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NVIDIA 396 Articles & Reviews

NVIDIA 396.54 Linux Driver Offers Big Performance Boost For Frequent Gamers   Display Drivers   2018-08-22
NVIDIA 396.18 Linux Benchmarks, Testing Their New Vulkan SPIR-V Compiler   Display Drivers   2018-04-11

NVIDIA 396 Linux & Open-Source News

NVIDIA's 2018 Linux Highlights Included Some Open-Source Milestones, But Not Many   NVIDIA   2018-12-30
Total War: WARHAMMER II Now Available For Linux Gamers, Powered By Vulkan   Linux Gaming   2018-11-20
Feral Announces Linux System Requirements For Vulkan-Powered Total War: WARHAMMER II   Linux Gaming   2018-11-12
NVIDIA 396.54.09 Vulkan Driver Released With Transform Feedback, Intel ANV Gets TF Too   Vulkan   2018-10-13
Q3 Was Exciting For Linux Enthusiasts With Threadripper, Mesa, Steam Play & Kernel Drama   Phoronix   2018-09-28
NVIDIA Vulkan Beta Adds New KHR_driver_properties & KHR_shader_atomic_int64   NVIDIA   2018-09-19
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Series Expectations On Linux   NVIDIA   2018-09-03
Threadripper 2, Spectre, Steam Play / Proton & Linux 4.19 Made August Super Exciting   Phoronix   2018-08-31
NVIDIA 396.54.02 Vulkan Beta Driver Brings Some Fixes For DXVK   NVIDIA   2018-08-31
Fresh NVIDIA vs. AMD Radeon OpenCL GPU Benchmarks For August 2018   Hardware   2018-08-27
Solus Deploys Flatpak 1.0, Prepares For X.Org Server 1.20, Better Intel GVT Support   Operating Systems   2018-08-25
NVIDIA 396.54 Linux Driver Released To Fix A OpenGL/Vulkan Performance Bug   NVIDIA   2018-08-21
NVIDIA Unveils The GeForce RTX 20 Series, Linux Benchmarks Should Be Coming   NVIDIA   2018-08-20
NVIDIA 396.51 Linux Graphics Driver Released   NVIDIA   2018-08-03
DXVK 0.63 Released With Support For NVIDIA's Latest Driver   WINE   2018-07-21
NVIDIA 396.45 Linux Driver Fixes Vulkan Direct-To-Display & Multi-Threaded EGL Apps   NVIDIA   2018-07-19
NVIDIA 396.24.10 Linux Driver Brings Vulkan 8-Bit / Renderpass2 / Conditional Render   NVIDIA   2018-07-12
DXVK 0.60 Released With Support For 64-Bit Floating Point Instructions, Optimizations   WINE   2018-06-22
NVIDIA 390.67 Linux Driver Released WIth X.Org Server 1.20 Support, Bug Fixes   NVIDIA   2018-06-05
NVIDIA 396.24.02 Linux Driver Brings New Vulkan Extensions   NVIDIA   2018-05-24
CUDA 9.2 Released With GEMM Improvements   NVIDIA   2018-05-17
NVIDIA 390.59 Linux Driver Brings New GPU Support, X.Org Server 1.20 Compatibility   NVIDIA   2018-05-16
NVIDIA 396.18.11 Linux Vulkan Driver Released With Fixes   NVIDIA   2018-05-12
NVIDIA 396.18.07 Vulkan Driver Continues Addressing Fallout From The New SPIR-V Compiler   NVIDIA   2018-05-04
The Shiny New Features Of X.Org Server 1.20   X.Org   2018-05-03
NVIDIA Releases The 396.24 Linux Driver With X.Org Server 1.20 Support   NVIDIA   2018-05-02
Linux 4.17, Ryzen, Valve & Apple Looking For Kernel Devs Topped April   Phoronix   2018-05-01
NVIDIA 396.18.05 Linux Vulkan Driver Released With Fixes   NVIDIA   2018-04-25
This Chart Shows How The Radeon RX 580 vs. GeForce GTX 1060 Now Compete Under Linux   Linux Gaming   2018-04-20
LLVM Is Playing A Big Role With Vulkan/SPIR-V Compilers   LLVM   2018-04-19
NVIDIA 396.18.02 Vulkan Linux Beta Brings Better Shader Performance   NVIDIA   2018-04-17
NVIDIA 396.18 Linux Driver Reaches Beta With New Vulkan SPIR-V Compiler   NVIDIA   2018-04-10