Releases The Radeon R9 295X08 April 2014
Radeon DRM Kernel Driver Gets More Changes With Linux 3.1503 April 2014
AMD Publishes New OpenGL 4.4 Extensions03 April 2014
AMD Partners With Mentor To Push Embedded Open-Source Linux01 April 2014
Other Linux Things I Learned From AMD At GDC 201423 March 2014
AMD Is Still Looking At The Feasibility Of Mantle On Linux23 March 2014
Catalyst 14.3 Beta Linux Driver Fixes OpenGL Performance Issues18 March 2014
Radeon X.Org Driver Can Now Build Against The New GLAMOR17 March 2014
AMD Radeon Northern Islands: EXA vs. GLAMOR14 March 2014
Radeon Gallium3D Tiling Turned Back On For "CIK" GPUs11 March 2014

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803 Articles


FreeBSD Advances For ARM, Bhyve, Clang18 April 2014
Virt-Manager Now Supports FreeBSD's Bhyve11 April 2014
GhostBSD 4.0 Alpha 2 Lands A Bunch Of Fixes27 March 2014
NetBSD 7.0 Will Finally Have DRM/KMS Drivers19 March 2014
Apache Gets Booted From OpenBSD Base Over Being Too Bloated15 March 2014
GhostBSD 4.0 Alpha 1 Plays With FreeBSD 10 & Uses MATE07 March 2014
X.Org Server Now Runs Without Root On OpenBSD24 February 2014
FreeBSD Now Uses LLVM/Clang 3.416 February 2014
Radeon Now Work Well On PC-BSD, But USB Mouse Support Is Iffy13 February 2014
MINIX 3 Successfully Ported To ARM05 February 2014
EdgeBSD Born Out Of NetBSD Operating System05 February 2014
PC-BSD 10.0 Has Been Officially Released29 January 2014
My 10 Minute Experience With PC-BSD 10.028 January 2014
FreeBSD Made Much Progress On Drivers, ARM, Etc25 January 2014
PC-BSD 10.0 Likely Being Released Next Week23 January 2014

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171 Articles


Using Clang's Static Analyzer To Find Bugs In Your Code18 April 2014
Google Releases An AutoFDO Converter For Perf In LLVM15 April 2014
Apple, LLVM Developers Figure Out Their 64-Bit ARM Approach14 April 2014
Link-Time Optimizing Improved, But Still Takes A While On GCC 4.913 April 2014
Fracture: Another Open-Source Decompiler Project13 April 2014
Linux 3.15 Can Almost Be Compiled Under LLVM's Clang12 April 2014
Slides From The 2014 European LLVM Conference12 April 2014
Running GCC 4.9 On AMD's AM1 Kabini With Jaguar Cores12 April 2014
LLVM 3.4.1 Is Now Ready For Testing12 April 2014
Bringing Major Features, GCC 4.9 RC1 Has Been Released11 April 2014
ARM Adopts Using The LLVM/Clang Compiler09 April 2014
Dropbox Announces Their Own Open-Source Python04 April 2014
Rust Language 0.10 Released With Big Improvements03 April 2014
LLVM Spun Off Into Its Own Independent, Non-Profit03 April 2014
GCC 4.8.2 vs. GCC 4.9.0 Benchmarks On Intel's Core i7 Haswell30 March 2014

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366 Articles


Debian To Maintain 6.0 Squeeze As An LTS Release18 April 2014
Debian's Project Leader Was Re-Elected14 April 2014
Debian Developers Release APT 1.004 April 2014
Trying Out The Debian 8.0 Jessie Installer Alpha 120 March 2014
Debian Installer Jessie Alpha 1 Released19 March 2014
Debian TC Won't Pass Resolution Over Init System Coupling28 February 2014
Debian Ported To OpenRISC Architecture27 February 2014
FFmpeg May Be On Its Way To Returning To Debian26 February 2014
Debian Mempo Still Aiming For Better Security26 February 2014
Debian Now Voting On Init System Coupling23 February 2014
Debian 9.0 Reportedly Codenamed Zurg19 February 2014
Systemd Is The Future Of Debian11 February 2014
Debian 7.4 Rounds Up Stable Updates09 February 2014
Debian Tech Committee Falling Further Into Disarray09 February 2014
It Looks Like Systemd Will Win The Debian Init Battle09 February 2014

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77 Articles


EFL/Elementary 1.9.3 & Enlightenment 0.18.7 Released15 April 2014
Cinnamon 2.2 Desktop Supports HiDPI, GTK CSD Support14 April 2014
Linux Benchmarks Of Many Lightweight Window Managers13 April 2014
Enlightenment Elementary Apps Can Now Run Directly On DRM01 April 2014
Enlightenment 0.19 Lands Full Wayland Support, Its Own Compositor18 March 2014
Enlightenment's Ecore Now Has DRM Support06 March 2014
MATE Desktop 1.8 Updates Its Old GNOME2 Stack04 March 2014
Enlightenment Introduces Eolian, EFL C Generator03 March 2014
Enlightenment's Evas Gains A DRM Display Engine28 February 2014
EFL 1.9 Supports X Present Extension, New Filters25 February 2014
Enlightenment Lands Tiling2, New Tiling Module22 February 2014
Enlightenment's Elementary, EFL 1.9 Beta 221 February 2014
LibreOffice 4.2.1 Has 100+ Bug-Fixes20 February 2014
Enlightenment 1.9 Beta 1 Is Now Out In The Wild18 February 2014
MiracleCast: Miracast / WiFi Displays Come To Linux17 February 2014

