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Writing Code For Radeon's HCC Compiler08 Feb 2016
AMD Catalyst Appears To Work With XCOM 2 On Linux04 Feb 2016
Open-Source AMD Iceland/Topaz Support No Longer Considered Experimental02 Feb 2016
Testing The LLVM SI Machine Instruction Scheduler02 Feb 2016
RadeonSI/R600g Mesa 11.2-devel Clover OpenCL Benchmarks On Linux 4.502 Feb 2016
AMD Releases Two New Kaveri APUs & An Excavator-Based CPU02 Feb 2016
Russian Super-Computing Users Get Tired Of Catalyst, Start Looking At Open-Source AMD02 Feb 2016
AMD's Guide To Using Boltzmann ROCK/ROCR & HCC On Linux01 Feb 2016
AMDGPU ACP Support Called For Merging Still Into Linux 4.501 Feb 2016
R9 Fury Performance Gains With Linux 4.5-rc2? I'm Not So Lucky01 Feb 2016

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1108 Articles
FreeBSD 10.3 Now In Beta06 Feb 2016
FreeBSD Ended 2015 With A Lot Of Open-Source Progress04 Feb 2016
Haiku OS Powered By BSD? It's A Possibility01 Feb 2016
Exploiting The Full Potential Of ZFS On BSD Systems30 Jan 2016
FreeBSD-Powered Firewall Distro OPNsense 16.1 Released28 Jan 2016
PC-BSD / FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT Performance28 Jan 2016
DragonFlyBSD Intel Graphics Driver Caught Up To Linux 4.124 Jan 2016
FreeBSD Gets A Much Faster Sendfile Thanks To Netflix09 Jan 2016
DragonFlyBSD Rebases Its Intel Kernel Graphics Driver Against Linux 4.028 Dec 2015
The Most Popular BSD Stories Of 201524 Dec 2015

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327 Articles
The Project To Compile The Linux Kernel With LLVM Clang Is Still Alive10 Feb 2016
LLVM Patches Confirm Google Has Its Own In-House Processor09 Feb 2016
LLVM Clang 3.8 Compiler Optimization Benchmarks With -Ofast07 Feb 2016
LLVM Clang Compiler Optimization Benchmarks From -O0 To -O3 -march=native05 Feb 2016
Go 1.7 Is Trading Much Slower Compile Times For Better Generated Code03 Feb 2016
LLVM Continues To Dominate Across Many Operating Systems, Software Projects01 Feb 2016
Libreboot Now Supports Another AMD Motherboard30 Jan 2016
First Release Candidate Arrives For Go 1.627 Jan 2016
LLVM Drops Its Autoconf Build System26 Jan 2016
LLVM 3.8 Release Candidate 1 Is Available25 Jan 2016

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700 Articles
Intel Starts Supporting The Quark X1000 SoC With Coreboot04 Feb 2016
Another Intel Motherboard Has Been Set Free All The Way Down To The BIOS By Libreboot30 Jan 2016
Coreboot Gives Some Love To Purism Librem & Google Tidus20 Jan 2016
Coreboot Ported To The Librem 13 Laptop, Without Purism17 Jan 2016
It Will Be Interesting To See If AMD Supports Coreboot For Zen10 Jan 2016
Libreboot Gets Support For An Older Core 2 Desktop Motherboard05 Jan 2016
SeaBIOS 1.9 Brings Many Additions04 Dec 2015
More, Older Intel Motherboards Get Added To Coreboot02 Dec 2015
Coreboot Adds CC6 To Improve AMD Power Savings13 Nov 2015
Support For Old Hardware Is Being Removed From Coreboot11 Nov 2015

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104 Articles
Trying Out The VC4 OpenGL Gallium3D Driver On The Raspberry Pi 210 Feb 2016
Raspbian Now Ships With Experimental Support For The New VC4 OpenGL Driver09 Feb 2016
Debian Is Still Working To Land ZFS On Linux Support30 Jan 2016
Debian 8.3 Released23 Jan 2016
Debian Developers Preparing For PHP 7.0 In Stretch12 Jan 2016
Synaptic Package Manager 0.83 Released, Now Requires GTK311 Jan 2016
Debian Installer Stretch Alpha 5 Now Uses i686 Kernel Over i586, SPARC64 Support10 Jan 2016
Debian Posts Longer Tribute In Honor Of Its Founder05 Jan 2016
Details Regarding Ian Murdock's Untimely Passing Remain Scarce02 Jan 2016
Debian Gets A New Packaging Tool02 Jan 2016

