xf86-video-intel is the Intel X.Org DDX driver.

xf86-video-intel Articles & Reviews

Intel vs. Modesetting X.Org DDX Performance Impact   Display Drivers   2017-01-11
DRI2 vs. DRI3 Benchmarks With Intel Skylake HD Graphics 530   Display Drivers   2016-02-20
Intel 2D GLAMOR vs. UXA vs. SNA On Ubuntu 14.04   Display Drivers   2014-03-11
Intel Ivy Bridge Acceleration Of UXA vs. SNA   Display Drivers   2012-12-06
Intel SNA Ivy Bridge - September 2012   Display Drivers   2012-09-04
Intel SNA Performance Continues To Be Compelling   Display Drivers   2012-07-28
Ubuntu 12.04 Git'ed With Intel Ivy Bridge   Display Drivers   2012-05-18
Intel SNA With The 2.17 DDX Driver   Display Drivers   2011-11-29
The Linux 3.1 Kernel For Older Intel Graphics   Display Drivers   2011-10-18
Intel's Linux Sandy Bridge Graphics Still Troubling   Graphics Cards   2011-01-18
Intel's UXA 2D Performance Improvements   Display Drivers   2010-06-25
Intel GMA950 & 2.1.0 Driver   Display Drivers   2007-07-13

xf86-video-intel Linux & Open-Source News

AMDGPU X.Org Driver 23.0 Released With Few Fixes   Radeon   2023-02-22
xf86-video-modesetting X.Org Driver Sees Patch For "TearFree" Page Flipping   X.Org   2022-11-30
xf86-video-amdgpu 21.0.0 Released For Radeon Linux Users Still On X.Org   Radeon   2021-07-30
The xf86-video-intel Zombie Driver Finally Flips On TearFree To Avoid Tearing   Intel   2020-12-18
It's Time To Admit It: The X.Org Server Is Abandonware   X.Org   2020-10-25
Intel Lands Adaptive-Sync/VRR Into Modesetting X.Org Driver   Intel   2020-09-08
Intel Developer Posts Latest Patch For Variable Refresh Rate Within X.Org Modesetting   X.Org   2020-06-11
Debian's Excitement In The 2010s From Big Releases To Systemd Usage To Powering SteamOS   Operating Systems   2019-12-27
xf86-video-amdgpu 19.1 Delivers A Batch Of Fixes   X.Org   2019-10-12
Intel's SNA 2D Acceleration Code Sees Rare Activity   Intel   2019-09-29
Many Vintage X.Org Modules Could Use Some Help If Wanting New Releases   X.Org   2019-07-17
Several DDX Drivers Aren't Yet Ready For X.Org Server 1.20   X.Org   2018-05-12
Intel 2018Q1 Graphics Stack Recipe   Intel   2018-04-22
Intel 2017Q4 Graphics Stack Recipe Released   Intel   2018-02-14
xf86-video-intel Gets Coffee Lake Support   Intel   2018-01-11
Intel's Linux & Open-Source Advancements In 2017   Intel   2017-12-27
Fedora Linux Had Another Innovative Year   Fedora   2017-12-15
Intel 2017Q3 Graphics Stack Recipe Released   Intel   2017-11-19
Little Perf Improvements & User-Defined Priority Scheduling For Intel's DRM Driver   Intel   2017-04-19
Intel Mesa Driver / libdrm_intel Going Through Rework   Intel   2017-04-06
Nouveau 1.0.14 Released With GM10x/GM20x Accelerated Support   Nouveau   2017-03-07
Several Old DDX Drivers Got Updated For X.Org Server 1.19, Even Voodoo Graphics   X.Org   2017-01-17
Fedora Switching Away From Intel X.Org DDX Driver   Fedora   2017-01-10
The Open-Source / Linux Letdowns Of 2016   Free Software   2017-01-01
Intel Iris Pro OpenGL Benchmarks On Debian 9 Testing   Debian   2017-01-01