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Fedora 21 Gets GNOME 3.12, PHP 5.6, Mono 3.416 April 2014
Fedora Workstation Is Making Me Quite Excited16 April 2014
Fedora 21 To Evaluate Remote Journal Logging, 64-bit ARM Emulation15 April 2014
Fedora 21 Gets Proposals For Many More Features14 April 2014
Fedora 21 Receives Another Helping Of Features10 April 2014
Fedora 21 Looks To Have A "Playground" Repository08 April 2014
Our Favorite Features So Far For Fedora 2106 April 2014
Fedora 21 Aims To Have LBZIP2 Replace BZIP205 April 2014
Fedora 21 Will Have Java 8, Other Additions02 April 2014
Mesa 10.1 Will Be Added To Fedora 2002 April 2014
Fedora 21 Picks Up More Features, KDE Plasma To Be A Product In F2226 March 2014
Fedora 21 Will Likely Make Java 8 The Default Runtime26 March 2014
Fedora 21 Gets U-Boot, Xorg, jQuery Changes20 March 2014
Fedora Rawhide Users Can Now Chew On RadeonSI GL 3.320 March 2014
DNF 0.4.18 Boasts Distro-Syncing, Objectified Groups17 March 2014

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354 Articles

Free Software

Git 2.0 Test Releases Begin With Many Changes18 April 2014
Mono Brings C# To The PlayStation 414 April 2014
Pass 1.5 Open-Source Password Manager Released13 April 2014
LibreOffice 4.2.3 Takes Care Of The Heartbleed Bug11 April 2014
MongoDB 2.6 Release Brings Extensive Changes08 April 2014
LibreOffice Gains 3D Bar Shape Support08 April 2014
The OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug Strikes The Internet07 April 2014
F2FS File-System Gains Large Directory Support, More Tuning07 April 2014
Midori 0.5.8 Browser Pulls In New WebKit2 Code06 April 2014
New Media/V4L2 Drivers For Linux 3.1505 April 2014
Flourish: Chicago's Linux Event Is This Weekend05 April 2014
Systemd Is Working Towards Its Own Super Fast DHCP Server, Client02 April 2014
The GNU Linux-libre 3.14-gnu Ultra-Free Kernel Released31 March 2014
Warp: Facebook Open-Sources A Super Fast C/C++ Pre-Processor31 March 2014
MariaDB 10 Boosts Performance, Adds NoSQL Support31 March 2014

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991 Articles


Wasteland 2 Is Finally Released For Linux Gamers18 April 2014
Star Citizen Will Be Coming To Linux15 April 2014
PlaneShift Open-Source 3D RPG Gets Enhanced14 April 2014
It Doesn't Look Like AMD Mantle Is Coming To Linux, SteamOS14 April 2014
Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth Is Coming To Linux13 April 2014
CRYENGINE For Linux Appears Within The Steam Database08 April 2014
Unvanquished Alpha 26 Improves Rendering & Graphics07 April 2014
Steam On Linux Use Reported At About 1.2%07 April 2014
Recommendations For Porting Your Game To Linux06 April 2014
HL2-Based GoldenEye: Source Gets Open-Sourced05 April 2014
Epic Games Loves Linux, Rolls Out UE4 Linux/SteamOS Support03 April 2014
Star Conflict Takes Off On Linux02 April 2014
Humble Indie Bundle 9 For PC & Android01 April 2014
Linux Game Publishing Remains Dormant01 April 2014
Star Conflict Is Soon Landing On Linux01 April 2014

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824 Articles


GStreamer 1.4 Will Make OpenGL A First-Class Citizen13 April 2014
The GNOME Foundation Is Running Short On Money13 April 2014
GNOME's EasyTAG 2.2 Supports GTK3+ By Default & New Features12 April 2014
Transmageddon 1.0 Transcoder Supports VP9, DVD Ripping01 April 2014
GNOME 3.13 Is Now Open For Development28 March 2014
The Very Exciting GNOME 3.12 Has Been Released26 March 2014
Features To Look Forward To In GNOME 3.1225 March 2014
The GNOME 3.12 Software Center Sees Some Improvements24 March 2014
California Announced: A GNOME 3 Calendar22 March 2014
Clutter 1.18 Released With Many New Features19 March 2014
Setting Up GNOME Is Easier With Version 3.1216 March 2014
More HiDPI Changes Land For GNOME 3.1214 March 2014
GNOME Shell 3.12 Receives Last-Minute HiDPI Fixes13 March 2014
NetworkManager Now Supports VxLAN06 March 2014
GTK+ 3.11.8 Has Many Bug Fixes, Google Cloud Print04 March 2014