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162 Articles
LibreOffice 5.1 Officially Released As The Best Open-Source Office Suite10 Feb 2016
There Is One Week To Go Until LibreOffice 5.104 Feb 2016
Enlightenment 0.20.4 Released With A Number Of Wayland Fixes02 Feb 2016
OpenShot 2.0 Beta Finally Released11 Jan 2016
Lubuntu 16.04 Is Sticking To GTK2-Based LXDE Rather Than LXQt04 Jan 2016
The Most Popular GNOME & KDE Happenings Of 201530 Dec 2015
Major Linux Desktop Problems In 201630 Dec 2015
Debian APT Performance Is Becoming Much Better For Incremental Updates26 Dec 2015
Enlightenment 0.20.1 Released With Fixes14 Dec 2015
Enlightenment 0.20 Arrives With Full Wayland Support & Better FreeBSD Support30 Nov 2015

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214 Articles
More Fedora 24 Changes Being Discussed: Glibc 2.23, Graphical System Upgrades03 Feb 2016
Fedora 24 Will Get Qt Web Engine, QGnomePlatform & Other Changes01 Feb 2016
The Latest Reason Fedora Users Have Been Questioning Firefox As The Default Browser23 Jan 2016
More Features Officially Approved For Fedora 2422 Jan 2016
Fedora 25 Scheduled For Release On 8 November22 Jan 2016
Fedora 24 Will Likely Ship With Golang 1.612 Jan 2016
Astronomy & Neuro Proposed For Fedora 2411 Jan 2016
Fedora 24 Will Indeed Be Delayed, Plus Other Changes Approved08 Jan 2016
Fedora 24 Will Likely Be Delayed07 Jan 2016
It's Possible To Run Fedora 23 With A Mainline Kernel On A Tegra K1 Chromebook06 Jan 2016

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Free Software
Vim Lands Asynchronous Processing Support08 Feb 2016
R, Go & Other New Benchmarks Added03 Feb 2016
Build2: Another New C++ Build Toolchain / Build System / Package Manager03 Feb 2016
A Big Push For More OpenCL Hardware Acceleration With GEGL / GIMP29 Jan 2016
Samba 4.4 Is Coming With Asynchronous Flush Requests26 Jan 2016
Microsoft Releases An Open-Source Deep Learning Toolkit25 Jan 2016
A Look At The New That's Coming Soon24 Jan 2016
Android-x86 4.4-r4 Has Mesa Fix, UEFI ISO Support23 Jan 2016
Linux Foundation Issues Statement Concerning Community Directors22 Jan 2016
PulseAudio 8.0 Brings Systemd Journal Logging, OS X / NetBSD Improvements22 Jan 2016

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1204 Articles
Amazon Publishes A Free, Source-Access AAA Game Engine09 Feb 2016
Unvanquished Alpha 48 Released, One Step Closer To Beta08 Feb 2016
Croteam Reiterates Vulkan Intentions, Shows Off Screenshot05 Feb 2016
How Interested Are You In XCOM 2 For Linux?04 Feb 2016
Batman: Arkham Knight Gets Canceled For Linux03 Feb 2016
The Highly-Anticipated XCOM 2 Game For Linux Will Be NVIDIA-Only03 Feb 2016
SNOW Brings Winter Sports To Linux28 Jan 2016
Source Engine Powered Black Mesa Is Being Ported To Linux27 Jan 2016
CoH2 The Western Front Armies Is Arriving For Linux Next Week21 Jan 2016
A Linux Port Of Darkest Dungeon Is Planned19 Jan 2016

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1153 Articles
The Improvements To GNOME's Nautilus 3.20 FIle Manager08 Feb 2016
Endless Is The Latest Company To Join GNOME's Advisory Board04 Feb 2016
Jono Bacon Thinks About A Hybrid Desktop With GNOME Shell Atop Mac OS X01 Feb 2016
Remote Wayland Preview, GNOME 3.20 / Fedora 24 Is Shaping Up Well For Wayland22 Jan 2016
GNOME 3.19.4 Released For A Fresh Look At The Work For GNOME 3.2022 Jan 2016
NetworkManager 1.1.90 Brings WiFi Powersave, Random MAC Addresses & More19 Jan 2016
GTK+ 3.19.7 Brings Kinetic Scrolling For Wayland & More19 Jan 2016
NetworkManager 1.2 Improves WiFi Scanning18 Jan 2016
Pitivi Lands Proxy Editing Support, Makes It Closer To Pitivi 1.018 Jan 2016
NetworkManager 1.2 Adds MAC Address Randomization18 Jan 2016

