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OpenGL 3.2 Articles & Reviews

NVIDIA/AMD OpenGL Benchmarks Of Unigine Valley   Linux Gaming   2013-02-13
Unigine Heaven Shows What Linux Gaming Can Look Like   Linux Gaming   2010-03-23
NVIDIA 190.16 Driver Brings OpenGL 3.2 To Linux   Display Drivers   2009-07-22

OpenGL 3.2 Linux & Open-Source News

GNOME's Mutter Drops Legacy OpenGL Driver Support   GNOME   2023-02-21
Freedreno In Mesa 21.0 Flips On OpenGL 3.3 Support   Mesa   2021-01-07
Mesa's Freedreno Gallium3D Now Exposes OpenGL 3.2 Support   Mesa   2020-12-29
Zink GL-On-Vulkan Driver Approaching OpenGL 3.1 Support   Mesa   2020-06-29
Zink Is Moving Closer To OpenGL 3.0 Support Over Vulkan   Mesa   2020-01-04
RadeonSI Compatibility Profile Now Supports OpenGL 4.5 On Mesa 18.3   Mesa   2018-08-29
RadeonSI Gets Patches For OpenGL 4.5 Compat, Workaround For No Man's Sky On Steam Play   Radeon   2018-08-24
VKGL: An Effort For OpenGL Core Profile Support Over Vulkan   Vulkan   2018-08-05
Freedreno Reaches OpenGL ES 3.1 Support, Not Far From OpenGL 3.3   Mesa   2018-06-22
Marek Begins Working On Possible OpenGL Compatibility Profile For Mesa   Mesa   2017-10-24
Cossacks 3 Is Now Available For Linux Gamers   Linux Gaming   2017-06-22
Running Enemy Territory With OpenGL 3 In 2016   Linux Gaming   2016-11-14
Unity's 5.5 Linux Build Now Unified, Uses OpenGL Core Contexts   Linux Gaming   2016-09-01
Overlord II Now Available For Linux Gamers   Linux Gaming   2016-07-29
The State Of The SWR Software Rasterizer In Mesa   Mesa   2016-05-22
Automated Unreal Engine 4 Benchmarks For Linux   Linux Gaming   2015-01-14
Mesa 10.4 Brings Performance Improvements & New Features   Mesa   2014-11-30
The Release Of Qt3D 2.0 Is Making Progress, Not Too Far Out   Qt   2014-11-11
GTK+ 3.16's New GtkGLArea Widget Gets Improved   GNOME   2014-10-30
Mesa 10.4 Tentatively Planned For Early December   Mesa   2014-10-22
Imagination Releases Full ISA Documentation For PowerVR Rogue GPUs   Hardware   2014-10-21
Geometry Shaders, OpenGL 3.2 Land In Mesa For Intel Sandy Bridge   Intel   2014-09-19
Metro Redux Is Going To Require OpenGL 4.x On Linux   Linux Gaming   2014-08-29
Geometry Shaders / OpenGL 3.2 Finally Comes To Intel Sandy Bridge   Mesa   2014-08-14
NVIDIA Continues Beating Other Vendors On OpenGL Support   Standards   2014-05-13
The Best Features Coming With Qt 5.3   Qt   2014-04-22
Fake MSAA Support Added To LLVMpipe, Yields OpenGL 3.0/3.2   Mesa   2014-04-02
Linux 3.14 To Make AMD R600/700 OpenGL GS Possible   Linux Kernel   2014-02-06
R600g Geometry Shaders Come For R600/R700   AMD   2014-01-31
R600g AMD Evergreen Geometry Shaders Proposed   AMD   2014-01-30
Nouveau Gallium3D Now Supports OpenGL 3.2, 3.3   Nouveau   2014-01-27
Nouveau Advances For OpenGL 3.2 Support   Nouveau   2014-01-13
Mesa 10.0 Release Brings OpenGL 3.3   Mesa   2013-12-01
OpenGL 3.3 Patch Proposed For LLVMpipe   Mesa   2013-11-27
Mesa 10.0 Delivers Many Exciting New Features   Mesa   2013-11-27
Intel's GL Windows Driver Pushes Further Ahead Of Linux   Intel   2013-11-25
Mesa 10.0 Release Candidate 2 Has Arrived   Mesa   2013-11-24
Intel Sandy Bridge OpenGL Support Lags Behind   Intel   2013-11-22
Mesa 10.0 Release Candidate 1 Is Now Available   Mesa   2013-11-18
The State Of Mesa OpenGL GL3/GL4 Updated   Mesa   2013-11-18
