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Panel Self Refresh Linux & Open-Source News

Intel Will Submit New Xe Kernel Graphics Driver Soon - Likely For Linux 6.8   Intel   2023-12-07
Six Great Features With The Upcoming Linux 6.6 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2023-10-28
Linux 6.6 Graphics Drivers: NVK uAPI, New AMD GPUs, More Meteor Lake, CI Support   Linux Kernel   2023-08-31
Many Features Ahead With Linux 6.6: EEVDF Scheduler, New AMD CPU Features, NVK uAPI   Linux Kernel   2023-08-27
Linux 6.6 AMDGPU Driver To Expose Current & Average Power For Capable GPUs   Radeon   2023-08-21
AMD FreeSync Panel Replay Ready For Linux 6.6, Next-Gen GPU Enablement Started   Radeon   2023-08-12
With Linux 6.6, Intel Restoring Panel Self Refresh For Aging Haswell/Broadwell Laptops   Intel   2023-08-03
AMD Updates FreeSync Panel Replay Support For Linux   Radeon   2023-07-12
AMD Prepares Linux Driver For New Feature: FreeSync Panel Replay   Radeon   2023-06-16
Improved Linux Power Savings For Intel Haswell/Broadwell Laptops In 2023   Intel   2023-04-23
Intel Sends In Last Round Of Graphics Driver Feature Updates For Linux 6.4   Intel   2023-04-08
AMDGPU Linux Driver Gets Ready For eDP 1.5 Panels With 6.75 Gbps/Lane   Radeon   2023-03-24
Initial Batch Of Intel Graphics Driver Updates Queued For Linux 6.4   Intel   2023-03-09
AMD Sends In More RDNA3 Graphics Driver Fixes For Linux 6.3   Radeon   2023-01-28
AMD Begins Sending In "New Stuff" For Their Graphics Driver With Linux 6.3   Radeon   2023-01-08
AMD Makes More Updates Around New Radeon GPU Driver Code In Linux 6.2   Radeon   2022-11-12
AMD Radeon Linux Graphics Driver Prepares PSR2 / PSR-SU MPO Capability   Radeon   2022-05-07
More AMD Radeon Driver Improvements Lined Up For Linux 5.18   Radeon   2022-02-26
Intel Sends In More Graphics Driver Changes For Linux 5.18   Intel   2022-02-25
AMD Readies New Radeon Driver Code For Linux 5.17: STB, Seamless Boot For Van Gogh   Radeon   2021-12-02
Proposed Patches Would Let Linux GPU Drivers More Easily Know When User Input Occurs   Hardware   2021-11-06
Embedded DisplayPort 1.5 Specification Published   Standards   2021-10-28
Linux 5.16 Will Be A Great Christmas Gift For Open-Source Fans With Many New Features   Linux Kernel   2021-10-25
AMD Finally Enabling PSR By Default For Newer Hardware With Linux 5.16   Radeon   2021-10-15
Intel Working On DP 2.0 Panel Replay Power Savings For Linux   Intel   2021-09-08
Intel Sends In Another Batch Of Graphics Work For Linux 5.12 - More Display Fixes   Intel   2021-01-13
Intel Preparing To Restore Frame-Buffer Compression For Tiger Lake   Intel   2020-11-20
Intel Rocket Lake Graphics Support Ready For Liftoff With Linux 5.9   Intel   2020-07-02
Initial Batch Of Radeon Graphics Driver Changes For Linux 5.7   Radeon   2020-02-27
AMDGPU Linux Driver Preparing To Better Support Modern HDR/OLED Displays   Radeon   2020-02-07
Intel Lands A Final Batch Of Graphics Driver Updates Ahead Of Linux 5.6   Intel   2020-01-15
Intel Sends Out A Big Christmas Update Of Graphics Driver Changes Aiming For Linux 5.6   Intel   2019-12-23
AMD Linux Graphics Driver Prepping "DMCUB" Support For Renoir APUs   AMD   2019-10-28
AMDGPU DC Looks To Have PSR Squared Away - Power-Savings For Newer AMD Laptops   Radeon   2019-10-18
Intel Readies Another Big Graphics Driver Push With Linux 5.5 - Lots For Tigerlake/Gen12   Intel   2019-10-07