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613 Articles
GNU Hurd Is Working On Sound Support, Still Lacks 64-bit & Good USB Support31 Jan 2016
GNU Binutils 2.26: Linker Gets Experimental Garbage Collection, LLVM Plugin Support27 Jan 2016
Emacs 25.1 Will Have X Widgets Support22 Jan 2016
GNU Datamash 1.1 Adds New Math Operations18 Jan 2016
GIMP Gets A New Light Theme17 Jan 2016
Blob-Free GNU Linux-libre 4.4 Kernel Released11 Jan 2016
GNU Health 3.0 Released With New Features11 Jan 2016
The Free Software Foundation Is Trying To Figure Out Its Future09 Jan 2016
Rust Now Prefers Using The GNU Gold Linker By Default30 Dec 2015
The New GNU News Of 201525 Dec 2015

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142 Articles
Google Releases ION OpenGL Open-Source Library09 Feb 2016
Chrome 49 Enters Beta, Adds MediaRecorder API To Record Audio & Video02 Feb 2016
Google Is Enabling Brotli Compression Support In Chrome21 Jan 2016
Google Chrome 48 Released, WebRTC Now Supports VP920 Jan 2016
Google Chrome May Soon Support The LLVMpipe Driver12 Jan 2016
Google's Pixel C Android Tablet Uses The Nouveau Kernel Driver09 Dec 2015
Chrome 48 To Bring Presentation API & Custom Notification Button Work03 Dec 2015
Chrome Platform Updates Sent In For Linux 4.414 Nov 2015
libvpx 1.5.0 Released With Speed & Quality Maturity For VP911 Nov 2015
Google Denies Rumors Of Folding Chrome OS Into Android02 Nov 2015

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203 Articles
Dell Moves Forward With Firmware Updating On Linux09 Feb 2016
Raspberry Pi VC4 DRM Driver Is Getting Runtime Power Management & GPU Reset09 Feb 2016
More Details On HP's "The Machine" Finally Emerge08 Feb 2016
What The DRM/KMS "Atomic" Push Is All About08 Feb 2016
The Best Graphics Card Brands For NVIDIA/AMD GPUs As A Linux Consumer?07 Feb 2016
Linux Benchmarks Of The C.H.I.P. $9 Computer05 Feb 2016
The Talos Secure Workstation Is A High-Performance Libre System05 Feb 2016
Adreno 430 Support Coming To Freedreno's MSM DRM Driver02 Feb 2016
In A UEFI World, "rm -rf /" Can Brick Your System01 Feb 2016
Tiling The Linux Benchmarking Server Room For Lower Temperatures31 Jan 2016

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853 Articles
Lossless Compression Brings Possible Speedups To Skylake Linux Mesa Driver08 Feb 2016
Intel Is Now Bringing The Observation Architecture To Their Linux Driver03 Feb 2016
Accelerating Color Management With OpenCL On Intel Hardware30 Jan 2016
Intel Xeon E3-1270 v5 Skylake Linux Benchmarks28 Jan 2016
Intel Gets Called Out Again For Their M.I.A. 3.0 X.Org Driver27 Jan 2016
Intel Releases New Versions Of KVMGT & XenGT27 Jan 2016
Intel Is Still Maintaining A Proprietary OpenCL Driver For Linux25 Jan 2016
Understanding Intel's GEN Assembly For OpenCL Kernels25 Jan 2016
GPU Frequency Handling Within The Intel DRM Driver24 Jan 2016
Intel's Linux GPU Driver Is Working To Move More Power Management Handling To Firmware21 Jan 2016

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922 Articles
KDE Applications 16.04 Release Schedule10 Feb 2016
KDevelop 5.0 Beta 2 Ships With A Ton Of Fixes31 Jan 2016
KDE digiKam 5.0 Beta 3 Released31 Jan 2016
KDE Neon Is Now Live: Providing Bleeding-Edge KDE Packages For Ubuntu30 Jan 2016
New "KDE Neon" Project Launching This Weekend29 Jan 2016
Plasma 5.5.3 & KDE Frameworks 5.18 Backported To Kubuntu 15.1028 Jan 2016
KDE Plasma 5.5.4 Has Fixes For Multi-Screen Users26 Jan 2016
KDE Made Much Progress In 2015 Thanks To Student Developers With GSoC18 Jan 2016
Qt5-Ported Krita 3.0 Released In Pre-Alpha Form17 Jan 2016
KDE Partition Manager 2.0 Released15 Jan 2016

