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Quadro Articles & Reviews

The Power Efficiency Between Ubuntu 19.04, Clear Linux & openSUSE Tumbleweed With CompuLab's Airtop 3   Operating Systems   2019-09-25
CompuLab's Airtop 3 Is The Most Powerful Fan-Less Computer We've Tested Yet   Computers   2019-09-09
CompuLab Turns An 8-Core/16-Thread Xeon, 64GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 Into Fan-Less Computer   Computers   2019-07-17
Lenovo ThinkPad W510 Notebook   Computers   2010-10-15
Workstation Benchmarks: Windows 7 vs. Ubuntu Linux   Operating Systems   2010-08-03
NVIDIA 190.16 Driver Brings OpenGL 3.2 To Linux   Display Drivers   2009-07-22
NVIDIA 177.76 Display Driver   Display Drivers   2008-09-19
SilverStone Sugo SG02-F   Enclosures   2008-06-02
Overclocking The NVIDIA Quadro FX1700   Graphics Cards   2008-05-12
NVIDIA Quadro NVS 140M   Graphics Cards   2008-03-28
NVIDIA Performance: Windows vs. Linux vs. Solaris   Graphics Cards   2008-03-07
NVIDIA Quadro FX1700 512MB   Graphics Cards   2008-03-04
NVIDIA 169.04 Driver Improvements   Display Drivers   2007-11-23
Nouveau Companion 26   Display Drivers   2007-08-22
NVIDIA 100.14.09 Display Driver   Display Drivers   2007-06-08
NVIDIA 1.0-9755 Display Driver   Display Drivers   2007-03-07

Quadro Linux & Open-Source News

NVIDIA R535 Linux Beta Brings New Vulkan Extensions, DMA-BUF v4 Wayland Protocol   NVIDIA   2023-05-30
AMD 4th Gen EPYC + Instinct MI300A Supercomputer Heading To Bavaria   AMD   2023-02-09
More Aquacomputer Devices To Be Supported With Linux 6.3   Hardware   2023-02-09
Linux Patches Posted For Enabling The Aquacomputer Aquaero   Hardware   2022-12-20
NVIDIA 525.60.11 Linux Driver Released With Many Fixes, Vulkan Improvements   NVIDIA   2022-11-28
NVIDIA Open GPU Kernel Driver Improves Firmware Handling, IBT Support   NVIDIA   2022-11-11
NVIDIA 525.53 Linux Driver Brings Dynamic Boost For AMD Laptops, Installer Enhancements   NVIDIA   2022-11-10
Aquacomputer High Flow Next To Be Supported With Linux 6.1   Hardware   2022-09-12
More ASUS Motherboard Sensors & Other Hardware Monitoring Improvements For Linux 5.20   Hardware   2022-07-31
Aquacomputer Quadro Fan Controller Support Coming With Linux 5.20   Hardware   2022-07-30
System76 Introduces Thelio Mira Computers - Powered By AMD Ryzen 5000 Series   Hardware   2021-03-11
The Most Popular NVIDIA Linux News + Milestones Of 2020   NVIDIA   2020-12-30
System76 Launches The Thelio Mega With Threadripper + Four GPUs   Hardware   2020-10-20
NVIDIA Linux Driver Preparing To Drop SLI AA/AFR/SFR Support   NVIDIA   2020-08-20
NVIDIA 450.66 Linux Driver Released With Expanded EIZO, Matrox Support   NVIDIA   2020-08-18
Blender 2.82 Performance With The NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 Laptop Performance   NVIDIA   2020-03-21
2010 Through 2019 NVIDIA Linux News Topped By Linus Torvald's Criticism + Overclocking   NVIDIA   2019-12-19
NVIDIA 440.44 Linux Driver Brings Fixes, __GL_SYNC_DISPLAY_DEVICE Honored With Vulkan   NVIDIA   2019-12-11
AMD Announces Radeon Pro W5700 RDNA Workstation Graphics Card   Radeon   2019-11-19
NVIDIA 430.40 Linux Driver Released With RTX 2080 SUPER Support, RTX 3000 Max-Q   NVIDIA   2019-07-29
NVIDIA 430.34 Linux Driver Brings SUPER Support   NVIDIA   2019-07-09
