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Shared Virtual Memory Linux & Open-Source News

Intel Xe Developers Begin Looking At Cross-Device & Cross-Driver HMM   Intel   2024-03-27
Intel Posts SVM Patches For Xe Kernel Graphics Driver   Intel   2023-12-21
Rusticl OpenCL Still Striving For Better Performance, SYCL & HIP Features   Mesa   2023-10-20
LLVMpipe Now Exposes Shared Virtual Memory Support   Mesa   2023-07-22
OpenCL Shared Virtual Memory Comes To Mesa's Rusticl Driver   Mesa   2023-04-14
Mesa Developers Eye Removing Clover Once Rusticl OpenCL Code Hits Parity   Mesa   2022-11-08
OpenCL 3.0.10 Brings A Handful Of New Extensions   Standards   2021-11-19
AMD Posts Latest Linux Patches For Supporting The Frontier Supercomputer   AMD   2021-08-25
Linux 5.14 GPU Driver Updates Come In Heavy With ~300k New Lines Of Code   Linux Kernel   2021-07-01
AMD Preparing More Linux Code For The Frontier Supercomputer   AMD   2021-05-27
AMD Queues Initial Graphics Code For Linux 5.14 - More Aldebaran, PCIe ASPM, HMM SVM   Radeon   2021-05-13
Intel Graphics Compiler 1.0.6748 Released With CM-CL Library   Intel   2021-04-01
AMD Sends Out Latest Patches For HMM-Based SVM Memory Manager   Radeon   2021-03-23
NVIDIA 470 Series Driver Looks Like It Will Bring OpenCL 3.0 Support   NVIDIA   2021-03-09
NVIDIA Posts Patches For SVM Atomics Support With Open-Source Nouveau   NVIDIA   2021-02-09
Intel's Open-Source Compute Stack Continues Work Towards Multi-GPU Support   Intel   2021-01-29
AMD Making Progress On HMM-Based SVM Memory Manager For Open-Source Compute   Radeon   2021-01-09
Another NVIDIA Engineer Just Made His First Contribution To Mesa   NVIDIA   2021-01-08
Intel Releases OpenCL Intercept Layer 3.0   Intel   2020-10-01
Mesa 20.2's Nouveau Enables HMM, OpenCL SVM Now Supported   Mesa   2020-07-14
Mesa 20.1 Features Include Big Improvements For Open-Source Intel, Radeon Graphics Drivers   Mesa   2020-05-27
Shared Virtual Memory Lands In Mesa Gallium3D's "Clover" OpenCL Implementation   Mesa   2020-04-15
Initial Batch Of Radeon Graphics Driver Changes For Linux 5.7   Radeon   2020-02-27
Intel Revises The Shared Virtual Memory Support For Their Linux Graphics Driver   Intel   2019-12-15
Intel SVM Support Published For Linux - Another Step On The March To Xe GPUs   Intel   2019-11-23
HIPCL Lets CUDA Run On OpenCL+SPIR-V   Standards   2019-09-17
Intel SYCL Compiler/Runtimes Updated With Unified Shared Memory Support   Intel   2019-08-15
Intel Linux Patches Revised For SVA/SVM Virtualization   Virtualization   2019-05-05
AMD Sends In Their Initial AMDGPU Driver Updates For Linux 5.2   Radeon   2019-03-28
DRM Changes For Linux 5.1 Bring Intel Fastboot, Komeda Driver & Other Improvements   Linux Kernel   2019-03-06
Gallium3D's OpenCL "Clover" Begins Seeing New Activity Land For Mesa 19.1   Mesa   2019-02-27
The Many Changes Lining Up So Far For The Linux 5.1 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2019-02-18
Nouveau Changes Sent In To DRM-Next For Linux 5.1 - Biggest Update In Several Releases   Nouveau   2019-02-18
Nouveau Driver Picks Up SVM Support Via HMM   Nouveau   2019-02-15
HMM Gets New Features/Improvements, Nouveau Support Aligned For Linux 5.1   Linux Kernel   2019-01-30
WarpDrive Proposed For The Linux Kernel: A Generic Accelerator Framework   Linux Kernel   2018-08-01
Shared Virtual Memory Support For Nouveau With HMM   Nouveau   2018-03-10
NVIDIA Appears To Finally Be Prepping OpenCL 2.0 Driver Support   NVIDIA   2017-02-17
Beignet Continues Slowly Tackling OpenCL 2.0 For Intel Linux Graphics   Intel   2016-01-07
Intel Adds Soft-Pinning Support To DRM Library   Intel   2015-12-20
Intel Rolls Out New "Soft-Pinning" Patches For Linux Graphics Driver   Intel   2015-09-09
Beignet Is Working On OpenCL 2.0 Open-Source Linux Support   Intel   2015-05-13
AMD Releases OpenCL 2.0 Catalyst Linux Driver   AMD   2014-09-25
Intel Finally Documents Broadwell's Compute Architecture   Intel   2014-09-11
Khronos Finalizes The OpenCL 2.0 Specification   Standards   2013-11-18
Early OpenCL 2.0 Specification Brings New Features   Standards   2013-07-22