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536 Articles
Linux Events
Linux.Conf.Au 2016 Videos Now Online08 Feb 2016
Chemnitz Linux Days 2016 Is Happening In Just Over One Month07 Feb 2016 2016 Videos Now Available07 Feb 2016
The Linux Graphics Talks For FOSDEM 201602 Dec 2015
Slides & Videos From Embedded Linux Conference Europe 201522 Nov 2015
FOSDEM 2015 Videos Published24 Feb 2015
Linux.Conf.Au 2015 Kicks Off In Auckland12 Jan 2015
FOSDEM 2015 Is Less Than One Month Away07 Jan 2015
X@FOSDEM 2015: Call For Presentations About Mir, Wayland, Etc03 Oct 2014
LinuxCon Wraps Up In Chicago23 Aug 2014

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39 Articles
Linux Kernel
ARM HDLCD Driver Merged Into DRM-Next10 Feb 2016
Linux 4.5-rc3 Kernel Released & Has Fixes For AMDGPU07 Feb 2016
Patches Published Again For Replacing Linux Kernel's CFQ With BFQ04 Feb 2016
The Open-Source Vivante DRM Driver Has A Promising Future01 Feb 2016
Here Is A Linux 4.5-rc2 Kernel To Play With The New AMDGPU Functionality01 Feb 2016
Linux 4.5-rc2 Brings A Surprising Amount Of Changes31 Jan 2016
Linux 4.5-rc1 Kernel Released24 Jan 2016
Last Minute Linux 4.5 Updates For Ceph, Thermal & MIPS24 Jan 2016
Better Xbox One Controller Support For Linux 4.523 Jan 2016
There's No KDBUS (Or BUS1) For The Linux 4.5 Kernel22 Jan 2016

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1443 Articles
Mesa 11.1.2 Offers A Platter Of Bug Fixes10 Feb 2016
Gallium3D Drivers Set To Receive OpenGL 4.3 AoA Support08 Feb 2016
AMD Is Looking At A Interoperability Interface For OpenCL Outside Of Mesa06 Feb 2016
Mesa 11.2 Is Set For Branching In Just Two Weeks, Release In Just Over One Month06 Feb 2016
A Ton Of Direct3D 9 "Nine" State Tracker Improvements Hit Mesa04 Feb 2016
RadeonSI Gallium3D Can Work With XCOM 2 On Linux04 Feb 2016
OpenGL 4.5 Is Not The End Of The Road For OpenGL04 Feb 2016
Core Mesa Is Now Just One Step Away From OpenGL 4.3 Compliance03 Feb 2016
NVIDIA/AMD Memory Information Extensions For Mesa/Gallium3D02 Feb 2016
The Intel Mesa Driver Has Gotten Faster Since Switching To NIR01 Feb 2016

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834 Articles
Firefox 46 Is Bringing Smoother Scrolling To The Desktop09 Feb 2016
Mozilla Tweaks The Firefox Release Schedule05 Feb 2016
Firefox 44.0 Primed For Release25 Jan 2016
WebGL Can Be Moved Off The Main Thread With Latest Firefox22 Jan 2016
Mozilla Is Shutting Down Authentication System11 Jan 2016
Write XOR Execute JIT Support Lands For Mozilla Firefox04 Jan 2016
Firefox Turns On Its WebGL 2 Support31 Dec 2015
Work Continues On WebAssembly For Low-Level, In-Browser Computing17 Dec 2015
Firefox 43 Now Officially Available, But GTK3 Gets Disabled15 Dec 2015
Firefox 43 Release Surfaces, Brings GTK3 Integration14 Dec 2015

More Mozilla News

194 Articles
VLC Now Has Zero-Copy Support For GStreamer Video Decoding06 Feb 2016
MythTV 0.27.6 Release Brings Bug Fixes02 Feb 2016
Kodi HTPC Software Drops Wayland Support02 Feb 2016
VLC 3.0 Remains Under Development While VLC 4.0 Will Have Better Wayland Support & A New UI01 Feb 2016
Kodi 16 Release Candidate 2 Arrives29 Jan 2016
MPlayer 1.2.1 Released With Bug Fixes24 Jan 2016
Kodi 16.0 Jarvis Is Near With Today's RC121 Jan 2016
OpenSolaris-Derived OpenIndiana For A Media PC? You Can Now Run Kodi12 Jan 2016
Ardour 4.6 Brings GCC5 Support, GUI & Plugin Changes11 Jan 2016
VLC 3.0 Continues To Be Developed With Many Changes03 Jan 2016

