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Better LLVM IR Generation Coming For RadeonSI11 Oct 2015
AMD Makes Open-Source "Iceland" GPU Support Experimental In Linux 4.308 Oct 2015
AMD Has More Developers Working On Their Open-Source Driver Behind The Scenes06 Oct 2015
AMD Is Ready To Land Zen Processor Support In The GCC Compiler04 Oct 2015
There's A Lot Of Exciting AMDGPU DRM Code Brewing For Eventual Catalyst Support03 Oct 2015
AMD Dismisses Another 5% Of Its Workforce02 Oct 2015
AMD Announces PRO A-Series Carrizo APUs30 Sep 2015
Some Linux Game Developers Don't Even Have Contacts At AMD29 Sep 2015
AMD Releases New Open-Source Audio Support, ACP Driver23 Sep 2015
RadeonSI Now Supports Another OpenGL 4.5 Extension19 Sep 2015

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1019 Articles
Radeon KMS On PC-BSD/FreeBSD 10.2 Surprisingly Worked On A FirePro+DP System09 Oct 2015
Running Some Fresh BSD vs. Linux Benchmarks08 Oct 2015
NetBSD 7.0 Released With New ARM Board Support, Lua Kernel Scripting08 Oct 2015
OpenBSD Adds Intel Broadwell Graphics Support26 Sep 2015
LibreSSL 2.3 Released: Completely Nukes SSLv3 Support23 Sep 2015
Pkg 1.6.0 Is Coming Soon To FreeBSD21 Sep 2015
OpenBSD Is Getting Its Own Native Hypervisor31 Aug 2015
HAMMER2 File-System Picks Up Live Deduplication Support30 Aug 2015
NeXTBSD Is Creating Lots Of BSD Excitement29 Aug 2015
DragonFlyBSD's Intel DRM Code Up To Linux 3.17 Match29 Aug 2015

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311 Articles
LLVM Is Pursuing A Community Code of Conduct13 Oct 2015
Julia Language 0.4 Released09 Oct 2015
PEAR 1.10 Released With PHP 7 Support07 Oct 2015
Perl 6 Unveiled06 Oct 2015
Rogue Wave Software Acquires PHP's Zend06 Oct 2015
LLVM Drops Windows XP Support; Work Continues On CMake To Replace Autoconf05 Oct 2015
LLVM 3.7.1 Release Planned For Next Month05 Oct 2015
An AVR Backend To LLVM Is Working Towards Being Mainlined30 Sep 2015
MIPS P5600 Support Added To The LLVM Compiler Stack29 Sep 2015
Sony Lands More PlayStation 4 Code Into LLVM's Clang28 Sep 2015

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632 Articles
Libreboot Now Supports The Chromebook C20112 Oct 2015
Coreboot Now Supports The Sandy Bridge MacBook Air11 Oct 2015
Purism Librem 13 Funded, But Will Likely Fail To Provide Freedom & Privacy16 Sep 2015
Libreboot Ported To A Sub-$200 ARM Chromebook12 Aug 2015
Librem 15 Rev2 To Ship With Coreboot30 Jul 2015
Libreboot Adds Experimental ThinkPad R500 Support25 Jul 2015
"Glados" Is A Forthcoming Chromebook With Skylake SoC, Now In Coreboot22 Jul 2015
Intel Adds Skylake/Braswell Boards To Coreboot: Kunimitsu, Cyan, RPV3, Strago17 Jul 2015
NVIDIA Tegra X1 Chromebooks Appear Closer, Support Added To Coreboot30 Jun 2015
"Veyron Shark" Is The Latest Motherboard Added To Coreboot30 Jun 2015

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90 Articles
Raspberry Pi's Raspbian Rebased To Debian 8 "Jessie"29 Sep 2015
Debian To Stop Spinning New CD ISOs15 Sep 2015
Debian 8, Linux 3.18 Now Available For The MIPS CI2014 Sep 2015
Debian Installer Stretch Alpha 3 Released13 Sep 2015
The Current State Of Debian GNU Hurd08 Sep 2015
Debian 8.2 Released, Debian 7.9 Too05 Sep 2015
Debian Puts Out New APT 1.1 Pre-Release "Supercow Powers"18 Aug 2015
Debian Installer Stretch Alpha 2 Brings Linux 4.115 Aug 2015
Debian Wants To Tackle UEFI, But They Need Your Help06 Aug 2015
Debian Lands GCC 5 In Unstable Repo03 Aug 2015

