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i965 Articles & Reviews

Another Test Drive With Crocus Gallium3D On Old Intel Hardware   Display Drivers   2021-06-24
Running The New Intel OpenGL "Crocus" Gallium3D Driver On Sandy Bridge   Display Drivers   2021-06-21
Mesa's New "Crocus" OpenGL Driver Is Performing Well For Old Intel Hardware   Display Drivers   2021-06-15
Older Broadwell Graphics Performance Is Looking Good With The New Intel Gallium3D OpenGL Linux Driver   Display Drivers   2019-09-23
Intel's New OpenGL Driver Is Looking Really Great With The Upcoming Mesa 19.2   Display Drivers   2019-08-21
Intel's Linux OpenGL/Vulkan Drivers Seeing Minor Performance Gains With Mesa 19.1   Display Drivers   2019-05-26
The New Intel Gallium3D OpenGL Driver Performance Is In Great Shape For Mesa 19.1   Display Drivers   2019-05-09
The Current Intel "Iris" Gallium3D OpenGL Performance Against i965 Mesa, Windows 10 OpenGL   Display Drivers   2019-04-15
Intel Iris Pro 6200 Graphics - i965 vs. Iris Gallium3D OpenGL Performance   Display Drivers   2019-03-05
Early Intel i965 vs. Iris Gallium3D OpenGL Benchmarks On UHD Graphics 620 With Mesa 19.1   Display Drivers   2019-02-21
An Initial Look At The Intel Iris Gallium3D Driver Performance   Display Drivers   2018-12-11
Intel OpenGL/Vulkan Performance Edging Slightly Higher With Mesa 18.0   Display Drivers   2018-01-31
Intel OpenGL vs. Vulkan Performance With Mesa 18.0   Display Drivers   2018-01-21
Intel's Mesa GLSL Shader Cache Is Speeding Up Game Load Times   Linux Gaming   2017-11-16
Mesa 17.0 Benchmarks With Intel: Noticeably Better Vulkan Performance   Display Drivers   2017-02-10
Intel Ivy Bridge Gallium3D Performance Still Slow   Display Drivers   2013-09-21
Intel Haswell Gallium3D OpenGL Benchmarks   Display Drivers   2013-09-10
Benchmarking The Intel Ivy Bridge Gallium3D Driver   Display Drivers   2013-04-16
AMD Radeon R600g Gallium3D: Mesa 8.0.4 vs. 8.1 Git   Display Drivers   2012-07-18
Intel Drops A Load Of G45 Programming Documentation   Display Drivers   2009-04-15
Tyan Toledo i965R   Motherboards   2007-05-21
Tyan Toledo i965R S5180   Motherboards   2007-03-24
Intel 2006-08-09 Graphics Preview   Display Drivers   2006-08-09

i965 Linux & Open-Source News

VA-API Library 2.14 Released With AV1 Encode Interface   Multimedia   2022-02-22
Intel "Crocus" Driver For Old iGPUs Bumps OpenGL Compatibility Profile Support   Intel   2022-02-09
Zink OpenGL-on-Vulkan Now Offers Broader OpenGL Coverage Than RadeonSI, Intel   Mesa   2022-01-20
X.Org Server 21.1.2 Released With Security Fixes, Back To Pretending All Displays Are 96 DPI   X.Org   2021-12-15
Intel's SWR Removed From Mainline Mesa, More Classic Code Cleaning Continues   Mesa   2021-12-07
Mesa's Classic Drivers Have Been Retired - Affecting ATI R100/R200 & More   Mesa   2021-12-03
David Airlie Hacking On Intel Vulkan Video Decode, Crocus Gallium3D VA-API   Intel   2021-11-12
Intel's i965 Mesa Classic OpenGL Driver Will Stick Around A Bit Longer   Mesa   2021-10-29
Intel Compute-Runtime 21.41.21220 Ships Updated DG1 Support   Intel   2021-10-15
Mesa 21.2.2 Released "Late & Very Large"   Mesa   2021-09-22
