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Threadripper 3970X Articles & Reviews

AMD Threadripper 3970X Performance On Linux After Two Years   Processors   2021-12-03
Ubuntu 20.04 vs. Windows 10 WSL/WSL2 Performance In 170+ Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2020-06-24
Windows 10 May 2020 vs. Linux Performance On AMD Ryzen Threadripper   Operating Systems   2020-06-05
Benchmarking OpenMandriva's AMD Ryzen Optimized Linux Distribution On The Threadripper 3970X   Operating Systems   2020-02-21
Windows 10 vs. Eight Linux Distributions On The Threadripper 3970X   Operating Systems   2020-02-17
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X Offers Incredible Linux Performance   Processors   2020-02-07
Intel Still Has The Upperhand On BSD Support - Core i9 10980XE Benchmarks With DragonFlyBSD + FreeBSD   Operating Systems   2019-12-21
Intel Core i9 10980XE: Windows 10 vs. Linux Performance   Operating Systems   2019-12-18
FreeBSD 12.1 Runs Refreshingly Well With AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X - Benchmarks Against Windows + Linux   Operating Systems   2019-12-02
Windows 10 vs. Linux Performance On The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X   Operating Systems   2019-11-29
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X / 3960X Linux Benchmarks   Processors   2019-11-25

Threadripper 3970X Linux & Open-Source News

Linux Achieves 5.1M IOPS Per-Core With AMD Zen 3 + Intel Optane   Linux Storage   2021-09-30
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An Early Benchmark Of The NVIDIA CUDA GPU Performance On WSL2   NVIDIA   2020-06-27
The New AMD Energy Driver Is Working Out Well On Linux For Per-Socket/Core Reporting   AMD   2020-05-27
Linus Torvalds Switches To AMD Ryzen Threadripper After 15 Years Of Intel Systems   AMD   2020-05-24
Linux 5.6, Threadripper 3990X, $199 AMD Laptop Topped Reader Interest In February   Phoronix   2020-03-01
A Quick Look At The Blender 2.82 Performance On Intel + AMD CPUs   Free Software   2020-02-16
Benchmarking Linux 5.5 vs. Linux 5.6-rc1 On A Few Systems So Far   Linux Kernel   2020-02-12
Linux 5.5 Performance Overall Is Comparable To Older Kernels For Most Workloads   Linux Kernel   2020-01-29
Benchmarks Of Arch Linux's Zen Kernel Flavor   Arch Linux   2020-01-17
Happy New Year + A Look Back At The Most Popular Linux Content Of 2019   Phoronix   2019-12-31
The AppArmor Performance Impact In 70+ Benchmarks On Linux 5.5 Git   Linux Kernel   2019-12-31
More Benchmarks From Linux 5.5 Looking Like A Scheduler Snafu Even On Smaller CPUs   Linux Kernel   2019-12-28
GKraken Makes It Incredibly Easy To Manage NZXT Water Cooling Setups On Linux   Hardware   2019-12-17
Ice Lake, Threadripper, New CPU Vulnerabilities + Linux 5.4 Release Dominated November   Phoronix   2019-11-30
Threadripper 3970X Performing Better On Windows Relative To Linux - Thanks To Microsoft Or Zen 2?   AMD   2019-11-30
AMD Details 3rd Gen Threadripper, Ryzen 9 3950X + Their New $49 USD CPU   AMD   2019-11-07