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Qt 6.2 Linux & Open-Source News

Qt 6.3 Released With Improved Wayland Support, Qt Language Server Module   Qt   2022-04-12
Qt 6.3 Alpha Released With New Qt Quick Compiler For Commercial Customers   Qt   2022-01-14
Qt Creator 6 Released For This C++ Focused IDE, Clangd Now Fully-Supported   Qt   2021-12-02
Qt 6.2.1 Released With 200+ Bug Fixes   Qt   2021-10-27
Qt Creator 6 Beta Released With Updated C++ Code Model, Binaries Built Against Qt 6.2   Qt   2021-10-14
Qt 6.2 LTS Released With Qt6 Now Aiming To Be Ready For Widespread Adoption   Qt   2021-09-30
Qt 6.2 LTS Will Nearly Be At Feature Parity To Qt 5.15   Qt   2021-09-02
Qt Creator 5.0 Released With Experimental Clangd Backend, Experimental Docker Builds   Qt   2021-08-26
Qt Creator 5.0 Beta Brings Experimental Support For Clangd, Building Code In Docker   Qt   2021-07-08
Qt 6.2 Beta Released As The First Qt6 LTS Release Moves Closer   Qt   2021-07-06
Qt 6.2 Alpha Released With Many More Modules Ported From Qt5   Qt   2021-06-23
Qt 6.1.1 Released With 150+ Bug Fixes   Qt   2021-06-08
Qt 6.2 Enters Feature Freeze With More Qt5 Modules Ported To Qt6   Qt   2021-06-07
Qt Multimedia Prepares For Qt 6 With Rewritten GStreamer Backend, Other Big Changes   Qt   2021-05-27
Qt 6.1 Released With More Modules Ported To Qt6   Qt   2021-05-06
The Qt Company Publishes 2021 Roadmap   Qt   2021-04-27
Qt 6.0.1 Released With Over 200 Bug Fixes   Qt   2021-02-03
Qt 6.1 Feature Freeze Now In Effect   Qt   2021-02-01
The Qt Company Is Tomorrow Moving Qt 5.15 To Its Commercial-Only LTS Phase   Qt   2021-01-04
Qt 6.1, Qt 6.2 Expected To Come Sooner With Tightened Release Cycles   Qt   2020-11-27
Qt 5.15.2 Released With Another 176 Bug Fixes   Qt   2020-11-20
Qt 6.0 Beta Released For This Big Toolkit Update   Qt   2020-10-20
Qt 6.0 Alpha Released   Qt   2020-10-06