More Multimedia News

187 Articles
The GTX 750 Series Still Has Lots Of Problems With Nouveau09 Feb 2016
DRI3 Still Appears To Be Causing Problems For Nouveau09 Feb 2016
4K HDMI Appears To Work Much Better With Nouveau On Linux 4.508 Feb 2016
PMU Engine Counter Support For Nouveau, Needed For Dynamic Reclocking08 Feb 2016
This Low-End NVIDIA Card Has The Potential To Perform Competitively Using Nouveau07 Feb 2016
How To Enable Nouveau GPU Re-Clocking For Linux 4.5+ Kernels07 Feb 2016
Compute Shader Support Patches For NVIDIA Fermi On Nouveau06 Feb 2016
Nouveau's Latest OpenGL 4.4 Extension Hits Mesa Git05 Feb 2016
Nouveau Now Implements Two More GL4 Extensions, Very Close To OpenGL 4.230 Jan 2016
Nouveau Continues Making Progress On Compute Support, SPIR-V30 Jan 2016

More Nouveau News

286 Articles
NVIDIA 361.28 Linux Driver Released, Makes GLVND Optional09 Feb 2016
NVIDIA Posts Latest PRIME Sync Patches On Road To Better Support07 Feb 2016
To No Surprise, It Appears NVIDIA Is Already Working On Pascal Linux Support30 Jan 2016
Using OpenGL Without An X Server With NVIDIA23 Jan 2016
There's A Ton Of NVIDIA Tegra Updates For Linux 4.5 Kernel22 Jan 2016
NVIDIA Hosted A Vulkan Developers Day This Week20 Jan 2016
NVIDIA Publishes Nouveau Patches For Secure Boot, Unified Firmware Loading18 Jan 2016
12 Years After Launch, The GeForce 6 Can Still Run On Modern Linux Distributions17 Jan 2016
NVIDIA Blogs About The Beauty Of Vulkan15 Jan 2016
NVIDIA 361.18 Beta Linux Driver Released14 Jan 2016

More NVIDIA News

522 Articles
Operating Systems
MaruOS Gives You An Independent Debian Desktop From Your Smartphone06 Feb 2016
Docker Images Are Moving From Ubuntu To Alpine Linux05 Feb 2016
Arch Linux Releases Pacman 5.030 Jan 2016
OpenMandriva Lx 2015 Finally Reaches Beta State28 Jan 2016
A New Test Release For Android-x86 6.027 Jan 2016
Zenwalk 8.0 Linux Distribution Now In Beta25 Jan 2016
ReactOS 0.4 RC2 Released For The Latest Windows-Compatible OS Experience16 Jan 2016
Slackware 14.2 Beta Released, Now Uses PulseAudio13 Jan 2016
Linux Mint 18: Powered By Ubuntu 16.04, Coming This Summer07 Jan 2016
PHP 7.0 Enters Arch Linux Stable Repository02 Jan 2016

More Operating Systems News

367 Articles
Illumos Continues To Let OpenSolaris Live On02 Feb 2016
Oracle Is Deprecating The Java Web-Browser Plugin With Java 927 Jan 2016
NetBeans 8.1 IDE Released With Java Enhancements, HTML5/JS/Node.js Goodies04 Nov 2015
The State Of DRM/KMS Drivers On Solaris Sounds Worse Off Than The BSD Drivers19 Sep 2015
VirtualBox 5.0.4 Has Linux 4.2 Support, Many Fixes08 Sep 2015
OpenSolaris-Derived Illumos Project Turns Five Years Old03 Aug 2015
Oracle Said To Be Baking A Low-Cost SPARC Chip30 Jul 2015
Debian Dropping SPARC Support26 Jul 2015
Solaris 11.3 Is In Beta With Cloud, Virtualization Improvements12 Jul 2015
Oracle & Canonical Collaborate Over Their Competing Linux OSes On OpenStack23 Sep 2014

More Oracle News

155 Articles
Another Day, Another Round Of Enhancements10 Feb 2016
Finding The Perfect PC Components For Your Favorite Game Or Workload09 Feb 2016
Phoronix Test Suite 6.2 M5 Released For Open-Source Benchmarking05 Feb 2016
Linux Distribution Battles, Linux 4.5, & Graphics Drivers Were Hot This Month31 Jan 2016
You Can Now Play Around With The New Beta30 Jan 2016 Server Migration In Process29 Jan 2016
Linux Hardware/Software Enthusiast Trends Over The Past Year28 Jan 2016
Phoronix Test Suite 6.2 Milestone 4 Released27 Jan 2016
Crossing 14 Million Test Downloads On / Phoronix Test Suite25 Jan 2016
Happy New Year & Here's To A Great 201631 Dec 2015

