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Panfrost Linux & Open-Source News

Mesa 23.1 Released With RadeonSI Rusticl-OpenCL, RADV GPL   Mesa   2023-05-10
Linux 6.4 Kernel Graphics Drivers Include More Meteor Lake Code, Rockchip 4K, QAIC   Linux Kernel   2023-04-24
An Early Look At Linux 6.4 Features: AMD CDX, AMD GAM, Intel LAM, Apple M2 & More   Linux Kernel   2023-04-14
Mesa 23.1 Branched With Many New Radeon, Intel & Zink Graphics Driver Features   Mesa   2023-04-13
Rosenzweig Steps Down As Open-Source Arm Mali "Panfrost" Driver Maintainer   Mesa   2023-04-10
Panfrost Driver For Linux 6.4 Adds Speed Binning, New MediaTek SoCs   Hardware   2023-03-31
Mesa 22.3.4 Brings Fix For RADV RT Build Performance To Match AMDVLK/AMDGPU-PRO   Mesa   2023-01-26
Mesa Open-Source 3D Drivers Experienced Record Growth In 2022   Mesa   2022-12-29
Arch Linux Powered EndeavourOS "Cassini" Brings Desktop & Arm Improvements   Operating Systems   2022-12-19
Mesa 22.2.5 Released To End Out The Series   Mesa   2022-12-10
Mesa 22.3 Released With RDNA3 Vulkan, Rusticl OpenCL, Better Intel Arc Graphics   Mesa   2022-11-30
Mesa 22.3 Will Hopefully Be Released Next Week With Improved Vulkan Drivers, Rusticl   Mesa   2022-11-17
Mesa 22.3-rc2 Released With A Few AMD RDNA3 Fixes, V3DV Fixes For Raspberry Pi   Mesa   2022-11-09
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Wires Up Mesa Shader Disk Cache Support   Mesa   2022-11-03
Mesa 22.3-rc1 Released With Rusticl, Many Intel & Radeon Vulkan Driver Improvements   Mesa   2022-11-02
Rusticl Support For AMD RadeonSI Driver Being Worked On   Mesa   2022-09-26
Intel Gallium3D "Iris" Driver Changes Merged For Rusticl's OpenCL 3.0   Intel   2022-09-22
Mesa 22.2 Released With AMD RDNA3 Prep, Intel Arc Graphics, Many Vulkan Improvements   Mesa   2022-09-20
Mesa 22.3 Lands S3TC Texture Compression Software Fallback   Mesa   2022-09-14
Mesa Preparing Software Fallback For S3TC Texture Compression   Mesa   2022-09-05
Asahi Linux May Have OpenGL 2.1 For Apple M1/M2 By Year's End   Mesa   2022-08-22
Mesa 22.2-rc1 Released With AMD RDNA3 & Intel Alchemist Primed, Vulkan Additions   Mesa   2022-08-03
Linux 6.0 Graphics Driver Changes Preparing For Intel DG2/Alchemist & AMD RDNA3   Linux Kernel   2022-08-03
Linux 5.20 To Bring New Intel & AMD Hardware Support, IO_uring Features & Much More   Linux Kernel   2022-07-29
Mesa's Lima Gallium3D Driver Lands 4x MSAA Support   Mesa   2022-06-28
Mesa 22.1.2 Released With Many OpenGL / Vulkan Driver Fixes   Mesa   2022-06-16
Panfrost's Initial Arm Mali Valhall Support Sent In To DRM-Next For Linux 5.20   Mesa   2022-06-10
Linux 5.20 + Mesa 22.2 To Allow Conformant Mali G57 OpenGL ES 3.1 Support   Mesa   2022-06-06
Apple M1 Mesa Code Begins To Run glmark2   Apple   2022-05-09
Panfrost Lands Valhall Driver Code For Mesa 22.2   Mesa   2022-04-26
Mesa 22.0.1 Released With Many Fixes, AMD GFX1037/GFX1036 Backported   Mesa   2022-03-29
Linux 5.18 Graphics Driver Changes From FreeSync Video Mode To New Intel Hardware   Linux Kernel   2022-03-24
PanVK Pulls Back From Advertising Vulkan 1.1 For Now   Mesa   2022-03-15
Mesa 22.0 Released With Vulkan 1.3, Many Open-Source Intel & AMD Driver Improvements   Mesa   2022-03-09
Panfrost's Vulkan Driver Progressing On Compute Shaders   Mesa   2022-03-09
