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Qt 5.6 Linux & Open-Source News

Qt 5.12 Released With Many Improvements, Joined By Qt Creator 4.8   Qt   2018-12-06
Qt 5.9.5 Doubles Qt Quick Performance On 64-bit ARM, 18x JavaScript Improvement   Qt   2018-04-24
Qt 5.9 To Be An LTS Release, Qt 6 Planning On Radar   Qt   2017-05-09
Qt 5.10 Release Planned For The End Of November, No Qt 5.8.1 Planned   Qt   2017-04-13
Jolla Releases Sailfish OS 2.1, Adds Copy & Paste To The Browser   Operating Systems   2017-02-09
Qt 5.7.1 & Qt Creator 4.2 Released   Qt   2016-12-14
Qt 5.6.2 Released With ~900 Improvements   Qt   2016-10-12
SDDM Display Manager Adds HiDPI Support, New Options   KDE   2016-08-28
Plasma 5.8 Feature Freeze Next Month, To Be The First LTS Release   KDE   2016-08-13
Qt 5.6.1-1 Released To Fix A Critical Problem   Qt   2016-06-22
The Qt Company Is Still Aiming To Get Qt 5.8 Out This Year   Qt   2016-06-20
KDE Neon User Edition 5.6 Is Released So You Can Easily Experience Plasma 5.6   KDE   2016-06-09
Qt 5.6.1 Now Available   Qt   2016-06-08
Qt 5.6.1 Should Be Released This Week, Test Packages Available   Qt   2016-06-06
OpenSUSE 42.2 Alpha Released   SUSE   2016-05-24
Lumina Desktop 0.9 Adds Window Compositing Support, New Text Editor   BSD   2016-05-05
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Is Soon Switching To GCC 6, Lands Mesa 11.2.1 & Linux 4.5.2   Operating Systems   2016-05-04
Qt 5.7 Beta Is In Sight   Qt   2016-04-15
Qt 5.7 Beta Is Running Behind Schedule   Qt   2016-03-30
Qt 5.6 Officially Released   Qt   2016-03-16
Qt 5.6 Scheduled To Be Released This Week   Qt   2016-03-14
Qt 5.7 Alpha Being Prepped For Release   Qt   2016-03-04
You Can Now Try KDE Wayland Git On OpenSUSE   KDE   2016-02-27
Qt 5.6 Release Candidate Is Out, Three Months Late   Qt   2016-02-24
Qt 5.7 Is Going To A Feature Freeze While Qt 5.6 Isn't Even Coming For Another Month   Qt   2016-02-01
Qt 5.6 Now In Beta, Prepares To Be A Long-Term Support Release   Qt   2015-12-21
Various Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Decisions From This Week's Summit   Ubuntu   2015-11-05
Qt 5.5.1 Brings Nearly 1,000 Changes   Qt   2015-10-15
Qt 5.6 Drops WebKit, Qt QML Uses Less Memory & Other Forthcoming Features   Qt   2015-10-11
Qt To Get Possible Speech Recognition API   Qt   2015-09-10
Qt 5.6 Alpha Released   Qt   2015-09-09
Qt Purchasing Module Might Come To Qt 5.6 For Offering In-App Purchases   Qt   2015-08-05
Qt 5.7 Will Make Use Of Modern C++11 Features   Qt   2015-06-23
Qt Is Looking At Making Qt 5.6 A Long-Term Support Release   Qt   2015-06-18
Cross-Platform HiDPI Support Ready For Testing In Qt   Qt   2015-06-04
Qt3D Will Likely Only Be A Tech Preview In Qt 5.5   Qt   2015-02-09