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146 Articles
Enlightenment 0.20 Alpha Has Full Wayland Support, Better FreeBSD Support08 Oct 2015
Arch-Based Antergos Working On New Package Management UI14 Sep 2015
Enlightenment EFL Libraries 1.15 Released04 Aug 2015
Lumina Desktop 0.8.6 Adds New Localization Options & More03 Aug 2015
LibreOffice Gets More Porting For GTK3, Adds Wayland-Compatible Clipboard Support19 Jun 2015
MATE Desktop 1.10 Released, Offers Experimental GTK3 Support12 Jun 2015
Cinnamon 2.6 Yields Lower CPU Usage02 Jun 2015
Scribus 1.5 Released, Ported To Qt 5 With Big UI Overhaul Coming26 May 2015
Xfce's Power Manager Is Finally Ported To GTK325 May 2015
Linux Mint Releases Cinnamon 2.6 Desktop19 May 2015

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Fedora Updates Its Packaging Policy To The Ire Of Some Developers08 Oct 2015
Fedora 24 Poised To Have NetworkManager 1.205 Oct 2015
Fedora 24 Is Planned For Release In Mid-May01 Oct 2015
Python 3.5 Planned For Fedora 2429 Sep 2015
The Fedora 23 Beta Has Been Officially Released22 Sep 2015
Fedora Linux Is Looking For Those Still Using 32-bit AMD CPUs16 Sep 2015
It's Getting Time To Try Out Fedora 23 Beta16 Sep 2015
Fedora Seeking Feedback On Their New Development Portal11 Sep 2015
NetworkManager 1.2 Pre-Release Soon Coming For Fedora 2401 Sep 2015
Fedora Linux Moves Ahead With Effectively Demoting 32-bit x86 Support29 Aug 2015

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Free Software
BusyBox 1.24 Released, Brings More Size Reductions12 Oct 2015
DirectFB Turns Up On GitHub12 Oct 2015
Blender 2.76 Brings OpenSubdiv, Better AMD GPU Support11 Oct 2015
Subresource Integrity Support Ready For Firefox 43, Chrome 4508 Oct 2015
New Version Of JPEG-Turbo Quietly Released07 Oct 2015
LibreOffice Being Ported To The Web Browser Via EmScripten05 Oct 2015
FLIF: The Newest Free Software Image Format For Smaller Web Images02 Oct 2015
Google, Linux 4.3, & Mesa 11 Won Over September01 Oct 2015
Portable Computing Language 0.12 To Bring A New Kernel Cache System (POCL)29 Sep 2015
Git 2.6 Brings Some New Functionality, Bug Fixes29 Sep 2015

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1145 Articles
Unigine 2.0 Officially Released With Big Improvements For This Linux-Friendly Engine10 Oct 2015
Open-Source Doom 3 Spin Updated With Many New Features09 Oct 2015
Virtual Programming Is Porting Four More Titles To Linux09 Oct 2015
Unity To Abandon Their Web Player In Favor Of WebGL09 Oct 2015
Unvanquished Alpha 44 Brings Many Gameplay Changes06 Oct 2015
Linux Beta Released For Trine 3: Artifacts of Power05 Oct 2015
Xoreos 0.0.3 Is Another Step Towards Re-Implementing BioWare's Aurora Engine01 Oct 2015
Alien Isolation Has Been Delayed For Linux29 Sep 2015
Insurgency FPS Game Being Ported To Linux, SteamOS24 Sep 2015
Alien Isolation Is Just The Latest NVIDIA-Only Linux Game22 Sep 2015

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1094 Articles
GNOME Files/Nautilus Search Is Finally Being Overhauled12 Oct 2015
GNOME Software To Get A "Kudos" Rating System For Apps12 Oct 2015
MATE-Desktop 1.11 Released, Working Towards MATE 1.1208 Oct 2015
Unicode 8.0 Support Added To GNOME's GLib04 Oct 2015
GNOME's 2014 Annual Report Published01 Oct 2015
GStreamer 1.6 Officially Released25 Sep 2015
GNOME Flashback 3.18 Released, Remains Unofficial Project24 Sep 2015
GNOME 3.18 Officially Released23 Sep 2015
GNOME 3.20 Feature Planning Heats Up22 Sep 2015
Features To Look Forward To With GNOME 3.1822 Sep 2015