Initial Arm Mali "Valhall" Patches Sent Out For Panfrost Linux Kernel Driver   Arm   2022-02-12
Reverse Engineering & Open-Source Driver Work Advancing For Arm's Valhall GPU   Arm   2022-01-28
Graphics Driver Changes Begin Lining Up For Linux 5.18   Linux Kernel   2022-01-27
Intel's Former Vulkan Driver Lead Dev Lands Great Role For Improving Linux Graphics   Mesa   2022-01-17
Mesa 21.3.3 Released With Fixes For Old ATI R300~R500 GPUs, RADV Fixes Too   Mesa   2021-12-29
Mesa Open-Source GPU Drivers Enjoyed Near-Record Growth In 2021, Valve Dev Top Contributor   Mesa   2021-12-26
Mesa Begins Trek Bringing Up Arm Mali "Valhall" Graphics   Mesa   2021-12-06
Mesa 21.3 Released With Radeon RADV Ray-Tracing, Much Better Zink   Mesa   2021-11-17
Mesa 21.3-rc3 Released With Many Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan Fixes   Mesa   2021-10-27
Mesa 21.2.3 Released As A Small Update To This Graphics Driver Stack   Mesa   2021-09-29
Mesa 21.2.2 Released "Late & Very Large"   Mesa   2021-09-22
Mesa 21.2-rc2 Released With An Initial Batch Of Fixes   Mesa   2021-07-22
Arm Mali "Valhall" Reverse-Engineering Started   Arm   2021-07-20
Mesa 21.2-rc1 Released With Early Apple M1 Code, Crocus Gallium3D   Mesa   2021-07-14
Mesa's Exciting Milestones So Far In 2021 From Zink To Great Intel/AMD Open-Source Work   Mesa   2021-06-27
PanVK Merged Into Mesa 21.2 For Open-Source Vulkan Driver With Arm Mali GPUs   Mesa   2021-06-22
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver For Open-Source Arm Mali Graphics Now Has OpenGL ES 3.1   Mesa   2021-06-10
Mumblings Of A "Big New" Open-Source GPU Driver Coming...   Hardware   2021-05-22
Mesa 21.1.1 Released With More Open-Source AMD / Intel Graphics Driver Fixes   Mesa   2021-05-19
Panfrost Open-Source Mali Driver Adding Mediatek MT8183 Support With Linux 5.14   Arm   2021-05-17
Early Gallium3D Work Has Begun Around Apple's M1 GPU With New "AGX" Driver   Mesa   2021-05-02
KDE Plasma 5.22 Now Supports FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync On Wayland, GPU Hot-Plugging   KDE   2021-05-01
Mesa 21.0.3 + Mesa 21.1-rc2 Released   Mesa   2021-04-21
More Progress Is Made Understanding Apple's M1 GPU, Working Towards An Open Driver   Mesa   2021-04-18
Initial Apple M1 SoC Support Aims For Linux 5.13 Kernel   Apple   2021-04-08
PanVK Started For Open-Source Vulkan On Arm Mali GPUs   Mesa   2021-03-25
Mesa 21.1 Wires Up Lima Shader Disk Cache   Mesa   2021-03-25
Mesa 21.0.1 Released, 20.3.5 Issued To Close Out The Older Series   Mesa   2021-03-24
Panfrost Gallium3D Lands Its New Bifrost Scheduler In Mesa 21.1   Mesa   2021-02-08
Mesa 21.0 Gearing Up To Ship As Soon As Next Week For Latest Open-Source GPU Drivers   Mesa   2021-01-29
Apple M1 Open-Source GPU Bring-Up Sees An Early Triangle   Apple   2021-01-22
Mesa's Lima Driver Finally Implements OpenGL Shader Cache Support   Mesa   2021-01-17
Early Work Is Underway On Reverse-Engineering The Apple M1 GPU   Apple   2021-01-07
Panfrost Gallium3D Flips On AFBC For Bifrost GPUs   Mesa   2021-01-06
Mesa Enjoyed A Record-Setting Year With Intel G3D Default, RADV ACO, Faster Performance   Mesa   2021-01-01
Panfrost Gallium3D Seeing Some Work Towards Clover OpenCL Support   Mesa   2021-01-01
Ubuntu Developers Get it Up And Running On Apple's M1 With Early Parallels Desktop Build   Ubuntu   2020-12-18
