Nouveau TGSI Shader Cache Enabled In Mesa 17.1 Git

Building off the work laid by Timothy Arceri and others for enabling a TGSI (and hardware) shader cache in the RadeonSI Gallium3D driver as well as R600g TGSI shader cache due ot the common infrastructure work, the Nouveau driver is now leveraging it to enable the TGSI shader cache for Nouveau Gallium3D drivers.

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22 March

17 Fresh AMDGPU DC Patches Posted Today

Seventeen more "DC" display code patches were published today for the AMDGPU DRM driver, but it's still not clear if it will be ready -- or accepted -- for Linux 4.12.

22 March 05:41 PM EDT - AMD - DC / DAL - 7 Comments
Qt Wayland Is Next Appearing On Tractors & Farm Equipment

With Qt 5.8's Qt Wayland Compositor Framework taking shape, more developers are beginning to tailor a Qt Wayland compositor to their use-cases. One of those is a company specializing in farm equipment like combine harvesters, tractors, and harvesters.

22 March 06:35 AM EDT - Qt - Qt Wayland Farming - 9 Comments
Wine-Staging 2.4 Released

Wine-Staging 2.4 is now available as the latest experimental Wine build that incorporates various testing/preliminary patches not yet ready for merging into mainline Wine.

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21 March

More Radeon Vega Work Lands For LLVM 5.0

Yesterday we saw 100 patches adding Vega support to the Radeon DRM driver as well as 140 patches adding Vega support to RadeonSI Gallium3D. The other big piece of the open-source Linux driver stack for Vega is the AMDGPU LLVM changes.

21 March 03:11 PM EDT - Radeon - AMDGPU GFX9 LLVM - 7 Comments
Porting Mesa/Libdrm's Build System To Meson Brings Up Controversy

Last week an independent developer proposed replacing the build system of libdrm -- the DRM library that sits between Mesa and the Linux kernel DRM -- to using the Meson build system as a potential replacement to using Autotools. That has led to another colorful discussion around build systems.

21 March 01:07 PM EDT - Mesa - Meson Build System - 17 Comments

20 March

19 March

Some Of The Lesser Known Wayland Compositors

While GNOME Shell, KDE Plasma, and Enlightenment are among the most talked about Wayland desktop/compositor implementations right now, there are still many active smaller projects working on their own Wayland compositors. Here's a look at some of them.

19 March 08:47 AM EDT - Wayland - Wayland Compositors - 24 Comments
Benchmarks Of Many ARM Boards From The Raspberry Pi To NVIDIA Jetson TX2

For some weekend benchmarking fun, I compared the Jetson TX2 that NVIDIA released this weekend with their ARM 64-bit "Denver 2" CPU cores paired with four Cortex-A57 cores to various other ARM single board computers I have access to. This is looking at the CPU performance in different benchmarks ranging from cheap ~$10 ARM SBCs to the Raspberry Pi to the Jetson TX1 and Jetson TX2.

19 March 08:29 AM EDT - Computers - 37 Comments
Mir Will Support NVIDIA's EGL Streams Approach

For those wondering about the NVIDIA binary driver support for Ubuntu's Mir display server, Mir appears to be planning its own support for using NVIDIA's EGL Streams implementation that has been criticized by Wayland developers while they continue hoping for a new API that's yet to materialize.

19 March 07:41 AM EDT - Ubuntu - Mir Streams - 31 Comments

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