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568 Articles
FSF Endorses Yet Another (Outdated) Laptop29 Sep 2015
A Developer Is Going To Focus On Improving GNU Hurd's Hardware Support20 Sep 2015
GNU ddrescue 1.20 Has Many Changes14 Sep 2015
GDB 7.10 Released: Better Python Scripting, DTrace USDT Probes & More29 Aug 2015
GNU Guix Package Manager Ported To GNU Hurd20 Aug 2015
Glibc 2.22 Now Officially Released14 Aug 2015
Glibc 2.22 Ready For Release, Glibc 2.23 Open For Development05 Aug 2015
GNU Guix 0.8.3 Brings 179 New Packages, New Commands22 Jul 2015
Glibc 2.22 Will Have NaCl Support For ARMv7-A, Libmvec Vector Math Library22 Jul 2015
GNU Octave 4.0 Released, Includes A GUI & OpenGL30 May 2015

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117 Articles
Google Announces New Hardware, Android 6.0 M Shipping Next Week29 Sep 2015
Google Fixes A Longstanding, Important TCP Bug In The Linux Kernel27 Sep 2015
How WebGL Works In Chromium26 Sep 2015
Google Launches "Brotli" Compression Algorithm For The Web22 Sep 2015
Chrome Lands GTK3 Theme Integration14 Sep 2015
Chrome 45 Released, Pauses Flash Ads By Default01 Sep 2015
Google Rolls Out OnHub Router, Powered By Gentoo Linux18 Aug 2015
Google Starts Pushing Out VP10 Open-Source Code Into Libvpx17 Aug 2015
Android 6.0: M Is For Marshmallow17 Aug 2015
Google Announces New "Alphabet" Company As Its Corporate Overlord10 Aug 2015

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191 Articles
Raspberry Pi KMS Driver Updated10 Oct 2015
Benchmark That Serial Port On Linux!05 Oct 2015
Trying Out An eRacks Samsung 850 SSD RAID + Core i5 Haswell Ubuntu Server02 Oct 2015
The Rest Of The Year Should Be Super Exciting For Linux Enthusiasts01 Oct 2015
A Call To Stop Making FBDEV Linux Frame-Buffer Drivers24 Sep 2015
Jolla Prepares To Begin Shipping Its Highly-Anticipated Tablet23 Sep 2015
64-bit ARM Is Becoming Usable For Day-To-Day Linux Desktop21 Sep 2015
Doing Graphics Hardware Acceleration With Microkernels21 Sep 2015
Linux Continues Making Progress With System Firmware Updating17 Sep 2015
Libratbag: A New Library For Configurable Mice On Linux15 Sep 2015

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752 Articles
Beignet 1.1.1 Released, Still No Signs Of Intel Linux OpenCL 2.0 Nearing Reality08 Oct 2015
Intel Just Queued Up More Graphics Changes For The Linux 4.4 Kernel07 Oct 2015
Intel Compute Shaders Appear Nearly Ready For Mainline Mesa06 Oct 2015
Intel Core i7 6700K Skylake Linux Benchmarks On Fedora 22, Debian & Ubuntu03 Oct 2015
The OpenGL ARB Shader Storage Buffer Object Lands For Intel Mesa25 Sep 2015
Intel's Mesa Driver Now Supports OpenGL 4.5 Texture Barrier23 Sep 2015
Intel Has Been Working On DRM Color Management Support22 Sep 2015
Intel GPU Tools 1.12 Adds New Tests, New Tools11 Sep 2015
Intel Releases Production-Ready OpenGL 4.4 Driver, But Only For Windows09 Sep 2015
Intel Rolls Out New "Soft-Pinning" Patches For Linux Graphics Driver09 Sep 2015

