ZFS is a file-system originally developed by Sun Microsystems for Solaris and is continued to be maintained by Oracle. ZFS is also available in many BSD operating systems using the CDDL licensed code and is available for Linux users via a FUSE implementation or out-of-tree ZFS Linux kernel module.

ZFS Articles & Reviews

Running BSDs On The AMD Ryzen 5000 Series - FreeBSD vs. Linux Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2020-12-21
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ZFS Linux & Open-Source News

OpenZFS 2.1.7 Released With Linux 6.0 Support, Many Bug Fixes   Linux Storage   2022-12-02
Fedora Installer Looks To Change Its BIOS/Fake RAID Handling   Fedora   2022-11-25
Stratis 3.4 Released As The Latest Open-Source Linux Storage Work From Red Hat   Linux Storage   2022-11-24
Bcachefs Rolling Out New Allocator, Performance Continues Improving   Linux Storage   2022-10-29
OpenZFS Eyes Faster Scrub, Improved Compression, uZFS, Better Performance   Linux Storage   2022-10-25
FreeBSD 12.4-BETA1 Released, Q3-2022 Status Report Issued   BSD   2022-10-22
Stratis Storage 3.3 Released - Easily Make Use Of Expanded RAID Arrays   Red Hat   2022-10-21
OpenZFS 2.1.6 Released With Newer Linux Kernel Support, Fixes   Linux Storage   2022-10-04
FreeBSD In Q2-2022: More Than 30k Ports, Driver Improvements, Better Linux Compatibility   BSD   2022-08-09
XFS Scalability Improvement, Other File-System Enhancements Land In Linux 6.0   Linux Storage   2022-08-05
Stratis Storage 3.2 Comes With The Ability To Stop/Start Pools   Linux Storage   2022-07-08
OpenGL Celebrates Its 30th Birthday   Standards   2022-06-30
Fedora 37 Looks To Ship With Stratis Storage 3.1 Support   Fedora   2022-06-24
OpenZFS 2.1.5 Released With Linux 5.18 Compatibility, Bug Fixes   Linux Storage   2022-06-22
Stratis 3.1 Released For Red Hat's Linux Storage Management Solution   Red Hat   2022-05-25
FreeBSD 13.1 Released With UEFI Boot Enhancements, Driver Improvements   BSD   2022-05-16
FreeBSD 13.1-RC6 Released Due To Lingering Bugs   BSD   2022-05-06
Intel Hires Linux/BSD Performance Expert Brendan Gregg   Intel   2022-05-02
FreeBSD 13.1-RC3 Brings Zstd For Libarchive, Build Fixes   BSD   2022-04-15
Ubuntu's Zsys For OpenZFS Linux Installs Sees First Update In A Year   Ubuntu   2022-04-12
FreeBSD 13.1-RC1 Pulls In OpenZFS 2.1, WiFi Updates   BSD   2022-04-01
FreeBSD 13.1 Beta 3 Enables Reproducible Kernel Build Option By Default   BSD   2022-03-25
IO_uring Gets New Features & Speed-Ups With Linux 5.18   Linux Storage   2022-03-19
FreeBSD 13.1 BETA 2 Released With Updated OpenZFS   BSD   2022-03-18
Bcachefs Continues Making Progress - Finishes Big Allocator Rewrite   Linux Storage   2022-03-14
OpenZFS 2.1.3 Released With Many Fixes   Linux Storage   2022-03-10
Linux Developers Discuss Deprecating & Removing ReiserFS   Linux Kernel   2022-02-22
Bcachefs Might Be Ready For Upstreaming In Linux This Year   Linux Storage   2022-02-16
X.Org Foundation May Find A New Organization To Join   X.Org   2022-01-21
GhostBSD 22.01.12 Released With Automatic Detection For Old AMD GPUs   BSD   2022-01-17
Ubuntu Had A Great Year In Switching To Wayland, Continued Commercial Success   Ubuntu   2021-12-30
FreeBSD 12.3 Released With Updated AMD & Networking Hardware, Password Protected ZIPs   BSD   2021-12-07
Red Hat's Stratis Storage 3.0 Released With Many Improvements   Linux Storage   2021-11-16
Proof-Of-Concept Work Brings systemd To Ubuntu WSL   Ubuntu   2021-11-16
FreeBSD Improving Boot Times, Adds Hole-Punching, Better Linux Binary Compatibility   BSD   2021-11-15