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390 Articles


Chromium Browser Going Through Growing Pains In Ubuntu 14.0416 April 2014
Google Chrome 35 Beta Adds New Features10 April 2014
Chrome 34 Release Supports Responsive Images & More08 April 2014
Google's Blink WebKit-Fork Is Now One Year Old03 April 2014
Jolla's Sailfish OS Is Now Available For Google's Nexus 428 March 2014
Google Continues Pushing Its WebP Image Format22 March 2014
Google Replacing GTK2 With Aura In Chrome 3511 March 2014
Video Acceleration Takes The Backseat On Chrome For Linux04 March 2014
Chromium On Wayland Keeps Advancing, Works On Tizen IVI22 February 2014
Chrome Now Supports Concurrent JavaScript Compilation14 February 2014
Google Ships Cast SDK For Chromecast03 February 2014
Dart 1.1 Claims Up To 25% Faster JavaScript17 January 2014
Chrome 32 Has New Tab Indicators, Better Performance14 January 2014
Ozone-Wayland Continues Rising High04 January 2014
Intel, NVIDIA To Support Google's VP9 Codec02 January 2014

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128 Articles


The Improv ARM Board Still Isn't Shipping; Riding A Dead Horse?18 April 2014
ACPI & Power Management Get More Updates In Linux 3.1510 April 2014
Linksys Begins Shipping The WRT1900AC10 April 2014
Coreboot Adds Support For The Lenovo ThinkPad T53009 April 2014
Qualcomm Announces 64-bit Snapdragon Processors07 April 2014
ARM SoC Changes Merged For Linux 3.15 Kernel05 April 2014
Intel Atom E3825 "Bay Trail" Linux Benchmarks With AAEON05 April 2014
Belkin Begins Releasing OpenWRT Code For The WRT1900AC04 April 2014
Samsung Sends Out Their Updated Exynos DRM Driver03 April 2014
Linux 3.15 Supports The Dualshock 4, Win 8.1 Multi-Touch Protocol02 April 2014
DisplayPort MST Support Is In The Works For Linux02 April 2014
Linux 3.15 Squeezes In More ACPI / PM Improvements02 April 2014
Raspberry Pi Can Now Run Quake 3 On Open Graphics01 April 2014
Benchmarking Numascale's NumaConnect: 256 AMD Cores Connected29 March 2014
Coreboot Tacks On Support For Another HP Notebook28 March 2014

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493 Articles


Intel Haswell Graphics Benchmarks From Linux 3.1517 April 2014
Intel Broadwell GT3 Graphics Have Dual BSD Rings16 April 2014
Intel Publishes Full Linux Driver Support For Cherryview09 April 2014
Running Linux 3.14 + Mesa 10.2 With Intel's Bay Trail On Ubuntu06 April 2014
Intel Announces "Braswell" For Chromebooks, Low-End PCs03 April 2014
The Exciting Intel DRM Driver Changes For Linux 3.1501 April 2014
AVX-512 CPU Support Added To Linux 3.15 Kernel31 March 2014
Intel UMS Support To Be Eliminated In Linux 3.16 Kernel31 March 2014
SIMD JavaScript Support Added To Firefox, Under Review For Chrome30 March 2014
Intel Adds Initial Cherryview Support To Their Linux 3D Driver29 March 2014
Intel Keeps Using Tizen IVI To Push Linux, Wayland Into Cars28 March 2014
Intel Frame-Buffer Compression Still Not On By Default25 March 2014
Intel Lands Some MSAA Mesa Performance Improvements24 March 2014
Intel 3.0 X.Org Driver Lands Yet More Changes20 March 2014
Intel Fixes Anisotropic Filtering For Their OpenGL Mesa Driver18 March 2014

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656 Articles


KDE 4.13 Is Being Released Today With New Features16 April 2014
KDE "Plasma Next" Reaches Alpha03 April 2014
KDE Frameworks 5 Beta Released01 April 2014
digiKam 4.0 Beta 4 Adds More Tools30 March 2014
KDE 4.13 RC Applications and Platform Released28 March 2014
KDE Ships 4.13 Beta 320 March 2014
KDE 4.13 Makes It Into Kubuntu 14.04 LTS19 March 2014
KDE Works On Input Redirection, Wayland Cursor Themes18 March 2014
KDE Plasma Next Getting Better Logos & Icons17 March 2014
KDE 4.13 Beta 2 Published13 March 2014
It's Time To Test Out KDE 4.1312 March 2014
KWin 5 To Drop Its OpenGL 1.x Compositor10 March 2014
KDE Releases First Beta Of Applications & Platform 4.1307 March 2014
Calligra 2.8 Brings Big Updates05 March 2014
Krita 2.8 Provides Many New Features To Artists05 March 2014