Intel "Crocus" Gallium3D Now Part Of Mesa's Default Drivers To Build   Intel   2021-09-01
Zink Now Achieves OpenGL ES 3.2 Atop Vulkan   Mesa   2021-08-31
Mesa 21.2.1 Released With "Nice Changes For Almost Everyone"   Mesa   2021-08-19
Mesa 21.2 Released With New Intel Crocus Driver, PanVK, Early M1 Code   Mesa   2021-08-04
Mesa 21.2-rc1 Released With Early Apple M1 Code, Crocus Gallium3D   Mesa   2021-07-14
Older Intel Graphics With Crocus Enjoy EXT_gpu_shader4, GLAMOR 2D Improvements   Intel   2021-07-13
Intel Crocus, Linux 5.13, Other Vendor Happenings Made For An Exciting June   Phoronix   2021-06-30
Crocus Gallium3D Adds Experimental Intel Gen8 Graphics, Overlapping With Iris Driver   Intel   2021-06-23
Intel i915g Mesa Driver Now Goes Goes Through NIR, Fixes Some Past Test Failures   Intel   2021-06-18
Intel Gallium3D Driver Merged Into Mesa 21.2 For Gen4 Through Haswell Graphics   Intel   2021-06-13
Crocus Gallium3D Nears Mainline Mesa For Gallium3D i965 Through Haswell Graphics   Intel   2021-06-05
Intel's OpenGL Mesa Drivers Now In Good Shape For External Objects   Intel   2021-05-27
The Current State Of The Intel "Crocus" Gallium3D Driver   Intel   2021-04-05
Crocus: Working On Gallium3D For Old Intel Graphics   Intel   2021-03-24
Proposal Raised For Dropping Mesa's Classic OpenGL Drivers From Mainline This Year   Mesa   2021-03-22
Mesa 20.1.5 Released For The Latest Stable Open-Source Vulkan / OpenGL Drivers   Mesa   2020-08-05
Proposed GNOME Patches Would Switch To Triple Buffering When The GPU Is Running Behind   GNOME   2020-07-28
Intel Gen12 Graphics Bring EU Fusion - EUs Fused In Pairs   Intel   2020-07-16
Mesa 20.1.1 Released With The Open-Source Driver Stack Being In Good Shape   Mesa   2020-06-10
Intel's Mesa Drivers Add A Simple But Effective Helper For Dealing With Incomplete Bug Reports   Intel   2020-05-21
Mesa Developers Discussing Again Whether To Fork Or Drop Non-Gallium3D Drivers   Mesa   2020-03-30
Intel Blackhole Render Support Lands In Mesa 20.1   Intel   2020-02-13
Mesa 20.0 Now Defaults To The New Intel Gallium3D Driver For Faster OpenGL   Intel   2020-01-24
Mesa 20.0 Feature Development Is Ending Next Week   Mesa   2020-01-23
Intel Gallium3D Driver Performance Is Looking Good With The Core i9 9900KS   Intel   2019-12-26
Mesa 19.3.1 Released With A Few Intel + Radeon Graphics Driver Fixes   Mesa   2019-12-18
Mesa 20.0-devel Intel Gallium3D Performance Benchmarks Are Looking Good For Ice Lake   Intel   2019-12-14
Intel's Iris Gallium3D Driver Continuing To See Performance Optimizations On Mesa 20.0   Intel   2019-12-12
Mesa 20.0 Now Includes Intel's Gallium3D Driver To Build By Default   Mesa   2019-12-07
Mesa Devs Discuss Potentially Dropping Non-Gallium Drivers Or Forking Code For Gallium   Mesa   2019-12-04
Mesa Adds Option For Changing Intel's OpenGL Driver Default   Mesa   2019-12-02
AMD's RadeonSI Driver Finally Enables OpenGL 4.6 But You Need To First Enable NIR   Radeon   2019-11-27
X.Org's Modesetting Driver Gets Smarter - Queries Mesa For Which GL Driver To Use   X.Org   2019-11-27
Intel's Open-Source Gallium3D Driver Achieves OpenGL 4.6 Conformance   Intel   2019-11-21
