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SR-IOV Linux & Open-Source News

Linux 6.4 AMD Graphics Driver Picking Up New Power Features For The Steam Deck   Radeon   2023-03-18
Firmware Assisted Shadowing Code Posted For AMD RDNA3 - Needed For SR-IOV   Radeon   2023-03-17
AMD Ports Register Shadowing To The Mesa RADV Vulkan Driver   Radeon   2023-01-27
AMDGPU Linux 6.3 Addition To Help With Optimized Buffer Placement   Radeon   2023-01-21
AMD Begins Sending In "New Stuff" For Their Graphics Driver With Linux 6.3   Radeon   2023-01-08
AMD Makes More Updates Around New Radeon GPU Driver Code In Linux 6.2   Radeon   2022-11-12
Linux 6.2 AMDGPU Driver Gets Newer GPUs Working On Arm, SR-IOV Fixes For RDNA3/GFX11   Radeon   2022-11-05
AMD Prepares More RDNA3 Code, New GPU Reset Mode For RX 6000 Series With Linux 6.1   Radeon   2022-09-09
More AMD Radeon Graphics Driver Changes Queued Ahead Of Linux 5.19   Radeon   2022-04-23
AMD Readies Initial Batch Of Radeon Graphics Driver Code For Linux 5.19   Radeon   2022-04-15
Updated AMD GPU Firmware Blobs Land In Linux-Firmware.Git For PSP 13.0.8, GC 10.3.7   Radeon   2022-03-20
AMD Sends In Bits Of New Hardware Blocks For Linux 5.18 Radeon Updates   Radeon   2022-02-19
AMD Enabling FreeSync Video Mode By Default With Linux 5.18, Merging AMDKFD CRIU   Radeon   2022-02-13
AMD Radeon GPU Driver Code Sees More Fixes For Linux 5.17   Radeon   2021-12-17
Intel Enabling Resizable BAR To Work With I/O Virtualization On Linux   Hardware   2021-12-16
AMD Readies New Radeon Driver Code For Linux 5.17: STB, Seamless Boot For Van Gogh   Radeon   2021-12-02
Linux 5.14 GPU Driver Updates Come In Heavy With ~300k New Lines Of Code   Linux Kernel   2021-07-01
AMD Has Yellow Carp Ready For Linux 5.14, More Smart Shift Updates + Display Fixes   Radeon   2021-06-10
AMD Queues More Beige Goby Bring-Up, 16bpc Format For Vulkan, Smart Shift For Linux 5.14   Radeon   2021-06-03
AMD Sends Out Linux Support Patches For "Yellow Carp" GPU   Radeon   2021-06-02
AMD "Beige Goby" GPU Support Targeting Linux 5.14 Inclusion   Radeon   2021-05-21
AMD Queues Initial Graphics Code For Linux 5.14 - More Aldebaran, PCIe ASPM, HMM SVM   Radeon   2021-05-13
Hypocrite Commits, Rocket Lake Benchmarks, Arch's New Installer Rallied April   Phoronix   2021-05-01
IBM Clarifies Stance On Developers Working On Open-Source Projects In Off-Hours   Free Software   2021-04-22
IBM To Kernel Maintainer: "You Are An IBM Employee 100% Of The Time"   Linux Kernel   2021-04-20
VCN Load Balancing, LTTPR, More Aldebaran + Other Changes For Radeon In Linux 5.13   Radeon   2021-04-02
AMD Sends In More "New Stuff" For Radeon Graphics With Linux 5.12   Radeon   2021-01-15
AMDGPU Gets A Big Batch Of Fixes For Its New Driver Code Coming In Linux 5.10   Radeon   2020-10-01
Intel's Linux Support Coming Together For The Dynamic Load Balancer 2.0   Intel   2020-09-01
Linux 5.9 Bringing Mellanox VDPA Driver For Newer ConnectX Devices   Virtualization   2020-08-11
RadeonSI Lands Bits In Mesa 20.2 For Better Dealing With GPU Virtualization   Mesa   2020-07-22
Linux 5.8 To Better Deal With Critical Thermal Faults For Radeon GPUs   Radeon   2020-05-20
AMDGPU TMZ Support Wired Up For Linux 5.8   Radeon   2020-05-01
Many AMD Radeon Graphics Driver Improvements Sent In For Linux 5.8   Radeon   2020-04-25
AMD Begins Focusing On Bug Fixes For Linux 5.7 Graphics Driver Code   Radeon   2020-03-20
AMDGPU Driver Sees More Fixes For Linux 5.7 Development   Radeon   2020-03-13
Red Hat Shows Off Their vDPA Kernel Patches For Better Ethernet Within VMs   Virtualization   2020-01-18
AMD Sends In A Bunch Of Fixes For Linux 5.6 Along With Pollock Support   Radeon   2020-01-17
Virtual DCN / SR-IOV Display Support Being Worked On For AMDGPU In Linux 5.6   Radeon   2019-12-25
