Mesa 10.2 is anticipated for release around late H1'2014 and will feature major improvements to the open-source Mesa/Gallium3D graphics drivers, particularly the Radeon, Intel, and Nouveau code. There's continued work towards OpenGL 4.x support in this open-source GL implementation.

Mesa 10.2 Articles & Reviews

Radeon: Mesa 10.1 vs. Mesa Git On Ubuntu 14.04   Display Drivers   2014-05-07
Intel, Radeon, Nouveau Preview On Linux 3.14 With Mesa 10.2 Git   Display Drivers   2014-03-20
Likely Radeon Gallium3D Regression On Linux 3.14 + Mesa 10.2   Display Drivers   2014-03-02

mesa 10.2 Linux & Open-Source News

Mesa 10.3.1 Point Release Now Available   Mesa   2014-10-13
Intel Haswell HD Graphics With CS:GO On Linux   Intel   2014-09-29
OpenMandriva Lx 2014.1 Released   Operating Systems   2014-09-27
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Catalyst For X.Org Server 1.16 Readied, Updates In Ubuntu 14.10   X.Org   2014-09-11
Ubuntu 14.10's Lack Of X.Org Server 1.16 Gets Blamed On AMD   AMD   2014-08-31
Mesa 10.2.6 Has Plenty Of OpenGL Driver Bug Fixes   Mesa   2014-08-19
Mageia 5 Alpha 2 Works To Add KF5 & LXQt Packages   Operating Systems   2014-08-17
Mesa 10.2.5 Officially Released   Mesa   2014-08-03
Ubuntu 14.04 vs. 14.10 Snapshot Performance Comparison   Ubuntu   2014-07-04
Mesa 10.1.5 & Mesa 10.2.2 Released   Mesa   2014-06-25
XWayland GLAMOR & DRI3 Support Added In Mainline X.Org Server   Wayland   2014-06-25
Mesa 10.2 Officially Released With Tons Of Features   Mesa   2014-06-07
Mesa 10.1.5 Is Out While Waiting For Mesa 10.2   Mesa   2014-06-06
Mesa 10.2 Has Been Pushed Back To Next Week   Mesa   2014-05-31
AMD Adds Gallium3D H.264 Profile Encoding Support   AMD   2014-05-30
Running LLVMpipe With OpenGL 3.3 On Mesa 10.3-devel   Mesa   2014-05-30
NVIDIA Posts Mesa Patches For GK20A Gallium3D Support   NVIDIA   2014-05-27
Features You Will Not Find In Mesa 10.2   Mesa   2014-05-27
Mesa 10.2 Features Are Quite Exciting   Mesa   2014-05-26
Mesa Is At 1.4 Million Lines Of Code   Mesa   2014-05-26
Mesa 10.1.4 Has A Handful Of Fixes   Mesa   2014-05-20
Freedreno Gallium3D Now Supports OpenGL 2.0   Mesa   2014-05-14
Mesa 10.2 Release Candidate 2 Is Out   Mesa   2014-05-10
AMD's Open-Source Hawaii GPU Support Still Isn't Working Right   AMD   2014-05-09
Mesa 10.1.3 Brings A Couple Of Bug-Fixes   Mesa   2014-05-09
Recapping All Of Our Linux Coverage Of AMD's AM1 APUs   AMD   2014-05-06
Mesa 10.1.2 Released   Mesa   2014-05-05
Mesa 10.2 Release Candidate 1 Is Out   Mesa   2014-05-03
AMD Mullins Support Added To Radeon Gallium3D   Radeon   2014-05-02
OpenGL 4.4 ARB_buffer_storage Added To Nouveau   Nouveau   2014-05-02
Mesa Gets Support For Another OpenGL 4.4 Extension   Mesa   2014-05-02
AMD Publishes Open-Source Graphics Code For Mullins & Beema   AMD   2014-04-30
Intel Cherryview PCI IDs Get Added To Mesa DRM   Mesa   2014-04-29
Mesa 10.0 & 10.1 Stable Get Updated   Mesa   2014-04-19
Trying Out Radeon R9 290 Graphics On Open-Source   Radeon   2014-04-16