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336 Articles

Linux Events

SCALE 12x Linux Conference Starts Today21 February 2014
SCALE 12x: Penguins Invading Los Angeles13 February 2014
LF Collab 2012: Killing Blobs, Wayland, DTrace, Etc07 April 2012
Microsoft's Lessons Learned From Linux29 March 2012
Topics For Next Week's Linux Foundation Summit29 March 2012
What's Coming Up For LinuxCon NA 201111 August 2011
Linux Foundation End-User Summit01 August 2008
ATI & NVIDIA In The Linux Hollywood03 March 2008
Companies Attending The 2nd LF Summit03 March 2008
X.Org FOSDEM 2008 Videos Available27 February 2008
Project VGA Hopes To Ship Next Month24 February 2008
X.Org Dinner @ FOSDEM 200824 February 2008
RadeonHD Update @ FOSDEM 200823 February 2008
FOSDEM 2008 Friday Beer Event23 February 2008
FOSDEM 2008 Meeting Kicks Off Tonight22 February 2008

More Linux Events News

26 Articles

Linux Kernel

Early Linux 3.15 Benchmarks Of Intel Core i7 + Radeon16 April 2014
Kernel Developers Discuss Improving Kernel Configurations14 April 2014
Linux 3.15-rc1 Was Just Released & It's Real Big13 April 2014
The Linux 3.15 Kernel Is Going To Have A Lot Of Great Features12 April 2014
Linux 3.15 Can Resume From Suspend 7~12x Faster12 April 2014
Btrfs Gets A Few More Linux 3.15 Changes12 April 2014
Thunderbolt Driver For Apple MBP Systems Gets Updated10 April 2014
Linux 3.15 Picks Up New Notebook Support10 April 2014
Reiser4 Gains Support For Different Transaction Models09 April 2014
Torvalds Is Unconvinced By LTO'ing A Linux Kernel09 April 2014
Realtek RTL8723AU Support Added To Linux 3.1508 April 2014
The Humongous DRM Graphics Pull For Linux 3.15 Was Submitted08 April 2014
LTO Support Coming To Linux 3.15, Making For A Faster Kernel07 April 2014
Features That Landed So Far For The Linux 3.15 Kernel07 April 2014
Kernel Developers Look At QR Codes For Error Messages05 April 2014

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970 Articles


Gallium3D's HUD Gains More Features For R600g, RadeonSI08 April 2014
Mesa 10.2 Planned For Late May / Early June Release07 April 2014
Fake MSAA Support Added To LLVMpipe, Yields OpenGL 3.0/3.202 April 2014
XA Gallium3D Performance Improvements Published01 April 2014
Mesa's LunarGLASS Updates Against LLVM 3.422 March 2014
Features To Find Right Now In Mesa 10.2-devel20 March 2014
Mesa 10.2-devel Is Going To Land In Ubuntu 14.04 LTS19 March 2014
Intel's Mesa Driver Now Support ARB Buffer Storage14 March 2014
Mesa DRI3 Picks Up GLX_EXT_buffer_age Support13 March 2014
Mesa 10 Will Likely End Up As A Fedora 20 Update12 March 2014
Mesa 10.0.4 Serves Up Over 40 Bug-Fixes12 March 2014
Many R600/RadeonSI Gallium3D Changes Land11 March 2014
Intel Broadwell On Mesa Gets Support For A New OpenGL 4.3 Extension05 March 2014
More Mesa 10.2 + Linux 3.14 Benchmarks On Ubuntu 14.04 LTS02 March 2014
Mesa 10 Packages For Fedora 2002 March 2014

More Mesa News

533 Articles


Firefox Enables Generational GC To Compete With Chrome30 March 2014
Firefox Developers Introduce RR C/C++ Debugger26 March 2014
Firefox 29 Beta Pulls In Many Features20 March 2014
Mozilla Working To Port Unity Game Engine For The Web18 March 2014
Firefox 28.0 Delivers VP9 Video Decoding, Opus In WebM17 March 2014
Unreal Engine 4 Is Running Great In Firefox12 March 2014
Mozilla Introduces New JPEG Encoding Library06 March 2014
Mozilla's Servo Still Going Forth To Parallelize The Web18 February 2014
Mozilla's Use Of GPUs For 2D Acceleration13 February 2014
Mozilla To Begin Pushing Ads To The New Tabs Page12 February 2014
A Look At The New Firefox UI On Ubuntu Linux08 February 2014
The New Firefox UI Lands In Aurora07 February 2014
Mozilla Firefox 27 Is Coming Today With New Features04 February 2014
GTK3 Version Of Firefox Up For Fedora Testing13 January 2014
Mozilla Updates To Rust 0.9 Programming Language10 January 2014

More Mozilla News

121 Articles


Xine-lib 1.2.5 Supports Libav 10, New Plug-Ins08 April 2014
SMPlayer 14.3 Has Experimental Blu-Ray Disc Support01 April 2014
Snappy 1.0 Open-Source Video Player Released27 March 2014
FFmpeg Adds On2 VP7 Video Decoder Support25 March 2014
Libav 10 Adds HEVC Support, WebP / JPEG 2000 / VP9 Decoders24 March 2014
FFmpeg 2.2 Release Adds The Libx265 Encoder23 March 2014
Ubuntu 14.04's Firefox & KDE Will Not Easily Support H.26422 March 2014
XBMC 13 Gotham Beta 2 Gets Fixed Up17 March 2014
OpenELEC 4.0 Beta 2 Is Out This Weekend16 March 2014
GLCS: A Better Version Of GLC For Linux Game Capturing11 March 2014
OpenELEC 4.0 Beta Brings Changes, Based On XBMC 1306 March 2014
XBMC 13.0 Gotham Beta 1 Released04 March 2014
Intel Broadwell "Gen8" Support Comes To VA-API27 February 2014
FFmpeg VP9 Decoder Claims To Be The World's Fastest22 February 2014
FFmpeg & Libav Add H.265 Encoder Via x26512 February 2014

