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More Radeon/AMDGPU Fixes For Linux 4.10 Ahead Of The Merge Window10 Dec 2016
AMD's ARM Efforts Appear Stalled, But At Least Zen Should Be Great09 Dec 2016
Here Is The AMDGPU-PRO 16.50 Download Link08 Dec 2016
New AMD DC/DAL Patches Continue To Slim Down The Codebase06 Dec 2016
AMD "DAL" Being Renamed To "DC"01 Dec 2016
It Looks Like We'll Still See A GUI Control Panel For AMD Linux25 Nov 2016
OpenCL Remains One Of AMDGPU-PRO's Main Advantages, Can't Wait For It To Be Open23 Nov 2016
Linux 4.9 Has Tear-Free PRIME Offloading Between Intel & AMDGPU20 Nov 2016
Radeon Open Compute 1.3 Platform Brings Polaris & Other Features14 Nov 2016
A Word Of Warning When Using AMDGPU-PRO On An Unsupported Kernel14 Nov 2016

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760 Articles
DragonFlyBSD's i915 Intel DRM Driver Updated To Match Linux 4.510 Dec 2016
DragonFlyBSD Works On EFI Runtime ABI Support, But Still Experimental26 Nov 2016
FreeBSD Q3'2016 Status Report Shares Many Highlights14 Nov 2016
Lumina Desktop 1.1 Released21 Oct 2016
DragonFlyBSD Continues LibreSSL Push, OpenSSL To Be Dropped20 Oct 2016
FreeBSD 11.0 Officially Released10 Oct 2016
FreeBSD 11 Is Still Being Respun & Tested, Hope To Release Next Week06 Oct 2016
FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE Needs To Be Respun Due To Security Issues28 Sep 2016
LibreSSL 2.5 Released With New Features, iOS Support28 Sep 2016
FreeBSD 11.0 RC3 Released, OS Still Trying To Get Out This Month18 Sep 2016

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388 Articles
LLVM 3.9.1 Expected For Release Next Week10 Dec 2016
LLVM 4.0 Planned For Release At End Of February, Will Move To New Versioning Scheme05 Dec 2016
LLVM's LLD Linker Gets Faster Performance (Parallelized ICF)05 Dec 2016
PTS: PHP 7.1 vs. PHP 7.0 vs. HHVM Benchmarks02 Dec 2016
PHP 7.1 Makes Its Debut02 Dec 2016
The Latest On C++17, Early Work For C++2028 Nov 2016
Zapcc Still Aiming For "Super Fast" Compiler Performance23 Nov 2016
Pyston 0.6 Drops Memory Usage, Better NumPy Performance22 Nov 2016
LLVM Developer Meeting 2016 Videos Posted21 Nov 2016
Intel Quark SE Support Added To GCC Compiler18 Nov 2016

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792 Articles
Another Old Intel Motherboard Gets Picked Up By Coreboot09 Nov 2016
AMD Stoney Ridge Support Lands In Coreboot08 Nov 2016
Google "Eve" Kabylake System Gains Coreboot Support01 Nov 2016
Coreboot Lands More RISC-V / lowRISC Code25 Oct 2016
Coreboot 4.5 Officially Released24 Oct 2016
Libreboot Drama Continues, GNU Might Keep The Project24 Sep 2016
Lenovo N21 Chromebook Now Has Mainline Coreboot Support22 Sep 2016
Coreboot Is Being Ported To A New Intel Skylake-Y System20 Sep 2016
Ada Gets Promoted To Being A First-Class Language In Coreboot19 Sep 2016
GNU Libreboot Adds Support For Another (Outdated) Intel Motherboard07 Sep 2016

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127 Articles
Systemd-Free Debian Fork Devuan Releases Its Second Beta30 Nov 2016
The Systemd-Free Debian Fork Celebrates Its Second Birthday28 Nov 2016
Debian 9.0 Stretch Installer Updated WIth Better ARM EFI Support, Merged-/usr13 Nov 2016
Debian 9 "Stretch" Hits Transition Freeze06 Nov 2016
Debian 9 "Stretch" Drops PowerPC As A Release Architecture31 Oct 2016
APT 1.3 Released For Debian Linux Distributions21 Sep 2016
Debian GNU/Linux 8.6 Released17 Sep 2016
GCC 6 Is Now The Default In Debian Unstable04 Aug 2016
Ubuntu & Debian Abandon Intel X.Org Driver For Most Hardware, Moves To Modesetting DDX23 Jul 2016
The State Of Debian's Paid Long Term Support Project09 Jul 2016

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191 Articles
Cinnamon 3.2 Desktop Officially Released21 Nov 2016
A Walkthrough Of Enlightenment's New Launcher "Luncher"15 Nov 2016
Raspberry Pi's Desktop Likely Switching To Compton For Better Performance15 Nov 2016
Many Xfce Package Updates Bring Stable GTK3 Support, Notifyd Gets Do-Not-Disturb10 Nov 2016
Cinnamon 3.2 Desktop Arrives07 Nov 2016
Luncher: Enlightenment Has A New Launcher30 Oct 2016
More Details On Enlightenment's Ecore_Drm2 Atomic Modesetting27 Oct 2016
xfce4-panel 4.12.1 Released, Xfce 4.14 Still A Long Ways Out26 Oct 2016
Flatpak 0.6.13 Released With Many Changes25 Oct 2016
Enlightenment's EFL Continues Dominating In The Embedded Space10 Oct 2016