NVIDIA Releases 430.26 Linux Driver With New Quadro Support   NVIDIA   2019-06-10
Dell's Precision 5540/7540/7740 Now Shipping With Ubuntu Linux   Hardware   2019-05-30
AMD Radeon Pro Software for Enterprise 19.Q2 for Linux Released   Radeon   2019-05-09
GeForce GTX 1650 Support Backported To Stable Linux Driver With 418.74 Update   NVIDIA   2019-05-07
Dell Launches Linux-Loaded Precision 3540 Laptop Starting At ~$700 USD   Hardware   2019-05-01
Airtop3 Manages A Passively-Cooled Core i9 9900K + Quadro RTX 4000   Hardware   2019-04-23
NVIDIA 410.93 Linux Driver Released With Quadro RTX 8000 Support, 4.20 Kernel Compatible   NVIDIA   2019-01-03
NVIDIA 415.25 Linux Driver Released With Support For The TITAN RTX & Quadro RTX 8000   NVIDIA   2018-12-18
NVIDIA Video Codec SDK 9.0 Bringing Big Improvements For Turing GPUs   NVIDIA   2018-12-04
NVIDIA 410.78 Linux Driver Fixes Vulkan Corruption, Adds Quadro RTX 4000 Support   NVIDIA   2018-11-15
NVIDIA 410.73 Linux Driver Released With Quadro RTX 5000/6000 Support   NVIDIA   2018-10-25
Ubuntu Now Shipping On The Dell Precision 5530 Developer Edition   Ubuntu   2018-08-31
NVIDIA CUDA 10 Adding nvJPEG, Turing Support   NVIDIA   2018-08-14
NVIDIA Announces Open-Source MDL SDK   NVIDIA   2018-08-14
NVIDIA Announces Turing-Based Quadro RTX GPUs As The "World's First Ray-Tracing GPU"   NVIDIA   2018-08-13
NVIDIA 396.51 Linux Graphics Driver Released   NVIDIA   2018-08-03
Wine-Staging 3.13 Released With Extra Patches   WINE   2018-07-21
Dell Precision 7530/7730 Now Shipping With Ubuntu Linux Option   Ubuntu   2018-07-03
NVIDIA 390.67 Linux Driver Released WIth X.Org Server 1.20 Support, Bug Fixes   NVIDIA   2018-06-05
Dell Rolls Out New Precision Developer Laptops With Ubuntu Linux   Hardware   2018-05-26
Open-Source NVIDIA Volta GV100 Support Queued For Linux 4.18   Nouveau   2018-05-18
NVIDIA 390.59 Linux Driver Brings New GPU Support, X.Org Server 1.20 Compatibility   NVIDIA   2018-05-16
NVIDIA Releases The 396.24 Linux Driver With X.Org Server 1.20 Support   NVIDIA   2018-05-02
NVIDIA 387.42.06 Linux Vulkan Driver Released With New Extensions   NVIDIA   2018-03-31
NVIDIA 390.48 Linux Driver Released With GV100 & Tesla V100 Support   NVIDIA   2018-03-28
NVIDIA Rolls Out The Volta-Based Quadro GV100   NVIDIA   2018-03-27
Airtop2 Inferno Offers i7-7700K + GeForce GTX 1080 While Being Fanless   Hardware   2018-02-14
NVIDIA 390.25 Linux Driver Released With GTX 1060 5GB & Quadro P620 Support   NVIDIA   2018-01-29
NVIDIA 390.12 Linux Driver Reaches Beta   NVIDIA   2018-01-04
NVIDIA May Be Trying To Prevent GeForce GPUs From Being Used In Data Centers   NVIDIA   2017-12-25
NVIDIA Releases Linux Graphics Debugger 2.2   NVIDIA   2017-10-11
NVIDIA 384.90 Linux Driver Brings Fixes, Quadro P5200 Support   NVIDIA   2017-09-21
NVIDIA 384.69 Linux Driver Released With A Few Fixes   NVIDIA   2017-08-22
SUSE+NVIDIA Makes The Graphics Binary Driver Easier To Deploy On Tumbleweed   SUSE   2017-08-10
NVIDIA 381.22 Linux Driver Released With Updated Vulkan   NVIDIA   2017-05-09
NVIDIA 375.66 Driver Released With Fixes, Official GTX 1080 Ti Support   NVIDIA   2017-05-04
NVIDIA 381.09 Linux Beta Driver Released: New Kernel Support, Updated Vulkan   NVIDIA   2017-04-06
NVIDIA 375.39 Linux Driver Released, Backports Fixes To The Long-Lived Branch   NVIDIA   2017-02-14