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868 Articles
Some Of The Features Coming To KDE Plasma 5.511 Oct 2015
KDE Frameworks 5.15 Released10 Oct 2015
KWin On Wayland Making Progress, Now Has A Virtual Backend08 Oct 2015
KDE Is Hoping To Recruit More Developers This Season08 Oct 2015
Calligra Words 3 Is Now A "Pure" Qt5/KF5 Application07 Oct 2015
KDE Plasma 5.4.2 Released06 Oct 2015
Kubuntu 15.10 Will Have KDE Plasma 5.4.203 Oct 2015
Krita 3.0 Nearing Reality With Port To Qt5/KF524 Sep 2015
KDE / Qt Fiber Web Browser To Take The Reasonable Approach To Dealing With Ads20 Sep 2015
There's Rapid Progress Being Made On KDE For Wayland18 Sep 2015

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489 Articles
Linux Events
FOSDEM 2015 Videos Published24 Feb 2015
Linux.Conf.Au 2015 Kicks Off In Auckland12 Jan 2015
FOSDEM 2015 Is Less Than One Month Away07 Jan 2015
X@FOSDEM 2015: Call For Presentations About Mir, Wayland, Etc03 Oct 2014
LinuxCon Wraps Up In Chicago23 Aug 2014
Kpatch Gets Exposure This Week, kGraft Misses Out19 Aug 2014
LinuxCon Is This Week In Chicago18 Aug 2014
LinuxTag 2014 Kicks Off Today In Berlin08 May 2014
SCALE 12x Linux Conference Starts Today21 Feb 2014
SCALE 12x: Penguins Invading Los Angeles13 Feb 2014

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34 Articles
Linux Kernel
Linux 4.2 vs. 4.3 Kernel Benchmarks On Other Systems12 Oct 2015
Richacls v10 Published, Some Code Might Land For Linux 4.412 Oct 2015
Linux 4.3-rc5: The Cycle Is Going Smooth11 Oct 2015
KDBUS Continues Maturing, But Will We See It For Linux 4.4?09 Oct 2015
James Bottomley: The Linux Kernel Mailing List Behavior Isn't All That Bad08 Oct 2015
Unprivileged eBPF Support In The Works For The Linux Kernel06 Oct 2015
Another Longtime Linux Developer Looks To Distance Himself From The Kernel Community06 Oct 2015
Sarah Sharp Steps Down As Linux Kernel Developer05 Oct 2015
Linux 4.3-rc4 Kernel Released: Adds A New & Better String Copy Function04 Oct 2015
Reiser4 Ported To The Linux 4.2 Kernel28 Sep 2015

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1364 Articles
Ubuntu PPA Updated With Mesa Git + LLVM 3.8 SVN13 Oct 2015
Radeon R600g Finally Catching Up With OpenGL 412 Oct 2015
Performance-Boosting DCC Support Being Worked On For RadeonSI VI GPUs11 Oct 2015
Mesa 11.0.3 Fixes A KDE/Weston Regression, Many RadeonSI Fixes11 Oct 2015
With GL 4.3 AoA Getting Done, Arceri Is Trying A GL 4.4 Extension06 Oct 2015
Intel's Mesa Driver Tacks On Another GL Extension For Old Hardware05 Oct 2015
Intel's Mesa Vec4 Code Now Unconditionally Uses NIR03 Oct 2015
Mesa 10.6.9 Released, Marks The End Of The Line: Upgrade To Mesa 1103 Oct 2015
Gallium3D Clover Gets OpenCL 1.2 clCreateImage Support29 Sep 2015
Mesa 11's First Point Release Is Now Available26 Sep 2015

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769 Articles
Mozilla Continues Moving Away From NPAPI Plugins09 Oct 2015
Mozilla's Servo Gets A Experimental Renderer To Draw On The GPU29 Sep 2015
Mozilla Releases SeaMonkey 2.3827 Sep 2015
Firefox 41 Released With Many Small Improvements22 Sep 2015
Mozilla's Project Candle Aiming To Improve Firefox's Power Efficiency15 Sep 2015
Mozilla To Make Add-Ons Use WebExtensions API, Compatible With Chrome21 Aug 2015
Mozilla's Servo Is Now Rendering Phoronix, Except For One Big Bug19 Aug 2015
Mozilla's Servo Engine Now Capable Of Rendering GitHub Near Flawlessly19 Aug 2015
Firefox 40 Brings Off-Main-Thread Compositing For Linux11 Aug 2015
Firefox Nightly Now Supports W3C Pointer Events04 Aug 2015