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240 Articles
Developers Discuss Future Of CD/DVD Optical Images For Fedora07 Dec 2016
Fedora 26 Looks At Updating Its CFLAGS / CXXFLAGS06 Dec 2016
Fedora Devs Discuss Changing Their Release Scheduling, Maybe One Big Release Per Year05 Dec 2016
Fedora 25 Officially Released & I Highly Recommend It22 Nov 2016
Fedora 26 Planning For Debug Information In Static Libraries20 Nov 2016
Fedora 25 Cleared For Release Next Week17 Nov 2016
Fedora Looks At Changing The Default Hostname For F26 & Beyond11 Nov 2016
Fedora 25 Has Been Delayed To 22 November10 Nov 2016
Fedora 25 Finally Makes MP3 Playback Easy, Fedora 26 Might Ship It By Default10 Nov 2016
Fedora 25 Is Quite Possibly My Most Favorite Release Yet10 Nov 2016

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Free Software
Ardour 5.5 Digital Audio Workstation Released01 Dec 2016
Git 2.11 Released With Performance Optimizations29 Nov 2016
More Darktable GPU/CPU Benchmarks - 27 Different Setups28 Nov 2016
Darktable 2.2 Being Prepared For Release With Many Changes24 Nov 2016
Rspamd 1.4 Comes With Many Spam Filtering Improvements21 Nov 2016
Cryptsetup Vulnerability Allows Easily Getting To A Root Shell15 Nov 2016
Siemens Is Buying Out Mentor Graphics14 Nov 2016
CMake 3.7 Adds Cross-Compiling For Android, Drops Official i386 Binaries11 Nov 2016
DirectFB Is Still Working On EGL United, Looking Forward To Vulkan05 Nov 2016
PackPack: Simple Building Of RPMs & Debian Packages From Git Repos05 Nov 2016

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1241 Articles
Pitivi 0.98 Linux Video Editor Adds Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts05 Dec 2016
GTK Lands A Big Refactoring Of OpenGL Code05 Dec 2016
A Vulkan Renderer For GNOME's GTK+ GSK Is In Development05 Dec 2016
Gtkmm Begins Preparing For GTK4, Now Uses C++1401 Dec 2016
GNOME Shell & Mutter Land New 3.24 Development Releases, NVIDIA Wayland Support23 Nov 2016
GNOME 3.23.2 Released With More Work Towards GNOME 3.2422 Nov 2016
GTK+ 3.89.1 Released As First Development Step Towards GTK421 Nov 2016
Outreachy Winter 2016 Projects/Participants Announced20 Nov 2016
GNOME Lands Mainline NVIDIA Wayland Support Using EGLStreams17 Nov 2016
GNOME 3.22.2 Released12 Nov 2016

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713 Articles
GCC 6.3 Should Be Here By Christmas06 Dec 2016
GCC Tackling Support For ARMv8-M Security Extensions04 Dec 2016
More Offloading Code Hits GCC Mainline For Both HSA & NVPTX25 Nov 2016
GNU Octave 4.2 Advances As MATLAB Alternative17 Nov 2016
GCC Compiler Finishes Nuking Java Support (GCJ)15 Nov 2016
GCC 7 Feature Development Ends14 Nov 2016
OpenACC Routines Support Coming To GCC12 Nov 2016
Qualcomm FALKOR ARM Core Added To GCC10 Nov 2016
GCC ASAN Now Supports Sanitize-Address-Use-After-Scope07 Nov 2016
Ring Joins The GNU, Aims For Decentralized, Multi-Device Communication04 Nov 2016

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204 Articles
GCC Patch To Support Google's Fuchsia OS09 Dec 2016
Chrome 56 Beta Ships With WebGL 2.0 Enabled By Default & Much More08 Dec 2016
Google Rolls Out OSS-Fuzz To Help Improve Open-Source Software Safety01 Dec 2016
There's Work Going On To Bring Vulkan To Chromium/Chrome OS16 Nov 2016
Chrome/Chromium On Linux Adds Motion Sensors Support15 Nov 2016
Chrome/Chromium Now Enabling WebGL 2 By Default On The Desktop05 Nov 2016
Google Working On Open-Source TPM 2.0 Implementation02 Nov 2016
Chrome 55 Beta Brings Async/Await To JavaScript21 Oct 2016
Google Releases Chrome 54 Web-Browser13 Oct 2016
Google Reveals Early Details About Android 7.111 Oct 2016

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248 Articles
Bluetooth 5 Specification Released07 Dec 2016
Qualcomm Sampling 10nm 48-Core Server SoC07 Dec 2016
The Rumor Is Back That Future Intel CPUs To Use Radeon Graphics07 Dec 2016
Raspberry Pi VC4 Driver Work On SDTV, HDMI Audio & More06 Dec 2016
More Random Gift Ideas For Linux Enthusiasts & Others Into Tech04 Dec 2016
More Benchmarks From The 2016 MacBook Pro (Mac-A5C67F76ED83108C)03 Dec 2016
Jolla Experiments With A Sailfish OS Watch02 Dec 2016
Qualcomm Adreno A5xx Open-Source Driver Bringup For Freedreno28 Nov 2016
2016 Holiday Gift Ideas For Linux Enthusiasts, Gamers27 Nov 2016
POWER8 Talos Workstation Drops Price Slightly, Long Way From Being Funded20 Nov 2016