Geminilake Support Added To The Intel X.Org Driver   Intel   2016-12-06
New X.Org Driver Updates Roll Out For Xorg-Server 1.19 Support   X.Org   2016-11-18
Freedreno Encouraging Users To Switch To Modesetting X.Org Driver   X.Org   2016-11-16
Intel's X.Org Driver Still Being Developed, No Sign Of 3.0 Released   Intel   2016-08-02
Ubuntu & Debian Abandon Intel X.Org Driver For Most Hardware, Moves To Modesetting DDX   Debian   2016-07-23
Video & Input Driver ABIs Will Change Again For X.Org Server 1.19   X.Org   2016-07-20
Intel SNA vs. Modesetting GLAMOR - DDX Benchmarks   Intel   2016-05-20
Intel's Unreleased 3.0 X.Org Driver Gets More Fixes For DRI3/Present   X.Org   2016-04-05
Vulkan Completely Dominated This Month   Phoronix   2016-02-29
Intel Gets Called Out Again For Their M.I.A. 3.0 X.Org Driver   Intel   2016-01-27
Kabylake PCI IDs Land In Intel's X.Org Driver   X.Org   2015-11-19
Mesa's DRI3 Support For EGL Still Baking, The State Of DRI3 For X.Org Drivers   Mesa   2015-10-30
Intel Adds Skylake GT4 Support, Presumably Skylake Iris Pro   Intel   2015-10-23
Intel's 3.0 X.Org Driver Has Now Been In Development For Two Years   Intel   2015-09-07
A Bug In The Intel Linux Graphics Driver Is Causing KDE's Plasma 5 To Crash   Intel   2015-08-05
SNA Is Four Years Old - Intel's 3.0 X.Org Driver Still Unreleased   Intel   2015-06-09
Intel Works On Page-Flipping For The Mode-Setting Driver   X.Org   2015-04-22
70 Intel DRM Linux Kernel Patches Bring Some Performance Optimizations   Intel   2015-04-07
Intel X.Org Driver Enables Render-Nodes By Default For DRI3   Intel   2015-02-10
Intel Ivy Bridge Linux OpenGL Benchmarks Over Two Years   Intel   2014-12-30
Fedora 21 Gaming Benchmarks: X.Org vs. XWayland To End 2014   Fedora   2014-12-29
Intel 2.99.917 X.Org Driver Released, 3.0 Release Finally Near   Intel   2014-12-21
Ubuntu 14.10 MacBook Air Tests With Linux 3.18, Mesa 10.5   Operating Systems   2014-11-27
Intel Updates Its Linux Graphics Installer For Ubuntu 14.04 & Fedora 20   Intel   2014-11-13
GLAMOR Acceleration Continues To Be Cleaned Up   X.Org   2014-10-30
FreeBSD Is Slowly But Surely Trying To Catch Up With Linux Graphics Drivers   BSD   2014-10-10
Skylake Support Added To Intel's X.Org Driver   X.Org   2014-09-26
SNA & UXA Intel Benchmarks With X.Org Server 1.16   X.Org   2014-09-17
Intel Publishes Initial Skylake Linux Graphics Support   Intel   2014-09-10
Intel's 3.0 X.Org Driver Takes Another Step Closer To Release   Intel   2014-09-08
Intel's UXA Acceleration Now Supports DisplayPort MST   Intel   2014-09-08
Intel Is Already Working On Linux Graphics Support For Skylake   Intel   2014-08-08
X.Org Server 1.16, Rootless X Now Available For Arch Linux   X.Org   2014-08-03
Intel 3.0 X.Org Driver Still Baking, New Development Release   Intel   2014-07-23
New Intel GLAMOR Code Is Taking Shape & Running Fast   Intel   2014-07-21
Intel X.Org Gets DRI3+Present, Variable Cursor Sizes, Improved DRI2   Intel   2014-06-10
DRI3 & Present Support Finally Land Within Intel's Driver   X.Org   2014-06-02
Intel Linux Graphics Installer 1.0.5 Has 2014Q1 Support   Intel   2014-05-16
