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WebAssembly Linux & Open-Source News

Qt 6.4 Released With WebAssembly Promotion, Qt HTTP Server   Qt   2022-09-29
Wasmtime 1.0 Released - Bytecode Alliance Declares It Production Ready   Programming   2022-09-20
Bytecode Alliance Preparing For Wasmtime 1.0 Releasing Later This Month   Programming   2022-09-07
Wasmer 3.0 Alpha Released With WASIX Implementation, More Improvements For This WebAssembly Stack   Programming   2022-07-30
Oracle's GraalVM 22.2 Brings More Performance Optimizations   Programming   2022-07-26
Qt 6.4 Beta Released With HTTP Server & 3D Physics Modules   Qt   2022-06-17
OpenJPH 0.9 Released For Further Speeding Up Open-Source High-Throughput JPEG 2000   Free Software   2022-05-30
W3C Posts Initial WebAssembly 2.0 Working Drafts   Standards   2022-04-19
Qt 6.3 Released With Improved Wayland Support, Qt Language Server Module   Qt   2022-04-12
The Qt Company Planning For Many Qt6 Enhancements This Year   Qt   2022-03-07
Wasmer 2.2 Released With AArch64 Improvements, SSE 4.2 Support For Singlepass   Programming   2022-03-01
Wasmer 2.2 Bringing Its WebAssembly "Singlepass" Compiler To AArch64   Programming   2022-01-28
Oracle Releases GraalVM 22.0 With New Features   Oracle   2022-01-25
LibreOffice Sees New Activity For Compiling To WebAssembly   LibreOffice   2022-01-19
Firefox 95 vs. Chrome 97 Browser Performance On Linux   Desktop   2022-01-06
SuperTux 0.6.3 Brings In-Game Improvements, WebAssembly Support   Linux Gaming   2021-12-22
LLVM Now Has "Official" Support For Targeting NEC's Vector Engine (VE)   LLVM   2021-12-07
Firefox 95 Ready With RLBox Sandboxing Across All Platforms   Mozilla   2021-12-06
Wasmer 2.1 WebAssembly Implementation Adds Virtual Filesystem, Lisp + Crystal Support   Programming   2021-12-01
Google Releases Chrome 96 With Back-Forward Cache Enabled For The Desktop   Google   2021-11-15
Chrome 96 Beta Begins Preparing For Chrome 100, Adds Priority Hints Feature   Google   2021-10-21
Oracle Releases GraalVM 21.3 With Java 17 Support, Other Enhancements   Oracle   2021-10-19
Chrome 95 Released With FTP Support Completely Removed, New Developer Additions   Google   2021-10-19
Qt 6.2 LTS Released With Qt6 Now Aiming To Be Ready For Widespread Adoption   Qt   2021-09-30
Firefox 92 vs. Chrome 94 Browser Benchmarks On Ubuntu Linux   Desktop   2021-09-26
Chrome 95 Beta Completely Removes Deprecated FTP Support, Reduced User Agent Info Trial   Google   2021-09-24
Chrome 94 Released With WebGPU For Testing, WebCodecs API Now Official   Google   2021-09-21
Chrome 94 Beta Released With WebCodecs API Promoted, WebGPU Origin Trial   Google   2021-08-26
LibreOffice 7.2 Community Released For This Leading Open-Source Office Suite   LibreOffice   2021-08-19
LibreOffice 7.2 RC2 Up For Testing With Its Initial GTK4 Work, Command Pop-Up / HUD   Linux Kernel   2021-08-01
LibreOffice 7.2 RC1 Released Ahead Of Official Debut Next Month   LibreOffice   2021-07-13
LibreOffice 7.2 Beta Arrives With Initial Command Pop-Up HUD, Better Performance   LibreOffice   2021-06-18
Wasmer 2.0 Released With Significantly Faster Runtime Performance, Quicker Deserialization   Programming   2021-06-16
Wasmtime 0.28 Released With C++ Embedding Support   Programming   2021-06-13
Wasmer 2.0 WebAssembly Runtime Is Near With Much Faster Performance   Programming   2021-06-04