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1005 Articles
Intel Skylake+ On Mesa Wires In Two More OpenGL Extensions07 Dec 2016
Geminilake Support Added To The Intel X.Org Driver06 Dec 2016
Intel Publishes Renderbuffer Decompression Patches02 Dec 2016
Clear Linux Is Now Auto-Updating, Switches To Mesa 13.029 Nov 2016
Intel Has More DRM Feature Code Ready For Linux 4.10, GVT Going Mainline29 Nov 2016
Fresh Haswell & Skylake OpenGL vs. Vulkan Benchmarks On Linux 4.9, Mesa 13.1-dev28 Nov 2016
Mesa 12.0 vs. 13.0 vs. 13.1-devel Git OpenGL Skylake Benchmarks24 Nov 2016
Intel's Recent Noteworthy Vulkan Patches Hit Mainline Mesa23 Nov 2016
Intel Vulkan Linux Driver Lands Cull & Clip Distance Support22 Nov 2016
Intel Vulkan Linux Driver Now Has Patches For Fast Clears19 Nov 2016

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1052 Articles
KDE Neon User LTS Edition Released, Powered By Plasma 5.809 Dec 2016
Calligra 3.0 Is Ready As A Qt5 / KDE Frameworks 5 Office Suite05 Dec 2016
KDE Applications 16.12 Now In Beta18 Nov 2016
KDE Frameworks 5.28 Brings Many KWayland Improvements, Relative Pointer Protocol15 Nov 2016
A Number Of KDE Apps Will Be Dropped If They Don't Get Ported To KF511 Nov 2016
After 18 Years, KWave Sound Editor Is Working Its Way Into KDE Multimedia10 Nov 2016
KDE3-Forked Desktop Updated With Partial FreeBSD Support, Compatibility For GCC 609 Nov 2016
KDE Applications 16.12 Release Schedule Ratified23 Oct 2016
Wayland For KDE Plasma 5.9 Should Shape Up Quite Nicely20 Oct 2016
KDE Plasma Looking At Global Menu, Wayland & Mobile For 201718 Oct 2016

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607 Articles
LibreOffice 5.3 Beta Available For Beta Testing27 Nov 2016
LibreOffice 5.3 Enables New Layout Engine By Default01 Nov 2016
LibreOffice 5.3 Alpha Tagged, New Features Inbound20 Oct 2016
Apache OpenOffice Proposed For Retirement, Still Being Debated02 Sep 2016
The Document Foundation's 2015 Annual Report13 Aug 2016
LibreOffice 5.2 Officially Released03 Aug 2016
LibreOffice 5.2 Is Being Released Next Wednesday27 Jul 2016
Faster Rendering Appears To Be Coming For LibreOffice18 Jun 2016
GNOME & KDE Join The Document Foundation Advisory Board16 Jun 2016
LibreOffice Is Now One Of The First Major Linux Desktop Apps With A Flatpak01 Jun 2016

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80 Articles
Linux Events
Linux.Conf.Au 2016 Videos Now Online08 Feb 2016
Chemnitz Linux Days 2016 Is Happening In Just Over One Month07 Feb 2016 2016 Videos Now Available07 Feb 2016
The Linux Graphics Talks For FOSDEM 201602 Dec 2015
Slides & Videos From Embedded Linux Conference Europe 201522 Nov 2015
FOSDEM 2015 Videos Published24 Feb 2015
Linux.Conf.Au 2015 Kicks Off In Auckland12 Jan 2015
FOSDEM 2015 Is Less Than One Month Away07 Jan 2015
X@FOSDEM 2015: Call For Presentations About Mir, Wayland, Etc03 Oct 2014
LinuxCon Wraps Up In Chicago23 Aug 2014

More Linux Events News

38 Articles
Linux Gaming
vkQuake 0.91 Released, Continues Advancing Quake With Vulkan09 Dec 2016
ET: Legacy Continues Making Progress On Free, Modern Art Assets For Enemy Territory03 Dec 2016
Unity 5.5 Ships With Improved Particle System & Other New Features30 Nov 2016
There's A Vulkan Renderer In The Works For A PlayStation Emulator29 Nov 2016
X-Plane 11 Beta Now Available, Demo Too28 Nov 2016
The Very Latest RadeonSI Git Code Provides Minor Benefits For Total War: WARHAMMER26 Nov 2016
Total War: WARHAMMER Released For Linux22 Nov 2016
AMDGPU-PRO 16.40 Tests On Deus Ex: Mankind Divided With Ubuntu 16.0421 Nov 2016
Total War: WARHAMMER Linux Requirements Announced - AMD & NVIDIA GPUs21 Nov 2016
Unreal Engine 4.14 Ships With Better Vulkan Support15 Nov 2016