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177 Articles
MPlayer 1.2 Released03 Oct 2015
Kodi 16 Alpha 3 Released03 Oct 2015
SMPlayer 15.9 Brings MPV Support, 3D Stereo Filter30 Sep 2015
OpenShot 2.0 Is Baking Performance Improvements, Other Features30 Sep 2015
FFmpeg's Player Gets Inspired By MPlayer-Forked MPV Player28 Sep 2015
MPV Video Player Has OpenGL Output Improvements, Fixes23 Sep 2015
Kodi 15.2 Is Near, RC2 Released20 Sep 2015
FFmpeg 2.8 Brings Intel QSV Encoding/Decoding, HEVC Hardware Acceleration09 Sep 2015
Kodi 16 Bringing DirectX 11 Support & More03 Sep 2015
All The Big Names Are Joining A New Alliance For Open Media02 Sep 2015

More Multimedia News

169 Articles
Nouveau Voltage, Re-Clocking & Other Patches Start Queueing Up For Linux 4.412 Oct 2015
New Patch Series Provides Better Re-Clocking For Some NVIDIA GPUs30 Sep 2015
NVIDIA Performance Counters Still Coming Along For Nouveau20 Sep 2015
The State Of Nouveau; Still Waiting On NVIDIA To Release Firmware17 Sep 2015
Experimental Nouveau DRM Branch Yields Better GDDR5 Kepler Re-Clocking16 Sep 2015
Nouveau Gets A Few Patches Regarding Voltage Control09 Sep 2015
The Big Nouveau Rework Will Indeed Land For Linux 4.328 Aug 2015
Samsung Developer Posts VA-API Support For Nouveau27 Aug 2015
Nouveau Open-Source NVIDIA Driver Going Through A Big Rework24 Aug 2015
NVIDIA's Latest Open-Source Tegra Work Focuses On VIC Support20 Jul 2015

More Nouveau News

252 Articles
NVIDIA 358.09 Beta Prepares For DRM Mode-Setting Interface12 Oct 2015
NVIDIA's Latest Binary Driver Is Causing Problems For Some Skylake Linux Users26 Sep 2015
Does The NVIDIA Driver's OpenGL Image Settings Affect The Performance Much?18 Sep 2015
Nouveau X.Org Driver Drops GLAMOR Support13 Sep 2015
CUDA 7.5 Officially Released08 Sep 2015
Details On NVIDIA's Vulkan Driver, Sounds Like It Will Be A Same-Day Release02 Sep 2015
NVIDIA's VDPAU Library Exposed To Security Issue31 Aug 2015
NVIDIA 355.11 Driver Stabilizes The Series With Full OpenGL For EGL31 Aug 2015
NVIDIA GRID 2.0 Adds Linux Support31 Aug 2015
NVIDIA 352.41 Driver Brings New GPU Support & Fixes28 Aug 2015

More NVIDIA News

498 Articles
Operating Systems
Android-x86 5.1-RC1 Is Now Out: Mesa OpenGL ES & UEFI Fun06 Oct 2015
HP Announces New Open-Source Network Operating System05 Oct 2015
Is The Gentoo-Based Calculate Linux Faster Than Other Distributions?01 Oct 2015
NixOS 15.09 Released: Ships Updated Desktops, Linux 3.18 Kernel30 Sep 2015
Gentoo-Based Calculate Linux 15 Released30 Sep 2015
Manjaro 15.09 Released, Provides Calamares Install Option27 Sep 2015
Tizen 3.0 Milestone Released, Finishes Replacing X.Org With Wayland19 Sep 2015
OpenWRT 15.05 Runs Off Linux 3.18, Provides Better Networking11 Sep 2015
LILO Boot-Loader Development To Cease At End Of Year31 Aug 2015
Arch-based Antergos Refreshed, Installer Overhaul19 Aug 2015

More Operating Systems News

341 Articles
The State Of DRM/KMS Drivers On Solaris Sounds Worse Off Than The BSD Drivers19 Sep 2015
VirtualBox 5.0.4 Has Linux 4.2 Support, Many Fixes08 Sep 2015
OpenSolaris-Derived Illumos Project Turns Five Years Old03 Aug 2015
Oracle Said To Be Baking A Low-Cost SPARC Chip30 Jul 2015
Debian Dropping SPARC Support26 Jul 2015
Solaris 11.3 Is In Beta With Cloud, Virtualization Improvements12 Jul 2015
Oracle & Canonical Collaborate Over Their Competing Linux OSes On OpenStack23 Sep 2014
Oracle Linux 7 Released Today As Its RHEL7 Clone23 Jul 2014
Oracle Solaris 11.2 Now Available In Beta Form30 Apr 2014
Oracle Linux 6.5 vs. Oracle Linux 7.0 Beta Benchmarks20 Apr 2014