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520 Articles
Phoronix Test Suite
Phoronix Test Suite 6.2-Gamvik M2 Released02 Jan 2016
Phoronix Test Suite 6.2-Gamvik Milestone 1 Released15 Dec 2015
Preparing For Phoronix Test Suite 6.0-Hammerfest Next Week12 Nov 2015
Phoronix Test Suite 6.0 M5 Released, Nearly Done With "Hammerfest" Development04 Nov 2015
Phoronix Test Suite 6.0 Milestone 4 Released, Rolling Out New PTS Site26 Oct 2015
Phoronix Test Suite 6.0 M3 Brings BSD Enhancements, Other Improvements09 Oct 2015
Phoronix Test Suite 6.0 M2 Brings Speed Improvements, Better Graphing24 Sep 2015
The New Phoronix Test Suite Grapher Has Landed19 Sep 2015
Phoronix Test Suite 6.0 M1 Released, The Start Of Hammerfest27 Aug 2015
Phoronix Test Suite 5.8.1 Released For Open-Source Linux Benchmarking23 Jun 2015

More Phoronix Test Suite News

59 Articles
Interested In More Linux Hardware Tests? Here's Our January Deal19 Jan 2016
Tomorrow Is The Last Day For Taking Advantage Of Our Premium Deal30 Dec 2015
For The Holidays, Here's Another Special Deal For Supporting Linux Hardware Testing24 Dec 2015
Our Black Friday Linux Deal Has Been Extended!28 Nov 2015
Black Friday Deal: Get Premium For Just $25 A Year27 Nov 2015

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5 Articles
Proprietary Software
Opera Browser Receives Buy Out Offer For $1.2 Billion USD10 Feb 2016
Microsoft's JavaScript Engine Code Released, Wants To Port It To Linux14 Jan 2016
Windows 10 Reportedly On 200+ Million Devices30 Dec 2015
Microsoft Made Many Shocking Linux & Open-Source Announcements This Year19 Dec 2015
Microsoft Will Open-Source Its JavaScript Engine05 Dec 2015
Adobe Renaming Flash Software To "Animate CC"01 Dec 2015
Opera 35 For Linux Finally Shipping RPMs19 Nov 2015
It's Been One Year Since Microsoft Announced .NET Open-Source, Linux Plans12 Nov 2015
Running Some Fresh Windows 10 vs. Linux Graphics/Gaming Benchmarks06 Nov 2015
Vivaldi Web Browser Now In Beta03 Nov 2015

More Proprietary Software News

128 Articles
Qt 5.7 Is Going To A Feature Freeze While Qt 5.6 Isn't Even Coming For Another Month01 Feb 2016
Qt 5.7 Feature Freeze Planned For Next Week29 Jan 2016
Integrating OpenGL With Qt Quick 2 Apps26 Jan 2016
Qt Mail Client Trojit√° 0.6 Released24 Jan 2016
Qt Does Some Licensing Changes13 Jan 2016
Qt 5.6 Now In Beta, Prepares To Be A Long-Term Support Release21 Dec 2015
Qt Creator 3.6 Nears, RC Released26 Nov 2015
Qt 5.5.1 Brings Nearly 1,000 Changes15 Oct 2015
Qt 5.6 Drops WebKit, Qt QML Uses Less Memory & Other Forthcoming Features11 Oct 2015
Qt To Get Possible Speech Recognition API10 Sep 2015

More Qt News

202 Articles
Red Hat
X.Org Server 1.18.1 Has Fixes For GLAMOR, Modesetting & DRI3 Presentation08 Feb 2016
Scientific Linux 7.2 Officially Released06 Feb 2016
Scientific Linux 7.2 Planned For Release Next Week30 Jan 2016
Trying CentOS 7 Linux On An Intel Xeon E3 Skylake System16 Dec 2015
CentOS 7 1511 Updates To GNOME 3.14, KDE 4.1414 Dec 2015
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 Brings Container Updates & Faster Networking19 Nov 2015
Red Hat Partners Up With Microsoft In The Cloud04 Nov 2015
Red Hat Buys Out Ansible For Around $100M16 Oct 2015
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 Enters Beta02 Sep 2015
AltArch SIG Announced For CentOS: Fun For ARM & More07 Aug 2015