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1287 Articles
Linux Kernel
It's Been A Quiet Year-End For BUS1, The Proposed In-Kernel IPC For Linux09 Dec 2016
Intel Working On 5-Level Paging To Increase Linux Virtual/Physical Address Space09 Dec 2016
It Looks Like AMDGPU DC (DAL) Will Not Be Accepted In The Linux Kernel08 Dec 2016
Linux Kernel Developers Discuss Dropping FBDEV Staging Drivers08 Dec 2016
MXSFB DRM Driver Merged Ahead Of Linux 4.1008 Dec 2016
The Best Features Of The Linux 4.9 Kernel07 Dec 2016
New Kernel Vulnerability Allows Local Root For Unprivileged Processes06 Dec 2016
Linux 4.9-rc8 Kernel Released04 Dec 2016
Etnaviv DRM Updates Submitted For Linux 4.1003 Dec 2016
Amlogic Meson VPU DRM Driver In The Works01 Dec 2016

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1490 Articles
Linux Storage
Enhanced File Stats Being Worked On For The Linux Kernel19 Nov 2016
It Turns Out The Btrfs RAID 5/6 Issue Isn't Completely Fixed19 Nov 2016
Btrfs RAID5/RAID6 Support Finally Get Fixed16 Nov 2016
Reiser4 Now Available For Linux 4.8 Kernel16 Nov 2016
F2FS File-System Gaining Multiple Device Support09 Nov 2016
OpenZFS Developer Summit 2016 Slides/Videos Posted08 Nov 2016
BFQ I/O Scheduler Patches Revised, Aiming To Be Extra Scheduler In The Kernel27 Oct 2016
Linux 4.9 I/O Scheduler Benchmarks On A SSD: Noop vs. CFQ vs. Deadline25 Oct 2016
Windows Btrfs Driver Updated With New Capabilities (WinBtrfs)25 Oct 2016
UBIFS Working On File Encryption Support23 Oct 2016

More Linux Storage News

200 Articles
ARB_transform_feedback_overflow_query In The Pipe For Intel Mesa10 Dec 2016
9 Year Old Mesa Bug Fixed, Addresses Stability With RadeonSI Gallium3D09 Dec 2016
Mesa 13 Lands In Fedora 2508 Dec 2016
Internal Multi-Threading Arrives For Gallium3D's Direct3D 9 "Nine"07 Dec 2016
Intel ILO Gallium3D Driver Proposed For Removal, But Could Have Future Use-Cases06 Dec 2016
Mesa 12.0.5 Released, End Of Road For Mesa 1205 Dec 2016
Developers' Planned Changes Still Coming To Mesa 13.1 / Mesa 17.002 Dec 2016
Gallium3D Drivers Prepped For EGL_ANDROID_native_fence_sync02 Dec 2016
Plans Emerge For Releasing Mesa 13.130 Nov 2016
Vivante Gallium3D Driver Proposed For Mainline Mesa + Render-Only Gallium Library30 Nov 2016

More Mesa News

1016 Articles
Microsoft .NET Core 1.1 Brings Support For More Linux Distributions, Greater Performance16 Nov 2016
Microsoft Joins The Linux Foundation As A Platinum Member16 Nov 2016
Skype 1.10 Linux Alpha Restores Video Calls Support10 Oct 2016
Microsoft Reportedly Requires "Signature PCs" To Be Locked To Only Running Windows21 Sep 2016
Linux Gets A Proprietary, Read-Only ReFS File-System Driver31 Aug 2016
Microsoft Keynoting LinuxCon, Continues Talking Up Linux/OSS22 Aug 2016
Microsoft Open-Sources PowerShell & Brings It To Linux18 Aug 2016
Secure Boot Isn't So Secure After All: The Golden Key Is Out11 Aug 2016
Skype Releases Brand New Linux Client Making Use Of WebRTC13 Jul 2016
Ubuntu's Unity Desktop Can Now Run Natively On Windows10 Jul 2016

More Microsoft News

115 Articles
A Look At Async/Await JavaScript For Firefox 5207 Dec 2016
Firefox 51 To Enable WebGL 2 By Default, FLAC Audio, Skia Content Rendering On Linux17 Nov 2016
Mozilla Firefox 50 Readied For Release14 Nov 2016
Mozilla Quantum: New Browser Engine Based On Servo/Rust For Firefox28 Oct 2016
Mozilla's Project Mortar Wants Pepper API Flash & PDFium In Firefox01 Oct 2016
Servo Web Engine Now Supports Promises, Continues Churning Along28 Sep 2016
Boot 2 Gecko Being Stripped From Mozilla's Codebase27 Sep 2016
Firefox 49.0 Is Now Available20 Sep 2016
Firefox 51 To Support FLAC Audio Codec03 Sep 2016
Firefox 49 To Offer Linux Widevine Support, Firefox Also Working On WebP Support15 Aug 2016

More Mozilla News

230 Articles
Opus 1.2 Alpha Released With Several Quality Improvements03 Nov 2016
Nintendo Switch Announced, Powered By NVIDIA Tegra20 Oct 2016
MPV 0.21 Player Adds CUDA, Better Raspberry Pi Support20 Oct 2016
Kodi 17 Steps Closer With Krypton Beta 218 Sep 2016
Memfd Transport Now Enabled By Default For PulseAudio10 Sep 2016
OpenShot 2.1 Open-Source Video Editor Released30 Aug 2016
Cedrus Is Making Progress On Open-Source Allwinner Video Encode/Decode26 Aug 2016
OpenSK Hopes To Be The Vulkan Of Audio/Multimedia14 Aug 2016
Ardour 5.0 Released For Linux Audio Workstation12 Aug 2016
Kodi 17 Alpha 3 Released With New Skins, Improved Music Library & PVR01 Aug 2016