Intel Volleys Another Batch Of Tiger Lake "Gen 12" Graphics Code   Intel   2019-08-16
DisplayPort 2.0 Published For 3x Increase In Data Bandwidth Performance   Standards   2019-06-26
AMD Staging Another Fix To Try Correcting Some Raven Ridge Systems On Linux   AMD   2019-05-24
Intel's Linux DRM Driver To Enable PSR2 Power-Savings By Default   Intel   2019-02-14
Intel Posts Final Batch Of Graphics Driver Feature Changes Ahead Of Linux 4.21   Intel   2018-12-04
Intel Sends In A Second Batch Of DRM-Next Updates Ahead Of Linux 4.21   Intel   2018-11-23
Intel Already Posts First Open-Source Graphics Driver Changes For Linux 4.21~5.1   Intel   2018-11-02
AMDGPU Firmware Files Updated, Raven Ridge DMCU Firmware Added   Radeon   2018-10-27
The DRM Changes Coming With The Linux 4.19 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2018-07-25
Intel Sends In A Final Batch Of DRM Feature Updates Targeting Linux 4.19   Intel   2018-07-14
Another Big Pull Of Intel DRM Updates Submitted For Linux 4.19   Intel   2018-07-11
GEM Improvements & Better Intel Icelake Support Coming To Linux 4.18   Intel   2018-05-15
Intel Sends In Their First Batch Of Graphics Driver Updates For Linux 4.18   Intel   2018-05-02
Fedora's Power Tweaks Dropped The Power Use On A ThinkPad By ~30%   Fedora   2018-02-06
Fedora 28 Will Hopefully Enable Intel PSR To Further Conserve Laptop Power   Fedora   2018-02-01
Intel Sends In Final Batch Of DRM Features For Linux 4.11: DP MST Audio, HuC Firmware   Intel   2017-01-26
DRM Driver Changes Sent In For Linux 4.9, Sadly No Changes For Nouveau   Hardware   2016-10-11
DRM-Next Gets Ready For The Linux 4.9 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2016-09-28
DragonFlyBSD Updates Its Intel Graphics Driver From Linux 4.4   BSD   2016-07-21
Intel Lands Its First Batch Of Graphics Driver Changes For Linux 4.8 Into DRM-Next   Intel   2016-06-02
Power-Saving FBC For Intel Skylake Is Still Baking On Linux   Intel   2016-03-24
GTX 900 3D Support, AMDGPU Reset & Other Exciting DRM Highlights   Linux Kernel   2016-03-21
Some Of The Graphics Driver Improvements Coming For The Linux 4.6 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2016-03-11
Intel Linux 4.6 Graphics Updates Have FBC/PSR, More Atomic Display Work   Linux Kernel   2016-03-10
Linux 4.6 Will Enable Intel FBC & PSR By Default To Reduce Power Consumption   Intel   2016-03-05
Linux 4.5 DRM Pull Has Initial Kabylake Support, Open-Source Vivante 3D   Linux Kernel   2016-01-17
The Intel Graphics Highlights Of The Linux 4.5 Kernel   Intel   2016-01-11
Intel Looks To Finally Enable Power-Saving PSR By Default On Linux   Intel   2015-12-12
Intel Has More Code Readied For The Linux 4.5 Kernel   Intel   2015-12-12
Recapping The Intel Graphics Changes Of Linux 4.4   Intel   2015-12-09
Intel Lands First Round Of Graphics Work For Linux 4.5, Includes Kaby Lake   Intel   2015-12-01
VESA Announces eDP 1.4b, Marks Embedded DisplayPort 1.4 Production-Ready   Standards   2015-10-27
VESA Unveils The Embedded DisplayPort 1.4a Specification   Standards   2015-02-11
Intel Has A Few More Graphics Changes For The Linux 3.20 Kernel   Intel   2015-01-24
Two Intel Graphics Features Get Pulled From Linux 3.17   Intel   2014-08-09
New Intel DRM Code For Linux 3.17 Works On PSR, SOix Sleep State   Intel   2014-06-20
Linux 3.12 Enables Haswell's Iris eLLC Cache Support   Intel   2013-09-02