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Plasma 5.21 Linux & Open-Source News

OpenMandriva Lx 4.3 RC Released With LLVM 12 Toolchain, Linux 5.12 Kernel   Operating Systems   2021-05-24
openSUSE Tumbleweed Now Offering GNOME 40   SUSE   2021-04-16
Manjaro 21.0 Released With Linux 5.10 Kernel, GNOME 3.38 + Xfce 4.16 + KDE Plasma 5.21   Arch Linux   2021-03-23
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed's Very Busy Week With An Entire Rebuild, Latest KDE Packages   SUSE   2021-03-21
Manjaro 21.0-RC1 Brings Linux 5.10 LTS, GNOME 3.38 / KDE Plasma 5.21   Arch Linux   2021-03-18
KDE Plasma 5.22 Will Better Warn You If Your Disk Might Be Failing   KDE   2021-03-13
KDE Plasma 5.22 Adds Adaptive Opacity + Will Avoid Useless Rendering When Screen Is Off   KDE   2021-03-06
KDE Rolling Out New CLI Tools, Many Crash Fixes   KDE   2021-02-27
KDE Sees More Crash Fixes Following Plasma 5.21 Release   KDE   2021-02-20
KDE Plasma 5.21 Released With Better Wayland Support, Desktop Improvements   KDE   2021-02-16
Plasma 5.21 Continues Seeing Lots Of Fixes Ahead Of Next Week's Release   KDE   2021-02-13
KDE Plasma 5.22 Will Support Direct Scan-Out For Full-Screen Games / Apps   KDE   2021-02-06
KDE Ends Out January With A Lot Of Fixes For Plasma 5.21   KDE   2021-01-30
Ubuntu 21.04 Will Try To Use Wayland By Default   Ubuntu   2021-01-28
KDE Saw Many Fixes + Improvements On Top Of Shipping Plasma 5.21 Beta   KDE   2021-01-23
KDE Plasma 5.21 Now In Beta With Much Improved Wayland Support   KDE   2021-01-21
KDE's KWin Compositor Sees Near Total Rewrite Of Compositing Code.   KDE   2021-01-09
KDE Celebrated Christmas With KIO-FUSE Stable Release, NeoChat Matrix Chat App   KDE   2020-12-26
KDE Sees New Features, Bug Fixes Ahead Of Christmas   KDE   2020-12-19
KDE's Development Focus Ahead Of The Holidays Has Been About Better Usability   KDE   2020-12-12
KDE Plasma's KWin Working On Per-Screen Refresh Rates, Compositing From Multiple Threads   KDE   2020-12-11
Schei├če! KDE Plasma 5.21 To Add Palette For Easier Input Of Accented Characters   KDE   2020-12-05
KDE Closing Out November With More Plasma Wayland Fixes   KDE   2020-11-28
KDE Has Another Week Worth Of Wayland Fixes   KDE   2020-11-21
KDE Sees A Number Of Fixes To Dolphin, Plasma On Wayland   KDE   2020-11-14
KDE Kicks Off November With More Fixes, Including More Plasma Wayland Work   KDE   2020-11-08
More KDE Wayland Fixes Heading Into Plasma 5.20.1   KDE   2020-10-17
KDE Plasma 5.21 To Bring Multi-GPU Support For Wayland   KDE   2020-10-10
KDE Plasma Mobile Has Been Making Great Progress   KDE   2020-10-09
KDE Begins Landing "Breeze Evolution" Refresh For Default Theme   KDE   2020-10-03
Systemd Startup For KDE Plasma 5.21 Has Helped Uncover Bugs, Other Improvements   KDE   2020-10-01
KDE Plasma 5.20 Should Be Crashing A Lot Less Under Wayland   KDE   2020-09-26
KDE Plasma 5.21 Bringing Systemd Startup Support, Wayland Improvements   KDE   2020-09-19