More Multimedia News

221 Articles
Nouveau Queues Up Last Minute Updates For Linux 4.1006 Dec 2016
NVIDIA Posts Initial Signed PMU Firmware Support Patches - Currently For GM20B21 Nov 2016
Nouveau Exposes Performance Counters For Maxwell10 Nov 2016
Initial NVIDIA GP102 Support In Nouveau DRM08 Nov 2016
Nouveau Atomic + DP MST Support Already Staged For Linux 4.10 Via DRM-Next07 Nov 2016
Nouveau Needs Help Testing Their New Atomic Mode-Setting Support06 Nov 2016
Nouveau DRM Driver Progressing With Atomic Mode-Setting, DP MST04 Nov 2016
Initial Nouveau DRM Changes Queued For Linux 4.1028 Oct 2016
NVIDIA Maxwell Support Patches For The Nouveau X.Org Driver27 Oct 2016
NVIDIA Developer Posts Secure Boot Refactoring For Nouveau11 Oct 2016

More Nouveau News

329 Articles
NVIDIA Releases Linux Graphics Debugger 2.006 Dec 2016
NVIDIA's Next Linux Driver Release To Support Vulkan Without X1105 Dec 2016
NVIDIA 375.20 Adds X.Org Server 1.19 Support, Stabilizes Other Changes18 Nov 2016
NVIDIA GCC Backend Gets Ready For OpenMP Offloading17 Nov 2016
NVIDIA Introduces VK_NVX_device_generated_commands Extension To Vulkan11 Nov 2016
This Mini $109 GTX 1050 Might Be Great For A HTPC / Living Room Steam Linux PC25 Oct 2016
NVIDIA 375.10 Linux Driver Released, Supports GTX 1050 Series21 Oct 2016
NVIDIA Announces The GeForce GTX 1050 Series18 Oct 2016
New Documentation Around NVIDIA's Push For A GBM Alternative To Memory Allocation04 Oct 2016
NVIDIA Shows Off Their Latest Linux-Powered AI Car Demonstration28 Sep 2016

More NVIDIA News

586 Articles
Operating Systems
Trisquel 8.0 Alpha Pairs A Linux-Libre Experience With MATE04 Dec 2016
BeOS-Compatible Haiku OS Working On EFI Support, UI Improvements01 Dec 2016
Genode OS Framework 16.11 Now Available30 Nov 2016
FreeDOS 1.2 RC2 Arrives, Still Evolving After 22 Years24 Nov 2016
DatArcs Is Aiming For Dynamically-Tuned, Self-Optimizing Linux Servers21 Nov 2016
ReactOS 0.4.3 Released, Fixes Over 300 Issues16 Nov 2016
Project Darling Is Still Trying To Run macOS/OSX Software On Linux13 Nov 2016
ToaruOS With Kernel Written From Scratch Is Still In Development06 Nov 2016
Maru OS 0.3 Released: Android + Debian05 Nov 2016
Minoca Is A New GPLv3, General Purpose OS01 Nov 2016

More Operating Systems News

445 Articles
Oracle Might Be Canning Solaris01 Dec 2016
OpenIndiana 2016.10 Released With MATE 1.14 Desktop, Drops Sun SSH01 Nov 2016
Java JDK 9 Firmed Up For A Late July Release18 Oct 2016
NetBeans 8.2 Released With PHP 7 Support, ECMAScript 6/703 Oct 2016
Trying Out & Failing With OpenIndiana, Solaris 11.3 On The Broadwell-EP System09 Sep 2016
Illumos Continues To Let OpenSolaris Live On02 Feb 2016
Oracle Is Deprecating The Java Web-Browser Plugin With Java 927 Jan 2016
NetBeans 8.1 IDE Released With Java Enhancements, HTML5/JS/Node.js Goodies04 Nov 2015
The State Of DRM/KMS Drivers On Solaris Sounds Worse Off Than The BSD Drivers19 Sep 2015
VirtualBox 5.0.4 Has Linux 4.2 Support, Many Fixes08 Sep 2015

More Oracle News

160 Articles
Forum Spam/Filtering Redesign; 300+ Linux News/Articles/Reviews For November01 Dec 2016
Open-Source Radeon, Vulkan & Linux 4.8~4.9 Were October Hits01 Nov 2016
Vim 8.0, macOS Sierra, Libreboot, & GCC Were Popular In September01 Oct 2016
Linux 4.8, AMDGPU, RADV & Google's Fuchsia OS Dominated This Month31 Aug 2016
Minor Updates To The Phoronix Forums, Registration25 Aug 2016
Phoronix Been Loading Slow? It Is Hopefully Better Now12 Aug 2016
Linux Graphics, RX 480 & Other July Excitement; Did You Notice Something Different?31 Jul 2016
GTK4, RX 480, GTX 1070/1080, Nextcloud & Other Popular Linux Announcements In June01 Jul 2016
Vulkan, Raspberry Pi 3, AMDGPU & Other Exciting Linux Milestones So Far This Year28 Jun 2016
The Most Popular Linux Hardware Reviews & Articles Over The Past 12 Years06 Jun 2016

