Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 is a major update to the RHEL platform and was officially released in 2014.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Articles & Reviews

EC2 Cloud Linux Benchmarks: Amazon, Clear, Debian, Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu   Operating Systems   2018-12-03
Amazon, Clear, Debian, Gentoo, Red Hat, SUSE & Ubuntu Performance On The EC2 Cloud   Operating Systems   2017-11-28
Preview: Benchmarking CentOS 7.0 & Scientific Linux 7.0   Operating Systems   2014-07-10
Preview: Running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 In Amazon's EC2 Cloud   Operating Systems   2014-06-26
9-Way April 2014 Linux Distribution Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2014-04-25
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 RC Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2014-04-24
6-Way End-Of-2013 Linux Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2013-12-29
Ubuntu 14.04 LTS vs. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Benchmarks   Operating Systems   2013-12-21
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Beta 1 Looks Great, Performance Is Great   Operating Systems   2013-12-13
The Evolution Of Enterprise Linux Performance   Operating Systems   2012-03-08

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Linux & Open-Source News

AMD Radeon Software For Linux 22.40.5 Driver Released   Radeon   2023-05-23
NVIDIA CUDA 11.2 Released For Further Enhancing Its Proprietary Compute Stack   NVIDIA   2020-12-16
Phoronix Test Suite 10.0.1 Released   Phoronix Test Suite   2020-10-22
Radeon Software for Linux 20.40 Released With RX 5300 Series Support   Radeon   2020-10-05
Oracle Linux 7 U9 Beta Bringing Updated Drivers, Wayland Tech Preview   Oracle   2020-08-19
Linux Kernel Raising Compiler Build Requirement To GCC 4.9   Linux Kernel   2020-07-08
Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 19.Q4 for Linux Released   Radeon   2019-11-13
CentOS 7.7 Released As The Last Stop Before CentOS 8.0   Red Hat   2019-09-17
New WireGuard Snapshot Offers Better Compatibility With Distributions/Kernels   Linux Networking   2019-09-16
Oracle Linux 7 Update 7 Released   Oracle   2019-08-15
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 Brings Cloud Improvements, Kernel Livepatching   Red Hat   2019-08-06
RHEL 7.7 Beta Comes With MDS/Zombieload Mitigations   Red Hat   2019-06-06
Looking Ahead To Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.0 News During Red Hat Summit 2019 Week   Red Hat   2019-05-06
The Anticipated Linux Driver Requirements For The Radeon Instinct MI50 / MI60 (Vega 20)   Radeon   2018-11-08
Fedora 29 Officially Released With Arguably The Best Fedora Workstation Release Yet   Fedora   2018-10-30
Ubuntu Now Shipping On The Dell Precision 5530 Developer Edition   Ubuntu   2018-08-31
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6 Beta Updates Cockpit, Adds Podman   Red Hat   2018-08-22
Minimal Ubuntu Can Boot Faster, But Still Not The Fastest Booting On Amazon EC2 Cloud   Ubuntu   2018-07-09
CentOS 6.10 Released, Scientific Linux 6.10 Coming Next Week   Red Hat   2018-07-06
ROCm 1.8.1 Released With Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Support   Radeon   2018-06-05
Dell Rolls Out New Precision Developer Laptops With Ubuntu Linux   Hardware   2018-05-26
Scientific Linux 7.5 Released As RHEL 7.5 Rebuild   Operating Systems   2018-05-12
CentOS 7 1804 Released As The Free Spin Of RHEL 7.5   Red Hat   2018-05-10
Radeon Software 18.20 Preview Offers Early Support For Ubuntu 18.04 LTS & RHEL 7.5   Radeon   2018-05-04
Scientific Linux 7.5 Release Candidate Arrives   Operating Systems   2018-05-03
Oracle Linux 7 Update 5 Released, Offering Two Kernel Options & Still Supporting Btrfs   Oracle   2018-04-17
Red Hat Confirms RHEL 8 Will Drop Python 2   Red Hat   2018-04-10
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Officially Launches   Red Hat   2018-04-10
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Offers Wayland In Tech Preview Form   Red Hat   2018-01-24
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Reaches Public Beta   Red Hat   2018-01-24
The Most Popular Articles On Phoronix In 2017   Phoronix   2017-12-31
Following RHEL, Oracle Linux 7 Brought To ARM   Oracle   2017-11-29
Red Hat Enterprise Linux for ARM Hits General Availability   Red Hat   2017-11-13
Fedora 27 Making It Easy To Deploy Free RHEL7 VMs   Fedora   2017-10-20
Red Hat Planning For A Wayland Tech Preview In RHEL 7.5   Red Hat   2017-09-29
Ryzen & RX Vega Totally Dominated This Summer For Linux Users   Hardware   2017-09-17
CentOS 7.4 Now Available (CentOS Linux 7 1708)   Red Hat   2017-09-13
Oracle Linux 7 Update 4 Brings UEFI SecureBoot, USBGuard Added & Btrfs Supported   Oracle   2017-09-09
