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Mesa 22.0 Articles & Reviews

Mesa 22.2 Gaming Performance With Radeon RX 6700/6800 XT Graphics Cards On Linux   Display Drivers   2022-08-12
Upgrading Ubuntu 22.04's Kernel & Mesa For Better AMD RDNA2 Performance   Display Drivers   2022-06-01

Mesa 22.0 Linux & Open-Source News

AMD Continued Its Great Linux Embrace In 2022 With Better Launch-Day Support + Optimizations   AMD   2022-12-31
Mesa Lands DMA-BUF Feedback Support For Vulkan On Wayland   Mesa   2022-10-22
Vulkan-Using X-Plane 12 Flight Simulator Now Available In Beta Form   Linux Gaming   2022-09-12
Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS Released With Hardware Enablement Stack Backported From 22.04   Ubuntu   2022-09-01
Open-Source Arc Graphics, Apple M2, Mesa GPU Drivers & Linux 6.0 Excited Readers In August   Phoronix   2022-08-31
AMD Radeon 680M Graphics Benchmarks Across Various Linux Kernel, Mesa Versions   Radeon   2022-08-13
Radeon Software for Linux 22.20 Released With Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Support   Radeon   2022-07-15
RADV Remains Competitive To AMD's Radeon Vulkan Windows Driver, Linux OpenGL Dominates   Radeon   2022-07-05
Rust For Linux, -O3'ing The Kernel & Other Highlights From June   Phoronix   2022-07-01
Raspberry Pi 4 V3D Open-Source Kernel Driver Support Slated For Linux 5.20   Raspberry Pi   2022-06-17
Mesa 22.1.1 Released With Many Open-Source Graphics Driver Fixes   Mesa   2022-06-01
Linux Adding A Quirk To Improve Power Management For Intel Arc "Alchemist" GPUs   Intel   2022-05-15
Mesa 22.1-rc5 Released With Dozens Of Fixes For Zink, RADV & Intel Vulkan Drivers   Mesa   2022-05-11
Fedora 36 Is A Terrific Release Especially For Linux Enthusiasts, Power Users   Fedora   2022-05-10
Linux NTFS, Ryzen 7 5800X3D, Mesa 22.1 & Other April Open-Source Excitement   Phoronix   2022-05-01
Linux 5.19 Looks Like It Will Be The Base Requirement For Intel Arc Graphics / Alchemist   Intel   2022-04-26
Mesa 22.0.2 Released With Many Intel / Radeon / Zink Fixes   Mesa   2022-04-22
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Now Available For Download   Ubuntu   2022-04-21
Raptor Lake P Lands In Mesa For Intel's OpenGL/Vulkan Linux Drivers   Intel   2022-04-21
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Release Candidate Images For Last Minute Testing   Ubuntu   2022-04-19
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Ready With Mesa 22.0, Early Intel Arc Graphics Enabled & Amber Added   Mesa   2022-04-06
Linux 5.18 Preparations, AMD Servers, Spectre BHI & Other Highlights From March   Phoronix   2022-04-02
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Beta Released With Many Improvements   Ubuntu   2022-03-31
Mesa 22.0.1 Released With Many Fixes, AMD GFX1037/GFX1036 Backported   Mesa   2022-03-29
Patches Pending That Bring Vulkan 1.3 To Lavapipe   Mesa   2022-03-19
Mesa 22.0 Released With Vulkan 1.3, Many Open-Source Intel & AMD Driver Improvements   Mesa   2022-03-09
Radeon Vulkan Driver Lands Dynamic VRS To Help With Power Savings - Helps The Steam Deck   Radeon   2022-02-16