NVIDIA 378.13 Linux Driver Released   NVIDIA   2017-02-14
The End Of An Era: A Look Back At The Most Popular Solaris Milestones & News   Oracle   2017-01-19
NVIDIA 378.09 Driver Adds Multi-Threaded GLSL Shader Compilation, Vulkan Extensions   NVIDIA   2017-01-18
NVIDIA 375.26 Driver Rolls Out With Several Fixes   NVIDIA   2016-12-14
NVIDIA 375.20 Adds X.Org Server 1.19 Support, Stabilizes Other Changes   NVIDIA   2016-11-18
NVIDIA 375.10 Linux Driver Released, Supports GTX 1050 Series   NVIDIA   2016-10-21
NVIDIA's Proposal For A New API Better Than GBM Has Already Made Some Progress   Wayland   2016-09-23
AMD Introduces The Radeon Pro WX Series   Radeon   2016-07-25
NVIDIA Unveils The Quadro P6000, The "World's Fastest GPU"   NVIDIA   2016-07-25
New NVIDIA 361 Linux Driver Released   NVIDIA   2016-05-24
NVIDIA 364.19 Linux Driver Stabilizes The Wayland & Mir Support   NVIDIA   2016-04-22
NVIDIA 364.15 Fixes EGL Problems With Wayland, PRIME Fixes   NVIDIA   2016-04-06
NVIDIA 361.42 Linux Driver Brings Bug Fixes, New GPU Support   NVIDIA   2016-03-30
The Airtop Is One Of The Coolest Linux-Friendly PCs Ever For Enthusiasts   Hardware   2016-01-14
NVIDIA 361.18 Beta Linux Driver Released   NVIDIA   2016-01-14
NVIDIA Updates Legacy Drivers For X.Org Server 1.18   NVIDIA   2015-11-18
NVIDIA 352.41 Driver Brings New GPU Support & Fixes   NVIDIA   2015-08-28
NVIDIA Releases 352.30 Linux Driver   NVIDIA   2015-07-28
NVIDIA Has Someone Working On Nouveau CUDA Support   NVIDIA   2015-07-06
NVIDIA 346.72 Linux Driver Brings Few Fixes   NVIDIA   2015-05-13
NVIDIA 349.16 Linux Driver Brings Fixes   NVIDIA   2015-04-14
NVIDIA 346.59 Linux Driver Brings Support For New GPUs   NVIDIA   2015-04-07
NVIDIA 346.47 Linux Driver Adds New GPU Support, Fixes Bugs   NVIDIA   2015-02-24
A Five Year Old NVIDIA GPU Can Still Beat Broadwell HD Graphics 5500   Intel   2015-02-03
NVIDIA 340.76 Brings Three Stable Fixes   NVIDIA   2015-01-28
Spliet Spills More Nouveau Re-Clocking Patches   Nouveau   2014-09-12
Nouveau Gets Improved Re-Clocking Handling For Select GPUs   Nouveau   2014-08-22
NVIDIA 337.19 Beta Linux GPU Driver Released   NVIDIA   2014-05-05
Coreboot Adds Support For The Lenovo ThinkPad T530   Coreboot   2014-04-09
NVIDIA Dropping Pre-Fermi GPUs From Their Mainline Linux Driver   NVIDIA   2014-03-12
A Roadmap For FreeBSD Graphics Support   BSD   2013-12-05
NVIDIA Is "Taking Linux Gaming Serious"   NVIDIA   2013-11-25
NVIDIA Puts Out 331.17 Beta Linux GPU Driver   NVIDIA   2013-10-25
NVIDIA Releases A Bit More Open GPU Documentation   NVIDIA   2013-10-25
NVIDIA Drops Linux Driver Feature Not Found On Windows   NVIDIA   2013-10-01
NVIDIA 325.15 Driver Brings Fixes, New GPU Support   NVIDIA   2013-08-06
NVIDIA Releases Beta OpenGL 4.4 Linux Driver   NVIDIA   2013-07-23
Two Hacks For The NVIDIA Linux Graphics Driver   NVIDIA   2013-07-21
Nouveau Gets H.264/MPEG2 Decoding From VP2   Nouveau   2013-06-28
NVIDIA Releases 319.32 Linux GPU Driver   NVIDIA   2013-06-25
NVIDIA Brings Their Linux Driver To ARM   NVIDIA   2013-06-19
Debian 7.0 GNU/Linux vs. GNU/kFreeBSD Benchmarks   Debian   2013-06-10
Linux 3.10 Kernel Benchmarks On A Core i7 Laptop   Linux Kernel   2013-05-18
Arch-Based Manjaro Linux Runs Against Ubuntu 13.04   Arch Linux   2013-04-24