More Oracle News

152 Articles
The Start Of The New Phoromatic Server UI Lands11 Oct 2015
Benchmark, Read Phoronix In Style While Supporting Our Work10 Oct 2015
Phoronix Test Suite 6.0 M3 Brings BSD Enhancements, Other Improvements09 Oct 2015
Phoronix Test Suite 6.0 M2 Brings Speed Improvements, Better Graphing24 Sep 2015
Updated Firmware Blobs Out For Intel Skylake & Broxton Linux Graphics24 Sep 2015
Here's How You Can Get A Lifetime Phoronix Premium Subscription21 Sep 2015
The New Phoronix Test Suite Grapher Has Landed19 Sep 2015
Color-Coding Graphs To Match Brands Being Benchmarked17 Sep 2015
Open-Source AMD, PHP 7.0 & Linux Performance Have Been Raising Eyebrows15 Sep 2015
RFC: Polishing Up The Result Graphs15 Sep 2015

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549 Articles
Proprietary Software
Confirmation Of Substance Designer Being Ported To Linux04 Oct 2015
Apple Releases OS X 10.11 El Capitan; Want To See Some Linux Benchmarks?30 Sep 2015
The Surprising Open-Source / Linux Microsoft Announcements Made So Far This Year28 Sep 2015
Azure Cloud Switch: Microsoft's Own Linux Platform18 Sep 2015
Opera 32 Lands Password Sync, SurfEasy VPN Integration15 Sep 2015
Microsoft Officially Announces VP9 Support In Edge08 Sep 2015
Opera Browser Company May Sell Itself Off08 Aug 2015
Windows 10 Reportedly On 67+ Million PCs Already31 Jul 2015
FSF Issues A Statement Over Windows 1031 Jul 2015
The Phoronix Test Suite Is Running On Windows 1030 Jul 2015

More Proprietary Software News

115 Articles
Qt 5.6 Drops WebKit, Qt QML Uses Less Memory & Other Forthcoming Features11 Oct 2015
Qt To Get Possible Speech Recognition API10 Sep 2015
Qt 5.6 Alpha Released09 Sep 2015
Qt Creator 3.5 Released With Its New Scrollbars20 Aug 2015
Work Starts To Upstream Mir Server Support In Qt10 Aug 2015
Qt Creator 3.5 Nearly Ready For Release06 Aug 2015
Qt Purchasing Module Might Come To Qt 5.6 For Offering In-App Purchases05 Aug 2015
What It Takes Porting Qt Applications To Wayland30 Jul 2015
Qt Creator 3.5 Beta 1 Drops BlackBerry, Improves For Android08 Jul 2015
Qt 5.5 Officially Released01 Jul 2015

More Qt News

194 Articles
Red Hat
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 Enters Beta02 Sep 2015
AltArch SIG Announced For CentOS: Fun For ARM & More07 Aug 2015
Oracle Linux 6.7 Arrives, Few Days After Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.730 Jul 2015
Fedora's Rawhide Kernel Adds In KDBUS Support, Ready For Testing30 Jul 2015
Red Hat & Samsung Team Up For Mobile Alliance23 Jun 2015
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 Beta Released05 May 2015
Red Hat Joins Khronos, The Group Behind OpenGL & Vulkan17 Apr 2015
Red Hat Is Rolling Out A VirtIO DRM/KMS GPU Driver24 Mar 2015
Red Hat / Fedora's 2015 Videos Now Online12 Feb 2015
Red Hat Is Hiring A New Linux Kernel Engineer For Fedora26 Jan 2015

More Red Hat News

123 Articles
CC-BY-SA 4.0 Is Now One-Way Compatible With GPLv309 Oct 2015
How VP9 Video Encode/Decode Compares To H.264/H.26527 Sep 2015
Nintendo Joins The Khronos Group23 Sep 2015
A Khronos Open-Source Talk Is Happening In An Hour22 Sep 2015
Khronos Publishes Their SIGGRAPH 2015 Slides31 Aug 2015
An Overview Of The Vulkan API28 Aug 2015
Vulkan Working For A Drawing Program27 Aug 2015
What Vulkan Looks Like For A Hobbyist 3D Developer13 Aug 2015
That's A Wrap: OpenGL / Vulkan BoF At SIGGRAPH13 Aug 2015
WebGL 2.0 Will Hopefully Ship Before Year's End12 Aug 2015

