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OpenGL 3.1 Linux & Open-Source News

Intel "Crocus" Driver For Old iGPUs Bumps OpenGL Compatibility Profile Support   Intel   2022-02-09
Mesa 21.0 Gearing Up To Ship As Soon As Next Week For Latest Open-Source GPU Drivers   Mesa   2021-01-29
Freedreno In Mesa 21.0 Flips On OpenGL 3.3 Support   Mesa   2021-01-07
Mesa's Freedreno Gallium3D Now Exposes OpenGL 3.2 Support   Mesa   2020-12-29
Panfrost Gallium3D To Focus On Better Performance, OpenGL 3.1 Support   Mesa   2020-11-03
Experimental Zink Patches Get OpenGL 4.6 Running Atop Vulkan   Vulkan   2020-08-24
Zink GL-On-Vulkan Driver Approaching OpenGL 3.1 Support   Mesa   2020-06-29
Zink Is Now OpenGL 3.0 Complete For Generic GL Over Vulkan   Mesa   2020-06-18
Intel's Iris Gallium3D Driver Now Has Better OpenGL Compatibility Profile Support   Intel   2019-08-04
Mesa 19.1 To Expose EXT_gpu_shader4 Support   Mesa   2019-04-25
Mesa Made Massive Progress In 2018 On Open-Source Vulkan / OpenGL Drivers   Mesa   2018-12-26
VMware's SVGA Gallium3D Driver Enables OpenGL 3.3 Compatibility Profile Support   Virtualization   2018-09-22
Mesa 18.2 Is Releasing Soon With Many OpenGL / Vulkan Driver Improvements   Mesa   2018-08-21
Mesa 18.2 Is On The Final Days Of Development With Many New Features Coming   Mesa   2018-07-26
OpenGL 4.5 Compat Being Worked On For RadeonSI, Helping Out No Man's Sky & Others   Radeon   2018-07-04
Mesa 18.2 Git Lands RadeonSI OpenGL 4.4 Compatibility Profile Support   Mesa   2018-06-29
RadeonSI GL 4.4 Compat Patches Make Wolfenstein & Doom With OpenGL Happy In Wine   Mesa   2018-06-28
Freedreno Reaches OpenGL ES 3.1 Support, Not Far From OpenGL 3.3   Mesa   2018-06-22
RadeonSI Lands OpenGL 3.3 Compatibility Profile Support   Mesa   2018-06-18
OpenGL Compatibility Profile Updates Land In Mesa 18.2-dev   Mesa   2018-05-30
Geometry & Tessellation Shaders For Mesa's OpenGL Compatibility Context   Mesa   2018-05-24
Mesa 18.1 Released With Intel Shader Cache Default, OpenGL 3.1 ARB_compatibility   Mesa   2018-05-18
The New Features Coming In Mesa 18.1: Intel Cache By Default, Many Vulkan Strides   Mesa   2018-05-04
Mesa 18.1 Receives OpenGL 3.1 With ARB_compatibility For Gallium3D Drivers   Mesa   2018-02-23
Marek Updates OpenGL 3.1 ARB_compatibility Support For Mesa   Mesa   2018-02-15
The Top Mesa News Of 2017   Mesa   2017-12-03
Freedreno Gallium3D Supports A Fair Amount Of OpenGL 4.x   Mesa   2017-11-18
Geometry Shader Support For RadeonSI's NIR Back-End   Radeon   2017-11-10
Marek Begins Working On Possible OpenGL Compatibility Profile For Mesa   Mesa   2017-10-24
RadeonSI May Eventually Switch To NIR Completely   Mesa   2017-08-25
Trying Out RadeonSI's Experimental NIR Support   Mesa   2017-08-07
92 Patches Later: Experimental NIR Backend For RadeonSI   Radeon   2017-06-26
61 New Patches Allow OpenGL 4.5 For Radeon RX Vega   Mesa   2017-04-24
Radeon RX Vega Support Lands In Mesa 17.1 Git   Mesa   2017-03-30
140 Patches Posted To Wire Up Radeon RX Vega In RadeonSI Gallium3D Driver   Radeon   2017-03-20
Mesa RFC Changes To Help Worms WMD, Tropico 5 & Crookz   Mesa   2017-02-10
The State Of The SWR Software Rasterizer In Mesa   Mesa   2016-05-22
The Latest Freedreno Achievements For Open-Source Adreno Graphics In 2016   Mesa   2016-05-04
OpenGL 3.1 Core Support Lands In X.Org Server's GLAMOR   X.Org   2016-01-26
Features To Find With Mesa 11.1   Mesa   2015-11-27
Freedreno Gallium3D Now Supports OpenGL 3.1   Mesa   2015-11-19
Freedreno Now Has OpenGL ES 3 Working On Adreno A3xx/4xx   Mesa   2015-08-15
Running Benchmarks On The Newest Open-Source OpenGL 3.1+ Game   Linux Gaming   2015-04-21
