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Roccat Articles & Reviews

Libratbag + Piper Allow For Great Logitech Gaming Mouse Support On Linux   Peripherals   2018-08-21
ROCCAT LUA: A Linux-Friendly Gaming Mouse   Peripherals   2014-09-28

Roccat Linux & Open-Source News

Roccat Open-Source Project To End New Linux Device Support   Hardware   2016-12-12
Libratbag: A New Library For Configurable Mice On Linux   Hardware   2015-09-15
A Linux Driver Is In Development For The Corsair Vengeance K90   Linux Gaming   2015-08-29
Intel's i7-5960X + X99 Motherboard On CentOS 7.0 Has Some Pains   Red Hat   2014-10-03
Logitech Isn't Yet Fully Supporting Linux   Hardware   2014-06-20
Logitech Begins Supporting Linux Users   Hardware   2013-05-18
Linux Begins To Support Windows 8 Multi-Touch   Hardware   2012-12-13
Razer BlackWidow, Other Products On Linux?   Hardware   2012-01-03
Roccat Linux Support Keeps Coming   Linux Gaming   2011-09-05
A Gaming Mouse Vendor That Has Linux Drivers   Hardware   2010-10-05