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VirtIO-FS Linux & Open-Source News

FUSE Introducing Per-File DAX Option With Linux 5.17   Linux Storage   2021-12-19
QEMU 6.0 Released With AMD SEV-ES Encrypted Guest Support, Experimental Multi-Process   Virtualization   2021-04-29
QEMU 6.0 On The Way With LTO Support, AMD SEV-ES Guests, Multi-Process Experiment   Virtualization   2021-03-25
IDMAPPED Mounts Aim For Linux 5.12 - Many New Use-Cases From Containers To Systemd-Homed   Linux Kernel   2021-02-13
FUSE, OverlayFS, Ceph Ready With Improvements For Linux 5.11   Linux Storage   2020-12-19
Linux 5.10 FUSE To Allow Faster Performance With VirtIO-FS   Linux Kernel   2020-10-19
VirtIO-FS DAX Support Close To Mainline For Offering Tremendous Performance Boost   Linux Storage   2020-08-30
Intel's Cloud Hypervisor 0.7 Adds More Hotplug Capabilities, Musl Libc, SECCOMP Sandbox   Intel   2020-05-01
QEMU 5.0 Released For This Important Open-Source Emulator For Linux Virtualization   Virtualization   2020-04-28
VirtIO-FS Support Is In QEMU 5.0 For Better File/Folder Sharing Between Hosts And VMs   Virtualization   2020-04-21
OverlayFS Can Be Paired With VirtIO-FS On Linux 5.7   Linux Storage   2020-04-08
Intel Cloud Hypervisor 0.6 Released With VFIO Device Hotplug, I/O Improvements   Intel   2020-03-20
VirtIO-FS Is Looking Quite Good For Shared File-System With VMs   Virtualization   2020-02-06
VirtIO-FS Sent In For Linux 5.4 With Better Performance Over VirtIO-9P   Linux Storage   2019-09-26
Linux 5.4 Cycle To Begin With exFAT Driver, EPYC Improvements & New GPU Support   Linux Kernel   2019-09-15
EROFS Is Graduating From Staging In Linux 5.4   Linux Storage   2019-09-01
VirtIO-FS File-System Driver Being Added For Linux 5.4   Linux Storage   2019-08-31
VirtIO-FS: A Proposed Better Approach For Sharing Folders/Files With Guest VMs   Virtualization   2018-12-11