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VC4 Gallium3D Linux & Open-Source News

VC4 Gallium3D Gets Much Faster Texture Upload/Download Performance, Helping GLAMOR   Mesa   2018-09-09
Mesa 18.2-RC2 Released With 17 Fixes So Far   Mesa   2018-08-08
VC5 OpenGL & Vulkan Driver Advancing   Mesa   2017-12-11
MESA_tile_raster_order Added To The OpenGL Registry   Mesa   2017-10-10
The State Of The VC4 Driver Stack, Early Work On VC5   Hardware   2017-09-21
AMD Lands Experimental NIR Support In RadeonSI   Mesa   2017-07-31
Raspberry Pi / VC4 Software Support Continues Improving   Raspberry Pi   2017-06-20
VC4 Raspberry Pi 3D Driver Development Has Been Busy This Spring   Raspberry Pi   2017-05-13
Gallium3D VC4 Driver Being Ported To A Phone   Hardware   2017-03-14
VC4 Gallium3D Thread Switching Work, Reviewing On-Disk Shader Cache   Mesa   2017-01-03
VC4 Gallium3D Lands Some Minor Optimizations, 2016 Was Great For This RPi 3D Driver   Mesa   2016-12-30
Raspberry Pi VC4 Driver Work On SDTV, HDMI Audio & More   Raspberry Pi   2016-12-06
Raspberry Pi's VC4 Driver Picks Up ETC1, Fragment Shader Threading In Linux 4.10   Raspberry Pi   2016-11-18
Talk Of An ARM Vendor Open-Sourcing Their 3D Driver?   Arm   2016-11-14
Threading Support Is In The Works For Raspberry Pi's VC4 Open-Source GPU Driver   Mesa   2016-11-13
VC4 Gallium3D Driver Now Has Better Texture Upload Performance   Mesa   2016-10-19
Raspbian Likely To Use Firmware-Based KMS For Raspberry Pi As Temporary Measure   X.Org   2016-09-19
VC4 Raspberry Pi Driver Gets Job Shuffling For Faster OpenGL   Mesa   2016-09-14
Raspberry Pi VC4 Gallium3D Makes More Progress With NIR, Camera DMA-BUF   Mesa   2016-08-23
Lower Memory Use For The VC4 Raspberry Pi Gallium3D Driver   Mesa   2016-08-08
Raspberry Pi VC4 DRM Changes For Linux 4.8   Raspberry Pi   2016-07-12
Wayland's Weston Nukes Its Raspberry Pi Backend/Renderer   Wayland   2016-06-03
An LLVM Backend For the Raspberry Pi VPU   LLVM   2016-05-02
Linux 4.6 To Offer Faster Raspberry Pi 3D Performance   Raspberry Pi   2016-03-14
My Favorite Features/Changes Of The Linux 4.5 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2016-03-08
Trying Out The VC4 OpenGL Gallium3D Driver On The Raspberry Pi 2   Debian   2016-02-10
Raspbian Now Ships With Experimental Support For The New VC4 OpenGL Driver   Debian   2016-02-09
The Intel Mesa Driver Has Gotten Faster Since Switching To NIR   Mesa   2016-02-01
Features To Start Looking Forward To For Linux 4.5   Linux Kernel   2016-01-04
The Raspberry Pi Open-Source 3D Driver Still Has A Lot Of Work Ahead   Raspberry Pi   2015-12-15
Mesa 11.1 Will Likely Support The Raspberry Pi 3D Support In Linux 4.5   Mesa   2015-12-14
Raspberry Pi VC4 3D Acceleration Should Come To Linux 4.5   Raspberry Pi   2015-12-11
Raspberry Pi VC4 Gallium3D Support Continues Marching Along   Mesa   2015-12-08
The Latest Fun In Mesa 3D This Weekend   Mesa   2015-10-25
Raspberry Pi KMS Driver Pull Request Sent For Linux 4.4   Raspberry Pi   2015-10-21
Raspberry Pi KMS-Only, No-3D Driver Under Review   Raspberry Pi   2015-08-13
Raspberry Pi To Get Firmware Driver In Linux 4.3, Closer To DRM Driver Support   Raspberry Pi   2015-08-12
Features Added To Mesa 10.6 For Open-Source GPU Drivers   Mesa   2015-05-23
The Difference In Optimizations Between NIR & GLSL   Mesa   2015-04-24
Intel Mesa Driver Starts Using NIR By Default For Fragment Shaders   Mesa   2015-04-11
Raspberry Pi's VC4 Gallium3D Driver Switches To Using NIR   Mesa   2015-04-02
Intel Will Be Turning NIR On By Default In Their Mesa Driver   Intel   2015-03-19
Mesa 10.5 Is In Ubuntu 15.04 For The Latest Open-Source GPU Drivers   Mesa   2015-02-27
The Raspberry Pi VC4 Graphics Driver You Won't Find In Linux 4.0   Linux Kernel   2015-02-24
The Raspberry Pi Gallium3D Driver Has Made Much Progress In Less Than A Year   Mesa   2015-01-20
NIR Lands In Mesa, New IR Started By High Schooler Intern At Intel   Mesa   2015-01-15
Mesa Crosses 1.5 Million Lines Of Code, Highest Activity Since 2011   Mesa   2014-12-31
VC4 Gallium3D Adds DMA-BUF Support, Yields Working DRI3   Mesa   2014-12-18
DRI2 Support Proposed For The Generic Mode-Setting Driver   X.Org   2014-10-27
The VC4 Gallium3D Driver Is Still Moving Along For The Raspberry Pi   Raspberry Pi   2014-10-19
Mesa's Top Contributors This Summer   Mesa   2014-09-07
Getting Involved With The New Raspberry Pi Graphics Driver   Raspberry Pi   2014-08-30
The New Features Of Mesa 10.3   Mesa   2014-08-25
VC4 Gallium3D Driver Now Handles X With GLAMOR   X.Org   2014-08-22
Mesa 10.3 Branched & RC1 Released, Mesa 10.4 On Master   Mesa   2014-08-21
The GLX Extension For Linux Game Developers Will Soon Work On More Drivers   Mesa   2014-08-15
VC4 Gallium3D Driver Merged To Mainline Mesa   Hardware   2014-08-09
Broadcom VC4 Gallium3D Driver Soon To Merge Into Mesa   Mesa   2014-08-07
Raspberry Pi DRM+Gallium3D Driver Makes Great Progress In One Week   Raspberry Pi   2014-06-22