More Phoronix News

544 Articles
Phoronix Test Suite Crosses 21 Million Test/Suite Downloads09 Dec 2016
Phoronix Test Suite 6.8-Tana Officially Released06 Dec 2016
iPerf As Another Network Benchmark Is Now Available Via The Phoronix Test Suite05 Dec 2016
Netperf For Network Benchmarking Is Now Available Via The Phoronix Test Suite04 Dec 2016
Phoronix Test Suite 6.8 Milestone 3 Provides A Final Early Look At "Tana"28 Nov 2016
Phoronix Test Suite 6.8 M2 Brings FlameGrapher, Other Improvements15 Nov 2016
Generating CPU Flame Graphs Automatically When Benchmarking With The Phoronix Test Suite31 Oct 2016
Phoronix Test Suite 6.8 Milestone 1 Released27 Oct 2016
Easy, Automated Benchmarking On Linux With PTS21 Oct 2016 Crosses 20 Million Test/Suite Benchmark Downloads05 Oct 2016

More Phoronix Test Suite News

87 Articles
Today's The Last Day For Our Ad-Free Site Deal For Thanksgiving 201628 Nov 2016
It's Time For The Annual Thanksgiving Event To Support Our Linux Testing, Benchmarking23 Nov 2016
Today Marks Amazon's Second Prime Day12 Jul 2016
Phoronix Turns 12 Years Old This Week: Here's A Birthday Special For You30 May 2016
Writing Linux / Open-Source News & Benchmarking 365 Days Per Year02 Apr 2016
Raspberry Pi 3, Linux 4.6 & AMDGPU Were Popular Among Our 300+ Articles This Month31 Mar 2016
You Can Now Support Us (Again) When Shopping At NewEgg13 Mar 2016
Vulkan Benchmarking Plans, Last Day For Valentine Premium Special16 Feb 2016
Are You Having Problems Seeing Graphs In Our Latest Articles?15 Feb 2016
Interested In More Linux Hardware Tests? Here's Our January Deal19 Jan 2016

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14 Articles
Proprietary Software
WSL-Distribution-Switcher Swaps Out Ubuntu For Other Distros On Windows20 Nov 2016
Adobe Rolls Out Flash Player 24 Beta For Linux31 Oct 2016
Opera 41 Browser Brings Performance Improvements25 Oct 2016
KernelCare Is Another Alternative To Canonical's Ubuntu Live Kernel Patching21 Oct 2016
Opera 40 Released With Built-In VPN Support, Chromecast20 Sep 2016
Adobe Returns To Updating NPAPI/Linux Flash Player05 Sep 2016
Tresorit For Linux Released To Provide End-To-End Encrypted File Sharing28 Jul 2016
Opera Developer Update Lands RSS Reader, Chromecast Capability20 Jul 2016
Commercial EXT4 File-System Driver For Windows Updated (ExtFS)20 Jul 2016
Running The Latest Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Linux OpenGL/Vulkan Benchmarks15 Jun 2016

More Proprietary Software News

118 Articles
Qt Creator 4.2 RC1 Released30 Nov 2016
Qt 5.9 Planning For Feature Freeze, Other Changes24 Nov 2016
Qt Creator Gets Excited For CMake Server-Mode15 Nov 2016
Cutelyst 1.0 Qt Web Framework Released10 Nov 2016
Qt 5.8 Now In Beta Form04 Nov 2016
Qt Creator 4.2 Beta Released27 Oct 2016
New Qt 5.7.1, Qt 5.8 Beta Snapshots Released24 Oct 2016
Qt 5.6.2 Released With ~900 Improvements12 Oct 2016
New Qt 3D Functionality Is Being Worked On30 Sep 2016
Qt's Comprehensive Display/Graphics Options19 Sep 2016

More Qt News

244 Articles
AMD's GPUOpen Open Capture and Analytics Tool (OCAT) For Linux?10 Dec 2016
Vulkan/OpenGL Performance With AMDGPU-PRO 16.50 vs. Mesa 13.1-dev08 Dec 2016
AMD Seeking Comments On DC/DAL Code, Wants To Land It Soon For Future GPU Support08 Dec 2016
LLVM 4.0 Causes Slow Performance For RadeonSI?25 Nov 2016
Yet More AMDGPU DAL Patches This Week For Testing25 Nov 2016
RADV Lands More Improvements & Other New Patches Pending24 Nov 2016
AMDGPU Gets RPM Fan Info, Clock/Power-Gating Improvements & More For Linux 4.1023 Nov 2016
AMD Sends Out Revised DAL Patches, Various Cleanups21 Nov 2016
AMD Planning To Enable GLAMOR By Default For R600 & Newer GPUs21 Nov 2016
Early Benchmarks Of AMDGPU DRM-Next Code For Linux 4.1020 Nov 2016