Radeon Linux 5.6 Changes Begin Queuing - Better Power Management, Adds DMCUB Controller   Radeon   2019-12-11
AMD Sends In Navi Support & Other Remaining AMDGPU Changes For Linux 5.3   Radeon   2019-06-23
AMD's Initial Graphics Updates For Linux 5.3 Include PowerPlay Improvements, HMM Usage   Radeon   2019-05-30
DRM Fixes Head Into Linux 5.2 While Letting Nouveau Turing TU117 Support Slip In   Nouveau   2019-05-17
Linux 5.2 IOMMU Changes Allow For More Flexible Intel VT-d Alternative To SR-IOV   Linux Kernel   2019-05-13
13 Years After Launch, The Open-Source Radeon Linux Driver Sees Occasional ATI R5xx Fix   Radeon   2019-05-10
AMDGPU Has FreeSync Improvements Ready For Linux 5.2 Plus Vega 20 Power Fixes   Radeon   2019-05-02
Intel & AMD Send Out New Patches For Linux Cgroup Support For GPUs   Linux Kernel   2019-05-02
DRM Changes For Linux 5.1 Bring Intel Fastboot, Komeda Driver & Other Improvements   Linux Kernel   2019-03-06
A Second Round Of AMDGPU Feature Updates Ready For Linux 5.1   Radeon   2019-02-01
New Radeon Vega IDs & Fixes Land Ahead Of Linux 4.21-rc1   Radeon   2019-01-06
A Lot Of AMDGPU DC Fixes, New VegaM PCI ID Line Up For Linux 4.21   Radeon   2018-12-29
AMDGPU Reset Recovery To Be Flipped On By Default For Newer Radeon GPUs   Radeon   2018-10-28
Intel Working On Improving Linux Virtualization With VT-d Scalable Mode   Virtualization   2018-09-27
NetworkManager 1.14 Officially Released With A Lot Of Networking Goodies   Linux Networking   2018-09-14
NetworkManager 1.14 RC1 Shows WireGuard Interfaces, SR-IOV Device Configuration, 6LoWPAN   Linux Networking   2018-09-08
AMD Releases Radeon Pro V340 With Dual Vega GPUs & 32GB HBM2   Radeon   2018-08-27
VFIO Adds Sample Mediated Device Display Drivers   Hardware   2018-06-13
Systemd 239 Is Being Prepped For Release With Many Changes   systemd   2018-06-12
AMDGPU On Linux 4.18 To Offer Greater Vega Power Savings, DisplayPort 1.4 Fixes   Radeon   2018-06-01
AMDGPU Feature Updates Submitted For Linux 4.18, Bringing Vega M & More   Radeon   2018-05-15
AMDGPU Has More WattMan Improvements & Power Profiling For Linux 4.17   Radeon   2018-03-08
First Batch Of AMDGPU Changes For Linux 4.16: DC Multi-Display Sync, Vega Tuning   Radeon   2017-12-06
Linux 4.15 Is A Huge Update For Both AMD CPU & Radeon GPU Owners   AMD   2017-11-18
ASPM Fixes, SR-IOV Improvements & Other PCI Improvements For Linux 4.15   Linux Kernel   2017-11-16
AMD Submits Initial AMDGPU DRM Updates Slated For Linux 4.15   AMD   2017-09-26
The DRM Changes To Find With The Linux 4.14 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2017-08-23
More AMDGPU DRM Updates Sent In For Linux 4.14 DRM-Next   Radeon   2017-08-16
Initial Batch Of AMDGPU Changes Submitted For Linux 4.14   Radeon   2017-07-27
The Big DRM Pull Request Submitted For Linux 4.13   Linux Kernel   2017-07-09
AMD Submits Radeon/AMDGPU DRM Updates Slated For Linux 4.13   AMD   2017-06-08
The Huge DRM Driver Update Submitted For Linux 4.12: Vega, Atomic & Co   Linux Kernel   2017-05-03
AMDGPU Gets More Fixes For Linux 4.12   AMD   2017-04-29
DRM Changes To Look Forward To With Linux 4.12: Vega, Atomic Intel, Accelerated Pascal   Linux Kernel   2017-04-12
AMDGPU Has More Code Prepped For Linux 4.12   AMD   2017-04-07
Vega 10 & Other AMDGPU Updates Land In DRM-Next, 398k+ L.O.C.   Linux Kernel   2017-03-31
Vega Support Called For Pulling Into Linux 4.12, Without DC Support   Radeon   2017-03-30
More AMDGPU Vega Patches Published   Radeon   2017-03-24
AMD Sends Out 100 Patches, Enabling Vega Support In AMDGPU DRM   AMD   2017-03-20
AMDGPU Changes Queued For Linux 4.11: Power/TTM Changes, No DC/DAL   Radeon   2017-01-27
AMD Rolls Out Hardware-Based GPU Virtualization: Multiuser GPU   Virtualization   2015-09-01