OpenZFS 3.0 Could See macOS Support & DirectIO, While ZFS For Windows Continues   Linux Storage   2021-11-10
DirectIO For OpenZFS Shows Very Promising Performance   Linux Storage   2021-11-10
Void-Linux-Powered Project Trident To Cease Operations   Operating Systems   2021-10-30
BLK-MQ Support For OpenZFS Pending As Latest Performance Optimization   Linux Storage   2021-10-26
Trying Out Ubuntu's New Flutter+Curtin-Powered Desktop Installer Was Disappointing   Ubuntu   2021-10-21
OpenZFS 2.0.6 Released With Support For Newer Kernels   Linux Storage   2021-09-25
OpenZFS 2.1.1 Arrives As A Big Point Release   Linux Storage   2021-09-16
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Release Schedule Published   Ubuntu   2021-08-27
OPNsense 21.7 Released With New Installer Offering Better ZFS Support   BSD   2021-07-28
CentOS Forms A Group To Flip On Old, Deprecated Or Out-Of-Tree Kernel Modules   Red Hat   2021-07-11
OpenZFS 2.1 Released With dRAID, Compatibility Property, Better Performance   Linux Storage   2021-07-02
OpenZFS 2.1-rc8 Brings Linux 5.13 Compatibility, More Fixes   Linux Storage   2021-06-30
Experimental Reiser5 File-System Patch Updated For Linux 5.12   Linux Storage   2021-06-20
OpenZFS 2.1 Gets More Cleanups, Better Documentation Ahead Of Release   Linux Storage   2021-06-11
OpenZFS 2.1-rc6 Released - Will Now Scale Worker Threads With CPU Core Count   Linux Storage   2021-05-28
Google Announces Some Very Interesting GSoC 2021 Projects   Google   2021-05-17
NetBSD 9.2 Released With Many Fixes, Much Faster FREAD   BSD   2021-05-17
OpenZFS 2.1-rc5 Released With Linux 5.12 Support, Many Bug Fixes   Linux Storage   2021-05-10
GhostBSD Shifts Base To FreeBSD 13.0, Improvements For OpenZFS 2.0   BSD   2021-04-30
OpenZFS 2.1-rc4 Delivers Another Round Of Fixes   Linux Storage   2021-04-23
OpenZFS 2.1-rc3 Delivers More Fixes   Linux Storage   2021-04-15
OpenZFS 2.1.0-rc2 Released With Bug Fixes   Linux Storage   2021-04-07
OpenZFS 2.1-rc1 Released With Distributed Spare RAID "dRAID"   Linux Storage   2021-03-30
Ubuntu Figuring Out Whether To FSCK Its File-Systems At Boot   Ubuntu   2021-03-23
FreeBSD 13.0-RC2 Released With ZFS Fixes, WireGuard Interface Fixes   BSD   2021-03-13
OpenZFS 2.0.4 Released With Linux 5.11 Support, Early Linux 5.12 Compatibility Updates   Linux Storage   2021-03-09
Btrfs Will Finally "Strongly Discourage" You When Creating RAID5 / RAID6 Arrays   Linux Storage   2021-03-07
XFS File-System With Linux 5.12 Has "A Lot Going On This Time"   Linux Storage   2021-02-21
FreeBSD 13.0-BETA1 Released With WireGuard, Updated ZFS, NUMA Optimizations   BSD   2021-02-06
OpenZFS 2.0.2 Released With Fixes, Compatibility Against Latest FreeBSD   Linux Storage   2021-02-01
FreeBSD Continues Work On Ridding Its Base Of GPL-Licensed Software   BSD   2021-01-16
Alpine Linux 3.13 Brings Official Cloud Images, Much Faster Node.js, Cloud-Init Support   Operating Systems   2021-01-14
OpenZFS 2.0.1 Released With Linux 5.10 Support, Many Fixes   Linux Storage   2021-01-06
The Linux Kernel Made Terrific Strides In 2020   Linux Kernel   2021-01-01
Some Linux/Open-Source Letdowns Last For Years   Free Software   2021-01-01
Happy New Year! A Look Back At The Most Popular Phoronix Content Of 2020   Phoronix   2020-12-31
Ubuntu Had A Stellar 2020 From Ubuntu 20.04 LTS To Continued WSL, Cloud Popularity   Ubuntu   2020-12-29
OpenZFS Now Supports Reacting To CPU/Memory Hot-Plugging   Linux Storage   2020-12-11