More Red Hat News

131 Articles
How To Go About Reverse Engineering Video Decoding03 Feb 2016
VESA Announces DSC 1.2 Compression Standard27 Jan 2016
New Compression Codecs Risk Making Zlib Obsolete18 Jan 2016
HTTPS Turned On By Default For Premium Members17 Jan 2016
OpenSSH Clients Struck By New Security Vulnerability14 Jan 2016
What You Need To Know About SPIR-V 1.016 Nov 2015
Khronos Releases OpenCL 2.1 & SPIR-V 1.0 Specifications16 Nov 2015
OpenMP 4.5 Now Available14 Nov 2015
Khronos Posts Their 2015 SIGGRAPH Asia Slides10 Nov 2015
VESA Announces eDP 1.4b, Marks Embedded DisplayPort 1.4 Production-Ready27 Oct 2015

More Standards News

103 Articles
OpenSUSE Developers Tackle Redesigning YaST10 Feb 2016
Uptime Funk: Using SUSE's kGraft Live Kernel Patching For Linux05 Nov 2015
openSUSE 42.1 Leap Released04 Nov 2015
OpenSUSE 42.1 Tweaked For Better Out-Of-The-Box Performance03 Nov 2015
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Lands Many KDE-Related Updates28 Oct 2015
OpenSUSE 42.1 Leap Hits Release Candidate15 Oct 2015
How SUSE Linux Makes Use Of Btrfs Rollbacks14 Oct 2015
SUSE Is Looking For Another Graphics Driver Developer07 Oct 2015
More OpenSUSE Leap Linux Kernel Benchmarks07 Oct 2015
OpenSUSE 42.1 "Leap" Now In Beta24 Sep 2015

More SUSE News

155 Articles
What Systemd Developers Want To Change With Linux User-Space In 201606 Feb 2016
Systemd Saw The Most Commits Ever In 201503 Jan 2016
BUS1: A New Linux Kernel IPC Bus Being Made By Systemd Developers09 Dec 2015
Understanding Systemd's Event Loop API20 Nov 2015
Systemd 228 Ships New Features18 Nov 2015
All The Systemd 2015 Conference Slides/Videos Now Available09 Nov 2015
KDBUS Is Indeed Going Back To The Drawing Board09 Nov 2015
Videos Begin From The First-Ever Systemd Conference05 Nov 2015
An Article About Systemd's Architecture17 Oct 2015
Systemd 227 Released: "Lots Of New Awesomeness"07 Oct 2015

More systemd News

100 Articles
More Android Vendors Said To Be Eyeing Ubuntu Phones This Year10 Feb 2016
Here Is My Linux 4.5-rc3 Kernel Spin With AMDGPU PowerPlay & CIK Enabled08 Feb 2016
Canonical Reveals The Aquaris M10 Ubuntu Tablet04 Feb 2016
Ubuntu 16.10 Planning Will Take Place At UOS In May: What Do You Hope To See?03 Feb 2016
Mir 0.19 Brings Fixes, Mir 0.20 Now In Development03 Feb 2016
Ubuntu Developers Release Snapcraft 2.103 Feb 2016
A Call For Ending 32-bit Ubuntu Desktop ISOs01 Feb 2016
16.04 Xenial Xerus Alpha 2 Released For Ubuntu Flavors29 Jan 2016
Ubuntu Phone OTA-9 Makes Available New Features, Finally Has Custom Ringtones27 Jan 2016
Linux 4.4 Is Preparing To Land In Ubuntu 16.04 LTS27 Jan 2016

More Ubuntu News

894 Articles
Steam Client Beta Brings NVIDIA NVENC Encoding, Steam Controller Improvements10 Feb 2016
Steam Linux Usage Regressed To 0.95% In January02 Feb 2016
Steam Linux Games Shoot Past 1,900 Titles28 Jan 2016
Kodi HTPC Software Is Being Ported To Run On Valve's Steam Link26 Jan 2016
Steam On Linux Hits 1,800 Games Available20 Jan 2016
Development On Valve's VOGL Debugger Seems To Have Stalled17 Jan 2016
SteamOS Brewmaster Has Been Brewing Some New Features15 Jan 2016
Valve Puts Out The Steam Link SDK With OpenGL ES, Qt & SDL Support14 Jan 2016
Valve Rolls Out Useful Linux Updates For TF2 & CS:GO07 Jan 2016
Steam Linux Usage Pulled Back A Bit In December: 0.97%01 Jan 2016

