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Mir 1.0 Linux & Open-Source News

Mir 2.0 Released In Dropping Legacy Bits, New Platform Improvements   Ubuntu   2020-07-24
Following Mir 1.0, Developers Encouraged To Target Wayland Instead Of Mir Client API   Ubuntu   2018-09-28
Mir 1.0 Released For "Next-Generation of Graphical Solutions"   Ubuntu   2018-09-21
Canonical Developers Now Preparing Mir 1.0 For Release With Wayland Support   Ubuntu   2018-09-17
Mir 0.30 Is Getting Buttoned Up For Release   Ubuntu   2018-02-10
Canonical's Mir 2018 Plans Include Some Potentially Interesting IoT Features   Ubuntu   2017-12-22
Mir Had A Wild Year From Nearly Being Killed Alongside Unity 8 To Growing With Wayland   Ubuntu   2017-12-17
Mir 0.29 Released To Improve Their Wayland Implementation   Ubuntu   2017-12-14
Mir 0.28.1 Arrives With Fixes, Fedora Support   Ubuntu   2017-11-01
Mir 0.28 Arrives As A Late Addition To Ubuntu 17.10   Ubuntu   2017-10-12
Mir 1.0 Is Pulled Back, Now It's Mir 0.28   Ubuntu   2017-10-11
Mir 1.0 Is Ready For Release   Ubuntu   2017-10-10
Mir Continues Pushing Ahead With Wayland Client Support   Wayland   2017-09-26
Mir 1.0 Still Planned For Ubuntu 17.10, Wayland Support Focus   Ubuntu   2017-09-19
Mir Now Has Initial Support For Wayland Clients   Ubuntu   2017-09-18
Ubuntu 17.10 Enters The Feature Freeze   Ubuntu   2017-08-26
Mir 1.0 Appears Close, But No Wayland Client Support Yet Nor Vulkan   Ubuntu   2017-08-12
Mir Relicensed To GPLv2 Or GPLv3   Ubuntu   2017-08-09
Mir 0.27 Released With Drag-And-Drop Support   Ubuntu   2017-07-11
Mir 1.0 Now Aiming To Support Wayland Clients Directly   Ubuntu   2017-06-29
RADV & ANV Vulkan Drivers Are One Command Away On Ubuntu 17.04   Ubuntu   2017-03-26
Mir's Abstraction Layer Now Has Cut & Paste Support (MirAL)   Ubuntu   2017-03-23
Ubuntu's Mir Finally Supports Drag & Drop   Ubuntu   2017-03-21
Mir 1.0 Expected To Come Early In Ubuntu 17.10 Cycle   Ubuntu   2017-03-14
There's Been A Bit Of Progress On Vulkan Support In Ubuntu's Mir   Vulkan   2017-03-13
With SHA1 Proven Unsafe, Ubuntu's Mir Switches From SHA1 To SHA256   Ubuntu   2017-02-27
Mir Display Server Lands API Changes, Relicenses Headers To LGPL   Ubuntu   2017-02-02
The Features Coming For Mir 0.26: EDID, New APIs, Client-Side Vsync, Performance   Ubuntu   2017-01-31
Ubuntu Still Planning For Mir 1.0 In 2017   Ubuntu   2017-01-17