Intel Iris Plus Ice Lake Graphics Run Great With Mesa 19.3's Gallium3D Driver   Intel   2019-11-20
November Is Still Bringing Many Interesting Linux Benchmarks / Milestones   Phoronix   2019-11-10
Additional Intel "ANV" Vulkan Driver Performance Numbers For Gen11 Ice Lake Graphics   Intel   2019-11-06
Mesa 19.3-RC1 Released With OpenGL 4.6 For Intel, Many Vulkan Driver Improvements   Mesa   2019-10-30
Intel Now Aiming For Gallium3D OpenGL Default For Mesa 20.0   Intel   2019-10-16
Tons Of The Intel Tiger Lake "Gen 12" Graphics Compiler Code Just Landed In Mesa 19.3   Intel   2019-10-11
Intel Tiger Lake Support Lands In Their NEO OpenCL/Compute Stack   Intel   2019-10-06
Intel Has Been Quietly Developing A New Backend Compiler For Their OpenGL/Vulkan Drivers   Intel   2019-10-03
Mesa 19.2 Released With Navi Support, Much Improved Intel Gallium3D   Mesa   2019-09-25
Intel's Gallium3D OpenGL Driver Taps Another Optimization - ~32% For GFXBench   Intel   2019-09-18
Intel's Gallium3D Linux Driver Now Exposes OpenGL 4.6   Mesa   2019-09-11
Intel's Gallium3D Driver Gains Optimization For Helping With Java OpenGL Performance   Intel   2019-09-10
Intel Linux Graphics Stack Gets Another Speed Boost - Helping Civilization VI By ~18%   Intel   2019-09-06
Intel Graphics Compiler Changes For Gen12 - Biggest Changes To The ISA Since i965   Intel   2019-09-06
Mesa Gets One Line Fix To Help With KDE KWin Crashing   KDE   2019-09-06
Intel Begins Setting Up Driver Mappings For Classic vs. Gallium3D OpenGL Linux Drivers   Intel   2019-08-29
Intel's Open-Source Graphics Driver Lands Another Icelake/Gen11 Performance Optimization   Intel   2019-08-28
Intel Iris Gallium3D Is Close With SPIR-V Support For OpenGL 4.6   Mesa   2019-08-24
Intel's OpenGL Linux Driver Now Has OpenGL 4.6 Support For Mesa 19.2   Intel   2019-08-21
Intel's Linux Graphics Driver Developers Discover 3~20% Boost For Current-Gen Hardware   Intel   2019-08-12
Intel's Iris Gallium3D Driver Gets A 1 Line Patch To Bump The Performance By ~1%   Intel   2019-08-06
Intel's Iris Gallium3D Driver Now Has Better OpenGL Compatibility Profile Support   Intel   2019-08-04
Mesa 19.1 Released With Experimental Intel Gallium3D, Other New GL/VLK Drivers Too   Mesa   2019-06-11
Intel Iris Gallium3D Driver Gets On-Disk Shader Cache Support   Intel   2019-05-22
Intel Graphics Compiler 1.0.4 Released With Fixes & Improvements   Intel   2019-05-20
Mesa 19.0.4 Released With Numerous RADV, RadeonSI & Intel Fixes   Mesa   2019-05-09
Intel's Icelake Gen11 OpenGL & Vulkan Driver Support Is Now Considered Feature-Complete   Intel   2019-05-03
ZFS On Linux, Intel Cascadelake, Linux 5.1/5.2 Excited Phoronix Readers In April   Phoronix   2019-05-01
Mesa 19.1 Flipping On Fast Color Clears For Intel Gen 11 Graphics   Intel   2019-04-30
Intel Aiming For Their Gallium3D Driver To Be Viable By Mesa 19.2, Default By EOY 2019   Intel   2019-04-25
Intel Iris Gallium3D Picks Up Conservative Rasterization Support   Intel   2019-04-24
Intel Iris Gallium3D Picks Up More Game Performance Optimizations For Mesa 19.1   Intel   2019-04-23
Mesa 19.1 Adds Workaround For Epic Games Launcher With OpenGL   Mesa   2019-04-22