Fedora's Yum Could Soon See Retirement   Fedora   2017-09-02
Ryzen 7, Threadripper & Radeon RX Vega Generated A Ton Of Linux Buzz   Phoronix   2017-09-01
Stratis Is Red Hat's Plan For Next-Gen Linux Storage Without Btrfs   Red Hat   2017-08-02
Red Hat Appears To Be Abandoning Their Btrfs Hopes   Red Hat   2017-08-01
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 Released   Red Hat   2017-08-01
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 Enters Public Beta   Red Hat   2017-05-23
GPUOpen's CodeXL 2.3 Brings Ryzen Support, AMDGPU-PRO Compatibility   AMD   2017-05-10
NethServer 7 Server/Network-Focused Linux OS Released   Operating Systems   2017-02-08
Scientific Linux 7.3 Released   Operating Systems   2017-01-26
CentOS Linux 7 "1611" Released   Red Hat   2016-12-12
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 Released   Red Hat   2016-11-03
Microsoft Rolls Out .NET Core RC2, .NET Core SDK Preview 1 With Linux Support   Microsoft   2016-05-16
If You Use An ASUS Motherboard & Hit A Linux Issue, Hopefully It's On This List   Hardware   2016-03-02
Preliminary Specifications Revised For The Talos Secure Workstation   Hardware   2016-02-14
Scientific Linux 7.2 Officially Released   Red Hat   2016-02-06
Scientific Linux 7.2 Planned For Release Next Week   Red Hat   2016-01-30
CentOS 7 1511 Updates To GNOME 3.14, KDE 4.14   Red Hat   2015-12-14
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 Brings Container Updates & Faster Networking   Red Hat   2015-11-19
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 Enters Beta   Red Hat   2015-09-02
Fresh, 5-Way Linux Distribution Benchmarks On Amazon's EC2 Cloud   Operating Systems   2015-05-06
Scientific Linux 7.1 Is Coming Soon, Up To An RC State   Operating Systems   2015-04-03
The Most Exciting Fedora News Of 2014   Fedora   2014-12-27
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 Now In Beta   Red Hat   2014-12-11
Red Hat Software Collections 1.2 Adds GCC 4.9, Nginx 1.6   Red Hat   2014-10-30
Scientific Linux 7.0 Officially Released   Red Hat   2014-10-13
Btrfs Won't Likely Replace EXT4 As The Default Until Fedora 23   Fedora   2014-10-05
Scientific Linux 7.0 RC2 Is Ready For Testing   Red Hat   2014-10-03
Intel's i7-5960X + X99 Motherboard On CentOS 7.0 Has Some Pains   Red Hat   2014-10-03
AMD Catalyst 14.9 Officially Released For Linux   AMD   2014-09-29
Scientific Linux 7.0 RC1 Has Finally Arrived   Red Hat   2014-09-27
Scientific Linux 7.0 Beta 3 Released   Operating Systems   2014-08-20
Kpatch Gets Exposure This Week, kGraft Misses Out   Linux Events   2014-08-19
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 Now In Beta   Red Hat   2014-08-12
Drivers & Drama Dominated Linux Talk In July   Phoronix   2014-07-31
Oracle Linux 7 Released Today As Its RHEL7 Clone   Oracle   2014-07-23
Scientific Linux 7.0 Alpha 2 Is Ready For Testing   Operating Systems   2014-07-12
The Beta To The Final Minor Release Of RHEL5 Is Out   Red Hat   2014-07-10
Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5 Released   Red Hat   2014-07-08
CentOS 7 Release Relives RHEL7 As A Community Project   Operating Systems   2014-07-07
CentOS 7 Now Under Public QA   Red Hat   2014-06-13
Red Hat Announces General Availability Of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7   Red Hat   2014-06-10
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Announcement Likely Tomorrow   Red Hat   2014-06-09
What Else Would You Like To See On Phoronix This Spring?   Phoronix   2014-04-23
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 Is Looking Fantastic   Red Hat   2014-04-23
Red Hat's RHEL7 RC ISO Is Now Publicly Available   Red Hat   2014-04-22
Oracle Linux 6.5 vs. Oracle Linux 7.0 Beta Benchmarks   Oracle   2014-04-20
Red Hat Releases Its RHEL 7 Release Candidate   Red Hat   2014-04-15
Fedora's Copr Continues Mining New Features   Fedora   2014-01-14
Fedora Developers Open EPEL 7 For Business   Fedora   2014-01-12
SteamOS, Linux Graphics Made An Exciting Holiday   Phoronix   2013-12-31
Progress Being Made On CentOS 7, Based Off RHEL7   Red Hat   2013-12-31
Reiser4 Is Now Available For The Linux 3.12 Kernel   Linux Storage   2013-12-21
Exciting Upcoming Linux Hardware Reviews, Articles   Hardware   2013-12-12
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Beta Released   Red Hat   2013-12-11
Red Hat Releases Enterprise Linux 6.5   Operating Systems   2013-11-21
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 Preps New Capabilities   Red Hat   2013-10-08
RHEL 7 Linux To Use GNOME 3 Classic Mode   Red Hat   2013-06-12
OpenSUSE: Not Everyone Likes SystemD   SUSE   2012-09-10
CentOS 6.3 Spin Released Of RHEL 6.3   Red Hat   2012-07-09
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Ideas Are Needed   Red Hat   2011-08-31