More Standards News

110 Articles
SUSE Is Looking For Another Graphics Driver Developer07 Oct 2015
More OpenSUSE Leap Linux Kernel Benchmarks07 Oct 2015
OpenSUSE 42.1 "Leap" Now In Beta24 Sep 2015
openSUSE Leap Milestone 2 Has Package Updates, Sticks To GCC 4.804 Sep 2015
OpenSUSE Leap Chugging Along For Its November Release11 Aug 2015
The First Milestone Reached For openSUSE 42.1 "Leap"24 Jul 2015
openSUSE Leap Nearing Its First Development Milestone23 Jul 2015
"OpenSUSE 42" Enters Development26 Jun 2015
Testing Plasma 5 On openSUSE, KDE Switching Plans06 Apr 2015
openSUSE Tumbleweed Is Moving To Systemd's Journal, GNOME 3.16, Plasma 502 Apr 2015

More SUSE News

148 Articles
Systemd 227 Released: "Lots Of New Awesomeness"07 Oct 2015
Systemd 227 To Gain Crash Automatic Reboot Option, New Network Features01 Oct 2015
System XVI Is A New, Modular Service Manager14 Sep 2015
Systemd Starts Doing NTP/Timezones, Unified Cgroup Hierarchy05 Sep 2015
Systemd Introduces Its Own "su" Like Command29 Aug 2015
Systemd 223 Adds New Network Options, Splits Out Python Code30 Jul 2015
Systemd Is Launching Its Own Conference29 Jul 2015
The Companies Most Active On The Systemd Mailing List14 Jul 2015
Gummiboot Is Dead07 Jul 2015
Systemd 222 Will Do Away With Its Accelerometer05 Jul 2015

More systemd News

91 Articles
Discussions Have Started Again About The Default Browser For Ubuntu13 Oct 2015
Intel Haswell Graphics Have A Few Gains With Ubuntu 15.1011 Oct 2015
A Few Worrisome Regressions Appear In Ubuntu 15.04 vs. 15.10 Performance10 Oct 2015
Mir Continues Cleaning Up Their OpenGL Code, To Support Vulkan In Future07 Oct 2015
Ubuntu Is Planning To Make The ZFS File-System A "Standard" Offering06 Oct 2015
Mir 0.16 Brings Smoother/Higher Frame Rates29 Sep 2015
Ubuntu To Make It Easier To Ship Micro-Release Updates, New Features Post-LTS29 Sep 2015
It Looks Like The Converged Ubuntu Phone Device Is Delayed To Next Year29 Sep 2015
Ubuntu Is Doing A UI Makeover To Their Installer / Setup Process28 Sep 2015
Ubuntu Phone Marketshare Estimated At Around 25 Thousand Users27 Sep 2015

More Ubuntu News

848 Articles
HL3 References In Dota 2 Are Raising Eyebrows10 Oct 2015
SteamOS Rebases To Debian Linux 8.206 Oct 2015
Some Steam Controller Pre-Orders Started Shipping02 Oct 2015
Steam Linux Usage Went Up A Tiny Amount In September, Still Less Than 1%02 Oct 2015
Steam Linux Usage Rose Above 0.9% Last Month02 Sep 2015
Valve Will Not Support System Suspend On SteamOS17 Aug 2015
Portable Steam Machine Running SteamOS Linux Uses AMD Graphics11 Aug 2015
Steam's First Linux-Exclusive Launch Title Is Out03 Aug 2015
Steam Linux Usage For Last Month Was Just Shy Of 0.9%03 Aug 2015
SteamOS Weekend Sale: Grab Some Linux Friendly Games30 Jul 2015