Mesa's Vulkan Drivers See More Extension Work Ahead Of The 19.1 Branching   Mesa   2019-04-19
Intel's New Iris Driver Gets Speed Boost From Changing The OpenGL Vendor String   Intel   2019-04-16
Mozilla Preparing To Test WebRender With "Qualified" Linux Users   Mozilla   2019-04-10
A Bunch Of New Code Merged Into Mesa 19.1: Intel ANV, Iris, Softpipe, Virgl   Mesa   2019-04-09
Mesa 18.3.6 Released To End Out The Series   Mesa   2019-04-05
Iris Gallium3D Driver Flips On Fast Clears For Broadwell "Gen 8" Graphics   Intel   2019-04-02
Mesa 19.0.1 Released - Mostly Made Up Of RADV Fixes   Mesa   2019-03-27
Intel Iris Driver Gets ~5% Performance Boost With Direct3D 9 Support On Gallium Nine   Intel   2019-03-26
Intel's Iris Gallium3D Driver Lands Support For Fast Color Clears   Intel   2019-03-21
Intel's New Driver Is Now Working With Gallium's Direct3D 9 State Tracker   Intel   2019-03-09
Intel's i965 Mesa Driver Now Supports Threaded OpenGL   Mesa   2019-03-05
Mesa State Tracker Adds FP64/INT64 Lowering For NIR Drivers   Mesa   2019-03-03
Linux 5.0, Radeon VII, Intel Iris Driver & Other Exciting Milestones In February   Phoronix   2019-02-28
RadeonSI Gets Patches To Finally Tap The Parallel Shader Compile Extensions   Radeon   2019-02-25
Intel Iris Gallium3D Driver Merged To Mainline Mesa 19.1   Intel   2019-02-21
Intel Ready To Add Their Experimental "Iris" Gallium3D Driver To Mesa   Intel   2019-02-20
Intel's OpenGL Mesa Driver To Better Handle Recovery In Case Of GPU Hangs   Intel   2019-02-15
Intel Mesa Driver Getting Better Support For ETC2 On Older Hardware   Intel   2019-02-04
Mesa Now Supports S3TC Texture Compression With sRGB Color Components   Mesa   2019-02-02
Gallium3D's Mesa State Tracker Sees Shaders Ported From TGSI To NIR For Capable Drivers   Mesa   2019-02-01
Intel's Mesa Driver Nearing OpenGL 4.6 With Final SPIR-V Additions Under Review   Intel   2019-01-30
Mesa Made Massive Progress In 2018 On Open-Source Vulkan / OpenGL Drivers   Mesa   2018-12-26
The Most Popular Intel Linux News & Reviews Of 2018   Intel   2018-12-25
Intel Iris Gallium3D Driver Lands Support For Broadwell Graphics   Intel   2018-12-24
To No Surprise, Intel's Discrete GPU Efforts Will Support Linux Gaming   Intel   2018-11-30
Intel Iris Gallium3D Open-Source Driver Continues Speeding Along   Intel   2018-11-27
Mesa 18.3-RC4 Released With A Handful Of Fixes   Mesa   2018-11-22
The Shiny New Features Of Mesa 18.3 For Open-Source Intel / Radeon Graphics Drivers   Mesa   2018-11-13
Intel "Iris" Gallium3D Continues Advancing As The Next-Gen Intel Linux OpenGL Driver   Intel   2018-11-11
Mesa 18.3 Feature Development Wraps Up While Mesa 19.0 Opens Up On Master   Mesa   2018-11-01
Mesa 18.3 Gets A Release Date Towards The End Of November   Mesa   2018-10-23
Intel Iris Gallium3D Forming As Their Future OpenGL Driver, Promising Early Results   Intel   2018-09-27
Intel's New Iris Gallium3D Driver Picks Up Experimental Icelake Bits, GL Features   Intel   2018-09-19
Intel Launches Open-Source Podcast Show   Intel   2018-09-05
Mesa 18.1.7 Released With Few Bug Fixes   Mesa   2018-08-24
