Ubuntu 12.10 was released in October of 2012 with numerous improvements to the popular Linux distribution for desktops and servers.

ubuntu 12.10 Articles & Reviews

The Ubuntu Linux Performance Over The Past Six Years On An Intel Xeon Server   Operating Systems   2018-10-03
Radeon Gallium3D Improvements Compared To Legacy Catalyst   Display Drivers   2013-11-07
Ubuntu 13.04 Linux Can Outperform Apple OS X 10.8.3   Operating Systems   2013-04-09
Ubuntu 13.04 Will Improve Gaming On Open-Source GPU Drivers   Operating Systems   2013-01-26
Linaro 12.12 Enhances ARM Linux Performance   Operating Systems   2013-01-14
FreeBSD/PC-BSD 9.1 Benchmarked Against Linux, Solaris, BSD   Operating Systems   2012-12-19
AMD Catalyst vs. Linux 3.7 + Mesa 9.1-devel Gallium3D Performance   Display Drivers   2012-11-26
EXT4 File-System Tuning Benchmarks   Software   2012-11-16
Four-Way ARM Linux Distribution Comparison   Software   2012-11-07
Clock-For-Clock, Nouveau Can Compete With NVIDIA's Driver   Display Drivers   2012-11-06
AMD R600g Performance Patches Yield Mixed Results   Display Drivers   2012-11-02
Ubuntu 12.10: Open-Source Radeon vs. AMD Catalyst Performance   Display Drivers   2012-10-30
Ubuntu 12.10 KVM Virtualization Comparison   Operating Systems   2012-10-22
AMD Catalyst: Ubuntu 12.10 vs. Windows 7   Operating Systems   2012-10-19
Ubuntu 12.10: 32-bit vs. 64-bit Linux Performance   Operating Systems   2012-10-14
Preview Of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS vs. Ubuntu 12.10 Performance   Operating Systems   2012-10-11
Nouveau Re-Clocking, NVIDIA vs. Nouveau Drivers   Display Drivers   2012-10-08
Unity 6.6: Still Regressing On Performance?   Operating Systems   2012-09-29
Intel Atom D525: Ubuntu 10.10 To 12.10   Operating Systems   2012-09-26
Intel Linux OpenGL Driver Remains Slower Than Windows   Display Drivers   2012-09-25
AMD Bulldozer Performance On Ubuntu 12.10   Operating Systems   2012-09-20
Ubuntu 12.10 File-Systems: Btrfs, EXT4, XFS   Operating Systems   2012-09-17
Intel GMA3150 Graphics With Ubuntu 12.10   Operating Systems   2012-09-14
NVIDIA Performance: Windows 7 vs. Ubuntu Linux 12.10   Operating Systems   2012-09-13
2D Also Bad For Ubuntu Unity Against KDE, GNOME, LXDE, Xfce   Software   2012-09-11
Ubuntu Unity Proves Very Slow To KDE, GNOME, Xfce, LXDE   Operating Systems   2012-09-07
Ubuntu's Unity/Compiz Gets Even Slower   Operating Systems   2012-09-04
OS X 10.8 vs. Ubuntu Linux: A Battle With No Clear Winner   Operating Systems   2012-08-23
Linux 3.5 On The TI OMAP4 PandaBoard ES   Operating Systems   2012-08-23
Ubuntu 12.10 Pushes Sandy Bridge Further   Operating Systems   2012-08-22
Ubuntu's Unity Decision Affects 2D Performance Too   Software   2012-08-20
Ubuntu's Unity Has Room To Improve Performance   Software   2012-08-17
Ubuntu 12.10 Is Faster With Intel Hardware   Operating Systems   2012-08-14
Running Wayland: It Works, But A Lot Of Work Remains   Software   2012-08-10
Ubuntu Delays Wayland System Compositor   Software   2012-08-10