SuperTuxKart 0.9 Released With Its New OpenGL 3 Engine   Linux Gaming   2015-04-21
The Big SuperTuxKart Update Is Almost Ready   Linux Gaming   2015-04-01
The New SuperTuxKart Looks Better, But Can Cause GPU/Driver Problems   Linux Gaming   2014-12-17
New Supertuxkart Beta Lands New Graphics Engine, Uses OpenGL 3.1+   Linux Gaming   2014-12-17
Geometry Shaders, OpenGL 3.2 Land In Mesa For Intel Sandy Bridge   Intel   2014-09-19
Geometry Shaders / OpenGL 3.2 Finally Comes To Intel Sandy Bridge   Mesa   2014-08-14
Features You Will Not Find In Mesa 10.2   Mesa   2014-05-27
LLVMpipe Gallium3D Now Exposes GLSL 3.30   Mesa   2014-04-24
Natural Selection 2 Open-Sources Its HLSL To GLSL Converter   Linux Gaming   2014-03-28
R600g AMD Evergreen Geometry Shaders Proposed   AMD   2014-01-30
OpenGL 3.3 Support Lands For RadeonSI Gallium3D   Radeon   2014-01-29
Nouveau Gallium3D Now Supports OpenGL 3.2, 3.3   Nouveau   2014-01-27
Valve Releases New SteamOS Beta With Updated Drivers   Valve   2013-12-21
BGFX Makes It Easy Targeting Multiple Rendering APIs   Free Software   2013-12-16
Mesa 10.0 Delivers Many Exciting New Features   Mesa   2013-11-27
Intel's GL Windows Driver Pushes Further Ahead Of Linux   Intel   2013-11-25
Intel Sandy Bridge OpenGL Support Lags Behind   Intel   2013-11-22
RadeonSI Gallium3D Gets UBO/TBO Support, OpenGL 3.3   Mesa   2013-11-04
Features To Be Found In Mesa 10.0   Mesa   2013-10-26
OpenGL 3.3 Support Lands In Mesa! Possible Mesa 11.0   Mesa   2013-10-18
Mesa 10.0 Is Declared: OpenGL 3.2 Comes For Intel Linux   Mesa   2013-10-11
Gallium3D's LLVMpipe Is Good Enough For Teaching   Mesa   2013-09-28
The State Of OpenGL 3.x/4.x Features In Mesa 9.2   Mesa   2013-08-22
Why Mesa 9.2 Doesn't Work For All Linux Users   Mesa   2013-08-21
Performance Overview Of Mesa 9.2   Mesa   2013-08-21
Khronos Publishes OpenGL 4.4 Specification   Standards   2013-07-22
KDE Ships 4.11 Release Candidate   KDE   2013-07-17
LLVMpipe Driver Can Almost Do OpenGL 3.0~3.1   Mesa   2013-07-15
The Current State Of OpenGL 3, OpenGL 4 In Mesa 9.2   Mesa   2013-07-15
Nouveau Fermi Performance On Ubuntu 13.10   Nouveau   2013-07-12
AMD Southern Islands vs. NVIDIA Fermi/Kepler On Gallium3D   Hardware   2013-06-29
KDE's KWin Made Lots Of Progress In 4.11   KDE   2013-06-18
KDE 4.11 Beta Released, Works On Wayland   KDE   2013-06-14
Intel Gallium3D Driver Now Supports GLSL 1.40   Intel   2013-06-13
KDE's Krita Ported To OpenGL 3.1, OpenGL ES 2.0   KDE   2013-05-16
Hardware Expectations For Valve's Steam Box   Valve   2013-03-08
Gallium3D LLVMpipe Now Supports GLSL 1.40   Mesa   2013-03-02
Reasons Mesa 9.1 Is Still Disappointing For End-Users   Mesa   2013-02-14
Nine Exciting Features Coming To Mesa 9.1   Mesa   2013-02-14
Intel Hopes For OpenGL ES 3.0 Compliance In Mesa 9.1   Intel   2013-02-06
Intel Driver Now Enables Floating-Point Textures   Intel   2013-01-21
R600 Gallium3D Getting Close On OpenGL 3.3 Support   AMD   2013-01-13
AMD R600g Now Does TBO, UBO & Advertises GLSL 1.40   AMD   2013-01-12
UBO+TBO Support Comes To Radeon R600 Gallium3D   Radeon   2012-12-16
Gallium3D UBO/TBO Support Emerges - More GL 3.x   Mesa   2012-12-06
Mesa State Tracker Now Handles GL 3.1 Core Profiles   Mesa   2012-11-29
Intel 2012Q4 Graphics Driver Is Good For Valve   Valve   2012-11-27
Nine Reasons Mesa 9.0 Is Disappointing For End-Users   Mesa   2012-10-09
Nine Good Things About Mesa 9.0   Mesa   2012-10-09
Mesa 9.0 Officially Released, Supports OpenGL 3.1   Mesa   2012-10-08
Mesa 9.0 Gets A Release Date That's Very Soon   Mesa   2012-09-29
RSXGL: OpenGL 3.1 Support For The PlayStation 3   Nouveau   2012-09-23