Mesa 18.2-RC4 Released Due To Open Graphics Driver Bugs   Mesa   2018-08-22
Intel Has Quietly Been Working On A New Gallium3D Driver Being Called "Iris"   Intel   2018-08-17
Mesa 18.2 Branched, Mesa 18.3 Enters Development   Mesa   2018-08-02
ASTC Gallium Bits Land, VirGL Already Hits OpenGL 4.3 + GLES 3.2   Mesa   2018-08-01
Mesa 18.1.5 Released With Many RADV Fixes, Other Changes Throughout   Mesa   2018-07-28
Mesa 18.2 Is On The Final Days Of Development With Many New Features Coming   Mesa   2018-07-26
Mesa 18.2 Gets Extra Two Weeks Of Development Time   Mesa   2018-07-18
Igalia Aligns Latest Patches For Giving Intel's Mesa Driver OpenGL 4.6   Intel   2018-07-16
Nouveau Gallium3D Moves Closer Towards OpenGL 4.5 Compliance   Nouveau   2018-07-16
Mesa 18.1.4 Released With Fixes For Intel & Radeon Drivers   Mesa   2018-07-13
Mesa 18.1.4 Being Prepared With Intel Fixes & A Couple For Radeon   Mesa   2018-07-11
More Intel ARB_gl_spirv Code Lands In Mesa, But Still Not Ready To Finish Up OpenGL 4.6   Mesa   2018-07-03
Intel ANV Vulkan Driver Now Supports Automatic On-Disk Shader Cache   Intel   2018-07-02
Mesa 18.0.5 Released, But It's Now Time To Upgrade To Mesa 18.1+   Mesa   2018-06-03
Intel Has Another Developer Working Now Working On FreeBSD Support   Intel   2018-06-01
Mesa 18.1.1 Released With Many OpenGL + Vulkan Driver Fixes   Mesa   2018-06-01
Intel Mesa Driver Finally Supports Threaded OpenGL   Intel   2018-05-24
Mesa 18.0.4 Released With A Handful Of Bug Fixes   Mesa   2018-05-17
Intel's Mesa Driver Prepares To Kill Off The Blitter   Intel   2018-05-13
Latest Intel ARB_gl_spirv Patches Published By Igalia   Mesa   2018-05-12
Mesa 18.1 Expected To Officially Debut Next Week   Mesa   2018-05-11
Libdrm 2.4.92 Released With Meson Build Improvements, Icelake Support   Mesa   2018-05-10
The New Features Coming In Mesa 18.1: Intel Cache By Default, Many Vulkan Strides   Mesa   2018-05-04
Intel ANV Vulkan Driver Adds Initial Support For Icelake   Intel   2018-04-27
NIR Compile Times Are Being Lowered Thanks To Latest Mesa Patches   Mesa   2018-04-10
Mesa 17.3.8 Released With A Handful Of Fixes   Mesa   2018-04-03
RadeonSI Now Supports KHR_blend_equation_advanced, Needed For OpenGL ES 3.2   Mesa   2018-04-03
More Intel OpenGL 4.6 SPIR-V Code Lands In Mesa 18.1 Git   Mesa   2018-03-30
Mesa 18.0 Should Arrive Today With Many Vulkan/OpenGL Driver Improvements   Mesa   2018-03-23
Intel Mesa OpenGL Driver Lands 48-bit Addressing Support, Lets Up To ~256TB Of vRAM   Mesa   2018-03-02
GraphicsFuzz Demo Works On Fuzzing Your GPU Drivers Through WebGL In The Browser   Mesa   2018-02-28
Mesa 17.3.6 Released To Fix Intel GPU Hangs   Mesa   2018-02-26
Mesa 17.3 Remains Quite Buggy, Developer Calls For Better Handling In The Future   Mesa   2018-02-22
Intel GLSL On-Disk Shader Cache Enabled By Default   Intel   2018-02-21
Initial Intel Icelake Support Lands In Mesa OpenGL Driver, Vulkan Support Started   Intel   2018-02-16
Mesa 17.3.4 Released With 90+ Changes   Mesa   2018-02-15
Intel's Mesa Driver Gets Patches For New EXT_shader_framebuffer_fetch   Intel   2018-02-15
Intel Sends Out Initial Open-Source Mesa 3D Driver Patches For Ice Lake   Intel   2018-02-13