More Multimedia News

106 Articles


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Maxwell GPUs Light Up On Linux 3.1514 April 2014
Nouveau Picks Up Slightly Better OpenGL 4.0 Support07 April 2014
Nouveau Becomes Friendly Towards Non-Root X Server06 April 2014
Nouveau In Linux 3.15: Maxwell Support, GPU Fault Recovery Work26 March 2014
Basic NVIDIA Maxwell Support Coming In Linux 3.1521 March 2014
Nouveau NV50 Gallium3D Gains A Bit More Of GL 4.026 February 2014
Nouveau Gallium3D Now Handles ARB_viewport_array13 February 2014
NVIDIA Publishes A New Open-Source Nouveau Driver Patch10 February 2014
Nouveau's Status Update For Early 201405 February 2014
Libpciaccess Ported To Windows To Help Nouveau28 January 2014
Nouveau Gallium3D Now Supports OpenGL 3.2, 3.327 January 2014
Nouveau 3.14 Gets New Acceleration, Still Lacking PM23 January 2014
Nouveau Advances For OpenGL 3.2 Support13 January 2014
NVIDIA Helping Nouveau With Video Decoding08 December 2013
Nouveau NV50 Enables H.264 Decoding07 December 2013

More Nouveau News

183 Articles


NVIDIA Officially Releases CUDA 615 April 2014
NVIDIA Might Be Working On G-SYNC Linux Support11 April 2014
How To Overclock New NVIDIA GPUs On Linux08 April 2014
NVIDIA Releases 337 Linux Driver With Overclocking, Better EGL08 April 2014
NVIDIA's Releasing An Overclocking Linux Driver Tomorrow06 April 2014
NVIDIA's Tegra K1 Jetson Will Be A Late April Debut03 April 2014
NVIDIA Reiterates That It's Working On Wayland Support29 March 2014
NVIDIA Will Support Newly-Dropped GPUs On Linux Through 201928 March 2014
NVIDIA Just Announced A New ARM Board I Really Love25 March 2014
NVIDIA Announces "Pascal" Next-Gen GPU Family25 March 2014
NVIDIA Posts Working "GK20A" Support For Nouveau24 March 2014
NVIDIA's Tegra K1 Is Wonderfully Powerful, Efficient21 March 2014
NVIDIA Dropping Pre-Fermi GPUs From Their Mainline Linux Driver12 March 2014
NVIDIA Updates Legacy Driver, 304.1210 Supports New Kernels11 March 2014
NVIDIA Makes Available CUDA 6 Release Candidate07 March 2014

More NVIDIA News

392 Articles

Operating Systems

5-Way Linux OS Benchmarks On DigitalOcean's Cloud02 April 2014
OpenMandriva Lx 2014.0 Beta Released25 March 2014
Jolla Releases Its "Ohijärvi" Sailfish Linux Update17 March 2014
OpenMandriva Lx 2014 Alpha 2 Released01 March 2014
Genode OS 14.02 Gains VirtualBox, NetBSD FS Support28 February 2014
Numix Is Going To Develop Its Own Linux Distribution24 February 2014
Manjaro 0.8.9 Updates Xfce, KDE, Openbox Editions23 February 2014
Android x86 4.4 Nears Its Final Release14 February 2014
Formerly Confidential SGI Tapes Now Freed To The Public14 February 2014
Zenwalk 7.4 Updates Its Packages14 February 2014
Genode OS Draws Up Plans For 201412 February 2014
gNewSense 3.1 Available For Free Software Purists09 February 2014
Another Init System: Sinit - The Suckless Init System07 February 2014
OpenMandriva Lx 2014 Alpha Released01 February 2014
Mageia 4 Officially Released01 February 2014

More Operating Systems News

218 Articles


Oracle Finally Releases Java 818 March 2014
Java JDK 8 Release Candidate Finally Arrives04 February 2014
Benchmarking Oracle's Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel03 December 2013
OpenSXCE 2013.05 Revives The Solaris Community09 June 2013
Oracle Delays Java 8 To Next Year Over Security19 April 2013
Java JDK 8 Gets Delayed Due To Project Lambda21 February 2013
Solaris 12 Might Finally Bring Radeon KMS Driver02 February 2013
Oracle Linux 5.9 Is Out, Carries Unbreakable Kernel 217 January 2013
Oracle Wants To Embed JavaScript In Java Code26 November 2012
The AuroraUX Operating System Is Dead03 November 2012
Oracle Solaris 11.1 Brings 300+ Enhancements04 October 2012
MartUX: OpenIndiana Reviving Sun SPARC Hardware28 September 2012
Rootbeer: A High-Performance GPU Compiler For Java13 August 2012
Oracle Releases VirtualBox 4.2 Beta 103 August 2012
OpenIndiana Is Still Around, New Update Coming14 April 2012

