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ZFSOnLinux Linux & Open-Source News

Trying Out Ubuntu's New Flutter+Curtin-Powered Desktop Installer Was Disappointing   Ubuntu   2021-10-21
OpenZFS 2.0 Released With Unified FreeBSD/Linux Support, Many New Features   Linux Storage   2020-11-30
OpenZFS 2.0-RC4 Released With More Fixes, Linux 5.9 Support   Linux Storage   2020-10-19
OpenZFS 2.0 Nears Release, OpenZFS 3.0 Could See macOS Support   Linux Storage   2020-10-07
ZFSOnLinux 0.8.5 Released With Support For Newer Kernels, Bug Fixes   Linux Storage   2020-10-06
Ubuntu 20.10 Installer With ZFS Will Enable TRIM By Default   Ubuntu   2020-05-21
Zstd Compression Under Review For OpenZFS   Linux Storage   2020-05-17
Canonical Developers Preparing For More ZFS Improvements In Ubuntu 20.10   Ubuntu   2020-05-06
ZFS On Linux 0.8.3 Released With Many Fixes   Linux Storage   2020-01-23
OpenZFS Developer Summit 2019 Videos + Slides For The Latest On Open-Source ZFS   Linux Events   2019-11-10
ZFS On Linux 0.8.2 Released With Linux 5.3 Compatibility, Many Fixes   Linux Storage   2019-09-27
OpenZFS Could Soon See Much Better Deduplication Support   Linux Storage   2019-09-20
ZFS On Linux Has Figured Out A Way To Restore SIMD Support On Linux 5.0+   Linux Storage   2019-07-17
ZFS On Linux 0.8.1 Brings Many Fixes, Linux 5.2 Compatibility Bits   Linux Storage   2019-06-14
ZFS On Linux 0.8 Released With Native Encryption, TRIM, Device Removal   Linux Storage   2019-05-23
ZFS On Linux 0.8-RC5 Bundles In The SPL Code   Linux Storage   2019-05-09
OpenZFS / ZFS On Linux Is Introducing A Code of Conduct To Encourage New Contributors   Linux Storage   2019-04-30
ZFS On Linux 0.8.0 RC4 Up For Testing WIth TRIM, Native Encryption, Direct I/O   Linux Storage   2019-04-17
ZFS On Linux Lands TRIM Support Ahead Of ZOL 0.8   Linux Storage   2019-03-30
ZFS On Linux 0.7.13 Released With Fixes For Linux 5.0 Kernel Compatibility   Linux Storage   2019-03-04
ZFS On Linux Landing Workaround For Linux 5.0 Kernel Support   Linux Kernel   2019-01-17
ZOL 0.8 Nears With RC3 Release - Big Update For ZFS On Linux   Linux Storage   2019-01-14
ZFS On Linux Runs Into A Snag With Linux 5.0   Linux Storage   2019-01-10
ZFS On Linux 0.8-RC1 Delivers Native Encryption, Direct I/O & More   Linux Storage   2018-09-11
ZFS On Linux 0.7.10 Released With Linux 4.18 Support, Debian DKMS   Linux Storage   2018-09-10
TRIM Support Is Closer To Being Merged For ZFS On Linux   Linux Storage   2018-04-13
ZFS On Linux 0.7.8 Released To Deal With Possible Data Loss   Linux Storage   2018-04-10
ZFS On Linux 0.7.6 Brings Linux 4.15 Support, Fixes   Linux Storage   2018-02-06
ZFS On Linux 0.7.4 Brings Linux 4.14 Support, Fixes   Linux Storage   2017-12-15
ZFS On Linux Adds Encryption Support   Linux Storage   2017-08-14
ZFS On Linux 0.7 Released With New Features   Linux Storage   2017-07-26
Features You Won't Find In The Linux 4.9 Mainline Kernel   Linux Kernel   2016-10-19
ZFSOnLinux Now Supports The Latest Linux Kernels   Linux Storage   2016-09-10
ZFS On Linux Looks Like It Will Soon Have Native Encryption Support   Free Software   2016-05-15
ZFS On Linux Brings Linux 4.6 Support, Bug Fixes   Linux Storage   2016-05-14
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8 Deprecates Btrfs   Red Hat   2016-05-10
ZFS On Linux Released   Linux Storage   2016-03-23
Exploiting The Full Potential Of ZFS On BSD Systems   BSD   2016-01-30
Debian Is Still Working To Land ZFS On Linux Support   Debian   2016-01-30
Reiser4 & ZFS Get Updated For The Linux 4.4 Kernel   Linux Storage   2016-01-14
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Is Continuing To Prep ZFS Support   Ubuntu   2015-12-28
Ubuntu Is Planning To Make The ZFS File-System A "Standard" Offering   Ubuntu   2015-10-06
ZFS On Linux 0.6.5 Adds 4.2 Kernel Support, New Zpool/Zdb Functionality   Linux Storage   2015-09-13
ZFS On Linux Brings Linux 4.1 Support, Fixes   Free Software   2015-07-01
ZFS & Libdvdcss Should Soon Be In Debian   Debian   2015-04-16
ZFS On Linux Adds New Kernel Support, Asynchronous I/O   Free Software   2015-04-10
ZFS On Linux Is Called Stable & Production Ready   Linux Storage   2014-09-11
ZBOSS Linux 6.5 Brings ZFS For Storage   Operating Systems   2014-06-07
ZFS On Linux Now Supports SELinux   Linux Storage   2013-12-19
ZFSOnLinux 0.6.2 Is Faster, Supports Newer Kernels   Free Software   2013-08-24
ZFS File-System Tests On The Linux 3.10 Kernel   Linux Storage   2013-08-03
Benchmarks Of The New ZFS On Linux: EXT4 Wins   Free Software   2013-04-18
ZFS On Linux Is Now Set For "Wide Scale Deployment"   Linux Storage   2013-03-29
ZFS File-System On Linux Keeps Marching Along   Free Software   2012-09-19
ZFS File-System On Linux Moves Along   Free Software   2012-08-16
ZFS File-System For Linux Is Still Around   Linux Storage   2012-05-06
KQ ZFS Linux Is No Longer Actively Being Worked On   Linux Storage   2011-06-10