Geometry Shaders Soon To Hit Mesa, GL 3.2 Is Close   Mesa   2012-09-10
Going To Mesa 9.0 Is Official With Intel OpenGL 3.1   Intel   2012-08-30
Intel Aims To Hit On Performance, Plans LLVM Compiler   Intel   2012-08-29
Mesa Release Shake-Up: Mesa 8.1 Is Now Mesa 9.0   Mesa   2012-08-10
Mesa Support For OpenGL 3.1 Core Contexts   Intel   2012-08-08
OpenGL 4.3 Support Is A Ways Out In Mesa   Mesa   2012-08-06
OpenGL 4.3, OpenGL ES 3.0 Specifications Unveiled   Standards   2012-08-06
Mesa Support For OpenGL Core Contexts   Mesa   2012-07-28
Open-Source OpenCL Isn't Even Ready For Fedora   Fedora   2012-07-23
The OpenGL Support State For Mesa 8.1   Mesa   2012-07-12
Intel Publishes Ivy Bridge Programming Documentation   Intel   2012-06-23
NVIDIA Loses Huge GPU Order Due To Linux Blob   NVIDIA   2012-06-22
Mesa Does A Bit More Of OpenGL 4   Mesa   2012-06-18
Intel Ivy Bridge - Mesa 8.0 vs. 8.1-devel   Intel   2012-06-12
OpenGL ES 3.0 Will Be Here This Summer   Mesa   2012-05-27
Intel Ivy Bridge - Linux: GL 3.0, Windows: GL 4.0   Mesa   2012-05-06
OpenGL 3.1 Not Likely In Mesa Until 2013   Mesa   2012-05-04
Intel Publishes More Haswell Graphics Driver Code   Intel   2012-03-21
Mesa 8.1-devel Performance With Intel's DRI Driver   Intel   2012-03-20
Intel Preparing GLSL 1.40 Support For Mesa   Intel   2012-03-09
What Would You Like To See Out Of Mesa 8.1?   Mesa   2012-02-27
Mesa 8.0 Advances Open-Source Linux Graphics Drivers   Mesa   2012-02-09
Where Things Fall Short: Eight Shortcomings Of Mesa 8.0   Mesa   2012-01-11
It's Official: Mesa 8.0 With OpenGL 3.0   Mesa   2012-01-09
New Mesa Uniform Buffer Object Patches Posted   Mesa   2011-12-25
What's Up With The S3 Graphics Linux Driver?   X.Org   2011-12-23
AMD Driver Support State For Radeon HD 7000 Series, Trinity   Radeon   2011-12-06
Did Hell Freeze Over? Intel Mesa Does GLSL 1.30!   Intel   2011-11-12
What's Missing From The Mesa Drivers   Mesa   2011-10-28
Uniform Buffer Object Support In Mesa's OpenGL   Mesa   2011-09-23
Intel Aims For Open-Source OpenGL 3.0 Driver By Year's End   Intel   2011-09-14
What Mesa Has Left With OpenGL 3, OpenGL 4   Mesa   2011-08-11
OpenGL 4.2 Specification Published With GLSL 4.20   Standards   2011-08-08
Mesa Gets OpenGL 3.0 Floating-Point Depth Buffers   Mesa   2011-07-10
Mesa's OpenGL 3.0 TODO List Is Becoming Smaller   Mesa   2011-06-30
Mesa 7.12 Is Now Where The Fun Is At   Mesa   2011-06-29
The Intel Mesa Driver Gets Closer To OpenGL 3.0   Mesa   2011-04-20
What Would Be Crazy For Linux Right Now   Free Software   2011-03-31
Gallium3D OpenCL May Finally Get Some Needed Love   Mesa   2011-03-27
An OpenGL 4.1 Gallium3D State Tracker Was Just Proposed   Mesa   2011-03-13
Mesa Now Supports A Bit More Of OpenGL 3.0   Mesa   2011-01-17
VIA Launches A Graphics Card. Will It Work With Linux?   Hardware   2011-01-03
If You Forgot, S3 Graphics Does Linux Drivers Too   X.Org   2010-11-23
An Update On The OpenGL 3 Support In Mesa   Mesa   2010-11-21
We're Now Up To OpenGL 4.1; Brings New Features   Free Software   2010-07-26
Mesa Makes More Strides Towards OpenGL 3.x Support   Mesa   2010-07-15
Mesa Slowly Gets Better OpenGL 3 Coverage   Mesa   2010-04-27
Mesa Receives Some OpenGL 3 Love   Mesa   2010-03-20
The State Of OpenGL 3.x in Mesa Core   Mesa   2009-12-31
Mesa / Gallium3D Branch Happenings   Mesa   2009-12-08
Khronos Launches Mobile Windowing System API   Standards   2009-11-09
S3 Graphics Linux Driver Supports OpenGL 3.1   Hardware   2009-10-22
OpenCL Support Atop Gallium3D Is Here, Sort Of   Mesa   2009-08-30
OpenGL 3.2 Specification Officially Released   Standards   2009-08-03
A New Radeon Shader Compiler For Mesa   Mesa   2009-07-25