WASM3 v0.5 Released With Claims To Be The Fastest WebAssembly Interpreter   Programming   2021-06-03
Windows vs. Linux, 5.13 Kernel, FreeBSD 13, Other May Excitement   Free Software   2021-06-01
Chrome 91 Benchmarks On Linux Showing Off Even Better Performance   Google   2021-05-28
Chrome 91 Released With Gravity Sensor API, JSON Modules, WebAssembly SIMD   Google   2021-05-25
LibreOffice 7.2 Alpha 1 Released For This Open-Source Office Suite   LibreOffice   2021-05-25
Daemon Engine 0.52 Beta Continues Advancing The id Tech 3 Open-Source Code In 2021   Linux Gaming   2021-05-11
LibreOffice Merges Initial Support For Compiling To WebAssembly   LibreOffice   2021-05-06
Chrome 91 Beta Brings Experimental WebTransport, WebAssembly SIMD By Default   Google   2021-04-22
GraalVM 21.1 Released With Experimental Java 16 Support, Many Performance Improvements   Oracle   2021-04-21
Chrome 90 Released With AV1 Encode, New APIs   Google   2021-04-14
Many New/Updated Benchmarks For March With New SDR/Radio Tests, More Code Compilation   Phoronix Test Suite   2021-03-28
Chrome 90 Beta Released With New Origin Trials, AV1 Encode   Google   2021-03-12
Developers Continue New Push With LibreOffice In The Web Browser Via WebAssembly   LibreOffice   2021-02-10
Wasmer 1.0 Released As The Universal WebAssembly Runtime Outside The Browser   Programming   2021-01-05
2020 Was Another Interesting Year For Microsoft Around Open-Source/Linux   Microsoft   2020-12-28
Wasmer 1.0 RC1 Released For Running WebAssembly On The Desktop Or Anywhere   Programming   2020-12-25
Wasmer 1.0 Beta Released For Running WebAssembly Code Anywhere   Programming   2020-12-05
Microsoft Releases .NET 5.0 With Many Performance Improvements, Continued Linux Work   Microsoft   2020-11-11
Wasmer 1.0 Alpha 5, Wasmtime 0.21 Released For Advancing WebAssembly On The Desktop   Programming   2020-11-07
Rust Lands Experimental Cranelift-Based Code Generator - Much Faster Debug Build Times   Programming   2020-10-27
Apache's TVM Deep Learning Compiler Picks Up WebAssembly, Better Rust Support   Programming   2020-10-03
GraalPHP Is A PHP JIT Implementation Built On GraalVM   Programming   2020-09-25
LLVM 11.0-RC3 Released For This Big LLVM/Clang Update   LLVM   2020-09-22
Wasmer 1.0 Is Approaching For Running WebAssembly Anywhere   Programming   2020-09-12
Qt 6.0 Development Host/Target Changes Announced   Qt   2020-09-11
Wine-Mono Won't Bother With .NET 5.0 - The Official Microsoft Binaries Should Work Fine   Microsoft   2020-08-26
Firefox 80 Available With VA-API On X11, WebGL Parallel Shader Compile Support   Mozilla   2020-08-24
Firefox 79 Is Ready To Ship With Safeguard On "_blank" Links, More Wayland VA-API Work   Mozilla   2020-07-27
LLVM 11 Feature Development Is Over With Many Changes   LLVM   2020-07-15
GNU Toolchain Continues Phasing Out Native Client Support (NaCl)   Google   2020-07-15
GNU Binutils 2.35 Preparing For Release   GNU   2020-07-05
Firefox 78.0 Released - Also Serves As The Newest ESR Version   Mozilla   2020-06-30
QML Online Now Hosted By The KDE Project For Qt/QML On The Web   KDE   2020-06-16
Mozilla Sponsored The Godot Game Engine To Port Their Editor As An HTML5 Web App   Linux Gaming   2020-05-29
Chrome 84 Beta Brings Better Web Animations API, Experimental WebAssembly SIMD   Google   2020-05-28
Firefox 76 + 77 Beta Web Browser Benchmarks On Ubuntu Linux   Mozilla   2020-05-11