Ubuntu 12.10 Continues Strong On The PandaBoard ES   Operating Systems   2012-08-02
Ubuntu 12.10: Linux KVM vs. Xen Virtualization Preview   Software   2012-07-16
The Power Consumption In Ubuntu 12.10   Operating Systems   2012-07-05
Intel Atom N270 Still Sees Some Gains On Linux   Operating Systems   2012-07-02
Ubuntu 12.10 Prepares To Improve Linux Performance   Operating Systems   2012-06-23
Apple Mac OS X 10.7.4 Lion vs. Ubuntu Linux   Operating Systems   2012-06-22
Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS, 12.04 LTS, 12.10 On An Old Laptop   Operating Systems   2012-06-13
Ubuntu 12.10 Sets To Make ARM Even Stronger   Operating Systems   2012-06-06
Ubuntu Developer Summit 12.10 Recap   Events   2012-05-14

ubuntu 12.10 Linux & Open-Source News

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Fedora 18 vs. Ubuntu 12.10, Ubuntu 13.04 Benchmarks   Fedora   2013-01-29
AMD Catalyst 13.1 For Linux Officially Does X.Org 1.13   AMD   2013-01-18
Ubuntu's Hardware-Backported LTS Gets Delayed   Ubuntu   2013-01-11
First Statistics On Steam Linux Usage   Valve   2013-01-05
Phoronix 2012 Year-End Summary   Phoronix   2012-12-31
The State Of Linux Distributions Handling SecureBoot   Operating Systems   2012-12-28
Ubuntu 12.10 Now Unredirects Fullscreen Windows   Linux Gaming   2012-12-26
Happy Holidays & What's Popular So Far This Month   Phoronix   2012-12-25
The Cortex-A15 Continues Running Strong On Linux   Hardware   2012-12-09
Ubuntu Continues Focusing On The Nexus 7 Tablet   Ubuntu   2012-12-08
Gallium3D LLVMpipe Isn't Yet Fit For ARM   Mesa   2012-12-05
ARM & Steam Continue Exciting Linux Enthusiasts   Valve   2012-11-30
Compiz To Unredirect Fullscreen Windows By Default   Ubuntu   2012-11-28
Two Years Later, Ubuntu Isn't Running On Wayland   Ubuntu   2012-11-09
GNOME 3.8 Is Dropping Its Fallback Mode   GNOME   2012-11-09
X.Org, Wayland Plans For Ubuntu 13.04 Are Drawn   Wayland   2012-11-01
There Might Be Another EXT4 Corruption Bug   Free Software   2012-11-01
Hybrid Graphics In Ubuntu Are Still Lackluster   Ubuntu   2012-11-01
R600g Driver Patch That Can 4x The Frame-Rate   Mesa   2012-10-31
Ubuntu 13.04 To Target The Linux 3.8 Kernel   Ubuntu   2012-10-31
Exciting This Month: Wayland, EXT4 & AMD   Phoronix   2012-10-30
Ubuntu Plans To Stick To "Stable GNOME"   Ubuntu   2012-10-30
Ubuntu Developers Realize Need For Non-3D Desktop   Ubuntu   2012-10-29
A Linux User's Perspective Of Microsoft Windows 8   Microsoft   2012-10-28
Another Round Of AMD Linux Benchmarks   AMD   2012-10-28
Calxeda ARM Multi-Core Scaling Linux Performance   Arm   2012-10-28
AMD Catalyst 12.11 Beta Linux Driver Released   AMD   2012-10-24
More Linux Benchmarks Of The AMD FX Vishera   AMD   2012-10-23
Not All Linux Users Want To Toke On LLVMpipe   Mesa   2012-10-21
Tests Continue From The 5-Watt Ubuntu ARM Server   Arm   2012-10-18
Ubuntu 12.10 Is Ready To Enter The Zoo   Ubuntu   2012-10-18
Ubuntu 13.04 Is Codenamed The "Raring Ringtail"   Ubuntu   2012-10-18
Ubuntu TV Still Being Ported To Unity 3D   Ubuntu   2012-10-16