Mesa Gets Two New OpenGL 4.x Support Patch Series   Mesa   2013-11-06
What Do You Wish Was In Mesa 10.0?   Mesa   2013-10-27
Features To Be Found In Mesa 10.0   Mesa   2013-10-26
Nouveau NV50 Multi-Sample Textures   Nouveau   2013-10-26
OpenGL 3.3 Support Lands In Mesa! Possible Mesa 11.0   Mesa   2013-10-18
Intel's Broadwell Delayed: Good News For Linux Users?   Intel   2013-10-16
Mesa 10.0 Is Declared: OpenGL 3.2 Comes For Intel Linux   Mesa   2013-10-11
The State Of OpenGL 3.x, 4.x Extensions In Mesa   Mesa   2013-10-07
Mesa Lands Support For ARB_texture_query_levels   Mesa   2013-10-05
AMD's Mantle Graphics API For Linux?   AMD   2013-09-27
Mesa 10.0 With OpenGL 3.3 Likely Coming In November   Mesa   2013-09-26
Intel Geometry Shaders Code Merged Into Mesa   Mesa   2013-09-01
Intel Geometry Shaders Might Be Ready For Mesa   Mesa   2013-08-22
The State Of OpenGL 3.x/4.x Features In Mesa 9.2   Mesa   2013-08-22
Intel's Mesa Team Has Grown About 10x In Three Years   Intel   2013-08-17
Nouveau NVC0 Fermi Compute Support Committed   Nouveau   2013-08-07
Khronos Publishes OpenGL 4.4 Specification   Standards   2013-07-22
Mesa 9.2 Branched For Release Next Month   Mesa   2013-07-20
Intel Working On Layered Rendering For Mesa Driver   Mesa   2013-07-16
LLVMpipe Driver Can Almost Do OpenGL 3.0~3.1   Mesa   2013-07-15
The Current State Of OpenGL 3, OpenGL 4 In Mesa 9.2   Mesa   2013-07-15
Some Of The New Features Coming For Mesa 9.2   Mesa   2013-07-13
The Mesa 3D Release Process Is Changing   Intel   2013-07-03
The Latest Mesa 9.2 Results For Intel Haswell   Intel   2013-06-21
Geometry Shaders Come To NV50 Gallium3D   Nouveau   2013-04-17
Nouveau NVC0 Gets Multi-Sample Textures   Nouveau   2013-04-12
There Isn't Too Much Progress On Unigine Linux Titles   Linux Gaming   2013-03-31
"Substantial Progress" With Mesa Geometry Shaders   Intel   2013-03-29
Geometry Shaders For Gallium3D LLVM   Mesa   2013-03-26
The State Of OpenGL 3/4 Support In Mesa/Gallium3D   Mesa   2013-03-22
Intel Continues Advancing OpenGL GLSL Support   Intel   2013-03-12
Intel Mesa Driver Now Has GL 3.2 Multisample Textures   Intel   2013-03-01
Windows, Wine, Intel, Compilers Top February   Phoronix   2013-02-28
OpenGL 3.0 Features For Intel Ironlake Unlikely   Mesa   2013-02-23
Nine Exciting Features Coming To Mesa 9.1   Mesa   2013-02-14
Intel Ivy Bridge On Linux Properly Supports OpenGL ES 3.0   Intel   2013-02-13
Unigine Heaven 4.0 Technology Demo Released   Linux Gaming   2013-02-13
Unigine Engine Is Back To Slamming GPUs, Drivers   Linux Gaming   2013-02-11
Unigine Engine Now Complies With OpenGL 3.2 Core   Linux Gaming   2013-02-11
Geometry Shaders For Mesa Not Yet Ready   Mesa   2013-01-29
R600 Gallium3D Getting Close On OpenGL 3.3 Support   AMD   2013-01-13
Gallium3D/R600 Support For Texture Multisample   Mesa   2013-01-13
Intel Mesa Patches For ARB_texture_multisample   Mesa   2012-12-29
OpenGL May Take On A Greater Role Within Qt   Qt   2012-12-18
The State Of XReaL, OpenWolf Game Engines   Linux Gaming   2012-12-01
X.Org, Wayland Plans For Ubuntu 13.04 Are Drawn   Wayland   2012-11-01
Nine Reasons Mesa 9.0 Is Disappointing For End-Users   Mesa   2012-10-09
Geometry Shaders Soon To Hit Mesa, GL 3.2 Is Close   Mesa   2012-09-10
Mesa Will Not Support GL_ARB_compatibility   Mesa   2012-08-31
Intel Aims To Hit On Performance, Plans LLVM Compiler   Intel   2012-08-29
