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Nintendo Wii Linux & Open-Source News

SDL 2.26 Released, SDL3 Development Now Underway   Linux Gaming   2022-11-22
SDL 2.26 RC1 Released While SDL3 Development Soon To Get Underway   Linux Gaming   2022-11-17
Cemu 2.0-2 Released For This Open-Source, Linux-Supported Wii U Emulator   Linux Gaming   2022-09-15
Cemu 2.0-1 Brings Many Smaller Linux Improvements For This Wii U Emulator   Linux Gaming   2022-09-06
Open-Source Arc Graphics, Apple M2, Mesa GPU Drivers & Linux 6.0 Excited Readers In August   Phoronix   2022-08-31
Cemu Emulator For The Wii U Now Open-Source, Building On Linux   Linux Gaming   2022-08-24
Patches Updated For Booting Linux On The Nintendo Wii U   Linux Kernel   2022-06-22
Steam Deck, Ryzen Servers, Apple M1 On Linux & Milan-X Excited Linux Users In Q1   Phoronix   2022-03-31
New Patches Posted For Booting Linux On The Nintendo Wii U   Linux Kernel   2022-03-02
Nintendo Wii U Linux Support Discussed - But Lacks GPU, Broken Multi-Core, USB Issue   Linux Gaming   2022-02-08
Intel Alder Lake & Linux Kernel Advancements Made For An Exciting January   Phoronix   2022-02-01
Cemu Emulator Plans For 2022 With Going Open-Source, Aiming For Linux Support   Linux Gaming   2022-01-15
Nintendo Wii U Gamepad Linux Driver Support Still Pursuing Mainline   Hardware   2021-10-20
Nintendo Crypto Driver Being Worked On For Linux, Yields Much Better AES Performance   Linux Kernel   2021-09-27
Some Of The Features Expected For Linux 5.15: DG2/Alchemist, BPF Timers, DAMON + More   Linux Kernel   2021-08-29
Linux 5.15 To Allow Reading From The Nintendo OTP Memory Area   Hardware   2021-08-13
Wii U Gamepad Driver For Linux Remains In The Works   Linux Gaming   2021-05-19
Linux 5.11 Adds "Magic" To Support Guitar Hero Live PlayStation 3 / Wii U Dongles   Hardware   2020-11-29
Intel Vulkan Driver Adds Pipeline Creation Cache Control Extension   Intel   2020-06-17
Nintendo Wii's Guitar/Drums Will Work On The Linux 4.19 Kernel Plus Totem & Surface Dial   Hardware   2018-08-20
Wwise Engine Being Ported To Linux, SteamOS   Linux Gaming   2013-09-28
An Overview Of The Linux 3.7 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2012-12-09
The Most Interesting Features Of The Linux 3.7 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2012-10-27
The Linux 3.7 Kernel Is Going To Be A Beast   Linux Kernel   2012-10-05
Linux 3.7 Supports The Nintendo Wii Balance Board   Linux Kernel   2012-10-01
There Exists A Native Linux Port Of CryEngine 3   Linux Gaming   2012-04-04
The Belated Linux 3.1 Kernel Is Released   Linux Kernel   2011-10-24
Linux 3.1-rc3 Kernel Released Without Much Churn   Linux Kernel   2011-08-23
Linux 3.1-rc1 Kernel: A "Pretty Normal Release"   Linux Kernel   2011-08-08
Linux 3.1 Kernel Gains A Wiimote HID Driver   Linux Gaming   2011-07-23
Mono Picking Up F# Support For Linux, Mac OS X, Etc   Free Software   2010-11-11
A Mesa (OpenGL) Driver For The Nintendo Wii?   Mesa   2009-01-28
Ubuntu 7.04 Among Best Products of 2007   Ubuntu   2007-05-26
Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring   Operating Systems   2007-04-18
The Race To Linux 2.0   Free Software   2007-03-07