ioDoom3 is an open-source project by ioquake3 developers and based upon id Software's id Tech 4 engine.

iodoom3 Linux & Open-Source News

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Doom 3 BFG On Linux Is Still An Active Pet Project   Linux Gaming   2013-12-03
Open-Source Doom 3 Projects Aren't Cultivating   Linux Gaming   2013-04-07
Ryan Gordon On Valve's Steam, Linux Porting   Valve   2012-12-01
id Software Releases Doom 3 BFG Source-Code   Linux Gaming   2012-11-26
One Year Later, Open-Source Doom 3 Is Moving Slowly   Linux Gaming   2012-11-20
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OpenGL ES 2.0, GLSL Support For Open Doom 3   Linux Gaming   2012-07-17
Most Open-Source Game Artwork Is Awful   Linux Gaming   2012-06-13
ioquake3 Developers Working On "baseio" Game   Linux Gaming   2012-06-03
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