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Qt 5.11 Linux & Open-Source News

Netrunner 19.08 Released For Delivering A Clean KDE Experience Atop Debian 10   Operating Systems   2019-08-21
Qt 6 Will Bring Improvements To The Toolkit's Python Support   Qt   2019-08-19
KDE Frameworks 5.60 Released With Many Changes & Fixes   KDE   2019-07-13
KDE Applications 19.04 To Support eBook Thumbnails, Allow Ripping CDs To Opus   KDE   2019-02-10
Qt 5.12 Lowering The QML Memory Consumption, Better JavaScript Performance   Qt   2018-11-16
LibreOffice Lands More Qt5 Integration Improvements, LXQt Support   LibreOffice   2018-10-13
Qt 5.11.2 Released With ~800 Changes, 250+ Bug Fixes   Qt   2018-09-20
KaOS 2018.08 Released As One Of The Great KDE Linux Distributions   Operating Systems   2018-09-01
Netrunner 2018.08 KDE-Aligned Linux Distribution Released With Seamless GTK Apps   KDE   2018-08-05
OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 Is Approaching With DNF/RPM4, KDE Plasma 5.13, Linux 4.17~4.18   Operating Systems   2018-07-06
Qt 5.11.1 Released With 150+ Bug Fixes   Qt   2018-06-19
Qt 6.0 Might Be Coming After Qt 5.14, Could Depend Upon C++17   Qt   2018-06-13
Qt For Python 5.11 Released As The First Official Build   Qt   2018-06-13
The Many Wayland Improvements In Qt 5.11   Qt   2018-05-29
LXQt 0.13 Released With More Improvements For This Lightweight Qt Desktop   Qt   2018-05-22
Qt 5.11 Released With A Big Arsenal Of Updates   Qt   2018-05-22
Qt 5.11 RC2 Released With The Final Expected Next Week   Qt   2018-05-18
Qt 5.11 Release Candidate Arrives, Final Release May Come Early   Qt   2018-05-08
Qt 5.11 Adding Khronos KTX Texture Support To Qt Quick   Qt   2018-05-07
Qt 5.9.5 Doubles Qt Quick Performance On 64-bit ARM, 18x JavaScript Improvement   Qt   2018-04-24
Qt for WebAssembly Tech Preview Reaches Beta   Qt   2018-04-23
Qt 5.11 Bringing Generalized Ray Casting Support For 3D Module   Qt   2018-04-17
Qt 5.12 Will Likely Ship In November, Might Drop Alpha/Beta Tags   Qt   2018-04-16
The Qt Company Has Been Overhauling Qt's Support For Python   Qt   2018-04-13
Qt 5.9.5 Released With 100+ Bug Fixes, ~450 Changes   Qt   2018-04-12
Qt 5.11 Beta 3 Released, RC1 Due Out Soon   Qt   2018-04-10
Qt Creator 4.6 RC & Qt 5.11 Beta 2 Released   Qt   2018-03-16
Qt Developers Begin Brewing Their WebAssembly Plans   Qt   2018-03-09
Qt 3D Studio 1.1 Brings UI Improvements   Qt   2018-03-02
Qt 5.11 Beta Rolls Out, Multiple Betas Expected   Qt   2018-03-01
Qt Has A Super Busy Year Ahead With A Lot Of Features Planned For 2018   Qt   2018-02-22
Qt 5.11 Alpha Released With Many Toolkit Additions   Qt   2018-02-20
Qt 5.10.1 Ships With More Than 300 Bug Fixes   Qt   2018-02-13
Qt Creator 4.6 Beta Rolls Out With C++17 Features, Navigation Improvements   Qt   2018-02-07
The Qt 5.11 Feature Freeze Is Imminent   Qt   2018-01-25
Qt 5.9.4 Released With Close To 200 Bug Fixes   Qt   2018-01-23
With Qt 6.0 Development To Heat Up, 2018 Should Be Exciting For Qt   Qt   2018-01-02
Qt 5.9 To Be An LTS Release, Qt 6 Planning On Radar   Qt   2017-05-09