More Oracle News

142 Articles


Phoronix Global Is Still Planned To Be Decommissioned05 April 2014
PTS 5.0.1: Push Notifications, Improves Arch Linux, New Features02 April 2014
Real-Time iOS/Android Notifications Of Your Linux Benchmarks31 March 2014
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Dominated March31 March 2014
Portal & HL2 Lost Coast Linux Benchmarks Added31 March 2014
The Most Popular Linux Stories So Far In 201430 March 2014
We're Giving Away More Prizes For Running Linux Benchmarks30 March 2014
We're Still Giving Away Amazon Gift Cards For Linux Benchmarks22 March 2014
More Linux Photos Are Coming On Phoronix08 March 2014
Phoronix Test Suite 5.0 M3 Plays With Windows 8.1 & More04 March 2014
Intel's NUC, NVIDIA, Debian Drew In Lots Of Linux Interest28 February 2014
Less Than Half The Phoronix Traffic Is From Linux Systems25 February 2014
Phoronix Test Suite 5 Advances With Next Dev Release17 February 2014
The New "PTS Desktop Live" Is Coming Soon16 February 2014
More Phoronix Site Improvements Merged15 February 2014

More Phoronix News

431 Articles

Proprietary Software

Microsoft Releases Skype For Linux 4.2, Has Bug-Fixes21 May 2013
Opera Confirms It's Betting On WebKit, Chromium13 February 2013
Opera To Release WebKit-Based Web Browser19 January 2013
Nero CD/DVD Burning Software On Linux Is Dead18 July 2012
Lightspark Now Handles Desktop AIR Applications11 June 2012
Lightspark For Open Flash Inches Forward19 May 2012
Lightspark 0.5.6 Brings New Flash Features12 April 2012
Adobe Issues Final Linux Flash Player Release31 March 2012
New Version Of Gnash Flash Player Published24 February 2012
Adobe Announces Plans To Abandon Flash On Linux22 February 2012
Lightspark Open Flash Now Works On Windows03 December 2011
It May Be A While For WebM In Adobe's Flash30 October 2011
Adobe Flash 11.2 Beta Brings New Linux Work26 October 2011
Adobe Flash Player 11 Is Now Officially Out04 October 2011
Lightspark Now Does EGL/GLES2 For Flash On ARM24 September 2011

More Proprietary Software News

75 Articles


Qt Creator 3.1 RC1 Released, Qt 5.3 Advances04 April 2014
Digia Works On Getting Qt 4.8.6 Out The Door31 March 2014
Qt3D, QtOpenCL Spark New Interest30 March 2014
Qt 5.3 Beta Released -- Improves Android, Adds WebSockets25 March 2014
Debian Works Towards Upstream Qt4 ARM 64-bit Support15 March 2014
Qt For Tizen Alpha 6 Arrives28 February 2014
Qt 5.3 Alpha Released27 February 2014
Exciting Features Coming For Qt 5.327 February 2014
Qt5 To Most Likely Stick With Time-Based Released25 February 2014
SlateKit Base: A Linux OS With Qt5 Running Off KMS/FBDEV08 February 2014
Qt 5.2.1 Brings Some Performance Improvements05 February 2014
Qt5 Is Still Being Decided Upon For Ubuntu 14.04 LTS17 January 2014
Qt 5.3 Feature Freeze Is In Less Than One Month16 January 2014
The Biggest Problem With GTK & What Qt Does Good12 January 2014
Qt 5.3+ To Have Printing Support Improvements07 January 2014

More Qt News

123 Articles

Red Hat

Red Hat Releases Its RHEL 7 Release Candidate15 April 2014
Red Hat Makes A Suid Root Wrapper For Xorg05 March 2014
Red Hat Intros Kpatch For Dynamic Kernel Patching04 March 2014
Videos From Red Hat's DevConf.cz Conference Now Online25 February 2014
Red Hat's Virtual Machine Manager Finally Hits v1.015 February 2014
Red Hat's Cockpit May Improve Server GUI Administration10 February 2014
David Airlie Provides Update On VirtIO GPU Accel10 January 2014
Red Hat & CentOS Partner Up08 January 2014
Progress Being Made On CentOS 7, Based Off RHEL731 December 2013
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Beta Released11 December 2013
Red Hat's Plymouth Lands Udev Support10 December 2013
KVM/QEMU 3D Support Still Being Figured Out10 December 2013
CentOS 6.5, Oracle Linux 6.5 RHEL Clones Get Released02 December 2013
Red Hat Puts Out Ceylon 1.0 Language, Compiler13 November 2013
QXL SPICE X.Org Driver Supports New Features21 October 2013

