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Plasma 5.23 Linux & Open-Source News

Manjaro 21.2 Released With Better Btrfs Support, Linux 5.15 LTS Powered   Arch Linux   2021-12-22
KDE Starts December With Numerous Fixes, Other Desktop Refinements   KDE   2021-12-04
Alpine Linux 3.15 Released - Builds Off Linux 5.15, Drops MIPS64, SimpleDRM For FB   Operating Systems   2021-11-24
KDE Ends Out October With More Fixes, Continued Polishing To Plasma Wayland   KDE   2021-10-30
KDE Plasma Readies Its NVIDIA GBM Support, Fingerprint Authentication Added   KDE   2021-10-23
KDE's Plasma Wayland Session Continues Seeing More Crash Fixes   KDE   2021-10-16
KDE Plasma 5.23 Released In Marking 25 Years Of KDE   KDE   2021-10-14
KDE Moves To GitLab-Based CI, Lands More Plasma Wayland Fixes   KDE   2021-10-09
Plasma 5.23 Lands More Last-Minute Fixes To Avoid Wayland Crashes   KDE   2021-10-02
KDE Plasma 5.24 On Wayland To Support DRM Leasing For VR Headsets   KDE   2021-09-25
KDE Sees Another Big Batch Of Plasma Wayland Improvements   KDE   2021-09-18
KDE Plasma 5.23 Beta Released As The 25th Anniversary Edition   KDE   2021-09-16
KDE Sees More Plasma Wayland Fixes As Plasma 5.23 Hits Its Soft Feature Freeze   KDE   2021-09-11
KDE's Plasma Wayland Session Is "Finally Reaching Stability" Following Many Fixes   KDE   2021-09-04
KDE Plasma 5.23 Will Be Another Exciting Release With Many Improvements Abound   KDE   2021-08-28
KDE Plasma Introduces A New Overview Effect, Many Wayland Fixes   KDE   2021-08-21
KDE Making It Easy To Tune Your Laptop's Power Profile, Other Improvements Land   KDE   2021-07-24
KDE's KWin Reworks Its DRM Code, Many Other Improvements   KDE   2021-07-17
KDE Gets Expandable Tooltips, Larger Clipboard, More Wayland Fixes   KDE   2021-06-19
Plasma 5.23 Picking Up Latest Breeze Evolution Style, SDDM Lands Native Wayland Support   KDE   2021-06-12
KDE Gears Up For The Plasma 5.22 Release Next Week   KDE   2021-06-05
KDE Introduces KCommandBar For HUD-Style Popups   KDE   2021-05-22