Stratis Storage 2.3 Released With Clevis Encryption Policy Support   Linux Storage   2020-12-03
OpenZFS 2.0 Released With Unified FreeBSD/Linux Support, Many New Features   Linux Storage   2020-11-30
GhostBSD 20.11.28 Released With Improved Steam On Linux Performance   BSD   2020-11-30
OpenZFS 2.0-RC7 Brings Better ABI Handling, Reduced Latency For Non-Interactive I/O   Linux Storage   2020-11-26
Desktop BSDs: NetBSD-Based os108 9.1 + MidnightBSD 2.0 Released   BSD   2020-11-15
OpenZFS 2.0-RC6 Released With More Fixes For ZFS On Linux / FreeBSD   Linux Storage   2020-11-12
OpenSolaris-Derived OmniOS CE Updated With A Ton Of Changes   Operating Systems   2020-11-04
OpenZFS 2.0-RC5 Released With Linux 5.10 Compatibility Updates, Fixes   Linux Storage   2020-11-03
Oracle Continues Building DTrace For Linux Atop BPF   Oracle   2020-10-30
Ubuntu 21.04 Is The "Hirsute Hippo", Releasing On 22 April   Ubuntu   2020-10-28
Bcachefs Linux File-System Sent Out For Review With Exciting Feature Progress   Linux Storage   2020-10-27
Linux-Based TrueNAS SCALE Alpha Released   Operating Systems   2020-10-22
Ubuntu 20.10 Released With GNOME 3.38, Active Directory Installer Integration   Ubuntu   2020-10-22
FreeBSD Can Now Be Built From Linux/macOS Hosts, Transition To Git Continues   BSD   2020-10-22
TrueNAS 12 Released As The Marriage Of FreeNAS + TrueNAS   BSD   2020-10-21
NetBSD 9.1 Released With Parallelized Disk Encryption, Better ZFS, X11 Improvements   BSD   2020-10-20
OpenZFS 2.0-RC4 Released With More Fixes, Linux 5.9 Support   Linux Storage   2020-10-19
OpenZFS 2.0 Nears Release, OpenZFS 3.0 Could See macOS Support   Linux Storage   2020-10-07
ZFSOnLinux 0.8.5 Released With Support For Newer Kernels, Bug Fixes   Linux Storage   2020-10-06
XCP-ng 8.2 LTS To Bring Rewritten UEFI, Core Scheduling To Fend Off Side Channel Attacks   Virtualization   2020-10-03
Ubuntu 20.10 Beta Released For Testing   Ubuntu   2020-10-01
OpenZFS 2.0-RC3 Released With Bug Fixes, Intel QAT Support For Newer Kernels   Linux Storage   2020-10-01
Red Hat's Stratis 2.2 Linux Storage Solution Released   Linux Storage   2020-09-28
OpenZFS 2.0-RC2 Released With Dozens Of Fixes   Linux Storage   2020-09-18
FuryBSD 2020-Q3 Released For This Xfce/KDE FreeBSD Desktop Distribution   BSD   2020-09-14
Ubuntu 20.10 Adding Active Directory Support To The Installer   Ubuntu   2020-09-07
OpenZFS 2.0-RC1 Released With Unified Linux/BSD Support, Zstd Compression & Much More   Linux Storage   2020-08-25
OpenZFS Support Merged Into Mainline FreeBSD   BSD   2020-08-25
OpenZFS File-System Merges Support For Using Zstd Compression   Linux Storage   2020-08-22
Fedora 33 To Offer Stratis 2.1 For Per-Pool Encryption   Fedora   2020-08-06
Approved: Fedora 33 Desktop Variants Defaulting To Btrfs File-System   Fedora   2020-07-15
FreeBSD Getting Close To Finally Migrating Development From Subversion To Git   BSD   2020-07-15
TrueNAS 12 Beta 1 Released With Much Improved ZFS, Better AMD Ryzen CPU Support   BSD   2020-07-01
Intel vs. AMD, Systemd-Homed, Kernel Advancements Top H1'2020 For Linux   Phoronix   2020-06-30
Bcachefs Linux File-System Seeing Performance Improvements, Other Progress   Linux Storage   2020-06-28
FreeBSD 11.4 Released With Various Hardware Support Improvements, Tooling Enhancements   BSD   2020-06-17
Ubuntu's Ubiquity Installer Begins Adding ZFS Encryption Support   Ubuntu   2020-06-10
Red Hat's Stratis Storage 2.1 Released With Encryption Support, Other Improvements   Red Hat   2020-06-04
Ubuntu's ZFS Daemon Zsys 0.5 Released   Ubuntu   2020-06-03