Benchmarking Fedora 18 Updates   Fedora   2013-04-16
NVIDIA vs. Nouveau Drivers On Ubuntu 13.04   NVIDIA   2013-04-11
Nouveau Improves Some Games With Linux 3.9 Kernel   Nouveau   2013-04-10
Early Mesa 9.2 Benchmarks With Nouveau   Mesa   2013-04-10
NVIDIA Has Major New Linux Driver: Optimus, RandR 1.4   NVIDIA   2013-04-09
Nouveau vs. NVIDIA Drivers On Quadro Laptop   Nouveau   2013-03-15
Graphics Card Support For QEMU/KVM Comes Closer   Virtualization   2013-01-29
NVIDIA Certifies 310.32 Linux Graphics Driver   NVIDIA   2013-01-21
Phoronix 2012 Year-End Summary   Phoronix   2012-12-31
What Features LLVM/Clang 3.2 Bring To The Table   LLVM   2012-12-23
NVIDIA 313.09 Linux Driver Packs New Features   NVIDIA   2012-12-12
NVIDIA Still Working On Open-Source For Tegra Driver   NVIDIA   2012-11-25
Nouveau Changes Will Make Features Like SLI Easier   Nouveau   2012-10-04
NVIDIA To Publicly Release Some Documentation   NVIDIA   2012-09-21
NVIDIA 304.43 Driver Brings New Support & Fixes   NVIDIA   2012-08-27
XDC: Hardware-Independent Graphics Driver & More   X.Org   2012-08-24
NVIDIA 304.37 Linux Driver Brings 41 Official Changes   NVIDIA   2012-08-13
NVIDIA 304.30 Supports FXAA, X Server 1.13, K10   NVIDIA   2012-07-30
NVIDIA Puts Out Hefty Linux Driver Update   NVIDIA   2012-07-13
The Most Popular Linux Happenings From Q2'2012   Phoronix   2012-07-04
NVIDIA Loses Huge GPU Order Due To Linux Blob   NVIDIA   2012-06-22
NVIDIA PR Responds To Torvalds' Harsh Words   NVIDIA   2012-06-19
Linus Torvalds Calls NVIDIA The Worst Company Ever   NVIDIA   2012-06-17
NVIDIA Releases Its Stable 302 Driver w/ RandR 1.3   NVIDIA   2012-06-16
NVIDIA Releases New Linux Binary Driver Update   NVIDIA   2012-06-14
Fedora 17: Beefier Than Ubuntu 12.04 LTS?   Fedora   2012-06-08
A New NVIDIA Linux Binary Driver Released   NVIDIA   2012-05-17
NVIDIA Tegra With Dedicated Quadro/GeForce?   NVIDIA   2012-05-10
NVIDIA 295.49 Fixes Linux Performance Regression   NVIDIA   2012-05-04
Did The NVIDIA 295.40 Linux Driver Fall Off A Cliff?   NVIDIA   2012-04-16
A NVIDIA Tegra 2 DRM/KMS Driver Tips Up   NVIDIA   2012-04-11
Radeon, Nouveau Power Usage On Ubuntu 12.04   Ubuntu   2012-04-08
Will Nouveau Driver Impact Ubuntu 12.04's Battery?   Nouveau   2012-03-31
Adobe Issues Final Linux Flash Player Release   Proprietary Software   2012-03-31
The Effect Of Desktop Effects On Graphics Performance   GNOME   2012-02-29
Image Quality Comparison: Nouveau Gallium3D vs. NVIDIA   Nouveau   2012-02-21
Did Your System Take A Dive With Linux 3.2?   Linux Kernel   2012-01-05
AMD Driver Support State For Radeon HD 7000 Series, Trinity   Radeon   2011-12-06
What's Missing From The Mesa Drivers   Mesa   2011-10-28
The DRM Pull Request For Linux 3.2 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2011-10-28
Nouveau Fan Management Code Published   Nouveau   2011-08-29
PC-BSD/FreeBSD 9.0 For Intel Sandy Bridge   Intel   2011-08-13
NVIDIA 280 Linux Driver Series Becomes Official   NVIDIA   2011-08-03
NVIDIA Proposes Extending RandR   NVIDIA   2011-07-18
The Different Gallium3D Drivers Available   Mesa   2011-06-30
NVIDIA Does An Official 275.xx Linux Driver Blob   NVIDIA   2011-06-14
What Not To Expect From The Linux 2.6.40 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2011-05-22