Intel Graphics Driver Has Alder Lake N & DG2/Alchemist Performance Boost For Linux 5.18   Intel   2022-02-09
Mesa's "Dozen" Close To Providing Vulkan Over Direct3D 12   Microsoft   2022-02-03
Mesa 22.0-rc1 Released With Many Radeon & Intel Linux GPU Driver Features, Vulkan 1.3   Mesa   2022-02-02
Intel's Vulkan Linux Driver Adds Experimental Mesh Shader Support For DG2/Alchemist   Intel   2022-02-02
Intel's Vulkan 1.3 Support All Ready For Mesa 22.0   Intel   2022-01-27
Intel Alder Lake N Support Introduced For Mesa 22.0   Mesa   2022-01-27
Valve Working On Radeon Dynamic VRS For The Steam Deck To Increase Power Savings   Mesa   2022-01-26
Intel's Vulkan Linux Driver Lands Dynamic Rendering Support   Intel   2022-01-26
Microsoft's Direct3D 12 Code For Mesa Now Supports OpenGL Tessellation Functionality   Microsoft   2022-01-26
Initial Bits Land In Mesa 22.0 For Intel Raptor Lake   Intel   2022-01-25
Open-Source Intel & Radeon GPU Drivers Ready With Day-One Support For Vulkan 1.3   Vulkan   2022-01-25
Mesa 22.0 Gets RADV Ray-Tracing Performance Boost By Using Wave32 Mode   Mesa   2022-01-21
Zink OpenGL-on-Vulkan Now Offers Broader OpenGL Coverage Than RadeonSI, Intel   Mesa   2022-01-20
VMware's SVGA Gallium3D Driver Lands OpenGL 4.3 Support In Mesa 22.0   Mesa   2022-01-19
AMD Radeon Open-Source OpenGL Driver Expands Its Sparse Texture Capabilities   Radeon   2022-01-18
Open-Source Raspberry Pi Graphics Drivers Add Double Buffer Mode   Mesa   2022-01-14
Intel Arc DG2 "Alchemist" Added For Mesa 22.0 But Code Disabled For Now   Intel   2022-01-13
Mesa 22.0 Pushed Back By Three Weeks   Mesa   2022-01-13
One-Line Patch To Intel's Vulkan Linux Driver Can Help Modern Games By A Few Percent   Intel   2022-01-12
Radeon RADV Optimizations In Mesa 22.0 Improve PRIME/Hybrid GPU Performance   Mesa   2022-01-11
Intel Lands 20~40% Performance Optimization For Arc Graphics In Mesa 22.0   Intel   2022-01-11
Microsoft Lands D3D12 Compute Support In Mesa 22.0   Microsoft   2022-01-11
Microsoft Eyeing OpenGL Compute + GLES 3.1 For Its Mesa D3D12 Backend   Microsoft   2022-01-07
GNOME 42 Lands DMA-BUF Feedback Support For Better Multi-GPU, Proper Direct Scanout   GNOME   2022-01-05
Radeon Linux Driver Adds Option To Limit Number Of Enabled CUs   Radeon   2022-01-05
Mesa 22.0 Intel OpenGL/Vulkan Drivers Enable Adaptive-Sync/VRR   Intel   2022-01-02
RADV Now Uses Common Sync Framework For More Mesa Driver Code Sharing   Mesa   2022-01-02
Mesa's RADV Driver Lands Workaround For Flickering Issue With F1 2021   Linux Gaming   2022-01-01
Mesa's Radeon Vulkan Driver Lands Experimental Mesh Shaders   Radeon   2021-12-31
Better AMD Radeon VCE Video Encode Performance Coming To Linux   Radeon   2021-12-30
RadeonSI Gallium3D Driver Adds Sparse Texture Support For GFX9/Vega & Newer   Mesa   2021-12-30
Mesa 21.3.3 Released With Fixes For Old ATI R300~R500 GPUs, RADV Fixes Too   Mesa   2021-12-29
Mesa 22.0 Zink Lands macOS Build Fix For OpenGL On Vulkan Via MoltenVK On Metal   Mesa   2021-12-29
The Most Exciting AMD Linux / Open-Source News Of 2021   AMD   2021-12-29
