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vkQuake Linux & Open-Source News

V3DV Vulkan Driver Enjoys More Optimizations To Help The Raspberry Pi 4   Mesa   2021-03-16
Raspberry Pi 4 "V3DV" Vulkan Driver Begins Tackling MSAA, Other Improvements   Vulkan   2020-07-31
V3DV Vulkan Driver Now Running vkQuake On The Raspberry Pi   Vulkan   2020-07-23
A NVIDIA Engineer In His Spare Time Wrote A Vulkan Driver That Works On Older Raspberry Pi   Vulkan   2020-06-20
OpenBSD Adds Initial User-Space Support For Vulkan   Vulkan   2019-06-22
The Rust Vulkan "Gfx-rs" Portability Layer Can Now Run vkQuake3   Vulkan   2019-03-27
Quake 2 Gets Real-Time Path Tracing Powered By NVIDIA RTX / VK_NV_ray_tracing   Linux Gaming   2019-01-18
Quake 2 Gets A Vulkan Renderer 21 Years After Release   Linux Gaming   2018-12-23
Wine-Vulkan Is Making Progress For Windows Vulkan Programs On Linux   WINE   2017-11-22
Vulkan Crosses 1,500 Projects On GitHub   Vulkan   2017-10-28
VkNeo: Open-Source Doom 3 Now Has A Vulkan Renderer   Vulkan   2017-08-11
VKNEO Will Be Released Soon: Doom 3 BFG Over Vulkan   Vulkan   2017-08-09
Vulkan Crosses 1,000 Projects On GitHub   Vulkan   2017-04-19
vkQuakeVR: Quake With Vulkan & SteamVR On Linux   Vulkan   2017-02-27
Happy First Birthday Vulkan!   Vulkan   2017-02-16
A Vulkan Renderer Is Being Worked On For The Original Unreal Engine   Vulkan   2017-02-05
Geometry Shader Support Lands In RADV Vulkan Driver   Radeon   2017-01-30
The Open-Source / Linux Letdowns Of 2016   Free Software   2017-01-01
vkQuake 0.91 Released, Continues Advancing Quake With Vulkan   Linux Gaming   2016-12-09
A Look At The Many Different Vulkan Engine/Renderer Projects On GitHub   Vulkan   2016-12-04
RADV Radeon Vulkan Driver Planned For Merging Tomorrow   Mesa   2016-10-05
RADV Radeon Vulkan Driver Submitted For Review To Be Included In Mesa   Radeon   2016-10-03
RADV Vulkan Driver Can Now Correctly Render Talos Principle   Vulkan   2016-09-27
NVIDIA 370.28 Linux Driver Has Pascal Overclocking, PRIME Sync, PixelShiftMode   NVIDIA   2016-09-08
Quake 1 Ported To Run On Vulkan   Vulkan   2016-07-25