iXsystems Announces TrueNAS SCALE As A Linux-Based Offering   BSD   2020-06-02
Oracle Talks Up Btrfs Rather Than ZFS For Their Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 6   Oracle   2020-05-21
Ubuntu 20.10 Installer With ZFS Will Enable TRIM By Default   Ubuntu   2020-05-21
Zstd Compression Under Review For OpenZFS   Linux Storage   2020-05-17
OpenZFS 0.8.4 Released With Support Through Linux 5.6, Bug Fixes   Linux Storage   2020-05-12
Proxmox VE 6.2 Released With Zstd Backups, Live Migration With ZFS Storage Replication   Virtualization   2020-05-12
Canonical Developers Preparing For More ZFS Improvements In Ubuntu 20.10   Ubuntu   2020-05-06
GhostBSD 20.04 Released With Fixes, Updated Kernel   BSD   2020-05-01
Ubuntu 20.10 "Groovy Gorilla" Open For Development   Ubuntu   2020-04-27
Manjaro 20.0 Released With Its Flagship Easy-To-Use, Arch-Based Xfce Desktop Distro   Arch Linux   2020-04-26
Ubuntu 20.10 Might Be The "Groovy Gorilla"   Ubuntu   2020-04-24
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Now Available For Download   Ubuntu   2020-04-23
NixOS 20.03 Released Atop Linux 5.4, Various Desktop/Display Improvements   Operating Systems   2020-04-21
OpenZFS Sees 3x Throughput Boost For ZVOL Sync Write Performance   Linux Storage   2020-04-20
OpenZFS Merges The New FreeBSD Support   Linux Storage   2020-04-17
Seven Changes We've Been Waiting On That You Will Not Find In Linux 5.7   Linux Kernel   2020-04-16
ZFS/Zsys Code Seeing Important Performance Fix Ahead Of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS   Ubuntu   2020-04-13
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Beta Released   Ubuntu   2020-04-03
Oracle Ships Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel 6 - Based On Linux 5.4 + DTrace Over BPF, Etc   Oracle   2020-03-31
Trying Out Ubuntu 20.04 With ZFS + Zsys Automated APT Snapshots   Ubuntu   2020-03-23
TrueNAS 12.0 CORE Supporting ZFS Async Copy-On-Write   BSD   2020-03-21
Ubuntu 20.04 Atop ZFS+Zsys Will Take Snapshots On APT Operations   Ubuntu   2020-03-07
FreeNAS + TrueNAS Unifying Into TrueNAS 12.0 CORE/Enterprise   BSD   2020-03-05
Linux 5.6, Threadripper 3990X, $199 AMD Laptop Topped Reader Interest In February   Phoronix   2020-03-01
GhostBSD 20.02 Brings Custom ZFS Partition Editor, Updater Improvements   BSD   2020-03-01
NetBSD 9.0 Debuts As The "Best NetBSD Release Ever"   BSD   2020-02-15
Red Hat's Stratis 2.0.1 Released For This Linux Storage Management Solution   Red Hat   2020-02-11
NetBSD 9.0 Coming Soon With 64-bit ARM, Updated ZFS, Hardware-Accelerated Virtualization   BSD   2020-02-02
Kernel Talk, AMD Hardware + Other Popular Linux Topics Of January   Phoronix   2020-02-01
FreeNAS 11.3 Released With A Plethora Of Improvements   BSD   2020-01-30
Ubuntu's Zsys Tool For Enhancing The ZFS On Linux Experience Now Supports Snapshots   Ubuntu   2020-01-28
ZFS On Linux 0.8.3 Released With Many Fixes   Linux Storage   2020-01-23
Project Trident Reaches Beta For Its ZFS-Based Void Linux Powered OS   Operating Systems   2020-01-12
Linus Torvalds Doesn't Recommend Using ZFS On Linux   Linux Storage   2020-01-09
Reiser5 File-System In Development - Adds Local Volumes With Parallel Scaling Out   Linux Storage   2019-12-31
Western Digital Has Been Developing A New Linux File-System: Zonefs   Linux Storage   2019-12-25
FreeBSD Along With The Other BSDs Had A Pretty Good Run This Decade   BSD   2019-12-25
Oracle Talks Up Recent Features For XFS + Some File-System Improvements On The Horizon   Linux Storage   2019-12-16