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Shadow Stack Articles & Reviews

Linux 6.6 Features Include The EEVDF Scheduler, Shadow Stack, Intel IVSC, AMD DBC & More   Software   2023-09-12

Shadow Stack Linux & Open-Source News

Linux 6.6-rc1 Released With EEVDF, AMD DBC & Intel Shadow Stack But No Bcachefs   Linux Kernel   2023-09-10
Intel Shadow Stack Finally Merged For Linux 6.6   Intel   2023-08-31
Arm Guarded Control Stack "GCS" Patches Debut For The Linux Kernel   Arm   2023-07-18
Linux 6.5 Features Expected: Parallel CPU Bring-Up, Intel Shadow Stack, MIDI 2.0 & More   Linux Kernel   2023-06-25
Revised Intel Shadow Stack Support May Be Ready For Linux 6.5   Intel   2023-06-19
Intel Sends Out Latest Patches Preparing Linux CET Virtualization   Intel   2023-05-11
Linux 6.4-rc1 Released With Intel LAM, Several New AMD Features, More Rust Code & Early Apple M2   Linux Kernel   2023-05-07
Intel Shadow Stack For Linux Hits Last-Minute Snag With Issue Raised By Torvalds   Intel   2023-05-07
Intel Submits Long-Awaited Shadow Stack Support For Linux 6.4   Intel   2023-04-25
An Early Look At Linux 6.4 Features: AMD CDX, AMD GAM, Intel LAM, Apple M2 & More   Linux Kernel   2023-04-14
Intel CET Shadow Stack Support Set To Be Introduced With Linux 6.4   Intel   2023-03-21
RISC-V Linux Patches Start On "zisslpcfi" Support For Control-Flow Integrity   RISC-V   2023-02-13
Intel CET Indirect Branch Tracking Submitted For Linux 5.18   Intel   2022-03-26
Indirect Branch Tracking Ready Ahead Of Linux 5.18   Intel   2022-03-09
Intel IBT Patches For Linux Back On Track   Intel   2022-02-20
Intel's Linux Shadow Stack Patches Should Work Fine With AMD CPUs   AMD   2022-02-05
Intel Revs New Linux Patches Providing For Shadow Stacks For User-Space   Intel   2022-01-31
Another Round Of Intel CET Patches, Still Working Toward Linux Kernel Integration   Intel   2021-08-21
Intel Tidies Up CET While Waiting For It To Land In The Linux Kernel   Intel   2020-11-17
Intel Confirms CET Security Support For Tiger Lake   Intel   2020-06-15
Intel CET Support Still Getting Squared Away For Linux In 2020   Intel   2020-05-17
Ubuntu 19.10 To Harden Its Compiler With Stack Clash Protection & Intel CET   Ubuntu   2019-06-19
Glibc 2.28 Released With Unicode 11.0 Support, Statx & Intel Improvements   GNU   2018-08-01
Intel CET With Indirect Branch Tracking & Shadow Stack Land In Glibc   GNU   2018-07-17
Binutils 2.31 Offers Faster DLL Linking For Cygwin/Mingw, Freescale S12Z Support   GNU   2018-07-14
Working Intel CET Bits Now Land In GCC8   Intel   2017-10-22
Control-Flow Enforcement Technology Begins To Land In GCC 8   Intel   2017-10-20
Intel Posts Control-Flow Enforcement Support For GCC   Intel   2017-06-21