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Wine 4.0 Linux & Open-Source News

The 2010s Were Very Successful For Wine Thanks To CodeWeavers + Valve's Steam Play   WINE   2019-12-26
Wine 4.0.2 Released With 66 Bug Fixes   WINE   2019-08-23
Wine 4.0.1 Released With 44 Fixes   WINE   2019-05-15
CrossOver 18.5 Released - Based On Wine 4.0 While Pulling In FAudio   WINE   2019-03-21
Wine 4.2 Released With Unicode String Normalization & ECC Crypto Key Support   WINE   2019-02-15
Wine 4.1 Released As The First Development Step Towards Wine 5.0   WINE   2019-02-04
Wine-Staging 4.0 Released   WINE   2019-01-25
Wine 4.0 Officially Released With Vulkan Support, Initial Direct3D 12 & Better HiDPI   WINE   2019-01-22
Wine-Staging 4.0-RC7 Brings Some Application Crash Fixes   WINE   2019-01-21
Wine 4.0 To Be Released In The Next Few Days   WINE   2019-01-19
Wine 4.0-RC7 Released With Fixes For Video Player Crashes, Game Performance Issues   WINE   2019-01-18
Wine 4.0-RC6 Fixes Bugs With Crysis, Final Fantasy & Other Windows Games   WINE   2019-01-11
Wine 4.0-RC5 Released With Only A Handful Of Fixes   WINE   2019-01-04
Wine-Staging 4.0 RC4 Released   WINE   2019-01-03
The Many Features Coming To The Wine 4.0 Stable Release From Vulkan To New Input Devices   WINE   2018-12-31
Wine 4.0-RC4 Is Out For Testing While The Official Release Expected Next Month   WINE   2018-12-28
Wine-Staging 4.0-RC3 Will Now Crash Less For Windows Games/Applications   WINE   2018-12-23
Wine 4.0-RC3 Released With 27 Bug Fixes   WINE   2018-12-21
Wine-Staging 4.0-RC2 Yields 810 Patches Atop Upstream Wine   WINE   2018-12-19
Wine 4.0-RC2 Released With 11 Bug Fixes   WINE   2018-12-15
Wine-Staging 4.0-RC1 Released With Just Over 800 Patches On Top Of Wine   WINE   2018-12-10
Wine 4.0-RC1 Released With Updated Vulkan Support, Stream I/O Support   WINE   2018-12-07
Wine 3.0.4 Released Ahead Of January's Wine 4.0   WINE   2018-11-29
Wine-Staging 3.21 Released With A Handful Of New Patches   WINE   2018-11-26
Wine 4.0 Release Preparations Begin For Much Improved Windows Games / Apps On Linux   WINE   2018-11-25
Wine 3.0.4 Is En Route With New Icons, Dozens Of Bug Fixes   WINE   2018-11-13
Wine 3.20 Released With Several Improvements   WINE   2018-11-09
Wine 3.19 Brings File I/O Completion Modes, Better Handling For Broken RPC Connections   WINE   2018-10-26
Wine 3.13 Released With The MoltenVK macOS Support, Performance Data In The Registry   WINE   2018-07-20
Wine's VKD3D 1.0 Released For Running Direct3D 12 Over Vulkan   Vulkan   2018-05-23
Wine 3.7 Released With Direct3D Improvements, Larger Icons   WINE   2018-04-27
Wine 3.6 Brings A GLSL-Based Blitter, HiDPI Work   WINE   2018-04-13
More Wine Vulkan Code Goes Mainline, Hits First Milestone   WINE   2018-03-10
WineConf 2018 Is Happening In The Hague, Celebrating 25 Years Of Wine   Linux Events   2018-03-03
Wine 3.2 Released With HID Gamepad Support, D3D Multi-Sample Textures   WINE   2018-02-16
The First Stubs For Direct3D 12 Are Now In Wine Git   WINE   2018-02-14
Wine 3.1 Released As The First Step Towards Wine 4.0   WINE   2018-02-02
Wine 3.0 Released With Initial Direct3D 11 Support, D3D Command Stream   WINE   2018-01-18