Eight Months Later, Intel X.Org 3.0 Driver Still In Development   Intel   2014-05-04
X.Org Server 1.16 ABI Breakage Causes Concern   X.Org   2014-04-29
Intel, Radeon Drivers Become Friendly With Non-Root X Server   X.Org   2014-04-03
Initial XWayland Support Looks To Land In X.Org Server 1.16   X.Org   2014-03-26
Intel 3.0 X.Org Driver Lands Yet More Changes   Intel   2014-03-20
Recapping The Top Changes Of The Linux 3.14 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-03-18
VA-API 1.3 Readies Broadwell Support, Adds VP8 Decoding   Intel   2014-03-18
Intel Still Polishing Their 3.0 X.Org Graphics Driver   Intel   2014-02-10
Intel GLAMOR Gains X-Video Support   Intel   2014-02-01
Pre-3.0 Intel X.Org Driver Gets More Fixings   Intel   2014-02-01
Linux 3.8 To Linux 3.14 Intel DRM Graphics Benchmarks   Linux Kernel   2014-01-28
Linux 3.14 Officializes Broadwell, Deprecates Legacy UMS   Intel   2014-01-16
Intel X.Org Driver Gets Fixes, Broadwell Acceleration   Intel   2013-12-30
Intel Broadwell Support Commited To X.Org Driver   Intel   2013-12-11
Intel PPGTT Called Upon For Pulling Into The Kernel   Intel   2013-12-07
Mesa 10.0 Delivers Many Exciting New Features   Mesa   2013-11-27
Intel's Open-Source Broadwell Driver Claims OpenGL 3.3   Mesa   2013-11-21
Libdrm 2.4.48 Has New Hardware Support   Mesa   2013-11-17
Intel X.Org Driver Released With New Stability Fixes   Intel   2013-11-13
Intel DRM Driver Gets Support For Multiple Power Wells   Intel   2013-11-01
Intel X.Org Driver Now Handles Better Tear-Free   Intel   2013-10-23
Intel X.Org 3.0 Driver To Get One More Feature   Intel   2013-10-09
GLAMOR'ized Radeon Driver Shows Hope Over EXA   Radeon   2013-10-03
Phoronix Test Suite 4.8.3 Continues Opening Benchmarks   Phoronix Test Suite   2013-10-02
SNA Continues To Be Far Better Than UXA, GLAMOR   Intel   2013-10-01
XWayland DDX Based On GLAMOR Released   Wayland   2013-09-30
Intel Steps Closer To 3.0 X.Org Driver Release   Intel   2013-09-29
X.Org DRI3 Improvements Are Nearly Done   X.Org   2013-09-26
Mir Gets Workaround For Visual Glitches, Corruption   Ubuntu   2013-09-13
2D Performance Is Improving For Ubuntu 13.10 XMir   Ubuntu   2013-09-10
Intel Reverts Plans, Will Not Support Ubuntu's XMir   Intel   2013-09-07
Intel 3.0 Linux Driver To Enable SNA, Support XMir   Intel   2013-09-04
Intel Driver Gains Virtual/Remote Output Support   Intel   2013-08-31
Intel DDX Gains Experimental Render Node Support   Intel   2013-08-24
Intel 2.21.15 X.Org Driver Has PRIME, BSD Fixes   Intel   2013-08-21
Intel Linux GPU Driver Patches For 4K HDMI Support   Intel   2013-08-07
Intel Driver Receives Haswell GT3e Performance Tuning   Intel   2013-08-04
Intel Updates Its Linux Graphics Driver Installer   Intel   2013-07-31
Intel 2.21.13 Driver Fixes Performance Regressions   Intel   2013-07-28
DRI3 Async Display Flipping For Linux, VBlank Syncing   X.Org   2013-07-24
Intel Haswell On Linux: Updated SNA vs. UXA 2D Tests   Intel   2013-07-19
Intel 2.21.11 Driver Works On Fastboot, Bug Fixes   Intel   2013-07-01