More Valve News

282 Articles
Someone Wants To Step Up To Take Over The VIA OpenChrome Driver02 Feb 2016
VIA OpenChrome KMS Support Might Be Revived With Mainline Ambitions12 Dec 2015
VIA Rolls Out Fanless, Ruggedized PC Powered By Quad-Core x86 Eden CPU13 Aug 2015
VIA Announces It Sold Off Part Of Its Assets31 Jul 2015
The Plans For The New VIA Gallium3D Driver & DRM/KMS Linux Driver13 Jan 2015
A New VIA OpenChrome Gallium3D Driver Is Under Development08 Jan 2015
The VIA OpenChrome DRM Still Might Be Kicking In 201503 Jan 2015
OpenChrome: There's Apparently Not Much Left21 May 2014
VIA OpenChrome KMS Driver Finally Goes For Mainline26 May 2013
OpenChrome Driver Is Far From Feature Complete06 Apr 2013

More VIA News

82 Articles
Xen PVHVM Expands Its Performance Lead Over Xen PV Virtualization24 Jan 2016
Xen Orchestra 4.12 Brings New VM Features18 Jan 2016
KVM Changes Prepped For Linux 4.512 Jan 2016
Using UEFI/OVMF In VMs With Virt-Manager02 Jan 2016
QEMU 2.5 Released With The VirtIO GPU 3D Support16 Dec 2015
QEMU 2.5 Is Near With 3D GPU Support & More07 Dec 2015
Virt-Manager 1.3 Brings Install Improvements & More25 Nov 2015
XenGT 2015-Q3 Improves 3D Stability, Merges With KVMGT Repository19 Nov 2015
QEMU 2.5-RC0 Released, Supports VirtIO-GPU 3D Mode14 Nov 2015
KVM Changes Announced For Linux 4.4 Kernel05 Nov 2015

More Virtualization News

243 Articles
Khronos Is Hosting A Vulkan "Special Webinar" Later This Month08 Feb 2016
Dealing With Memory Management On Vulkan05 Feb 2016
The Official Vulkan Programming Guide Book Is Up For Pre-Order05 Feb 2016
Intel Open-Source Developer Talks About Vulkan31 Jan 2016
NVIDIA Talks About Vulkan Shader Resource Binding28 Jan 2016
More Vulkan Talks Are Lined Up For GDC 201627 Jan 2016
Croteam Will Be Supporting Vulkan For Serious Sam 4 & Others26 Jan 2016
PowerVR SDK 4.0 Released, Preps Developers For Vulkan23 Dec 2015
Khronos Confirms No Vulkan For This Year + Some Exclusive Phoronix Details18 Dec 2015
Vulkan Looks All But Confirmed For 2016 Launch18 Dec 2015

More Vulkan News

33 Articles
Wayland & Weston 1.10 Up To Release Candidate Phase09 Feb 2016
Wayland Network Transparency Patches Published09 Feb 2016
Wayland Live OS Is Now Based On Debian Testing, Working KDE Wayland Support09 Feb 2016
Why Enlightenment & Tizen Love Wayland03 Feb 2016
Wayland 1.10 Beta Released Along With Weston Update02 Feb 2016
Libinput 1.2 Is Focused On Graphics Tablet Support28 Jan 2016
Hutterer: Is Wayland Ready Yet?22 Jan 2016
Wayland 1.10 Alpha Released With DnD Actions, Buffer Damage Request20 Jan 2016
DnD Actions Land Within Wayland's Weston, Already Being Used In GTK+19 Jan 2016
Drag-n-Drop Gets Improved Within Wayland16 Jan 2016

More Wayland News

473 Articles
Wine-Staging 1.9.3 Brings Improvements For Old Games, Even 16-Bit Apps10 Feb 2016
Wine 1.9.3 Adds More SM4 Instructions, JSON In JavaScript05 Feb 2016
Wine 1.8.1 Drops In Fixes, Translation Updates03 Feb 2016
Wine 1.9.2 Released: Finally Presents GStreamer 1.0 Support22 Jan 2016
Wine 1.9.1 Adds More Shader Model 4 Instructions09 Jan 2016
Wine 1.9 Release Brings WSAPoll, Better X11 D&D25 Dec 2015
Wine-Staging 1.8 Released, Introduces WUSA Support22 Dec 2015
Wine 1.8 Released With 13,000+ Changes19 Dec 2015
Wine 1.8-rc4 Takes Care Of Another 26 Bugs12 Dec 2015
It Will Soon Be Easier To Run The Latest Wine On Popular Linux Distributions11 Dec 2015

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