Benchmarking The Ubuntu "Low-Jitter" Linux Kernel   Ubuntu   2012-10-15
Linux 3.7 + Mesa 9.1-devel Running On Ubuntu 12.10   Mesa   2012-10-12
Ubuntu To Consider Ridding GNOME Fallback Code   GNOME   2012-10-12
GPU Driver Updates To Come Quicker To Ubuntu   Linux Gaming   2012-10-11
How Ubuntu Intel Graphics Changed In One Month   Ubuntu   2012-10-10
KDE Desktop Won't Force You To Use LLVMpipe   KDE   2012-10-09
Ubuntu: Open X Bugs, Nouveau In A "Funky State"   Ubuntu   2012-10-05
Ubuntu Unity 6.8 Aims To Fix Performance Problems   Ubuntu   2012-10-05
LLVM/Clang vs. GCC On The Intel Atom With Linux   LLVM   2012-10-04
Early Boot Speed Results For Ubuntu 12.10   Ubuntu   2012-10-03
September Brought Good Valve, ARM, Linux News   Valve   2012-10-02
GCC 4.5 Through 4.8 For AMD's Bulldozer   LLVM   2012-09-28
Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2 Arrives   Ubuntu   2012-09-27
Linux/X.Org NVIDIA Optimus Support Update   Nouveau   2012-09-21
Ubuntu Switches Back To GRUB2 For SecureBoot   Ubuntu   2012-09-21
AMD Benchmarks Of Linux 3.0 To Linux 3.6 Kernels   AMD   2012-09-20
Ubuntu Unity Changes Aim For More Affiliate Revenue   Ubuntu   2012-09-20
Nouveau Benchmarks On Ubuntu 12.10   Nouveau   2012-09-17
Timing The Boot Process From Linux 3.0 To Linux 3.6   Linux Kernel   2012-09-14
AMD Catalyst 12.9 For Linux Brings Few Good Changes   AMD   2012-09-14
Compiz Working On Unredirected Fullscreen Windows   Ubuntu   2012-09-13
Unity Debacle Sets Back Ubuntu On The ARM Desktop   Ubuntu   2012-09-11
Ubuntu 12.10 Tries For Last Minute GRUB 2.00   Ubuntu   2012-09-11
Shuttleworth Tosses $1M Behind Open-Source Project   Free Software   2012-09-11
Ubuntu 12.10 Beta Released   Ubuntu   2012-09-06
Valve's Steam Linux Beta About To Drop?   Valve   2012-09-06
KDE 3.5 Continues To Live Through The Trinity Desktop   KDE   2012-09-03
What Excited Linux Enthusiasts In August: Apple, Valve   Valve   2012-08-31
Canonical Plans To Drop Alternate Ubuntu CDs   Ubuntu   2012-08-27
Wayland/Weston 0.95 Land In Ubuntu 12.10   Wayland   2012-08-25
Fedora 17 Doesn't Change The Apple MacBook Pro   Apple   2012-08-24
MacBook Pro - Ubuntu Linux: 21 Watts, OS X: 9 Watts   Hardware   2012-08-23
Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS "Precise Pangolin" Released   Ubuntu   2012-08-23
Merging LightDM Log-In Manager For KDE Workspaces   Free Software   2012-08-22
OpenGL ES 2.0 Support Merged Into Compiz   Desktop   2012-08-22
Mesa 9.0 Branching Delayed So More Features Can Land   Mesa   2012-08-21
Canonical Comments On The Unity 2D Defenestration   Ubuntu   2012-08-17
Ubuntu 12.10 Drops Unity 2D Desktop   Ubuntu   2012-08-16
GNOME-Ubuntu Flavor Looking At "GNObuntu"   Ubuntu   2012-08-16
A Linux LiveCD To Play With Wayland/Weston   Ubuntu   2012-08-10
Intel Works On Haswell HDMI/DP Audio Linux Support   Intel   2012-08-06
Upcoming Linux Benchmarks For August 2012   Free Software   2012-08-01
Testing Intel Sandy Bridge LLC Cache Controls   Intel   2012-07-27
Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal Alpha 3 Released   Ubuntu   2012-07-26