Intel Driver Gets More Fixes, Performance Tweaks   Intel   2013-06-22
Intel 2.21.9 X.Org Driver Calls Out More Regressions   Intel   2013-06-06
Intel Ivy Bridge: UXA vs. SNA - Updated Benchmarks   Intel   2013-05-29
Intel 2.21.8 Driver Takes Care Of COW Regressions   Intel   2013-05-27
New Intel X.Org Driver Supports All Of Haswell   Intel   2013-05-21
Intel Linux Driver Gets Support For New Haswell IDs   Intel   2013-04-27
Gears On Gallium Still Grinding The Latest Mesa   Operating Systems   2013-04-24
Intel's Valley View Should Be In Shape For Linux 3.11   Linux Kernel   2013-04-20
Intel i915 Gallium3D Driver Might Become The Default   Intel   2013-04-17
Intel Mesa Driver Gets HiZ Support For Haswell   Intel   2013-04-10
Intel Driver Update Supports OpenBSD KMS   Intel   2013-04-06
Intel 2.21.5 Driver Brings Fixes For Haswell, GLAMOR   Intel   2013-03-21
Intel Comes Up With A Linux Graphics Driver Installer   Intel   2013-03-11
Intel X.Org Driver Update Gets New Features   X.Org   2013-03-11
SNA Sandy Bridge Is Quick To Beat UXA Too   Intel   2013-02-27
SNA Delivers Huge Gains Over UXA For Intel "Gen5"   Intel   2013-02-27
Intel X.Org Driver Gets Hand-Tuning For SSE4, AVX2   Intel   2013-02-26
OpenGL 3.0 Features For Intel Ironlake Unlikely   Mesa   2013-02-23
Intel 2.21.3 X.Org Graphics Driver Released   Intel   2013-02-20
Nine Exciting Features Coming To Mesa 9.1   Mesa   2013-02-14
Chris Wilson Begins With Intel 2.21 X.Org Point Releases   Intel   2013-02-10
BSDs Struggle With Open-Source Graphics Drivers   BSD   2013-02-08
Intel's Linux DRM Driver Plans For 2013   Intel   2013-02-07
Intel 2.21 X.Org Driver Brings Notable Features   Intel   2013-02-02
Intel SNA Continues To Be Tweaked   Intel   2013-01-24
Intel Releases Its 19th Driver In The 2.20 Series   Intel   2013-01-20
Ubuntu Decides To Turn On Intel SNA   Ubuntu   2013-01-18
Intel Driver Update Fixes Performance Regressions   Intel   2013-01-16
Ubuntu Still Deciding About Intel Acceleration Support   Intel   2013-01-09
Intel Still Playing With i830GM/845G Stability   Intel   2012-12-26
2D Support On Old Intel Hardware: Nothing But Misery   Intel   2012-12-17
Intel Finally Delivers Stable i830GM/i845G Driver   Intel   2012-12-15
Intel Still Sorting Out Haswell On Linux   Intel   2012-12-05
xf86-video-intel 2.20.15 Takes Care Of More Fixes   X.Org   2012-12-03
Intel 2012Q4 Graphics Driver Is Good For Valve   Valve   2012-11-27
Intel Driver Update Improves Old Hardware Support   Intel   2012-11-26
What's Exciting About FreeBSD 9.1: Intel KMS   BSD   2012-11-18
Intel 2.20.13 Driver Update Carries More Bug-Fixes   Intel   2012-11-11
Intel Linux Driver Still Working To Address Tearing   Intel   2012-10-21
Intel X.Org Driver Gets A Number Of Core Bug-Fixes   Intel   2012-10-15
How Ubuntu Intel Graphics Changed In One Month   Ubuntu   2012-10-10
Intel Driver Update Brings Back XvMC, Fixes Bugs   Intel   2012-09-29
Intel Valley View SDV Powers On With X.Org   Intel   2012-09-17
Released Intel Driver Gets PRIME'd For Sharing   Intel   2012-09-08
DRI2 Offloading Support Hits The X.Org Drivers   X.Org   2012-09-03