Mesa 10.2 Planned For Late May / Early June Release   Mesa   2014-04-07
Running Linux 3.14 + Mesa 10.2 With Intel's Bay Trail On Ubuntu   Intel   2014-04-06
Fake MSAA Support Added To LLVMpipe, Yields OpenGL 3.0/3.2   Mesa   2014-04-02
Intel Adds Initial Cherryview Support To Their Linux 3D Driver   Intel   2014-03-29
Features To Find Right Now In Mesa 10.2-devel   Mesa   2014-03-20
Fedora Rawhide Users Can Now Chew On RadeonSI GL 3.3   Fedora   2014-03-20
Mesa 10.2-devel Is Going To Land In Ubuntu 14.04 LTS   Mesa   2014-03-19
Recapping The Top Changes Of The Linux 3.14 Kernel   Linux Kernel   2014-03-18
Intel Fixes Anisotropic Filtering For Their OpenGL Mesa Driver   Intel   2014-03-18
VA-API 1.3 Readies Broadwell Support, Adds VP8 Decoding   Intel   2014-03-18
Intel's Mesa Driver Now Support ARB Buffer Storage   Mesa   2014-03-14
AMD Radeon Northern Islands: EXA vs. GLAMOR   Radeon   2014-03-14
Mesa 10 Will Likely End Up As A Fedora 20 Update   Mesa   2014-03-12
Intel Mesa Developers Hook-Up GL_INTEL_performance_query   Intel   2014-03-12
Fast Color Clears Come To AMD's RadeonSI Gallium3D Driver   Radeon   2014-03-07
Intel Broadwell On Mesa Gets Support For A New OpenGL 4.3 Extension   Mesa   2014-03-05
More Mesa 10.2 + Linux 3.14 Benchmarks On Ubuntu 14.04 LTS   Mesa   2014-03-02
GLX_MESA_query_renderer Support Comes To All Drivers   Mesa   2014-02-28
Intel Broadwell "Gen8" Support Comes To VA-API   Multimedia   2014-02-27
Metro Last Light Should Now Be Running Well On Mesa   Linux Gaming   2014-02-26
Unigine Heaven & Valley Now Run Well On Radeon Gallium3D   Mesa   2014-02-26
Nouveau NV50 Gallium3D Gains A Bit More Of GL 4.0   Nouveau   2014-02-26
AMD Press Talks Up Major Open-Source Linux Driver Features   AMD   2014-02-25
ARB Texture Gather Support Finally Added To Gallium3D   Mesa   2014-02-25
Mesa 10.1 Release Candidate 2 Hits Prior To The Weekend   Mesa   2014-02-21
Broadwell Now Officially Enabled With Intel Mesa   Mesa   2014-02-21
Intel Mesa Driver Now Has MSAA For Broadwell   Mesa   2014-02-19
HiZ Gets Turned On For Broadwell In Mesa   Intel   2014-02-19
AMD VCE Encode Engine Code Moves Ahead For Linux 3.15   Linux Kernel   2014-02-18
NVIDIA's Open-Source Plans For Maxwell With Nouveau   NVIDIA   2014-02-18
AMD Mainlines Its VCE OpenMAX Support In Gallium3D   AMD   2014-02-13
Nouveau Gallium3D Now Handles ARB_viewport_array   Nouveau   2014-02-13
AMD Publishes New Code For Open-Source VCE Video Encode   AMD   2014-02-11
H.264 Video Encoding Interface Added To Gallium3D   AMD   2014-02-11
XA Acceleration Coming To Freedreno Gallium3D   Mesa   2014-02-09
The Top Features Of Mesa 10.1 For Linux GPU Drivers   Mesa   2014-02-08
Mesa 10.1 Release Candidate 1 Is Out For Testing   Mesa   2014-02-07
AMD Lands OpenMAX State Tracker In Mesa Gallium3D   Mesa   2014-02-06
Mesa Is Now At Version 10.2.0-devel   Mesa   2014-02-06
Intel Lands Compute Shaders In Mainline Mesa   Intel   2014-02-05