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deep color Linux & Open-Source News

Renewed Work Around GNOME 30-bit Deep Color Frame-Buffer Support   GNOME   2022-08-09
AMDGPU Driver Reverting The Buddy Allocator For Linux 5.19   Linux Kernel   2022-07-15
New Progress Being Made On Deep Color Support For GNOME Wayland Sessions   GNOME   2022-06-22
Linux 5.18 Graphics Driver Changes From FreeSync Video Mode To New Intel Hardware   Linux Kernel   2022-03-24
Linux 5.18 Will Speed Up Some FBDEV Operations By 6x, ASpeed AST2600 DRM Code Added   Linux Kernel   2022-03-03
Graphics Driver Changes Begin Lining Up For Linux 5.18   Linux Kernel   2022-01-27
Ubuntu Developer Still Pursuing Triple Buffering, Deep Color For GNOME   GNOME   2021-07-12
The Work Ahead For Ubuntu 21.04 To Switch To Wayland By Default   Ubuntu   2021-02-09
AMD's Zen 3 + RDNA2 Products Dominated November Along With The Apple M1   Phoronix   2020-12-01
GNOME Work Moving Ahead On Deep Color Support, Triple Buffering   GNOME   2020-11-16
30-bit Deep Color For GNOME On Wayland Will Likely Take Some Time   GNOME   2020-08-18
Ubuntu's Prolific GNOME Developer Is Looking To Tackle Deep Color Support   GNOME   2020-08-03
Open-Source NVIDIA X.Org Driver Updated With DP MST, DRI3 Improvements   Nouveau   2019-01-29
NVIDIA & Valve Line Up Among The Sponsors For X.Org's XDC 2018   X.Org   2018-06-19
The Shiny New Features Of X.Org Server 1.20   X.Org   2018-05-03
xf86-video-ati 18.0 X.Org Driver Released   Radeon   2018-03-06
AMDGPU 18.0 X.Org Driver Released   Radeon   2018-03-02
A Look At The Many Features To X.Org Server 1.20   X.Org   2018-02-28
X.Org Server 1.20 Release Candidate Due For Release Tomorrow   X.Org   2018-02-27
GLAMOR & xf86-video-modesetting Get Deep Color Support In X.Org Server 1.20   X.Org   2018-02-27
GLAMOR Acceleration Should Now Work With 30-Bit Deep Color Support   X.Org   2018-01-26
Deep Color Support For Radeon X.Org Driver Being Tackled   Radeon   2018-01-22
Linux 4.7 Adding DP++ Dongle Detection For The Intel DRM Driver   Hardware   2016-05-27
DisplayPort 1.4 Specification Officially Published   Standards   2016-03-01
The New Features To The Linux 3.16 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-06-15
Many DRM Graphics Driver Changes Introduced To Linux 3.16   Linux Kernel   2014-06-12
Radeon Squeezes A Few More Changes For Linux 3.16   Radeon   2014-06-10
The Linux 3.16 Kernel Already Has A Ton Of New Features   Linux Kernel   2014-06-08
Radeon DRM-Next Work: GPUVM Optimizations, Deep Color HDMI   Radeon   2014-06-02
Imagination Announces New Series 6 Architecture GPUs   Hardware   2014-01-07
Intel Rounds Out Its Ivy Bridge Graphics Driver   Intel   2011-08-09