DMA-BUF Synchronization With PRIME   Nouveau   2012-07-11
X.Org Server 1.13 RC1 Packs In Many Changes   X.Org   2012-07-10
Ubuntu Still Aims For Wayland System Compositor   Ubuntu   2012-07-06
Last Minute GLX Extensions For X.Org Server 1.13   X.Org   2012-07-05
Wayland Development Continues Picking Up   Wayland   2012-07-05
The Most Popular Linux Happenings From Q2'2012   Phoronix   2012-07-04
Ubuntu 12.10 "Quantal Quetzal" Alpha 2 Is Here   Ubuntu   2012-06-28
Open-Source Radeon HD 7000 Series Still Lacking   Radeon   2012-06-28
Upcoming Linux Benchmarks For July 2012   Phoronix   2012-06-23
Ubuntu's Plans To Implement UEFI SecureBoot: No GRUB2   Ubuntu   2012-06-22
Canonical Posts More Wayland Patches   Wayland   2012-06-15
Clang Compiling Against GCC On Ubuntu ARM Linux   LLVM   2012-06-11
Ubuntu 12.10 Looks To Use Intel SNA Acceleration   Intel   2012-06-08
Ubuntu 12.10 "Quantal Quetzal" Alpha 1 Released   Ubuntu   2012-06-07
Preview: A Cheap 12-Core, 30-Watt Ubuntu Cluster   Ubuntu   2012-06-07
Ubuntu Demotes Its Migration Assistant   Ubuntu   2012-05-30
Canonical Makes Rare X.Org/Wayland Contribution   Wayland   2012-05-23
Ubuntu System Compositor: Wayland Plug-In, Not Fork   Wayland   2012-05-14
Ubuntu Plans For Linux x32 ABI Support   Ubuntu   2012-05-12
Ubuntu Developers Discuss Using Mono AOT   Free Software   2012-05-12
Ubuntu 12.10 To Further Binary Blob Handling   Ubuntu   2012-05-11
A GNOME Flavor Of Ubuntu - "GNOME-buntu"   GNOME   2012-05-11
Ubuntu Plans For A Future With Upstart   Ubuntu   2012-05-11
Compiz, Merging, Forking - Other UDS-Q Notes   Ubuntu   2012-05-10
Btrfs File-System Plans For Ubuntu 12.10   Linux Storage   2012-05-10
The Biggest Quality Problem At Ubuntu 12.10 UDS   Ubuntu   2012-05-10
Ubuntu 12.10 Grows Ambitious Wayland Plans   Wayland   2012-05-09
The X.Org Plans For Ubuntu 12.10   Ubuntu   2012-05-09
A Look At Why Linux Graphics Drivers Have Issues   Ubuntu   2012-05-09
Unity 2D To Go Away In Ubuntu 12.10   GNOME   2012-05-08
Qt 5.0 Is Going To Like LLVMpipe, Wayland   Free Software   2012-05-08
Ubuntu 12.10 To Target Linux 3.5 Kernel, Maybe 3.6   Linux Kernel   2012-05-08
Ubuntu 12.10 Working To Play A Sound Theme   Ubuntu   2012-05-08
Canonical: Ubuntu To Soon Ship On 5% Of PCs   Ubuntu   2012-05-07
Fedora 18 To Get User Mode Migration, Xfce 4.10   Fedora   2012-05-07
Shuttleworth Talks About Ubuntu 12.10   Ubuntu   2012-05-07
Calxeda Shows Off 192-Core ARM Ubuntu Server   Ubuntu   2012-05-07
Fedora 18 Is Codenamed The Spherical Cow   Fedora   2012-05-01
Ubuntu 12.10 Open For Development With GCC 4.7   Ubuntu   2012-04-30
Interesting Discussions For Ubuntu 12.10 Summit   Ubuntu   2012-04-28
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS "Precise Pangolin" Released   Ubuntu   2012-04-26
Ubuntu 12.10 Codenamed The "Quantal Quetzal"   Ubuntu   2012-04-23
Ubuntu 12.10 Release Schedule Published   Ubuntu   2012-04-22
Systemd Gets A Bunch Of Changes   systemd   2012-04-21
What Ubuntu 12.10 Won't Be Codenamed   Ubuntu   2012-04-20