More Radeon News

506 Articles
Red Hat
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 Released03 Nov 2016
EFIBOOTMGR 13 Released, First Update In More Than One Year17 Aug 2016
Red Hat Is Looking To Ensure More Laptops Play Nicely With Fedora/RHEL12 Aug 2016
RADV: A Community Open-Source Effort To Get Vulkan Working On Radeon19 Jul 2016
Red Hat Is Working To Improve Linux Switchable Graphics07 Jul 2016
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 Released10 May 2016
Red Hat Makes RHEL Available To Developers For Free31 Mar 2016
SystemTap 3.0 Released With New Features28 Mar 2016
Red Hat Succeeds At Becoming $2B USD Open-Source Firm23 Mar 2016
Plymouth Gains HiDPI Support04 Mar 2016

More Red Hat News

139 Articles
Khronos' SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 Presentation, Another VR Company Joins Them07 Dec 2016
Khronos To Develop New Standard For VR06 Dec 2016
Razer Joins The Khronos Group01 Dec 2016
Amazon Working On EC2 Linux OpenGL Support, Considering Vulkan30 Nov 2016
Guillemot: Various OpenGL Tips & Tricks27 Nov 2016
GLobjects 1.0.0 Released For OpenGL Aide21 Nov 2016
Igalia Joins The Khronos Group10 Nov 2016
HTTP-SS: "A New Faster Internet Protocol"06 Nov 2016
LLGL Aims To Be Abstraction Layer For OpenGL, Direct3D 11/12 & Vulkan23 Oct 2016
Khronos, Mesa, Standards & Conformance / Certification: Open Source, Open Standards15 Oct 2016

More Standards News

137 Articles
OpenSUSE Ends Support For Binary AMD Graphics Driver07 Dec 2016
OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 Does A 64-bit Spin For The Raspberry Pi 305 Dec 2016
When Trying Out Tumbleweed, It's Easy To See Why OpenSUSE Leap Disabled Nouveau18 Nov 2016
OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 Arrives16 Nov 2016
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Lands Mesa 13.010 Nov 2016
SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP2 Released, Supports ARMv8-A08 Nov 2016
OpenSUSE 42.2 RC2 Released, Disables Nouveau 3D Support By Default02 Nov 2016
OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 Release Candidate Published18 Oct 2016
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Lands Wayland 1.12, Qt 5.713 Oct 2016
OpenSUSE 42.2 Beta 3 Ships With KDE Plasma 5.805 Oct 2016

More SUSE News

167 Articles
Systemd 232 Adds ProtectKernelModules, RemoveIPC, Other New Options03 Nov 2016
Systemd Now Supports The RISC-V CPU Architecture07 Oct 2016
Lennart's Look At Systemd This Year, What's Going To Happen In 201702 Oct 2016
How To Use Systemd For Application Sandboxing & How To Easily Crash Systemd01 Oct 2016
A New Wireless Daemon Is In Development To Potentially Replace wpa_supplicant30 Sep 2016
Systemd Adds New "ProtectSystem Strict" Option, Other New Tunables28 Sep 2016
Systemd 232 Coming Soon With Numerous New Features14 Sep 2016
Systemd Rolls Out Its Own Mount Tool20 Aug 2016
Systemd 231 Officially Released25 Jul 2016
It Looks Like Systemd 231 Will Soon Be Released, Adds MemoryDenyWriteExecute23 Jul 2016

More systemd News

115 Articles
Ubuntu OTA-14 Released, Fixes A Number Of Bugs07 Dec 2016
Mesa 12.0.4 Being Prepped For Ubuntu 16.10/16.0403 Dec 2016
Mir's Abstraction Layer Updated (MirAL 0.5)02 Dec 2016
Canonical Takes Stand Against Unofficial Ubuntu Images, Reportedly Risky & Insecure02 Dec 2016
Ubuntu 17.04 Likely To Settle On Linux 4.10, Release On 13 April29 Nov 2016
Ubuntu Prepping Its 16.04 "Rolling HWE Kernel"28 Nov 2016
Mir/Ubuntu Developer Talks Up Mir Outside Of Unity 828 Nov 2016
Ubuntu Developers Continue Talks To Discontinue i386 & PowerPC Images16 Nov 2016
Ubuntu Continues Working On Netplan For Network Configuration16 Nov 2016
Unity 8 & All Snaps-Based Ubuntu Still Expected For 18.04 LTS15 Nov 2016

More Ubuntu News

985 Articles
Steam's November 2016 Metrics Put Linux Gaming Marketshare At 0.88%01 Dec 2016
Steam Dev Days 2016 Videos Published: SteamOS/Linux & Vulkan Talks03 Nov 2016
Linux Appears To Lose Some Gaming Marketshare With Valve's October Stats01 Nov 2016
Steam Client Linux Beta Has A Fix For ZFS31 Oct 2016
Valve Uses Kubuntu For Demonstrating Linux VR With The HTC Vive13 Oct 2016
Steam Dev Days: VR, VR, VR; Valve Looking To Contract Mesa Developers For AMD Work13 Oct 2016
Collabora Has Been Working On A Fully-Open HTC Vive Driver12 Oct 2016
Valve Expected To Show Off Linux VR Demo Today12 Oct 2016
Steam Survey Linux Data Updated For September (2016)02 Oct 2016
It's Been Three Years Since Valve Announced SteamOS, Steam Machines30 Sep 2016