Mesa 20.3.1 Released With Several RADV Fixes, Other Driver Updates   Mesa   2020-12-16
Mesa 20.3-RC2 Released With ACO Fixes, More Intel Updates   Mesa   2020-11-19
Panfrost Gallium3D To Focus On Better Performance, OpenGL 3.1 Support   Mesa   2020-11-03
Mesa Developers Discuss The Possibility Of Rust Graphics Driver Code   Mesa   2020-10-02
Mali G72 Now Supported By Open-Source Panfrost Gallium3D Driver   Mesa   2020-09-29
Mesa 20.2 Released With RADV ACO By Default, Initial RDNA2 Graphics Support   Mesa   2020-09-29
Panfrost With Linux 5.10 To Support Mali GPU On Amlogic G12B SoCs   Arm   2020-09-22
Arm Is Now Backing Panfrost Gallium3D As Open-Source Mali Graphics Driver   X.Org   2020-09-16
Mesa 20.1.7 Brings OpenBSD Fixes, New RadeonSI Workaround   Mesa   2020-09-02
Mesa 20.2 Should Be Released In About Two Weeks - LLVMpipe OpenGL 4.5 Enabled   Mesa   2020-08-28
Mesa 20.2 Development Ends After Many New Features Land   Mesa   2020-08-06
Mesa 20.1.5 Released For The Latest Stable Open-Source Vulkan / OpenGL Drivers   Mesa   2020-08-05
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Enables Working FP16 Support   Mesa   2020-07-18
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Adds Midgard Multi-Sampling Support   Mesa   2020-07-08
Linux 5.9 To Expose Adaptive-Sync / VRR Range Via DebugFS   X.Org   2020-06-26
The First Batch Of DRM-Misc-Next Changes For Linux 5.9 Sent In   X.Org   2020-06-20
Gallium3D's Arm Bifrost Now Handling Most Of OpenGL ES 2.0, Runs GNOME Wayland   Mesa   2020-06-07
Mesa 20.1 Features Include Big Improvements For Open-Source Intel, Radeon Graphics Drivers   Mesa   2020-05-27
The Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Begins Rendering On Arm Bifrost Hardware   Arm   2020-04-23
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Seeing New "BIR" Compiler   Mesa   2020-03-05
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Adds Experimental OpenGL ES 3.0 For Open-Source Arm Mali   Mesa   2020-02-27
Imagination Working On A New Open-Source Linux Graphics Driver Project   Mesa   2020-02-14
Mesa Development Activity Was Up By ~20% In 2019, Just Under 3 Million Lines Of Code   Mesa   2020-01-03
DMA-BUF HEAPS Coming To Linux 5.6, Poulsbo Pops Back Up To Get Page-Flipping   Linux Kernel   2019-12-17
Lima Gets Tiling While Vulkan Turnip Lands SSBO + Compute Shaders   Mesa   2019-12-05
Arm's Mali T720 Now Stable With Panfrost Gallium3D On Mesa 20.0   Mesa   2019-12-03
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Focusing On Bettering The Arm Midgard Support   Mesa   2019-10-02
Mesa 19.2 Released With Navi Support, Much Improved Intel Gallium3D   Mesa   2019-09-25
Linux 5.4 DRM Pull Submitted With AMD Navi 12/14, Arcturus & Renoir Plus Intel Tigerlake   Linux Kernel   2019-09-19
Open-Source GPU Drivers For Embedded Have Been Improving But RE'ing Take A While   Hardware   2019-08-25
Etnaviv Is Packing Code For An Exciting Linux 5.4 Cycle   Hardware   2019-08-16
ROCK Pi 4 Is Becoming A Good Arm SBC With Panfrost Graphics & Wayland Support   Hardware   2019-08-13
The Smaller DRM Drivers Begin Seeing Their Improvements Queued For Linux 5.4   X.Org   2019-08-03
The Arm SoC/Platform Changes Finally Sent In For Linux 5.3: Jetson Nano, New SoCs   Arm   2019-07-20