More Valve News

259 Articles
VIA Rolls Out Fanless, Ruggedized PC Powered By Quad-Core x86 Eden CPU13 Aug 2015
VIA Announces It Sold Off Part Of Its Assets31 Jul 2015
The Plans For The New VIA Gallium3D Driver & DRM/KMS Linux Driver13 Jan 2015
A New VIA OpenChrome Gallium3D Driver Is Under Development08 Jan 2015
The VIA OpenChrome DRM Still Might Be Kicking In 201503 Jan 2015
OpenChrome: There's Apparently Not Much Left21 May 2014
VIA OpenChrome KMS Driver Finally Goes For Mainline26 May 2013
OpenChrome Driver Is Far From Feature Complete06 Apr 2013
VIA Secretly Has A Working Gallium3D Driver02 Apr 2013
OpenChrome Provides New VIA X.Org Driver27 Mar 2013

More VIA News

80 Articles
Xen 4.6 Released With Many Huge Improvements For Virtualization13 Oct 2015
Dell Is Going To Buy Out VMware's Parent, EMC12 Oct 2015
Xen Launches For CentOS 7 ARM 64-Bit Servers07 Oct 2015
VirtualBox 5.0.6 Brings Fixes For Linux 4.3 & More02 Oct 2015
VirtIO-GPU Gets Patches For 3D Rendering10 Sep 2015
Xen Has A Few Additions For Linux 4.308 Sep 2015
AMD Rolls Out Hardware-Based GPU Virtualization: Multiuser GPU01 Sep 2015
VMware Workstation 12 Brings Better Performance, OpenGL 3.3 Support25 Aug 2015
QEMU 2.4 Released With VirtIO GPU Support11 Aug 2015
QEMU Vulnerability Exposes The Host Through Emulated CD-ROM Drive27 Jul 2015

More Virtualization News

233 Articles
Enlightenment Temporarily Drops Support For Wayland08 Oct 2015
Wayland's Weston 1.10 Is Off To The Races With New Feature Work26 Sep 2015
Systemd Notifications Support Being Worked On For Wayland's Weston24 Sep 2015
Wayland 1.10 Now Under Development, Planned Release In February22 Sep 2015
Wayland 1.9 Tagged For Release21 Sep 2015
Wayland Continues Advancing On Features, But XWayland Could Use Some Help16 Sep 2015
Wayland/Weston 1.9 Up To Release Candidate Phase16 Sep 2015
Libinput 1.0.1 Released With One Fix03 Sep 2015
Wayland/Weston 1.9 Now In Beta02 Sep 2015
VMware Lands Its OpenGL 3.3 Support In Its Mesa Gallium3D Driver02 Sep 2015

More Wayland News

446 Articles
CodeWeavers Will Soon Release CrossOver/Wine For Android, DirectX11 Support Progressing05 Oct 2015
Wine-Staging 1.7.52 Adds Tool To Make MSI Installers04 Oct 2015
Wine 1.7.52 Released, Adds Unicode 8.0 & More Direct3D 11 Work02 Oct 2015
The State of Wine For ARM, MIPS, PowerPC26 Sep 2015
Wine-Staging To Become A More Official Part Of Wine25 Sep 2015
Wine To Switch To Yearly, Time-Based Releases25 Sep 2015
Wine's Direct3D 11 Implementation Is Getting Furthered Along10 Sep 2015
Wine-Staging 1.7.51 Has Fixes For Command Stream Multi-Threading (CSMT)08 Sep 2015
Wine 1.7.51 Adds XAudio2, Universal C Runtime DLL Support04 Sep 2015
Wine-Staging 1.7.50 Continues Work On GTK3 Theming Engine24 Aug 2015

More WINE News

349 Articles
Two X.Org Vintage Drivers Finally Ship With X Server 1.17 Support26 Sep 2015
What's New With The X.Org Foundation? Not Too Much21 Sep 2015
The X.Org Foundation Has A New Secretary18 Sep 2015
Keith Packard Talks About Sustaining X11's Development18 Sep 2015
The Etnaviv Open-Source Driver Is Quietly Making Progress17 Sep 2015
X.Org EVoC To Be Tightened Up, Limited To Existing Contributors17 Sep 2015
More Details On The State Of Libinput & Libratbag For Linux Input16 Sep 2015
An Update On Atomic Mode-Setting For Linux16 Sep 2015
XDC2015 Kicks Off This Morning In Toronto16 Sep 2015
Running An X.Org Server On 64-bit ARM Can Be A Chore11 Sep 2015

More X.Org News

751 Articles