kGraft is a form of live kernel patching support developed at SUSE.

kGraft Linux & Open-Source News

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New Features On The Horizon For The Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-12-07
SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching Is kGraft-Based   SUSE   2014-11-18
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Kpatch Gets Exposure This Week, kGraft Misses Out   Linux Events   2014-08-19
kGraft Being Discussed For Inclusion Into Linux-Next   Linux Kernel   2014-07-02
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Trying Out kGraft Live Kernel Patching On Ubuntu Linux   Linux Kernel   2014-06-06
SUSE Posts kGraft, Red Hat Posts Kpatch Patches   Linux Kernel   2014-05-01
SUSE Will Mainline Their kGraft Live Kernel Patching   Linux Kernel   2014-03-28
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One Week Left To The 2014 Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit   Linux Kernel   2014-03-19
Red Hat Intros Kpatch For Dynamic Kernel Patching   Red Hat   2014-03-04
SUSE Develops New Way Of Live-Patching The Kernel   SUSE   2014-02-03