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Qt 5.13 Linux & Open-Source News

KDE + Qt 5.14 To Better Behave With Context Loss Around NVIDIA's Driver   KDE   2019-10-09
Qt 5.13.1 Has ~500 Bug Fixes While Qt Creator 4.10 Released   Qt   2019-09-08
Genode OS 19.08 Released With Better POSIX Compatibility, Qt 5.13 Support   Operating Systems   2019-08-29
Qt Creator 4.10 RC Available With Support For Pinning Files, UI Improvements   Qt   2019-08-03
KaOS 2019.07 Released For Delivering The Latest KDE Desktop Linux Experience   KDE   2019-07-01
Qt Creator 4.10 Beta Allows Pinning Files, Support For Boost Tests   Qt   2019-06-20
Qt 5.13 Released With glTF 2.0 Importing, Wayland Improvements, Lottie Animation Support   Qt   2019-06-19
QtCoAP Added To Qt 5.13 To Increase Its Relevance For Internet of Things   Qt   2019-06-06
Qt 5.13 Hits The Release Candidate Stage   Qt   2019-06-05
Qt 5.13 Should Be Released By Mid-June With Lottie Support, WebAssembly, glTF 2.0 Import   Qt   2019-05-29
Qt 5.13 Will Still Try To Ship In May   Qt   2019-04-30
Qt 5.13 Beta 2 Available For Testing Lottie Support, WebAssembly, glTF 2.0 For Qt 3D   Qt   2019-04-16
Dolphin & Other KDE Utilities To Begin Displaying File Creation Times On Linux   KDE   2019-04-14
Qt 5.13 Beta Released   Qt   2019-03-19
Qt 5.13's Lottie Support Is Ready To Easily Play Portable Animations   Qt   2019-03-09
Qt 5.13 Alpha Released With WebAssembly Preview, Qt Lottie Technical Preview   Qt   2019-02-13
Qt 5.12.1 LTS Released With Around 300 Bug Fixes   Qt   2019-02-01
Qt 5.13 Slated To Deliver Many WebAssembly Improvements   Qt   2019-01-22
Qt 5.13 Might Add QTelemetry For Opt-In Anonymous Data Collection   Qt   2019-01-17
Qt 5.13 Gets Scheduled For A May Debut   Qt   2018-12-01
Qt 6.0 Might Be Coming After Qt 5.14, Could Depend Upon C++17   Qt   2018-06-13