Microsoft's Mesa D3D12 Gallium3D Code Adds Support For OpenGL SSBOs   Microsoft   2021-12-28
Raspberry Pi "V3DV" Vulkan Driver Now Works On Android   Mesa   2021-12-21
Sparse Mapping Improvements Help Radeon RADV Driver With Some Games   Mesa   2021-12-16
Radeon RADV Lands Emulated ETC2 Support For Improving Android Support   Radeon   2021-12-14
RadeonSI Gallium3D Driver Wires Up Wave32 Improvements For RDNA GPUs   Radeon   2021-12-13
Radeon R300 Driver Lands NIR-To-TGSI Code, Old NVIDIA Driver Eyes It Too   Mesa   2021-12-10
Radeon Linux Driver Has A Huge Optimization Two Decades Later For ATI R300~R500 GPUs   Mesa   2021-12-09
Mesa's Virgl Code Lands Optimization For Lowering Memory Use   Mesa   2021-12-09
RADV Working On ETC2 Emulation Support For Newer Radeon GPUs To Satisfy Android   Radeon   2021-12-08
Mesa Begins Trek Bringing Up Arm Mali "Valhall" Graphics   Mesa   2021-12-06
Radeon RADV Driver Lands Vulkan Dynamic Rendering Support   Mesa   2021-12-06
Intel Continues Making Preparations For Ray-Tracing With Their Linux Graphics Driver   Intel   2021-12-05
Intel Linux Graphics Driver Prepares Task & Mesh Shaders, Vulkan Dynamic Rendering   Intel   2021-12-04
Mesa's Classic Drivers Have Been Retired - Affecting ATI R100/R200 & More   Mesa   2021-12-03
RADV Driver Improvement Yields More Reasonably Sized Captures For Radeon GPU Profiling   Radeon   2021-12-02
RADV Vulkan Driver Finally Adds VK_KHR_synchronization2 Support   Radeon   2021-11-27
DMA-BUF Feedback Support For Wayland Lands In Mesa 22.0's EGL Code   Mesa   2021-11-27
Minecraft Now 30% Faster With Open-Source AMD Radeon Driver On Linux   Radeon   2021-11-26
Mesa 21.2.6 Released As Likely The Last Of The Series   Mesa   2021-11-25
More RadeonSI Optimizations Land In Mesa 22.0   Mesa   2021-11-20
Compute PBO Download Support Merged For Mesa 22.0, Xnine Comes For Source Engine Games   Mesa   2021-11-19
Freedreno Gallium3D Lands Basic Support For "Clover" OpenCL   Mesa   2021-11-16
Mesa's Turnip Driver For Qualcomm Adreno GPUs Now Exposes Vulkan 1.2   Mesa   2021-11-14
Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan Can Finally Render glxgears With Great Speed   Mesa   2021-11-12
Mesa 22.0 Zink Speeds Up OpenGL-Over-Vulkan On CPUs   Mesa   2021-11-10
Mesa 21.3-rc4 Release Led By Many Zink Fixes   Mesa   2021-11-04
RadeonSI Lands Yet Another Round Of Optimizations That Further Reduce CPU Overhead   Mesa   2021-10-29
Raspberry Pi 4 Granted Official Vulkan 1.1 Conformance   Vulkan   2021-10-26
V3DV Raspberry Pi Driver Now Exposes Vulkan 1.1   Mesa   2021-10-21
RadeonSI Lands Another "Very Large" Optimization To Further Boost SPECViewPerf   Radeon   2021-10-19
RadeonSI Enables NGG Shader Culling For Navi 1x Consumer GPUs   Radeon   2021-10-19
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS "Jammy Jellyfish" Begins Development   Ubuntu   2021-10-18
Mesa 22.0 Lands Some Patches Toward OpenCL Image Support   Mesa   2021-10-18
Intel Linux Driver Lands Tessellation/Geometry Distribution Feature For Xe-HPG   Intel   2021-10-14
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Release Schedule Published   Ubuntu   2021-08-27