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int340x Linux & Open-Source News

More Intel Raptor Lake Additions Arrive In Time For Linux 5.17   Linux Kernel   2022-01-21
Linux 5.16's Smorgasbord Of Power Management Changes Land   Hardware   2021-11-04
Linux Gets New Thermal Driver Code Ahead of Alder Lake   Intel   2021-07-04
Linux 5.13 Adds An Intel Cooling Driver To Downclock Your CPU At A Lower Threshold   Intel   2021-05-05
Linux 5.12 Will Avoid Prematurely Shutting Down Intel Mobile Systems When Running Hot   Intel   2021-02-19
Linux 5.12 Should See ACPI Platform Profile Support To Alter System Thermal/Power Levels   Hardware   2020-12-31
Intel Workload Hints, Zen RAPL PowerCap + Other Power/Thermal Changes For Linux 5.11   Linux Kernel   2020-12-18
Intel's Newest Linux Driver Is For Radio Frequency Interference Mitigation   Intel   2020-12-12
Some Of The Features You Can Expect To See With Linux 5.11: Lots From AMD, Intel   Linux Kernel   2020-12-11
Intel Adding Interface To Pass Workload Hints To The Linux Kernel For Thermal/Power Purposes   Intel   2020-12-11
Linux 5.6 Adds New CPU Cooling Mechanism With Generic Idle Cooling Driver   Hardware   2020-02-01
Power Management + ACPI Updates Submitted For The Linux 5.6 Kernel   Hardware   2020-01-28
Linux 5.4 To Allow Adjusting Intel TCC Thermal Activation Offset For Better Performance   Intel   2019-09-27
Intel Coffee Lake & Cannonlake Thermal Support In Linux 4.15   Intel   2017-11-17