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VK9 Linux & Open-Source News

The Vulkan API Is Now Five Years Old And Enjoying Phenomenal Success   Vulkan   2021-02-16
The Matrix Of Software Projects Mapping Khronos APIs From DXVK To Zink & CLVK   Standards   2019-10-04
WineD3D Optimistic In Their Yet To Be Proven Vulkan Backend, DXVK "Dead End"   WINE   2019-06-07
D9VK Sees Inaugural Release For Running Direct3D 9 Games On Vulkan   Linux Gaming   2019-05-08
VK9 Project Stalls As Developer Leaves To Pursue Other Interests   Vulkan   2019-02-13
Wine Developers Are Exploring A Vulkan Backend To WineD3D   WINE   2019-01-24
VK9 Now Can Run Unreal Tournament 99, Works With AMD Binary Driver   Vulkan   2018-12-16
VK9 Milestone 28 Reached With Improvements For Unreal Tournament (1999)   Vulkan   2018-09-29
Direct3D 9 Support Proposed For DXVK   Linux Gaming   2018-08-09
VK9 - Direct3D 9 Over Vulkan - Completes 27th Milestone   Vulkan   2018-08-09
VK9 Direct3D9-On-Vulkan Working On Swap Chains, Explicit Render Targets   Vulkan   2018-07-30
VK9 - Direct3D 9 Over Vulkan - Hits 26th Milestone   Vulkan   2018-05-26
VK9 Gets Better Support For Shaders, 64-bit Fixes   Vulkan   2018-05-13
DXUP: Taking Direct3D 10 To 11 For Running On Vulkan   Vulkan   2018-05-01
VK9 Continues Persevering With Direct3D 9 Over Vulkan   Vulkan   2018-03-31
DXVK Is Making Significant Progress In Implementing Direct3D 11 Over Vulkan   Vulkan   2018-01-21
The Vulkan Moments Of 2017: More Games, Better Drivers & Continued Open-Source Adoption   Vulkan   2017-12-27
VK9 Gets Basic D3D9 Shaders Running On Vulkan   Vulkan   2017-12-24
VKD3D Is Beginning Flight As Wine's Direct3D 12 To Vulkan Library   WINE   2017-12-15
DXVK Is Making Some Steadfast Progress In Running Direct3D 11 Over Vulkan   Vulkan   2017-12-13
DXVK Is Aiming To Get Direct3D 11 Over Vulkan In Wine   Vulkan   2017-11-27
Wine Will Be Working On "VKD3D" As A Direct3D 12 To Vulkan Library   WINE   2017-11-02
D3D9 Shaders To SPIR-V For Vulkan Is Being Worked On By VK9   Vulkan   2017-07-22
Unity Dropping DirectX/Direct3D 9 Support   Linux Gaming   2017-07-10
VK9 Now Has Fullscreen Support For Direct3D-Over-Vulkan & More   Vulkan   2017-06-20
Direct3D 9 Over Vulkan Reaches New Milestones, Now Uses GLSLC Compiler   Vulkan   2017-06-10
VK9 Direct3D-Over-Vulkan Begins Hitting More Advanced Milestones   Vulkan   2017-05-12
Direct3D 9 Over Vulkan Continues Progressing   Vulkan   2017-04-23
VK9 Hits New Milestones In Implementing Direct3D 9 Over Vulkan   Vulkan   2017-03-13
Kabylake, GCC 7, Binary Blobs, Vulkan & Other Highlights From January   Phoronix   2017-01-31
VK9 - Direct3D-Over-Vulkan - Reaches New Milestones   Standards   2017-01-28
VK9 Hits Its Sixth Milestone For Direct3D 9 Over Vulkan   Vulkan   2016-12-17
Direct3D 9 Over Vulkan Hits New Milestone   Vulkan   2016-11-19
VK9: Still Pursuing Direct3D 9 Over Vulkan   Vulkan   2016-10-16