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Miracast Linux & Open-Source News

GNOME-Network-Displays Available With Ubuntu 22.10 For Miracast Wireless Displays   Ubuntu   2022-10-09
Intel IWD 1.9 Released With New Capabilities   Intel   2020-09-05
Intel's IWD Daemon Has Been Fleshing Out WiFi Display Support   Intel   2020-07-19
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GUADEC 2018 Kicks Off In Almería, Spain   GNOME   2018-07-06
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HDCP 2.2 Content Protection Being Worked On For The i915 DRM Driver   Intel   2018-03-08
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A New Proposal For Supporting DRM Linux Drivers In User-Space   Linux Kernel   2017-01-04
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Mir 0.20 Ships With Screencasting To Virtual Output Support   Ubuntu   2016-02-23
Aethercast: Ubuntu Is Working On Wireless Display Support   Ubuntu   2015-12-25
Intel Is Working On Miracast (HDMI Over Wireless) For Linux   Intel   2015-12-04
MiracleCast: Miracast / WiFi Displays Come To Linux   Desktop   2014-02-17
FOSDEM 2014 X.Org/Graphics Talks Published   X.Org   2014-01-02
Intel's GL Windows Driver Pushes Further Ahead Of Linux   Intel   2013-11-25
OpenWFD: Open-Source WiFi Displays For Linux   Hardware   2013-11-02