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A Closer Look At Red Hat's Plymouth   Software   2008-10-28
The State of Kernel Mode-Setting   Display Drivers   2008-10-01

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labwc 0.6.1 Released For Window-Stacking Wayland Compositor   Wayland   2023-01-30
AMD Readies New Radeon Driver Code For Linux 5.17: STB, Seamless Boot For Van Gogh   Radeon   2021-12-02
Linux 5.14 To Bring SimpleDRM Driver, VC4 HDR, Marks More AGP Code As Legacy   Linux Kernel   2021-05-13
Ubuntu Had A Stellar 2020 From Ubuntu 20.04 LTS To Continued WSL, Cloud Popularity   Ubuntu   2020-12-29
Canonical Contributing Upstream Improvements To Plymouth Ahead Of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2020-04-06
From Botched Releases To Exciting New Features, Fedora Saw A Lot Of Changes During The 2010s   Fedora   2019-12-24
Some Of The Possible Changes Coming For The Desktop With Ubuntu 20.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2019-12-05
Ubuntu 19.10 Development Continues With Latest GNOME Updates, ZFS, Optimizations   Ubuntu   2019-07-26
Ubuntu 19.10 To Ship With Flicker-Free Boot Support   Ubuntu   2019-07-16
Clear Linux Gets Questions Over Steam Integration, Other Plans For This High-Perf Distro   Clear Linux   2019-06-20
Prolific Red Hat Developer Starts Up "Wayland Itches" Project   Wayland   2019-05-14
Fedora 30 Now Available With GNOME 3.32, Flicker-Free Boot, Zchunk Metadata   Fedora   2019-04-30
Fedora Workstation 30 Is Shaping Up To Be Another Exciting, Feature-Packed Update   Fedora   2019-04-04
Fedora 30 Beta Released With GNOME 3.32, Many New Features   Fedora   2019-04-02
DRM Changes For Linux 5.1 Bring Intel Fastboot, Komeda Driver & Other Improvements   Linux Kernel   2019-03-06
AMDGPU DC Seeing Work On "Seamless Boot" Functionality   Radeon   2019-02-07
Intel's Linux 5.1 Graphics Driver Will Have Fastboot By Default, More Icelake Bits   Intel   2019-02-02
Fedora 30 Flips On Intel Graphics Fastboot By Default To Enhance The Boot Experience   Fedora   2019-02-01
Intel Could Finally Be Ready To Enable Fastboot By Default For Skylake & Newer   Intel   2019-01-25
FOSDEM 19 Is Happening In Just Three Weeks, There Will Once Again Be A Graphics Room   Linux Events   2019-01-13
Fedora 30 To Finish Polishing Off Their Flicker-Free Boot Experience   Fedora   2019-01-03
Fedora Had A Killer 2018, But It Will Be Interesting To See What Comes Next Year   Fedora   2018-12-31
The Most Popular Intel Linux News & Reviews Of 2018   Intel   2018-12-25
Enabling Intel Fastboot Support By Default Brought Up, Again   Intel   2018-12-17
Arch Linux Users With Intel Graphics Can Begin Enjoying A Flicker-Free Boot   Arch Linux   2018-12-10
Plymouth Lands Its Tighter Integration With UEFI Flicker-Free Boot Experience   Red Hat   2018-12-05
Fedora Perfecting Their Flicker-Free Boot Experience With A New Plymouth Theme   Fedora   2018-11-14
Plymouth 0.9.4 Boot Splash Released, First Update In A Year & Adds DRM Preferred Mode   Red Hat   2018-11-06
NVIDIA RTX, AMD On Linux & Distro Performance Dominated Linux Discussions In October   Phoronix   2018-11-01
Fedora Workstation 29 Is Looking Up To Be Another Impressive Release, Looking Great   Fedora   2018-10-14
Fedora Wants To Know If Linux Hibernation Works For You   Hardware   2018-10-03
Fedora 29 Succeeds At Flicker-Free Boot Experience On Intel Hardware   Fedora   2018-10-01
LibreOffice 6.1 Getting GTK3 Native Message Dialogs   LibreOffice   2018-03-04
LibreOffice 6.0 Released With A Ton Of Open-Source Office Suite Improvements   LibreOffice   2018-01-31
LibreOffice 6.0 Beta Available - Huge Open-Source Office Suite Update For 2018   LibreOffice   2017-11-25
LibreOffice Gets Flicker-Free OpenGL Transitions   LibreOffice   2017-09-11
Libdrm 2.4.62 Is An Important Update For Open-Source GPU Drivers   Mesa   2015-07-01
Linux 4.2 DRM Updates: Lots Of AMD Attention, No Nouveau Driver Changes   Linux Kernel   2015-06-25
Intel Publishes Massive "Fastboot" Patch Set   Intel   2012-05-26
Video: An Interesting Wayland Tech Discussion   Wayland   2012-02-07
OpenSUSE May Finally Pull In Plymouth   SUSE   2012-01-06
Ubuntu: Power Consumption, KVM, Mozilla, Etc   Ubuntu   2011-11-02
Making A Flicker-Free Boot For The Intel DRM   Intel   2011-10-31
Ubuntu Working Towards A Rootless X Server   Ubuntu   2010-05-10
ATI Gets Dynamic Power Management & Profiles Too   AMD   2010-05-08
Plymouth In Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 2: Dead Simple   Ubuntu   2010-01-14
Plymouth Gets Pulled Into Ubuntu 10.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2009-12-10
Plymouth Gets Tighter Integration With GDM, X   X.Org   2009-11-28
Plymouth Gets A DRM Renderer Plug-In   Red Hat   2009-09-29
Ubuntu 9.10 Gets A New Splash Screen, Not Plymouth   Ubuntu   2009-08-27
Red Hat's Plymouth Sees New Activity   Red Hat   2009-08-06
Kernel Mode-Setting Coming To OpenSolaris   Oracle   2009-04-12
One Last Hurrah For USplash: A New Theme   Ubuntu   2009-03-18
Plymouth Packages For Ubuntu Are Now Available   Ubuntu   2009-03-08
Red Hat's Plymouth Sees New Work   Red Hat   2009-03-05
Intel, NVIDIA Kernel Mode-Setting In Fedora 11   Nouveau   2009-02-27
Ubuntu 9.10 Is The Karmic Koala   Ubuntu   2009-02-20
Kernel Mode-Setting Push For Linux 2.6.29 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2008-12-29
The KMS, Plymouth Experience In Fedora 10   Fedora   2008-11-26
NVIDIA GeForce 8 Kernel Mode-Setting   Nouveau   2008-06-22
XDC 2008 Day 1 Notes: X.Org 7.4 & More   X.Org   2008-04-17
Features Of A Happy Linux Desktop?   X.Org   2008-02-25