Gallium3D Panfrost Driver Can Now Handle Running The GNOME Shell Desktop   GNOME   2019-06-27
Linux 5.3 Kernel To Bring Ingenic KMS Driver, Rockchip RK3328 Support   Linux Kernel   2019-06-25
Panfrost Gallium3D Picks Up Yet More Features Thanks To Collabora's Summer Internship   Mesa   2019-06-24
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Continues Speeding Ahead For Open-Source Mali Graphics   Mesa   2019-06-18
Mesa 19.1 Released With Experimental Intel Gallium3D, Other New GL/VLK Drivers Too   Mesa   2019-06-11
Panfrost Making Use Of The Gallium3D I/O Vectorization For Better Performance   Mesa   2019-06-09
Alyssa Rosenzweig Joins Collabora To Work On Panfrost Graphics Stack   Mesa   2019-06-05
Mesa 19.1-RC2 Released For Testing With The Latest Intel & Radeon Driver Fixes   Mesa   2019-05-14
Linux 5.2 DRM Makes Icelake Production-Ready, Adds Lima & Panfrost Drivers   Linux Kernel   2019-05-09
The Huge Linux 5.2 Kernel Merge Window Kicks Off   Linux Kernel   2019-05-06
Linux 5.2 Will Be A Huge Release: EXT4 Case Insensitive, NVIDIA AltMode, Fieldbus + More   Linux Kernel   2019-04-29
Mesa Is About To Crack 2.7 Million Lines   Mesa   2019-04-29
Panfrost DRM Driver Being Added To Linux 5.2 For Midgard / Bifrost Graphics   Arm   2019-04-20
Nouveau Developer Working On OpenGL Extension To Help With Reverse-Engineering   Mesa   2019-04-15
Lima Driver Merged Into Mesa 19.1, Providing Open-Source OpenGL For Older Mali GPUs   Mesa   2019-04-11
Panfrost Gallium3D Is Now Running Kodi & Some Games For This Open-Source Mali Driver   Mesa   2019-04-02
The Lima Gallium3D Driver Is Aiming To Be Merged In Mesa   Mesa   2019-03-16
Mesa's Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Can Now Work With Its New DRM Driver   Mesa   2019-03-10
Collabora Posts New DRM Kernel Driver For Open-Source Arm Mali Graphics   Arm   2019-03-04
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Now Competing With Mali's Binary Driver In Some Workloads   Mesa   2019-02-25
Mesa 19.1 Panfrost Driver Gets Pantrace & Pandecode Support To Help Reverse Engineering   Mesa   2019-02-21
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Gets Mali T600/T700 Midgard Update   Mesa   2019-02-14
ARM Mali 400/500 DRM Driver Volleyed Out Again, Trying To Get Into The Mainline Kernel   Linux Kernel   2019-02-06
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Merged Into Mesa 19.1 For Open-Source ARM Mali Graphics   Mesa   2019-02-04
Arm Komeda DRM Driver Aiming For Linux 5.1 Mainline   Arm   2019-01-31
Panfrost Mali Driver In Primitive Form Under Review For Mesa   Mesa   2019-01-30
Mesa To See Better Infrastructure For Supporting Render-Only GPUs   Mesa   2019-01-27
Panfrost Open-Source Mali Driver Now Has A Winsys Working With ARM's Kernel Driver   Mesa   2019-01-07
Panfrost Open-Source GPU Driver Continues Advancing For Mali GPUs   Mesa   2018-10-21
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver Begins Working On The Mali T860 Graphics Processor   Mesa   2018-09-03
ARM Mali 400/450 "Lima" DRM Driver Steps Closer To Mainline   X.Org   2018-05-19
The Open-Source ARM Mali "Panfrost" Driver Now Supports Textures & More   Mesa   2018-05-18
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver For ARM Mali Can Now Render A Cube   Mesa   2018-04-23
Panfrost Project Getting "Half-Way Driver" To Gallium3D   Mesa   2018-04-05