There Are Many Interesting Google Summer of Code 2020 Open-Source Projects   Google   2020-05-07
Wasmtime Now Offering Go Bindings For WebAssembly On The Desktop   Programming   2020-04-11
Chrome 80 Against Firefox 74/75 Performance On Linux   Desktop   2020-03-15
Google Bringing WebAssembly Extensions To Network Proxies   Programming   2020-03-12
Wasmer 0.16 Released For Running WebAssembly Programs Anywhere   Programming   2020-03-12
The New Compiler Features Of LLVM 10.0 / Clang 10.0   LLVM   2020-03-08
LLVM 10.0-RC3 Released With The Final Expected Soon For This Big Compiler Update   LLVM   2020-03-05
Miguel de Icaza Talks Up WebAssembly Greatness   Programming   2020-03-03
WASMtime 0.12 Released For The JIT-Style WebAssembly Runtime   Programming   2020-02-26
Rav1e 0.3 Is Releasing Soon For Faster Rust-Based AV1 Encoding   Multimedia   2020-02-04
Godot 3.2 Open-Source Game Engine Released With Better Documentation, New Features   Linux Gaming   2020-01-29
Red Hat Developer's MIR Is A Lightweight JIT Compiler   Programming   2020-01-20
Fedora 32 Aiming To Ship With The Latest Mono 6 For Microsoft .NET On Linux   Fedora   2020-01-07
Firefox 71 + WebRender vs. Chrome 79 Browser Benchmarks On Ubuntu Linux   Desktop   2019-12-15
Chrome 79 Released With WebXR Improvements, Other Developer Additions   Google   2019-12-10
Firefox 71 Linux Performance Isn't Looking All That Great   Mozilla   2019-12-04
Khronos + W3C Collaborating On SPIR-V Potentially Being The Shading Language For The Web   Desktop   2019-11-28
Mozilla + Intel + Red Hat Form The Bytecode Alliance To Run WebAssembly Everywhere   Mozilla   2019-11-12
Zstd 1.4.4 Released With Faster Compression & Decompression Support   Programming   2019-11-05
Chrome 79 Beta Adds The WebXR Device API For VR On The Web   Google   2019-10-31
Meson 0.52 Released With Better Support For Solaris/Illumos   Programming   2019-10-07
Binomial's Basis Universal To Super-Compress glTF Assets, WebGL Gets New Extensions   Standards   2019-07-26
Qt 5.13 Released With glTF 2.0 Importing, Wayland Improvements, Lottie Animation Support   Qt   2019-06-19
Google Releases Chrome 75 With Experimental Reader Mode, More WebAssembly Work   Google   2019-06-04
Qt 5.13 Should Be Released By Mid-June With Lottie Support, WebAssembly, glTF 2.0 Import   Qt   2019-05-29
Qt 5.13 Will Still Try To Ship In May   Qt   2019-04-30
Google's Filament Real-Time PBR Engine Updated With New Features   Google   2019-04-24
Qt 5.13 Beta 2 Available For Testing Lottie Support, WebAssembly, glTF 2.0 For Qt 3D   Qt   2019-04-16
LLVM 8.0 Released With Cascade Lake Support, Better Diagnostics, More OpenMP/OpenCL   LLVM   2019-03-20
The Greenfield Wayland Compositor Can Now Run Apps Directly In Your Web Browser   Wayland   2019-03-20
Qt 5.13 Beta Released   Qt   2019-03-19
The New Features & Changes With The LLVM Clang 8.0 Compiler Stack   LLVM   2019-02-26
Qt Publishes A 2019 Public Roadmap: More Work On WebAssembly, Tooling   Qt   2019-02-22
Qt 5.13 Alpha Released With WebAssembly Preview, Qt Lottie Technical Preview   Qt   2019-02-13
RustPython Is Implementing Python 3 Within Rust   Free Software   2019-02-05
Greenfield Is Still Progressing As An HTML5 In-Browser Wayland Compositor   Wayland   2019-02-03
Qt Is Working On An HTTP Web Server Module   Qt   2019-01-25
Qt 5.13 Slated To Deliver Many WebAssembly Improvements   Qt   2019-01-22