More Red Hat News

87 Articles


Khronos Posts Their GDC Slides21 March 2014
Facebook Introduces "Hack" Language, Based On PHP20 March 2014
OpenGL 4.4 Update Released20 March 2014
Khronos Works On SYCL For Pushing OpenCL In C++19 March 2014
EGL 1.5 Released, Includes Wayland Platform Extensions19 March 2014
Khronos Officially Releases WebCL 1.0 For OpenCL On The Web19 March 2014
Khronos Releases OpenGL ES 3.118 March 2014
Python 3.4 Is Now Available With New Features17 March 2014
Intel, AMD, NVIDIA Working To Reduce OpenGL Overhead26 February 2014
APITrace Moves Along With Its GL4, Direct3D Support30 November 2013
Khronos Keeps Advancing, Pushing Its Standards19 November 2013
OpenVX 1.0: A Computer Vision Acceleration API18 November 2013
Khronos Finalizes The OpenCL 2.0 Specification18 November 2013
Early OpenCL 2.0 Specification Brings New Features22 July 2013
Khronos Publishes OpenGL 4.4 Specification22 July 2013

More Standards News

35 Articles


OpenSUSE Developers Release Open Build Service 2.531 March 2014
SUSE Releases Source-Code For kGraft Live Kernel Patching27 March 2014
openSUSE 13.2 To Use Btrfs By Default, Major Changes19 March 2014
SUSE Cloud 3 Released, Based On OpenStack Havana20 February 2014
SUSE Develops New Way Of Live-Patching The Kernel03 February 2014
OpenSUSE 13.2 Will Be Released In November31 January 2014
openSUSE 13.1: 6000+ Packages For 5 Architectures19 November 2013
openSUSE 13.1 RC2 Updates Systemd, Has Speedy Fix31 October 2013
Why SUSE Likes The Btrfs File-System17 October 2013
openSUSE 13.1 RC1 Arrives, Btrfs Is "Safe For Users"11 October 2013
OpenSUSE Looks To Switch To Btrfs For Next Release19 September 2013
OpenSUSE 13.1 Goes Into Beta With Linux 3.1119 September 2013
openSUSE 13.1 M4 Brings Ruby-Based YaST12 August 2013
openSUSE 13.1 M2 Plays On PulseAudio 4.016 June 2013
OpenSUSE 13.1 Switching To Ruby-Based YaST06 June 2013

More SUSE News

123 Articles


Ubuntu 14.04 LTS "Trusty Tahr" Officially Released17 April 2014
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS vs. 14.04 LTS Server Benchmarks17 April 2014
Running The Unity 8 Preview Session On Ubuntu 14.04 LTS17 April 2014
New Features Coming To Xubuntu 14.04 LTS15 April 2014
Ubuntu 14.10 Convergence To Focus On Replacing Core Apps15 April 2014
Ubuntu Phone Demoed On The Meizu MX311 April 2014
Unity 7 X11 Running Together With Unity 8 Mir08 April 2014
Upgrading The Linux Kernel, Mesa/X.Org Packages On Ubuntu 14.0405 April 2014
A Look At The Ubuntu 14.04 Kernel Configuration04 April 2014
Canonical Is Shutting Down Ubuntu One02 April 2014
The Special Intel Broadwell Driver In Ubuntu 14.04 LTS31 March 2014
Linux 3.14 Isn't Going To Make It Into Ubuntu 14.04 LTS28 March 2014
The Final Beta Is Out For Ubuntu 14.04 LTS "Trusty Tahr"27 March 2014
Ubuntu "Trusty Tahr" Final Beta Gets Frozen25 March 2014
Mir 0.1.8 Is Being Prepared For Release24 March 2014

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VOGL Now Supports Unreal Engine 4 On Linux04 April 2014
Valve's Voglperf Sees Its First Release02 April 2014
Valve Has Come A Long Way: 2 Years Ago They Were Linux Headhunting29 March 2014
SteamOS Beta 96 Updates AMD Driver, Improves Brix Support26 March 2014
A Look At Valve's VOGL UI22 March 2014
VOGL Now Works With The Steam Linux Client20 March 2014
Valve Fixes Portal 2 To Work With SELinux16 March 2014
Valve's VOGL Quickly Sees Improvements, AMD Support15 March 2014
Valve's Direct3D-OpenGL Layer Will Likely Not Benefit Wine14 March 2014
Valve Is Showing Off A New Steam Controller14 March 2014
Valve Publishes The Source Code For Their VOGL OpenGL Debugger12 March 2014
Valve Open-Sources Their Direct3D To OpenGL Translation Layer11 March 2014
Valve's Gabe Newell Makes New Linux Comments04 March 2014
February 2014 Steam Hardware Survey Shows Linux At 1.3%02 March 2014
Valve's Portal 2 Now In Beta On Linux25 February 2014

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VIA OpenChrome KMS Driver Finally Goes For Mainline26 May 2013
OpenChrome Driver Is Far From Feature Complete06 April 2013
VIA Secretly Has A Working Gallium3D Driver02 April 2013
OpenChrome Provides New VIA X.Org Driver27 March 2013
VIA KMS Driver Now Supports HDMI Output25 March 2013
VIA Kernel Mode-Setting Still Being Toyed With16 February 2013
VIA Kernel Mode-Setting Still Not Ready For Mainline11 November 2012
VIA Puts Out Some Linux Kernel, Boot Loader Code26 July 2012
VIA's OpenChrome 0.3.0: "A Major Step Forward"24 July 2012
VIA Kernel Mode-Setting Code Might Merge Soon30 June 2012
VIA Is Still At It: They Launched A $49 ARM PC23 May 2012
OpenChrome Now Defaults To EXA16 May 2012
How-To Bang On VIA Hardware With Linux KMS07 March 2012
OpenChrome VIA KMS Has A Goal For This Summer20 February 2012
OpenChrome Picks Up New VIA Support, But Still Lags10 February 2012

