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POCL Articles & Reviews

Benchmarking The Current Intel OpenCL NEO Driver Compute Performance On Ubuntu 19.04   Display Drivers   2019-05-10
Running OpenCL On The CPU With POCL 1.0, Xeon & EPYC Testing   Software   2017-12-07

POCL Linux & Open-Source News

PoCL 3.1 Released - Improved SPIR-V For CPU & CUDA Drivers, WIP Vulkan Driver   Standards   2022-12-05
PoCL 3.1-RC1 Released With Improved SPIR-V Support For CPU & CUDA Drivers, Vulkan WIP   Programming   2022-11-23
PoCL 3.0 Released With Minimal OpenCL 3.0 Implementation For CPUs   Standards   2022-06-10
POCL 3.0-RC1 Released For OpenCL 3.0 Implemented On CPUs   Standards   2022-05-19
Open-Source FPGA-Based RISC-V GPGPU That Supports OpenCL 1.2   RISC-V   2021-11-30
OpenCL 3.0.9 Specification Released   Standards   2021-10-15
Portable Computing Language 1.8 Released For OpenCL On CPUs, Other Accelerators   Programming   2021-10-12
PoCL 1.8 OpenCL Implementation Coming With LLVM 13 Support, Better SPIR-V On CUDA   Standards   2021-10-01
POCL 1.7 Released With Better Support For SPIR-V Binaries On CPUs   Standards   2021-05-19
POCL 1.7-RC1 Up For Testing, Now Exposes OpenCL 3.0   Programming   2021-04-19
POCL 1.6 Released For Portable OpenCL Atop CPUs, Other Accelerators   Standards   2020-12-17
POCL 1.6-RC1 Released With Better CUDA Performance   Programming   2020-12-03
POCL 1.5 Released With Performance Improvements, Fixes For OpenCL On CPUs   Free Software   2020-04-03
POCL 1.5-RC1 Released As The Portable OpenCL Implementation For CPUs + Other Targets   Free Software   2020-03-28
Mesa 20.0's LLVMpipe Now Supports Running OpenCL On The CPU   Mesa   2019-12-27
POCL 1.4 Released For Advancing OpenCL On CPUs - Now Supports LLVM 9.0   Programming   2019-10-14
HIPCL Lets CUDA Run On OpenCL+SPIR-V   Standards   2019-09-17
POCL 1.4 RC1 Brings Better SPIR/SPIR-V Support On The CPU   Free Software   2019-09-07
POCL 1.3 Released For OpenCL On CPUs As The Portable Computing Language   Standards   2019-04-05
POCL 1.3 RC2 Released For OpenCL On CPUs   Free Software   2019-04-03
POCL 1.3 Is On The Way For The Portable Computing Language   Free Software   2019-03-28
PortableCL Continues Marching Towards The POCL 1.3 Release   Standards   2019-01-20
ReactOS 0.4.10 Released For The Newest "Open-Source Windows" Experience   Operating Systems   2018-11-06
Portable Computing Language 1.2 Released For OpenCL On CPUs & More   Free Software   2018-09-25
PortableCL 1.2 Still Coming While POCL 1.3 Will Further Improve Open-Source OpenCL   Standards   2018-09-18
POCL 1.1 Released With Experimental SPIR/SPIR-V Support   Standards   2018-03-09
POCL 1.0 Released With Experimental CUDA Backend, OpenCL 1.2 Conformance   Free Software   2017-12-19
POCL 1.0 RC1 Adds Experimental CUDA Backend, Full OpenCL 1.2 Support   Free Software   2017-12-06
Open-Source OpenCL Adoption Is Sadly An Issue In 2017   X.Org   2017-09-22
OpenCL-Over-Vulkan Could Be Here Soon   Vulkan   2017-06-21
Khronos Unveils OpenCL 2.2, SPIR-V 1.2, OpenCL CTS Open-Sourced   Standards   2017-05-16
POCL Is Working On OpenCL-Over-CUDA With New Backend   Free Software   2017-04-25
POCL 0.14 OpenCL Implementation Released   Standards   2017-04-10
Intel's Commercial OpenCL SDK For Linux Updated (2016 R2)   Intel   2016-08-22
POCL Has Been Making Progress On HSA Support   Free Software   2016-06-11
POCL 0.13 Released With The Early Stages Of OpenCL 2.0, Better HSA Support   Free Software   2016-04-04
The Open-Source Linux Letdowns of 2015   Free Software   2015-12-24
Playing With Intel Skylake OpenCL On Ubuntu 15.10   Intel   2015-11-28
POCL 0.12 Brings Support For HSA-Compliant Devices   Programming   2015-11-02
Portable Computing Language 0.12 To Bring A New Kernel Cache System (POCL)   Free Software   2015-09-29
OpenCL 1.1 Turns Five, Open-Source CL Adoption Still Disappointing   Standards   2015-06-21
The Current Open-Source OpenCL Experience On Fedora   Fedora   2015-05-15
POCL 0.11 Adds New Portable Computing Language Features   Standards   2015-03-16
DNF Plugins Extend The Functionality Of Fedora's Yum Successor   Fedora   2015-01-29
The Features Coming For Fedora 21   Fedora   2014-09-23
For Now Intel's Beignet Seems Better Off Than Radeon Gallium3D Clover   Mesa   2014-09-12
POCL Is Maturing Well For Running OpenCL On The CPU   Free Software   2014-09-03
A Number Of Fedora 21 Features Were Just Approved   Fedora   2014-03-12
POCL 0.9 Implements OpenCL 1.2 On The CPU   Free Software   2014-02-03
POCL 0.9 Is Coming Soon For Better Open-Source OpenCL   Free Software   2013-12-18
Fedora 21 Aims For Great OpenCL Support   Fedora   2013-11-07
Portable OpenCL v0.8 Brings Forward A Lot More CL   Free Software   2013-08-12
KDE's KStars Working On OpenCL Support   KDE   2013-07-27
More Criticism Comes Towards Intel's Beignet OpenCL   Intel   2013-04-16
Portable OpenCL 0.7 Improves On OpenCL 1.2   Programming   2013-01-09
Portable OpenCL 0.6 Released, Implementing OpenCL 1.2   Free Software   2012-08-17
LIBCLC: An OpenCL C Library Implementation   Programming   2011-10-19
Open LLVM-Based Portable OpenCL Announced   Free Software   2011-10-17