Mesa Release Shake-Up: Mesa 8.1 Is Now Mesa 9.0   Mesa   2012-08-10
OpenGL 4.3 Support Is A Ways Out In Mesa   Mesa   2012-08-06
Mesa Support For OpenGL Geometry Shaders   Mesa   2012-07-27
The OpenGL Support State For Mesa 8.1   Mesa   2012-07-12
Last Minute GLX Extensions For X.Org Server 1.13   X.Org   2012-07-05
GLX_ARB_create_context Called For Pulling   X.Org   2012-06-09
OpenGL ES 3.0 Will Be Here This Summer   Mesa   2012-05-27
OpenGL 3.1 Not Likely In Mesa Until 2013   Mesa   2012-05-04
The Best Looking Open-Source Game?   Linux Gaming   2012-04-11
New Linux Gaming Benchmarks Published   Phoronix   2012-04-10
Intel Publishes More Haswell Graphics Driver Code   Intel   2012-03-21
Intel Haswell Graphics Driver To Be Opened Up Soon   Intel   2012-02-06
VIA Shows Us Next-Gen Hardware Results, Info   Hardware   2012-01-25
GLX_ARB_create_context, X.Org 1.12 Closing, Mesa 8.0 To Be Cut   X.Org   2011-12-24
Intel Aims For Open-Source OpenGL 3.0 Driver By Year's End   Intel   2011-09-14
Mesa's OpenGL 3.0 TODO List Is Becoming Smaller   Mesa   2011-06-30
Next-Gen Atom To Use PowerVR; Good Or Bad?   Intel   2011-05-10
What's Cooking For Mesa & X.Org This Summer?   X.Org   2011-03-11
Phoronix Test Suite 2.8 Beta 2 Is Shining   Phoronix   2010-08-18
ATI Gallium3D + Wine Is Bettered A Bit   Mesa   2010-07-21
Mesa Makes More Strides Towards OpenGL 3.x Support   Mesa   2010-07-15
X.Org Project Has Five New Summer Projects   X.Org   2010-04-26
Unigine Heaven 2.0 Launches For Linux   Linux Gaming   2010-03-23
GPU Offloading PRIME May Get Improvements   Google   2010-03-20
NVIDIA Releases OpenGL 3.3 Linux Driver   NVIDIA   2010-03-19
Khronos Releases OpenGL 3.3 & OpenGL 4.0   Standards   2010-03-11
The Primal Carnage Game Is Looking Great   Linux Gaming   2010-03-08
X.Org SoC: Gallium3D H.264, OpenGL 3.2, GNU/Hurd   X.Org   2010-03-07
The State Of OpenGL 3.x in Mesa Core   Mesa   2009-12-31
Unigine Heaven Linux Release Pushed Back   Linux Gaming   2009-12-28
Unigine Heaven For Linux May Come Next Week   Linux Gaming   2009-12-18
AMD Catalyst 9.12 For Linux Released   AMD   2009-12-17
Lenvik Alpha 2 Gets Ready For Unigine Heaven   Phoronix   2009-12-15
Unigine Engine Does Physical Force Fields   Linux Gaming   2009-12-10
The State Of Gallium3D, Its Future, Etc   Mesa   2009-11-13
Unigine Heaven For Linux Status Update   Linux Gaming   2009-11-12
Khronos Launches Mobile Windowing System API   Standards   2009-11-09
NVIDIA Prepares 195.xx Linux Driver, Carries Fermi Support   NVIDIA   2009-11-06
NVIDIA 190.42 Linux Driver Grabs Official Tag   NVIDIA   2009-10-29
NVIDIA Releases 190.42 Display Driver   NVIDIA   2009-10-22
Unigine Heaven Offers Heavenly Graphics   Linux Gaming   2009-10-22
This Week: Moblin, Mesa, X, GNOME   Phoronix   2009-10-11
Unigine Engine Now Supports OpenGL 3.2   Linux Gaming   2009-10-08
NVIDIA 190.32 Beta Brings New VDPAU Features   NVIDIA   2009-09-05
Mesa Slowly Picking Up OpenGL 3 Support   Mesa   2009-08-31
NVIDIA Pushes Out New Linux Driver Updates   NVIDIA   2009-08-24
NVIDIA Shows Linux Compatible Ray-Tracing Engine   NVIDIA   2009-08-04
OpenGL 3.2 Specification Officially Released   Standards   2009-08-03
NVIDIA Issues 185.xx Stable Linux Driver Update   NVIDIA   2009-07-28
NVIDIA Releases An OpenGL 3.2 Driver Update   NVIDIA   2009-07-24
OpenGL 3.1 Released Plus New Audio Standard   Standards   2009-03-24