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PowerTOP Articles & Reviews

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PowerTOP Linux & Open-Source News

Wine 7.5 Released With HLSL Compiler Support For Bundled VKD3D   WINE   2022-03-25
Benchmarks - Is PowerTOP Tuning Worthwhile For Modern AMD Linux Laptops?   AMD   2022-02-14
Pat Gelsinger's Open-Source Bias, Intel's Pledge To Openness   Intel   2021-10-25
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PowerTop, AMD CPUFreq CPPC & Other Power Tests From The Ryzen 9 3900X On Linux   AMD   2019-09-03
Work Started This Summer On Adding System Power Information To GNOME-Usage   GNOME   2018-08-30
Fedora's Power Tweaks Dropped The Power Use On A ThinkPad By ~30%   Fedora   2018-02-06
Canonical Once Again Aiming To Improve Ubuntu's Boot Speed   Ubuntu   2018-01-22
DatArcs Is Aiming For Dynamically-Tuned, Self-Optimizing Linux Servers   Operating Systems   2016-11-21
Linux 4.6 To Support Runtime Power Management Of AHCI Controllers   Hardware   2016-03-19
Is Intel's PowerTOP Utility Still Beneficial In 2016 On Ubuntu 16.04 To Save Power?   Intel   2016-03-14
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Other Ways To Optimize Your Linux Battery Life   Hardware   2014-05-21
Intel Releases PowerTOP 2.6 To Improve Linux Battery Life   Intel   2014-05-20
Dynamic GPU Power-Off Support For DRM Drivers   X.Org   2012-09-10
PowerTOP Can Still Extend Battery Life On Linux   Hardware   2012-08-23
PowerTOP 2.1 Presents New Power-Saving Features   Intel   2012-08-20
PulseAudio 2.0 Runs On HURD, Has Jack Detection   Free Software   2012-05-11
ConnMan 1.0 Released For Linux Networking   Intel   2012-05-11
PowerTOP 2.0 Finally Sees Release   Free Software   2012-05-11
How Ubuntu 12.04 Is Trying To Drop Power Usage   Ubuntu   2012-01-27
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Intel's PowerTOP Ported To OpenSolaris   Intel   2008-05-16
Intel Introduces LatencyTOP Utility   Intel   2008-01-18
Intel Linux Forum Opens Up   Intel   2007-08-07
PowerTOP -- Saving Power With Intel   Intel   2007-05-12