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OpenChrome Maintainer Making Some Progress On VIA DRM Driver25 Sep 2016
OpenChrome Driver Continues To Get Fixed Up, New Version Next Month10 Aug 2016
OpenChrome 0.5 Has Working Support For Multiple Monitors06 Jul 2016
VIA OpenChrome Driver Has A Roadmap, But Only One Developer27 May 2016
OpenChrome 0.4.0 DDX Driver Revives VIA Open-Source x86 Graphics01 Apr 2016
OpenChrome 0.4 Coming For Letting Open-Source VIA Support Live On29 Mar 2016
VIA OpenChrome X.Org Driver Getting Ready For First Release In Over Two Years14 Feb 2016
Someone Wants To Step Up To Take Over The VIA OpenChrome Driver02 Feb 2016
VIA OpenChrome KMS Support Might Be Revived With Mainline Ambitions12 Dec 2015
VIA Rolls Out Fanless, Ruggedized PC Powered By Quad-Core x86 Eden CPU13 Aug 2015

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Xen Project Hypervisor 4.8 Released07 Dec 2016
QEMU 2.8 Is Coming Next Month With New Features17 Nov 2016
Intel XenGT 2016Q3 Update Adds Windows 10 Guest, Kaby Lake Support06 Nov 2016
Xen & KVM Changes Line Up For Linux 4.906 Oct 2016
Libvirt 2.3 Virtualization API Released04 Oct 2016
VirtualBox 5.1.6 Brings Many Fixes13 Sep 2016
QEMU 2.7 Released With Many Improvements For The Linux Virtualization Stack02 Sep 2016
Having Fun With Virgil 3D On Arch Linux With Wayland, Libvirt, SPICE02 Sep 2016
Performance Improvement For Virtual NVMe Devices16 Aug 2016
KVM Changes Lined Up For Linux 4.8 Kernel02 Aug 2016

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David Airlie Preps Latest Round Of RADV Radeon Vulkan Patches08 Dec 2016
The Favorite Open-Source Vulkan Projects Of Phoronix Readers05 Dec 2016
A Look At The Many Different Vulkan Engine/Renderer Projects On GitHub04 Dec 2016
LibRetro's Vulkan PlayStation PSX Renderer Released03 Dec 2016
ARM Offers Vulkan Linux Debugger Support29 Nov 2016
Vulkan 1.0.35 Released, Includes VK_NVX_device_generated_commands26 Nov 2016
Intel Skylake OpenGL vs. Vulkan Numbers With The Latest ANV Mesa Changes23 Nov 2016
RADV Vulkan Driver Patch For Initial PRIME Support23 Nov 2016
Direct3D 9 Over Vulkan Hits New Milestone19 Nov 2016
Vulkan Support On Mir Still May Be Months Away17 Nov 2016

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Atomic Mode-Setting Updated For Wayland's Weston10 Dec 2016
Chromium/Chrome Wayland Updates: Keyboard Device Changes, Service-Side Decorations09 Dec 2016
Initial XWayland Window Positioning Support For Weston30 Nov 2016
Developers Explore Meson Build System For Wayland / Weston29 Nov 2016
Atomic Mode-Setting For Wayland's Weston Has Been Revised16 Nov 2016
Waltham: Generic Wayland-Style Network IPC28 Oct 2016
Debian Testing Wayland Live CD Updated With Latest Support16 Oct 2016
Enlightenment's Ecore_Drm2 Library Is Working Out Well For Wayland Support07 Oct 2016
Wayland 1.13 Is Open For Development24 Sep 2016
Wayland 1.12 Officially Released20 Sep 2016

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Wine 2.0-rc1 Arrives, Prepares For Wine 2.009 Dec 2016
Wine 2.0 Coming In December~January: DirectX 11 Support Ongoing, No Android Support03 Dec 2016
Wine 1.9.24 Ships With More Fixes & Improvements25 Nov 2016
Wine-Staging 1.9.22/1.9.23 Adds More Experimental Patches16 Nov 2016
Wine 1.9.23 Adds More Color Format Support For Direct3D11 Nov 2016
Microsoft Office 2013 Working On CrossOver 1605 Nov 2016
Wine 1.9.22 Brings Direct2D Bitmap Rendering28 Oct 2016
Wine-Staging 1.9.21 Improves Its Vulkan Wrapper18 Oct 2016
Wine 1.9.21 Released With HID Minidriver, System Tray Improvements14 Oct 2016
Wine 1.8.5 Released, Fixes 58 Bugs07 Oct 2016

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X.Org Server 1.20 "Shrimp & Grits" Open For Development18 Nov 2016
New X.Org Driver Updates Roll Out For Xorg-Server 1.19 Support18 Nov 2016
AMDGPU & Radeon DDX Updated - Better 2D Performance, Tear Free, DRI3 Default17 Nov 2016
Freedreno Encouraging Users To Switch To Modesetting X.Org Driver16 Nov 2016
X.Org Server 1.19 Officially Released With A Year's Worth Of Improvements15 Nov 2016
X.Org Server 1.19 RC2, Some Prominent XWayland Changes29 Oct 2016
X.Org To Begin Accepting Donations Again28 Oct 2016
X Input 2.1 Smooth / High Resolution Scrolling Now Supported By Chrome28 Oct 2016
Last Minute XWayland Improvements For X.Org Server 1.19, Including Pointer Warping05 Oct 2016
X.Org Hit By New Round Of Security Issues, Multiple Libraries Affected04 Oct 2016

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