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MuQSS Linux & Open-Source News

Con Kolivas Releases LRZIP 0.650 With Optimizations, Fixes   Free Software   2022-02-27
Con Kolivas Contemplates Ending Kernel Development, Retiring MuQSS & -ck Patches   Linux Kernel   2021-08-31
Linux 5.11-ck1 Released With MuQSS 0.208 Scheduler   Linux Kernel   2021-02-18
Intel Graphics Driver Low-Latency Scheduling Revived For A Smoother UX   Intel   2021-02-02
The Linux Kernel Made Terrific Strides In 2020   Linux Kernel   2021-01-01
Linux 5.10-ck1 Released With Updated MuQSS Scheduler   Linux Kernel   2020-12-31
56 Patches Volleyed For Improving Intel Linux Graphics Driver Scheduling   Intel   2020-12-29
Linux 5.9-ck1 Released With Updated MuQSS   Linux Kernel   2020-10-19
MuQSS/CK's Con Kolivas Becoming Concerned Over The Increasing Size Of The Linux Kernel   Linux Kernel   2020-08-20
Intel Linux Graphics Driver Scheduling Improvements In The Works   Intel   2020-07-15
Linux 5.7-ck1 Released With MuQSS 0.202 For Improved System Responsiveness   Linux Kernel   2020-06-10
Intel Graphics Driver Sees Fair Low-Latency Scheduling Inspired In Part By BFS/MuQSS   Intel   2020-06-08
Con Kolivas Fixes Up GUI-Related Stalls In Mesa   Mesa   2020-05-08
Kolivas Takes Break From Designing COVID-19 Equipment To Release Linux 5.6-ck1 + MuQSS   Linux Kernel   2020-04-28
Linux 5.5-ck1 Released With Latest MuQSS Scheduler   Linux Kernel   2020-02-04
Kernel Talk, AMD Hardware + Other Popular Linux Topics Of January   Phoronix   2020-02-01
Linux Kernel "Zen" Downstream Pulls In A MuQSS Fix To Help Gaming Performance   Linux Gaming   2020-01-07
The Linux Kernel's Scheduler Apparently Causing Issues For Google Stadia Game Developers   Linux Kernel   2020-01-01
Linux 5.4-ck1 Kernel Released With MuQSS Patched In   Linux Kernel   2019-11-27
Linux 5.3-ck1 Kernel Released With MuQSS 0.195 Scheduler Bringing Ryzen Fixes   Linux Kernel   2019-10-25
Linux 5.2-ck1 Released Along With MuQSS 0.193 Scheduler   Linux Kernel   2019-07-22
MuQSS Patches Updated For The Linux 5.1 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2019-05-16
BMQ "BitMap Queue" Is The Newest Linux CPU Scheduler, Inspired By Google's Zircon   Linux Kernel   2019-03-12
Linux 5.0-ck1 Kernel Rolls Out With MuQSS 0.190 Scheduler   Linux Kernel   2019-03-11
Linux 4.20-ck1 Released With An Updated Version Of MuQSS Scheduler   Linux Kernel   2018-12-31
Linux 4.19 I/O Scheduler SSD Benchmarks With Kyber, BFQ, Deadline, CFQ   Hardware   2018-11-29
Endless OS Switching To The BFQ I/O Scheduler For More Responsive Linux Desktop   Operating Systems   2018-11-17
MuQSS Scheduler Updated, Linux 4.19-ck1 Drops BFQ I/O Scheduler   Linux Kernel   2018-11-14
MuQSS Scheduler Updated For The Linux 4.18 Kernel, CK Patches Available   Linux Kernel   2018-08-27
PDS-MQ CPU Scheduler Revised For The Linux 4.17 Kernel With Minor Optimizations   Linux Kernel   2018-07-15
Benchmarks Of The Liquorix Linux 4.17 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2018-07-03
Linux 4.17-ck1 Kernel Patches Released With Newest MuQSS Scheduler   Linux Kernel   2018-06-27
Feral's GameMode May Soon Have Soft Real-Time Capabilities   Linux Gaming   2018-05-24
Linux 4.16-ck1 Kernel Released, Bundles In The MuQSS 0.171 Scheduler   Linux Kernel   2018-05-01
Linux 4.15-ck1 Released With MuQSS 0.170   Linux Kernel   2018-02-18
MuQSS Scheduler Updated For Linux 4.14, Experimental SMT Improvements   Linux Kernel   2017-11-26
MuQSS CPU Scheduler 0.155 Released   Linux Kernel   2017-05-12
MuQSS Updates For The Linux 4.10 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2017-02-20
Ten Features You Will Not Find In The Mainline Linux 4.10 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2017-02-18
MuQSS CPU Scheduler Released For Linux 4.9   Linux Kernel   2016-12-11
Early Independent Benchmarks Of The MuQSS Scheduler   Linux Kernel   2016-11-21
Con Kolivas Announces First Major Release Of MuQSS, Successor To BFS   Linux Kernel   2016-10-29
BFS Updated For Linux 4.8, To Be Succeeded By New MuQSS Scheduler   Linux Kernel   2016-10-04