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Getting Hit By The Variable Performance Of The Public Cloud18 April 2014
QEMU 2.0 Released With ARM, x86 Enhancements17 April 2014
oVirt Is Planning Some Virtualization Improvements05 April 2014
KVM Gets Better Windows Guest Support With Linux 3.1502 April 2014
Benchmarking VirtIO Performance Within DigitalOcean's Cloud29 March 2014
Xen Automotive: Bringing Virtualization To Cars29 March 2014
Xen Virtualization Has Many New Features Coming28 March 2014
Intel Pushes XenGT For GPU Access To Virtual Machines27 March 2014
Virt Manager 1.0.1 Brings Minor Updates23 March 2014
GNOME Boxes Improves Virtualization, More Future Plans20 March 2014
QEMU 2.0 Sees Its First Development Release14 March 2014
Xen 4.4 Release Brings Major Features10 March 2014
QEMU 2.0 Is Piling On Many Features For Early April Debut26 February 2014
LXC 1.0 Announced For Better Linux Containers24 February 2014
Intel Makes XenGT For Mediated GPU Passthrough22 February 2014

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Maynard: A Lightweight Wayland Desktop16 April 2014
GNOME Aims To Get Mutter-Wayland Running With LLVMpipe12 April 2014
Intel Developers Continue Work On The Weston RandR Protocol08 April 2014
Wayland & Weston 1.5 Gear Up To Be Released08 April 2014
Weston Gains Support For Using The New XWayland DDX07 April 2014
Learning More About XWayland06 April 2014
Wayland Gains Fullscreen Shell, Screen Sharing Support04 April 2014
Ozone-Wayland Release Adds Virtual Keyboard, Touch Support26 March 2014
Intel Revises The Weston RandR Protocol24 March 2014
Wayland Live CD Updated -- Pulls In New Code, Features22 March 2014
RadeonSI Gets Fixed Up For XWayland With WLGLAMOR18 March 2014
Weston's Full-Screen Shell Protocol Revised Again18 March 2014
Weston Gets Tailored For Tizen IVI, Car Makers Fond Of Wayland17 March 2014
Wayland's Weston Can Now Be Built With A Libinput Back-End13 March 2014
The State Of Wayland Support With KDE Frameworks 5, Plasma Next10 March 2014

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Wine 1.7.17 Works On Its Task Scheduler, C Run-Time18 April 2014
More Details On Wine's GPU Video Decode Plans11 April 2014
Wine 1.7.16 Stubs Out DirectX Video Acceleration04 April 2014
Chinese People Try To Patent Wine On ARM30 March 2014
Wine 1.7.15 Still Doesn't Land The D3D Command Stream Work21 March 2014
Wine 1.7.14 Arrives With More Task Scheduler Support07 March 2014
Wine Support On Chrome OS Is Unlikely03 March 2014
Wine 1.7.13 Lands More Task Scheduler Support20 February 2014
Pipelight Progresses For Silverlight, Netflix On Linux15 February 2014
Wine's Performance For Direct3D Gaming With Many Drivers10 February 2014
Wine On Android Is Making Progress, Running Solitaire09 February 2014
Wine 1.7.12: Windows Media Player Interfaces Support07 February 2014
CodeWeavers Releases Wine-Based CrossOver 13.106 February 2014
Setting Performance Expectations For Wine Direct3D04 February 2014
New & Updated Wine Graphics Benchmarks25 January 2014

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X.Org Server 1.14.6 & X.Org Server 1.15.1 Released13 April 2014
Working Out "Serious Security Flaws" In DRM Drivers11 April 2014
X.Org Server 1.16 Merge Window Closes, Pre-Release Issued08 April 2014
Initial XWayland Support Merged For X.Org Server 1.1604 April 2014
Intel, Radeon Drivers Become Friendly With Non-Root X Server03 April 2014
GNOME 3.12 Puts The X.Org Log In The Systemd Journal27 March 2014
Initial XWayland Support Looks To Land In X.Org Server 1.1626 March 2014
VMWGFX Enables DRM Render Nodes Support25 March 2014
Keith Packard Issues Update On GLAMOR Core22 March 2014
This Year's X.Org Unexciting Elections Are Over20 March 2014
GLAMOR Core Rendering Code Gets Rewritten19 March 2014
X.Org Server's GLAMOR "Mega Series" Merged18 March 2014
X.Org's Synaptics Driver Gets Big Changes, New Laptop Support17 March 2014
GLAMOR Patch Bomb Can Boost Some Operations By 700~800%13 March 2014
More GLAMOR Changes Pushing For Performance Wins08 March 2014

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