Qt 5.12 Released With Many Improvements, Joined By Qt Creator 4.8   Qt   2018-12-06
C-SKY Architecture Approved For The Linux Kernel, Might Be The Last New CPU Arch   Hardware   2018-10-29
Nebulet: A Rust Microkernel Running WebAssembly In Ring 0   Mozilla   2018-08-29
Go 1.11 Released With WebAssembly Port, Assembler Accepting AVX-512 Instructions   Google   2018-08-24
GNU FreeDink - One Of The Few Fully Free Software Games - Now Runs On The Web   GNU   2018-06-21
Qt for WebAssembly Tech Preview Reaches Beta   Qt   2018-04-23
Rust 1.25 Released, Upgrades To LLVM 6.0   LLVM   2018-03-29
Rust Gets A 2018 Roadmap, Big "Productivity" Edition Planned This Year   Programming   2018-03-12
Qt Developers Begin Brewing Their WebAssembly Plans   Qt   2018-03-09
Qt Has A Super Busy Year Ahead With A Lot Of Features Planned For 2018   Qt   2018-02-22
Firefox 58 Arrives With Continued Speed Optimizations   Mozilla   2018-01-23
Castle Game Engine 6.4 Brings Rigid-Body Physics, Improved Render Pipeline   Linux Gaming   2018-01-22
Firefox 58 Bringing Faster WebAssembly Compilation With Two-Tiered Compiler   Mozilla   2018-01-17
Godot 3.0 Release Candidate 1 Debuts Ahead Of This Imminent Game Engine Release   Linux Gaming   2018-01-14
CIB: Getting The Clang Compiler To Run In A Web Browser   LLVM   2018-01-01
Godot 3.0 Game Engine Preparing To Ship In Early 2018   Linux Gaming   2017-12-24
Godot 3.0 Game Engine Reaches Beta   Linux Gaming   2017-11-30
Godot Game Engine 3.0 Alpha 2 Released   Linux Gaming   2017-10-31
Progress Being Made On New "WebGPU" Web Graphics API   Standards   2017-10-15
Mono Begins Using WebAssembly With A Look Towards C#/F# The Web   Microsoft   2017-08-09
GNU Binutils 2.29 Released   GNU   2017-07-27
Godot 3.0 Reaches Alpha   Linux Gaming   2017-07-26
Godot Engine Still Working On 3.0 Release, WebGL 2.0 & WebAssembly Work Too   Linux Gaming   2017-06-14
Google Plans End To PNaCl Support In Favor Of WebAssembly   Google   2017-05-30
Glibc / GNU Toolchain Dropping Google NaCl Support   GNU   2017-05-20
Unreal Engine 4.16 Enters Public Preview State   Linux Gaming   2017-04-29
Godot 3.0 Alpha Coming Soon, WebAssembly + WebGL 2.0 Export Working   Linux Gaming   2017-04-10
Mozilla Proposes "Obsidian" Low-Level Graphics API For The Web, Based On Vulkan   Mozilla   2017-03-21
Godot 3.0 Is Working On WebAssembly + WebGL 2.0 Exporting   Linux Gaming   2017-03-14
Chrome 57 Arrives For Linux Users, WebAssembly By Default   Google   2017-03-10
Firefox 52 Released With WebAssembly Support, Security Fixes, CSS Grid   Mozilla   2017-03-07
A WebAssembly Back-End For The GNU Toolchain   Programming   2017-03-05
WebAssembly Ends Browser Preview With Initial API & Binary Format   Programming   2017-02-28
Apple Proposing A New, Lower-Level Graphics API For The Web   Standards   2017-02-07
Changes To Look Forward To With Firefox 52   Mozilla   2017-02-03
Rust 1.14 Released With Experimental WebAssembly Support   Programming   2016-12-22
WebAssembly Support Begins Materializing In Multiple Browsers   Desktop   2016-03-15
Google's V8 JavaScript Engine Hits Version 5.0   Google   2016-03-15
LLVM Continues To Dominate Across Many Operating Systems, Software Projects   LLVM   2016-02-01
Work Continues On WebAssembly For Low-Level, In-Browser Computing   Mozilla   2015-12-17
2015 LLVM Developers' Meeting Videos Published   LLVM   2015-11-11